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Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer

Blackmoor 2: Action Platformer for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Four Fats Limited located at Four Fats Limited 7/F, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you for this one-of-a-kind co-op multi-player game. The co-op is great for friends and family and brings me back to the days of Streets of Rage and Golden Axe, only this is more fun! I've purchased premium and some gold to support you. Please add more story levels, upgrades and customizable moves for each character so that there's more to do! I was able to get through all the story content in the game rather quickly and the story multi-player is where the game really shines!
The game itself is pretty good, I enjoyed what little I played of it. What I have an issue with are the options for the controls. I'm very used to having a static movement pad, so I can tap the direction I wanna go instead of dragging it around every time. Becauze of this I wasn't able to play much of the game, and I'd definitely be down to play a whole lot more of it if the option was there. I think the movement pad and the other buttons switching places for left handed people sounds good too
does not detect my controller. it works on a lot of other games on the app store so I'm pretty sure my controller is not a rare one. please add support. I use a Gamesir G3w. secondly, the game saves every 3-4 seconds. it's too much. causes the game to lagg so much, it's laughable. optimization basics says memory read and writes should be minimized. clearly you have no idea what you are doing
Edit: game asked me to rate even though i already did, so here goes. Since Dark Mode does nothing but spam more enemies i decided to try pvp. i only became more frustrated due to lack of balance. Characters like clementine and gax can summon allies to help them. Unfair trying to fight clementine's skeletons while she whips you from afar with her 10-foot chain. best thing about this game is that it reminded me of first blackmoor. uninstalling this. I'd rather redownload and play first game.
SPLENDIFEROUS ! This game is what I always wanted in a console game. I would totally buy a copy of this for the Xbox 1. The characters all have character 😄. The game play is fun and OBVIOUSLY addictive ! I DEFINITELY recommend this game to EVERYONE !
The main gameplay is ok at best. Fun overall and a good experience if you're a masochist. The slow movement and enemy hits cancelling your own attacks as well as knocked out enemies being able to strike at you immediately when getting back up even when you are mid strike makes every major victory feel like it was all luck. With blocking being 80% consistent at best, the system itself seems to be as against you as your enemies. Generally rage inducing but there are some interesting segments.
Bit buggy, and unrefined... But one of the most complete platformer/ multi-player experience ever... Pc included Best part is play as you will for free. Must be some great developers ❤️
Very good but in PVP Mode, Bolo's abilities give him immunity to most things, probably why many players use him. Edit: The Evil Duberry skin causes some errors. 1. When a boss grabs him, he slides on the ground for 3 seconds 2. Everything but the skill buttons dont work (menu also)
I really like the concept, graphics, and the controls of the game but the biggest problem that I have experience is the lag. Most of the time when i'm fighting certain characters it just lags which is really annoying especially when I cannot block there attack. Please fix this problem then I will rate this game 5 stars with no problem.
I love it! great improvement from Blackmoor 1, love the hidden gems in the story endings and the addition of the skins. one little question; is the market outof newstuff after you beat Normal mode or you plan to add more stuff, cuz the few epics I git at lvl 15 seem a little weak after max upgrades in stats in Dark mode... thanks in advance for the reply😁
great game.. if you are looking for a coop play with friend. this game provide a great platform for that enjoyed it a lot .. but game is small i finished it in 2 days .. need more update developers P.S thank you
The control could be better. Jumping is not very responsive. And i tend to squad unintentionally. Don't get me wrong. it is still a decent game
I really enjoy the game but the bosses get invincible and still hurt you which is garbage, and with the pvp stuff which I actually like, it's hard to tell what moves i have some classes are too OP such as gax or nameless which basically have an I win button so easy to spam such as nameless i played against one guy who could stay in the air the whole time and if you attack him while in the air you got hurt but while in the air he could hurt you, and gax is spam able, I didnt care about the adds
It's a Legendary game. The best thing about this game is it's an epic adventure game in which you can team up with your friends and can complete the levels together. I play this game with my siblings and friends. If the creator of this legendary game is reading this then plz add more levels in this game Or make Blackmoor 3 as soon as possible. I hope you will soon take action and start working on an another legendary part of this game.
Nice and free beat'em up with a progression, which will keep you engaged. Like, how devs tried to add as much gameplay variety to different stages as possible.
Gr8 Game...Can u guys please add like a friends option...where we can add others as friends...and also there should be an option to access your character on the menu...otherwise the gameplay is gr8...I love the challenging nature of it...I also like the variety of characters...You guyz are doing an AMAZING job...keep it up.
The concept is great, but the execution could not be worse. The controls, blocking, and special attack buttons are awkward. When you get a new special attack, the menu gets cluttered with buttons. Bosses are WAY more difficult then they have to be. Temporary invincibility, tons of projectiles, and block recoil make them annoying at best and undoable without a continue at worst. Not to mention you have to watch ads to continue or buy them if you run out of the 5 free ones. Such a disappointment.
Hi devs. Need help. Love d game. Had it for almost a year. Theres a problem and i think its a bug. Everytime i battlr llrrr the worm that shoots lava in THE CAULDRON. He comes out about 6-7 times then dissapears and never comes back at all. I stood there for nearly 10 minutes and llllr never showed. Pls have it fixed.
The game is good I only have 2 problems with it. 1. You should not be forced to share a screen online. People should be able to separate as far as they want. 2. There was some problems configuring my PS4 controller as the game mistaken some buttons as others. Granted it's not a big deal as you can still adjust to it.
Awesome game! A beat um up game plus platforming! Ah how I love this game! Its simply god-like A++++ with a star and shiny sprinkles! 100/100!
This game Defies Phone game logic. I haven't seen a SINGLE AD. Not 1. You can progress just fine without paying for anything and the online works great and fast . This is the phone version of Castle Crashers , Keep up the great work!
Boss levels are WAY too hard and mix that with sloppy/laggy controls= continue, continue, continue and because you have to continue so much, you will literally be watching hundreds of Ads. ~ Edit: Your joystick is not the problem, it's your characters ability to defend against attacks, which is complete garbage, but I'm sure you already know that!
Perfect game!😎 All the bugs have been fixed now be it the battery, or save system or anything else. I love this game!❤️
Pros :Tons of fun with friends. Good level design, characters are unique and overall a really great game. Difficulty is fair in solo and there's absolutely no paywall. Cons : Some level are a pain in multiplayer. Camera tracking is a huge issue if everyone can't keep up (for example the ghost mansion) the boss isn't balanced for 2 players (the ice cave robot will spawn 3 instead the usual 2. You'll get stun locked) Please add more multiplayer feature like a simple chat and add friend options.
The first Blackmoor was the first game i was addicted to and now this!!I am so happy that there's the 2 but the levels are a little bit too hard and you need to have a lot of health or a range character to win,i really dont like this hope you fix this as some people really get bored when they have to restart everything they done after they watch videos to get hearths
Great game but movement fludity is slow & clutchy needs to improve movement as it is too slow , so jump is useless until its fixed.need shop for accessories & weapons.more pet in future like dragon , etc. Else fantastic game until control is fixed.slooo character movement , pls fix asap.
The game is so good! I recommend it 100%. The whole normal mode, I used the starter character and he worked well. Also you can make maps and lvl up in them. So you can make maps that have like 10 bosses and make them stuck and you can kill them all and escape and repeat so you can do good. I hope you had as much fun as I did!😁
The game's gameplay, character building, item management and pet management is simple and fun. But the controls are a bit clancky, that is why the game seems unfair at times, but still good game, please fix the clancky controls so that I can rate this masterpiece a 5⭐
UPDATE: Controls now fixed, i had a great gameplay! at first it looked too linear but i was surprised as i played along. great game and graphics and active devs! keep up the great work!
Simple amazing. if you are on the fence or not sure about getting Blackmoor; just download it. You will not regret it. This game features 10 unique chracters, a complex story mode, PvP, and a dungeon builder/share. A great deal for a free game.
Fun game! Great side scroller, fairly easy to play, fun to level up. Advertising is limited, so you can really enjoy the game.
please make a chat global in lobby and game multi play. please make a PVP 2v2 . and make a friend menu. or guild or something. HAIL BLACKMOOR !!!! **fix the bug please
one thing i could say, controls are bad, like real bad -too big -too big and also there's that level on flying ship where i accidentally pick up barrels instead of attacking, yea that sucks also, specially the joy stick, please fix the controls, the game is good, but the controls goddamit
Finally, a mobile game with a good gameplay, fighting the different enemies and unique bosses is awesome. Gameplay is simple, balanced and challenging.
The game has alot of features and options, there seems to be a locked area still in development to the far right of the story map, I hope it continues. It is worth getting premium for the different heroes, gold and continue hearts and a pet. I have yet to discover really legendary or epic loot, it would be great to see more loot and items to buy in the item shop. The game has great potential, but it feels like it still has a way to go to reach it.
So good so far I've just played story mode so far but it's definitely a solid game so far. Bosses are hard but not throw your phone against a wall hard
In two short words: Best game. This game can be immortal if it had custom made levels the dungeon is good but it is limited. Latest update about Gax and Scarecrow losing their bows is a disappointment for me. Another thing to improve in coop multiplayer is to force them together at the screen only at the start of each area because it is annoying when someone is AFK and you have to wait for him and also annoying at jumping traps and overall annoying I can see that you fixed this at some areas.
I'm a gamer who play games and this is really fun though I wish you could see the armor on your characters but 6 star game :) (it only goes to 5 but you get the idea)
The gameplay of characters is so slow, enemies move at lightning speeds and I take 5 seconds to duck or block properly. Bosses are fun but why make it so difficult? They move SO quickly and our character moves SUPER slow. Attacks are slow, the abilities are dumb cause enemies just stay out of reach till you use your ability then they ALWAYS hit you after you've missed them. In conclusion. This game is a fun mess with enemies who are 3 hundred times stronger faster and better. So it's not fun
Not a bad game but there are some problems: 1.Jacob is trash, give this man a little more range in his attacks and change the secondspecial attack cause nobody use that it takes too much time to spell and doesn't do much damge like the first special that is more quicker to spell and more.damage honestly unbalanced 2. There are some bosses that I would like to change them like in the pinnacle when you fight dark bolo if you use ben and jump go attack and go after and rebeat he doesn't touch you
I love this game I am now big fan of this game but a problem there when a character is AFK and don't leave the game we cannot move anywhere so I hope you to fixed the camera problem and all game is fun thank you very much for this game
Great game but SO MUCH LAG AND GLITCHES. You sell gear then close the menu. Open it again and it's there again! This is a basic game that doesn't use much resources so Idk how I can possibly lag when I never lag on games much more resource intensive...
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You might not believe me but this game can be addicting my friends they've been playing this game so much just to get the other characters and upgrading them. look even if you don't like action platformer games you should try this one just give it a try, stop whining just give it a try and you rmight like it. You don't see these kind of games come by come on I know you're tempted.
All in one! Fun single player with good story (relatively no ad-fest), cool multiplayer with lots of levels (though some are barren) and great RPG elements (characters get weapons with special effects on crit at max levels). And above all: a viable fighting game (chain moves to make combos, tiers, counters, etc)!!!
Please never change. idk what all the complaints are all about, some people just dont know how to be happy. This game is amazing thank you. This game has so many undeserved complaints that's keeping it from being appropriately rated, it's not the devs fault you guys suck.
Fun and addicting. I loved how when I got to the 1st areas it was like fighting M. Bison and Akuma. As a fighter gaming fan, trust me I noticed. Lol.
The game is good in overall but, I'm only seeing two problems. #1. the attack+jump doesn't work at all and #2 the enemies play a bit scared. all they do is duck and spam attack or shoot projectiles.
I really love this game this is a good game everything good is the best game👌but I'm kind of tired of the hero because I finished all the characters in story mode and 4 has been finished in dark mode and then I'm missing one in normal mode. but it will be cool if you can put a villain mode or fix the game because there are some glitches ☹️☹️
The first Blackmoor is great. The 2nd one is even more amazing. I have so far enjoyed it a lot, but the only thing that annoys me is that gold is earned at a much slower pace compared to the first Blackmoor. I want to unlock Scarecrow (costs 15k gold) but it will take a long time to do so, while in the 1st game I got Toby who had the same cost rather quickly.
Just started playing. I love the graphics and the soundtrack is epic. Could you please add an alternate control option like arrow keys instead of virtual joystick.
Dont get me wrong i love this game but the meaning why i give it 3 stars is because of the continue buton. when its says whach an ad for a continue most of the time it does not work. I dont know why its does this its not like i have no wifi i do all time. if some one that made the game reading this please try to fix it. (god)
This is a great game, with simple, fun graphics. The story is pretty difficult, but still fair for the most part. Though I do have a couple complaints. 1: I find that the characters are difficult to unlock. If you could maybe have more coins drop, or lower the prices of characters just a tiny bit, that would make them more attainable. 2: The campaign is very difficult. I understand that it requires skill to beat the campaign, and understandably so, but I find there's not much you can do to win.
game is amazing and fun ! reminds me of old school games with crazy hard bosses ! thank you four fats!!and thanks for fixing my issue quickly! very good response time very quick and very nice people :))
great game, will say it's a bit hard but I do love the challenge. the game modes are also really good and the multiplayer mode is a very nice touch. one thing I will add is that I would love it if you could add the equipment onto the avatars. some of the items look cool but I can't see them in game. apart from this keep up good work
The game is alright but their is alot of issuses like the map is way to small and the max level is 20 but it only goes to 16 to get strong. their should be alot more wrolds and more levels to get more HP and more luck,more speed,more attak,and more health.
If you are looking for a solid game to play with friends or alone, this is it. So good. This is (free castle crashers mobile) the best game that i have found that is online multiplayer platform beat em up style. Masterpiece. Thank you so much for letting me play this for free with a friend over wifi. Amazing!
i really had fun with the game,especially pvp,its like street fighter!!!.the only thing i think is missing is a friending system.i like to play games with my friends and lil brother.the friending could be used to invite people into a party for the dungeon.but overall five stars keep up thee good work,i hope there will be a blackmoor3.
when i opened the app it says it wont open until google play services on my xiaomi is updated and then i updated it but it still didnt work all i see is black screen it dosent lag but it just dosent work all i see is black on the screen
Pretty good game, awful hitbox(yours), insane difficulty for first time encounters(bosses are extremely hard and its on normal not dark mode), and enemy's can easly hit u while u cant hit back or even defend. Gonna give 5 stars when u lower the difficulty and change god damn hitbox for player and enemy's. Everything else 10/10
This game is so good! It's fun, has an excellent co-op mode that is a little buggy but still very enjoyable. The game graphics are cute and funny and the characters are obviously based on oldschool classics like street fighter, double dragon, Castlevania etc. If you're a Millenial that grew up with video games, do yourself a favour and try this game. Another cool thing is that it doesn't force you to pay for stuff, you'll want to pay for it yourself to support the developes!
actual good game. it's not a pay to win game thank goodness. but if you do choose to spend a bit if money it's very cheap. seems like they made this game with the intent for it to be fun for people to play. not solely to make money off of it.
I am not kidding when i say this game has tons UPON tons of potential here are some ideas. 1. You can add more heroes. 2. You can add more story line or more dungeons. 3. You can add combinations to your attacks. 4. You can add more gamemodes. If you ask me this should be the best game of 2020
The controls are very smooth, good difficulty for a mobile game, great bosses, awesome equipment. Overall just a great game in general.👌
the game is great and i love how the pvp mode but question how do you switch skins in pvp cause i want to be gladiolus son( sorry if i spelled his name wrong) and i bought the skin but its still wont let my play as him everything else on the other is great just couple fixes
Its the best game for playing with your friends and having fun please add more stories and new levels and characters ❤️
i have fun with this game. just one suggestion, there should be option to access character info at the main menu edit: not sure how i got to dark mode after finishing the first few stages but i couldn't switch back afterwards.....can't go any further except repeating the same stages again.....
i would give this a five stars but im stuck on how to become stronger. ive beaten the game on normal and im now on dark. my problem is that there arent enough items to make me stronger, and leveling up doesnt do anything!
Hello i love the game its been 3 days then until i bought raven the game was fantastic but can you make the game with A Offline Local using ~~~~~~~ bluetooth or connect to same wifi or Hotspots Me and my bro wanted to multi but the wi-fi ended up, we need to pay the fee its not hard its just that we do that every 1month and 5month WiFi pls fix this. And i love this game ❤️
Pretty good so far but I'm now at the point where I need the dexterity of a controller to continue. An old-sokol boss with screen filling attacks and no dodge, half the time I don't jump because theres no button, just a point in a screen. I'd get it if it was on Switch or something.