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Blackjack Strategy Practice

Blackjack Strategy Practice for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by WFT LLC located at 390A 19th St. #2 Brooklyn, NY 11215. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very well done, super easy to do a quick look at the basic strategy table. I love the controls and settings, very easy to set up to practice exactly what you want.
As advertised. Strategy practice, not a game. Works great. Also a handy reference while playing the game elsewhere.
Good practice. Fast moving. Nice, easy to follow strategy card. Could benefit from user selected table rules like changing from dealer stands on all 17 to dealer hits on soft 17. That way users can practice for the tables they will be playing on and have a strategy card that works for their particular table rules.
Great learning tool, but I disagree with a few of the parameters. For example, I never split 4's 5's or whatever under any circumstances...just not my thing but it's a good tool.
No ads and learn perfect blackjack strategy. I think the developer deserves more than 4.4 people ,no ads , how many apps give u no ads to learn something that can make u 💰!🤑! Greatest app ever!$!!
I really like this app. It helps teach the cards strategy. You don't actually play blackjack. It just lets you practice on what you should do next (hit, stand, double, split). I really like the stats that shows you where you do well or need improving.
This will help you become immensely better at the game's strategy! Plus it is a very well made app with no bugs! Very good stats are also provided to help see where you can improve! Honestly can't say enough. If you want to learn blackjack strategy this is the app for you because their is no "chips to buy" or any micro transactions. It is pure learning.
When making a correct decision it would be helpful to say. "Correct- Always split and double two aces" something like that would be so helpful. Sometimes I guess and get it right but not sure why. A small update would go a long way. Otherwise it's a great app.
Great training app. If you want to learn or even perfect basic strategy - necessary if you want to learn card counting - this is the perfect app. You can customize the cards where you only get the hands you struggle with, it keeps track of your personal bests, and it can be played when you have no wifi or data connection. A must have app for anyone who enjoys playing blackjack.
A very practical trainer. Too many people want to teach counting, which is difficult to master. Basic strategy is NOT hard to master, but good to practice. my only suggestion would be this need to keep track of what you get wrong and give you those combinations more often.
This is a great app for beginners. Your first moves on the table matters alot when you're sitting with other players. With a little bit of practiced everyday on this app that comes with it's stradegy box, for a week or two you're good to go.
Excellent App for learning basic strategy. No real complaints, but would prefer a one time pay option instead of the subscription based to change the table rules. I can respect the decision to do it this way and the free version is good enough for what it is.
I like this BUT...I have certain types of hands that I need more practice with than others. I want the option of customizing a test based on certain hands.
Easy userfriendly learning app that beats other similar apps in the ease of navigation...you can train only those areas where you need help the most. Note to Developer: Should also include a card analyzer and statistics generator so you can see exactly how basic strategy is formulated, plugging in whatever game criteria needed.
Very good app with lots of customization and a two-week free trial that unlocks changing game rules. Has been very helpful! If I had to gripe I would ask to be able to stop certain hands from showing up; sometimes for instance I get a pair of aces three times in a row. I know that I have to split those, I don't need that hand to keep appearing! But I do want to continue practicing my pairs of 9s. Maybe allow the individual boxes on the strategy card to be tapped and disabled?
It is an excellent way to practice basic strategy without trying to memorize tables on a sheet. If you research the reason for the play you develop more of a feel to the game instead of just memorizing charts.
Design and layout is perfect for a phone. (Other devs take note.). Seeing previous deal and mistake is very helpful to learn from. The basic strategy card is available.
fast paced, flash card style tutorial. keeps track of winning hand streaks.. gives multiple hands of different suits but same value to ensure your learning to calculate with their formula and not merely memorizing the hands.. but I also found it handy to just memorize some of the hands it's very very close to cheating..
Sucker subscription with no way to cancel. Had to cancel in Google pay. These guys are just cheaters and frauds, from my experience.
A tool that helps. Where the only game is how many hands can you play in a row without a mistake. Nothing but the Basice . You got a do your own math and choose . Which is excellent, because you want to speed up and be right, or you're bust before you even start.
I wish it would show the situations you got wrong more often than just random. There are too many easy situations you don't need practice on but a few that are harder to remember.
I know of at least 1 hand I've been dealt that the game gives you the incorrect output. I had a 7 and 9(hard 16) against an Ace. Basic strategy says surrender but when you surrender in the game it says incorrect. It even tells you the correct way to play while giving you an incorrect outcome. When this is fixed I will rate this game higher. Has a lot of good potential.
It's pretty good for learning basic strategy. I think it needs some tweeks though for deciding what hands to see. And it randomly stopped working at all. Stayed on the same hand and never changed even after a restart, won't load another. Good simple app, just needs some more brushing up.
thourily love the app. its excellent. if I could change one thing, it would be to be able to change the chart manually. otherwise, this is a fantastic app in all its areas.
well put together. love it. the only thing they should do is put a reset button on your stats. I'm way better now and want to reset to see how well I'm doing instead of uninstalling it and reinstalling the game.
This is a great app if you want to study blackjack. You don't have to wait for the bloated animations, ad spam, other players hands, etc of traditional blackjack games to work on your game. Fire it up, get right into training. I love the hand breakdown on the stats page. You can see instantly where your trouble areas are so you can clean it up. It has a streak counter, so you can try to better your high score of consecutive correct plays. If you do faulter, it shows you the correct play.
Can't adjust table rules without a subscription. (Not 1 time payment, a recurring payment.). This is absolutely laughable. I didn't even play a single hand before uninstalling. This is paybait garbage. Move on and find something else.
Good strategy trainer. Got pro subscription to be able toggle off hand types. However, still can't toggle off. They're all on. Contacted customer support, they said you can toggle in menu/hand type, so they didn't read my issue; no help. Will cancel subscription, but would like to toggle off hard hands.
Fast moving, an effective trainer, though limited parameters unless you go for the purchased version.
Used to be a great app before the latest changes. I'm greatly disappointed in the decision to make access to advanced statistics like accuracy by hand only available via subscription when they were previously included for free. I purchased all the deck options from the previous version but now feel those purchases are wasted as I can no longer access a vital app tool. Please get rid of the subscription model. This app would be fine with just a free version and paid version that has no ads, deck options, and advanced statistics. I used to love this app and use it religiously, that being said I would NEVER pay a subscription to get access to those most basic, and previously free, features.
Great tool to learn basic strategy. Easy to use, lovely design, the stats feature is very helpful. Also I love that there's an option to work on different types of hands separetly.
Awesome simple fast way to train up before heading to the tables. 100% focused on the most important thing: your key decision after the deal. I went from 95 to 98% correct decisions after a few hours, and plan on continuing to get to 100% (without ever needing to ask or peek at a strategy card). Good stuff.
Very useful strategy trainer for BJ. Really like the ability to set which types of hands you'll see for practice. Using free version- would be interested in paying a one time fee but subscription model in place, a strange choice for this type of ap.
Would love to rate 5 star but IAP returned Error retrieving information from server. DF-DFERH-01 Troubleshooting failed. What's up? This is an awesome trainer and would really like to max out it's potential.
Not happy with the update. I had purchased some of the older apps features with the in-app purchases and with the update, my purchase just went out the garbage. Instead of "upgrading" the app, they should have put this as a new app if they wanted to go subscription based.
Very good training app. If you can get to 100+ score here, you can stay within a point or two of a real dealer in any casino. It will help you erase the casino advantage.
Nice interface; intuitive with all necessary setting preferences to align with the casino you'll be visiting. I appreciate that it's straight strategy: doesn't run out dealer hands and create confirmation bias/push you towards being results oriented.