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Blackjack for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Fassor located at Codiert GmbH In den BirkenΓ€ckern 20 64291 Darmstadt Germany. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This app has unrealistic odds. Only use it to practice card counting since it will tell you the count.
Best blackjack game out there but the game is coded so that if you get 19 then the game will raise the chances of the computer getting a 2p or a blackjack, same case with the 20, the computer is always getting 21
yeah, its good. its just exactly what I was looking for, its offline and you don't have to spend your money on it. its nothing more and nothing less. it alows you to change the house rules and seems to be a good place to practice card counting if that's your thing.
Exactly what I was looking for, a basic and simple app. Without all the clutter and animations. However, I would suggest to the buttons a bit bigger and in the same place everytime, regardless of splits, doubles etc. My muscle memory will thank you! Well done.
Great but not that great. The cards are too small to see, there is no double down option. Plain and ordinary. Boring.
Seems random cards and ads are short. Betting is fast. Can multi split. Odd 21 total still requires saying want STAY.
Compared to other free blackjack offline app is excellent! Ads are not annoying, and premium version can remove them (currently thinking of buying it!). I'd improve two UX things, separate the hand action buttons (like most apps do) since they are a bit small and smushed together making it harder to hit them. Also, it would be great to have finger gestures for hit (double tap) and stand (sliding finger across the cards) like some other apps do. Also, a setting for hiding hand value would be πŸ’―!
Too simple. You just keep losing. Doesn't give you chance to stand on 17 and win. It will always give 18 and more to the dealer. Dealer never busts also. Why? Let me win too Lol. This app really needs improvement.
At first the game is fun and there's not too many advertising but after awhile every other game you play an advertisement pops up.. I'm deleting this app.
Good game play. Easy and to the point. Not too many ads with the option to pay to remove them. Exactly what I'd expect.
Ok for practice but not honest play. for the first 1000 hands or so it lets you win unrealistically, then after that it clobbers you. Uninstalled and reinstalled to test and sure enough started winning big time as soon as I reinstalled it. Uninstalling it permanently because I like realistic odds when I practice. Seemed perfect, shame they have to screw around with the odds... Very disappointed.
Playing for free is most fun and entertaining resetting my coins for free when I loss everything is even more fun I can play for hours and without hardly any adds awesome game
Good simple.. edit: seems as though there are no high cards during dealer draw. Plays very unrealistic imo.
Awesome app. Adjustable rules and choise of deck penetration. Perfect for counting cards. Like the simple graphics, sometimes less is more. One suggestion is to but the lower-bet-button below the bet count, to make it easier to play with one hand only. The only thing missing is the insurance bet. Thanks for a great app!
Its not the normal blackjack game....... I like the normal shuffling, it saying hit me, you touch a red or green square... Takes all the Fun Out Of it!
it would be better if the player had a fair chance to win. u get 19 dealer gets 20 you get20 dealer gets 21 on a 6 card draw..no fun
I have played black jack in many casinos but this game is overly rigged for the house.l expected better.
Great fun. like playing against a real deal(er) The fun part is playing against someone (a friend, and playing with real money, it's up to the house. The tiger's buck the odds.
I like that its free, not too heavy with annoying ads. But the odds during certain combinations are Not realistic. Everyone knows when dealer is showing top card 4-6 or both cards as 12+, bust chances are highest. Here, the dealer rarely busts in this case while the player almost always busts. Player almost always loses with a 17-20 stand. Please Set realistic odds. This free app is not Las Vegas.
Hands down best offline casino style black jack game out there. Would give more than 5 stars if I could.
Best Blackjack simulator I've used. User can alter table rules and conditions. Includes basic strategy and card counting. Home run app!
Something isn't right with this game. I know blackjack, been playing it many years. I know percentages that most people don't. The win/loss with this game is off. By quite a bit. And I don't understand why. There's nothing to buy. Why make a game the player consistently loses when you're not selling anything? Makes no sense.
Challenging; but it doesn't allow a double - ace split. Allows aggressive betting. Arbitrarily finishes a hand, not allowing player to draw more cards.
I enjoy this Blackjack app. It contains great options, and moves very fast. However, I have played this long enough see there are some slight less than random patterns programed in this app. Yet, I must say this is aTop Blackjack app. I enjoy it and play it often!!! J. Malloy
I think this is a great version of blackjack.The cards are easy to see.The numbers too.There's not a time limit on whether you want to stop a on a certain number or to draw another card or how much to bet.I think you guys and gals who put this card game together did a great job!! I love it!!!Thanks.
Well. It is hard to win, but is seems very real compared to others I have played and found how to win more then the dealer
I keep losing by one all of the time. Either that or it's a push. That's not very entertaining after a while.
Keeps me entertained during lockdown. Good so far. However, I've observed that when the dealer gets an ace, and I have to choose whether or not to take insurance, I have yet to encounter the dealer get blackjack in this situation. And like a lot of BJ sim games out there, patterns still become apparent when you play long enough; even when they tout the randomness of their algorithm.
This game is trash I played 20 games in a row and won 4 of them and the computer in one game got 4 aces. 6 n under this game needs to be fixed.
please program this to be random like in a real casino. I have been playing blackjack for 58 years and am amazed that every time I double down with 11 all I hit are aces, 2, 3 or 4 and get beat, however, when I draw to a 12 I get a 10 at least 90% of the time. shame on you. Please fix your program so I can feel that it is realistic. Ok
ads are infrequent and not the unskippable 30 second ones. one ad every 20 hands or so you can close right out of. not with real money and you just reset your bank when you run out. it's actually fun to try different things and see what happens.
This is the best offline blackjack game I've tried. Non-intrusive ads, no charging for real money for chips, simple and fast gameplay as well as the design. I am willing to pay for the no ad version. Thanks!
Unreal every time I double down he busts. I get a ten when I double maybe 1 in 15. etf dealer always makes these incredible underlined draws without busting. In fact I don't think he ever busted. Hoot
the game is really good practice if you want to know how to play black jack but kinda gets boring after sometime
The number of times the house wins starting with a 13 or 14 after player stands is not consistent with reality. Other than that it plays similar to real head to head casino action.
Odds effed im playing perfect basic strategy and still losing I tried it with a basic strategy sheet to make sure I'm 100% perfect this game is rigged to keep you playing to generate the creators add revenue. Dirty af but you gotta respect the hustle lmao
Got a great way of mimicking Vegas-style but problem is is it still cheats on you when you raise your bet I'd rather see something that was real rather than something that Jacks you around like it does overall it seems like the best of all the apps out there though or the closest thing to being real that's why I'm only giving it at 4 and I should really give it at 3 because of it I would give it a five if it was completely realistic it's not as if they can't make a game that is ! Even up guys!!!
House plays with a rigged deck. No point sticking on 16 - it will always be beaten. And the amount of times I've been sitting on 20 and the dealer pulls a 21 is beyond statistical credence. Binned.
I've tried dozens of other blackjack apps and this is one is the best. It doesn't make you lose so you'll have to buy credits or force you to watch ads. The odds seem a little more realistic. It's just blackjack, no gimmicks.
The number of times the house wins starting with a 13 or 14 after player stands is not consistent with reality. Other than that it plays similar to real head to head casino action. In addition the score header often only adds your initial bet not the total win ( bet $20, win totals $40 but score only increases by $20). This happens approximately half the time.
Algorithm is slanted ridiculously in favor of the house. I mean really 15 straight 19, 20 or 21's? I've uninstalled it. I like everything about it except the stupid slanted odds in favor of the house. That makes this app trash in and of itself.
It's a fun game, don't really have a problem with it... But it's pretty bare minimum, I'd honestly only play at the breakfast table with some coffee... Definitely not just to play
Love this game.... the money's not real but it's great to play when your bored or on the road riding!!!
The BEST app for blackjack... teaches strategy while letting you play without annoying ads. Interface is clean, play is fast, settings are useful. Excellent work!
though not the best cards app I've used, I'm very happy with the simplistic play of the game, its pretty easy to win, and nothing is really lost unlike in a casino, and while nothing is really gained, it makes for great practice if you want to improve for future casino visits, or if you have a night of blackjack with your friends on a normal basis. its worth the download for sure.
you dont have to worry about losing any real money! it resets itself, and you can play offline for hours. i like it for practice!
I understand that Blackjack is a game of chance. However, there is not enough viarety in the hands that are dealt to the house in this app. There are too many winning hands dealt to the house and not enough randomness in the cards, with even setting the dealt cards to one deck. Which means, the odds of winning are stacked against the player. Uninstalled.
I said earlier that Aces were not being counted. I was wrong. When a dealer gets a blackjack the Ace for the dealer is not counted until the next hand. Small glitch. Otherwise an excellent app
Shuffle does not appear to be random. IF this is a random shuffle THEN the selection of which shuttle to use is NOT. This "free" game is being used to research what card sequences give the house best results.
Great game nice fast plays no wasting time on a bunch of sound effects great hint button for playing basic strategies blackjack
Its alright but very suspicious seems rigged as when i choose strategy it tells me the either hit or stand i choose what it highlights and it is the best outcome everytime but the cards are meant to be random so it creates a genuine challenge and a fair game.
I like it very much, straightforward good Blackjack game. Great pass time. Awesome!πŸ‘ P.S. if you are out of money no problem they'll give you an extra $1,000 to play again and again and again and again!!!😁 * So download this app you won't be sorry! πŸ˜‰
You know what I love about this game, that it has a simple design and gets straight to the point of playing. Everything is perfect . And it doesn't take long to load like the other games.
It follows the casino rules. If you continue to play, you will lose. I sometimes wish I could cash out.
I have and play many good Blackjack apps, some with good, fancier graphics and audio/sound tracks m, BUT: This game is probably the best for fairness, freely resetting your bank roll and, tips on how to play if your new to blackjack. So for all of this, I would rate this app best, overall, of any blackjack app out there. (And, although free, they do not annoy you with constant ad's for other games.) Good, plain, straight-up playing to hone your game. This company has "integrity" in my book.
its cool, 1 skipable ad after 8 hands? some hands are like seriously? but hey, that's gambling and its not even real $$
Fun but buggy I turned 1000 into 140k please fix the overlay bug and add stat tracking with options I want to know my loss vs wins and refine my intuition so I can consistently turn 1k into 150k
fun but the ads are really annoying to make go away. wish they popped up in a more convenient way that doesn't get in the way of the game
I really like this app. I was waiting and expecting to have to pay for more chips when I got cleaned out but I was happily surprised when I was able to reset and start again. Very cool 😎. It has ads but they aren't a pain in the butt like many others. Thank you to the developer for the great app and all the fun.πŸ‘
I love this app for practicing card counting. I was wondering if the dealing is absolutely random? With card counting, I went from $1000 to $2000 in about 5 hours. This led me to believe that perhaps the dealing is in the favor of the player. Clarification on this would be nice. Overall, a great app.
Brilliant. I love black jack but as a christian it's against my beliefs to gamble. This is a good game where I'm not gambling real money but I get to play black jack. I have been bankrupt twice in this game and you start with a grand. I'm currently on $7,700
Fun and doesn't seem to be rigged for the dealer or the player. Ads are short and minimally intrusive
DOUBLE Noisy Ads=Rating Downgrade 5=>2. Now it plays double ads where it used to be one at a time. I fully support ad-sponsored apps and games. But this crosses a line. What, Im not allowed to listen to music when I play your game? Thats messed up. Irresponsible, or at least inconsiderate to your users, who contribute to your ad revenue. I like every other aspect of your game. But this makes me want to find another thats comparable.
Really good blackjack game with no frills. Lets you pay to remove ads, which I was convinced to do immediately by the snappy presentation. Plenty of good options, too.
Great blackjack app...one of the few with the option to turn off sound so it can be played in places where quiet is needed.... πŸ‘Œ
It's a great time killer! But it would be cool if the buttons to hit and hold and all that were a little bigger. But it has 4/5 stars for now.
Pretty accurate simulation of a real game of blackjack but its more challenging as you play.. Fixed to play against you. Very Fun! Best Blackjack game for its size and with the surrender.
Noisy Ads=Rating Downgrade 5->2.5 To make it worse, the button to close the noisy ads is white on white, and hard to tap even when you know where it is. I fully support ad-sponsored apps and games. But this crosses a line. What, Im not allowed to listen to music when I play your game? Thats messed up. Irresponsible, or at least inconsiderate to your users, who contribute to your ad revenue. I like every other aspect of your game. But this makes me want to find another thats comparable.
Great but not perfect! I love that it counts cards but why do you need to tap the balance figure to switch to the count? Why can't I just see both at the same time?! And these numbers freeze ALL THE TIME when you switch between them!!! And you have to restart the app to see either again or continue playing blind.
Exceptionally poor game design. More face cards are used than in the decks ! ! Dealer very seldom busts. Dealer won 43 out of 50 hands.
great fast app... doesn't stall at all...only thing that I would suggest is to separate the hit and stand buttons further apart...if you start to play faster you can sometimes hit the wrong buttons...and maybe a second double option after a split...
To many ads. Sometimes I accidentally touch them, because I'm trying to bet. And oh boy the junk in my email, is hideous. I'll only play if I'm bored out my mind. The ADS ARE WAY TOO MUCH.
This had no directions to help with navagation or explaination of the game or how to place a bet (no exMples) or anything leaves to guess at what the game buttons do.
Very minimal ads and you're able to close them without a timer, quick and easy blackjack with even customisable rules/settings
This is the best blackjack app! It's as pure as blackjack gets. The hands are fast and the ads are infrequent. The aesthetic is clean and the sound effects are satisfying. Highly recommend!
I like it very much, straightforward good Blackjack game. Great pass time. Awesome!πŸ‘ P.S. if you are out of money no problem they'll give you an extra $1,000 to play again and again and again and again!!!😁 * So download this app you won't be sorry! πŸ˜‰ This game is addictive fun. And does not use a lot of space in your phone! πŸ‘
this is the simple blackjack game I've been looking for. plus the ads are veeery infrequent, I don't mind keeping my wifi turned on
I keep forgetting what a weak sister this game is. These boys still think randomness can be a function of exclusionary logs. (and they can't count)
I like to play a quick game of Blackjack to while away the dull moments waiting for a bus, or as a break from more demanding pursuits. This app lets you choose between the usual game variants, and you only pay a tiny fee to go premium and remove the ads forever. I am very happy with my purchase.
just thought i'd give iy a lil go, but its a battered minge so if i was u i would'nt fakin bother. honestly.......p
This is a solid app for anyone that loves BJ. Ads are minimal and when they do come up they aren't the annoying ones that is all up in your face. 5/5 Stars
I'd definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves blackjack, to help them kick their addiction. This game is programmed so poorly that it could convince an atheist who gambles professionaly that cards are sin incarnate. Possibly the worst card game available on mobile, and that's really saying something.
As a regular blackjack player, I can confirm that this is rigged. The way the AI works is that it reads the face down card before it's even up. He also seems to nail many hits that SHOULD be busts, and nails many 21s while you don't get any. Uninstalled πŸ‘Ž
Absolutely unreal! What a waste off time! The only time you can win is with 21.. anything less and the house wins. Pathetic.
As usual the house always wins ! But I like this game, it is completely free and gives the player lot more control than other Blackjack apps.
I'm really enjoying this game. the adds are few and far between my only suggestion would be to let us bet more than 1k at a time. it would be a lot of fun if we could go crazy with out bets.
This is quite possibly the best Blackjack app out there. Certainly better than anything else I tried. The interface is sensible, clean and fast - none of those annoying animations that only serve to slow down the game. The game supports all variants, including the different double-after-split rules and early surrender. The card counting feature turns this into a serious trainer for those practicing counting. Two minor issues: I don't know of any casino that lets you hit on 21, nor anyone who'd do so in their right mind. Having the app ask you to decide is unnecessary. And due to how the sound effects are implemented, every once in a while, the sound of the cards cleared away is much louder than usual, which can be distracting (or painful if you're using earphones). I hope the developer fixes these soon.
Exactly what I was looking for: an offline Blackjack simulator, and I found it. Great app, only problem is that the only possible currencies are Dollar or Euro, but that isn't a real problem, it would just be more interesting to have other currencies as well, especially all. The app is fast and reliable. And also the opponent NPC constantly gets 20's or Blackjack's but I don't know if that's set in the game's code to be like that, a glitch or just my bad luck. 5 stars from me.
I lost count of how many 21's the dealer got with four or five cards to win. This game is fun for those who just play Pontoon, but for experienced BJ players and those who have form in Casino's, this game is as rigged as they come.
Simple clean interface. Excellent for practice. Ads not too annoying (only a $few to remove). Very happy, exactly what I was looking for 😊
Way less ads than other blackjack games. I can actually play without being interrupted every 5 seconds.
Nothing special. Deleted the app ($+1850 fake money) it's the same old Algorithms. I would never send them real money this obviously a total scam.
The accuracy of the game is impressive. I can't put the game down for to long. I consider additional strategies in my head. The tools to improve my game playing is appropriated. It feels like a live person is dealing me from the deck. It's a great pass time. J. Alcock
Really fun! The only problem I have is where you have to choose you betting amount every round but overall good game