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Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack

Blackjack 21: House of Blackjack for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by NEOWIZ located at 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 645번길 14 네오위즈판교타워 463-400. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
just graphics are good but absolute unfair game designed to loose on betting big i lost 45m in some minutes only not a single 7 in 20 games playing tripple on a table then also so its called cheating
I was holding a 5 and a 4 and then the timer came up in the middle of the screen. When the timer went away I never had a chance to draw a card and the dealer finished his hand and I was stuck with a 9. This happened several more times. I contacted customer service and they told me that I shouldn't take all day. I never had a chance to play.Do not waste your $ here. The people who run this application for a bunch of clowns. Save your money there are better apps out there. Run.. Crooks run!!!
Fun but frustrating, the only thing random on here is how long it will take you to lose. Do not hit 12 you will break 90% of the time. Spliting pairs is also pretty much a losing play. The computer draws way to many 4 and 5 and even 6 card 21's. The side bets are tempting and great when I repeat WHEN you hit them but over all they are sucker bets and if you are playing them then decide to stop you guest it thats when it hits. The computer also is just one card off from you hitting that side bet.
Hello peeps, I have played a lot of bj games and this is one of the best free ones I have played... but DON'T spend real money on it!!! (like I did) Its obviously rigged, despite there unwavering belief its totally random, this is total BS... But fun to play for free.
Game is a scam!! You'll go on insane losing streaks so they can get you to buy chips. The buy chips specials always pop up.
It's addictive and that's a good thing yes it is it keeps your mind occupied out a lot of games I have played this is a very challenging game
Unless you are a Person who sPends your money to Play, this, game... Just, remember... It is, not, real! Computer, game! They give you chips just to take, them, back! ALWAYS... 20... 17... 18... 19... Ace/Face/10... BLACKJACK! The slots(ESPECIALLY the, new, ones) don't, Pay, out! If you are having a good experience with, this, game... LUCKY, YOU! DEVELOPERS... It would be fun if people could WIN & not stress, bot, losing! Can't make it to the, REAL, casino.... 🤬
Game wouldn't tried about 12 times. Not wasting my time with a game that doesn't load. Enjoyed playing it. Not so much anymore.
Like this one better than the previous blackjack the problem I'm having is the dealer always have winning hands more than the players and you have to keep buying more chips when want to make a hit or double down a lot of the time the dealer always have winning hands I think that's not fair to the players but still love the game give players a better shot at winning hands the players are still come up on the losing end of several times before the players win the dealer wins
Slow moving, you play with others who always ruin tables, the game is full of buy in offers. Overall a predatory game thats a waste of time
Good Blackjack game, but the waiting to get free chips is too long. Can't get enough free chips to play slots so I mainly play Blackjack only. I don't trust the money transaction enough to purchase chips, and am NOT on Facebook, nor ever plan to be.
Game is fun but constantly lags and skips past you before u can bet causing u to lose.. Super frustrating you guys can make it play basic strategy when someome doesnt pick an action
A bit small on the graphics and crowded but the drinks are decent and I can play nekkid! You tell me what big name casino's gonna let ya get away with that kinda comfort?
Love this game play it all the time but for some reason I can't log in tonight something about it can't connect to the internet. Everything connects to the internet except this game not sure what the problem is hopefully you can help
Pretty good game overall. I love playing BlackJack and this app does a good job simulating that. Good job guys!
This game is rigged. The cards are not dealt at random like the developer claims they are. The dealer will get 20 or 21 4 out of 5 times. It is impossible to win. Youll win a little here and there but in the end you loose. God forbid should you buy chips. Youll loose even faster. Double down on an 11. Youll draw a 3 or 4 everytime. Hit on a 12 youll draw a 10 every time. You cant win.
I really like this game but I had a lot of coins now I'm at rock bottom and I keep losing and losing losing this is a a setup and it's not fair I keep getting low numbers everybody gets high numbers I keep losing i know one thing if I keep losing and I do buy some coins and I keep losing after I bought them I'm going to want a refund I'm really disappointed I really like this but I'm tired of losing if it keeps up I'm unstalling
You everyone thinking about getting this game, DON'T spend a penny on it. It's rigged so that you lose your chips when you bet big, so that you have to purchase more. I lost 100 million in chips, i lost 13 straight hands, THIRTEEN. What are the odds of losing 13 hands in a row? It's RIGGED
It works. But u need insane internet not even 100mb/s is fast enough, the game just stops causing you to loose all your money
I love this game when i first downloaded it i was like im going to like this game and i did so keep up the awsome work on this game i cant wait to see more updates because hopfully that will make it better like maybe a halloween event with like halloween cards for a while or something I LOVE THIS GAME THOUGH KEEP IT UP.
I think this game is a RIP off you can't hit on your own cards because it's being controlled by whomever.
This game is a joke. Every time you start winning the computer hase immaculate draws. Just want you to make a purchase.
I love this game. High Stakes. Low Stakes. Its what u make of it .Gambling is fun. But also can be additive. Spend your chips wisely, you can go over aboard at times. Its like real life. Win u win walk away. Play some slots. I would not change. Anything about this game. Its FANTASTIC AND FUN.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💯💯.
cannot get any free coins even when I log into the fan page they don't give them out they say they're going to but we don't receive them that sucks
I love this App, but today, I didnt get some major winnings and want to know what happened? I had 100k bet on the poker side bet and got two 5 diamonds and dealer had a 5 diamonds. It acknowledged my "Suited 3 of a kind" but did not give me the money! Im really mad right now. What is 100k x 100? That is owed to me!!
Best blackjack app. Anyone saying it's fixed clearly dosent understand the game or basic strategy. Only thing I would like to see is a tournament mode with the switch function.
Now I'm having trouble with consistency of always needing to update or upgrade or up something...I just want to enjoy playing the game at ease...
Is there ever going to be a second season of Card Collectors? I collected them all on the second or third day and still no new collection. It had to be a month or 2 ago. It's getting rediculous.
Poor customer service!! In the in app store they have a holiday pack. This holiday pack has 3 or 4 price options ranging from11.00 to 55.00. I thought I was buy an 11.00 pack and for some reason I bought a 26.00 pack this was not my intention. My record reflects buying a bunch of coin packs never above 11.00. I emailed support and all I got was sorry we cannot reimburse you do to the volume of purchases. I would have been happy with another coin pack as thats probably what I would have done.
RNG is horrible! I've spent close to $200 on this game and can hardly get a bonus on slots. Also, the blackjack tables are useless! Dealer always gets face cards and double downs are never met with a face card.
Great Fun ! Excellent ! Good practice ! Lots of variations ! Great graphics ! Many features and options ...several ways to continue playing if you wipe out .....
it's not completely random when there's 4 blackjacks between 5 players including the dealer. I bet u couldn't prove that it's random. all I'm saying is that it's BS when I get dealt a 20 or 21 n still lose or something it's very frustrating and stupid! 2.5 stars. still not fixing the cheats?
A good on line game to practice on before going to the casino and betting real money. You learn how to bet high or low. Your going against the dealer but be aware of other players as well. You learn how to double your bet. If your against a hot dealer, simply change table and look for a table with a dealer on a losing streak, just like in a real casino. Don't stay in a table against a hot dealer. Excellent game to practice on.
This has been quite possibly the most accurate game of 21 I've played online, realistic odds and decent graphics, I was going to keep this app until? I was up on chips 4.6 million, 4 million on the slots when taking a break from 21. When I reached 4.6 m I got a window telling me that I can't have / hold that many chips and that I need to agree. They told me they would release chips to me when I need them, they do, $1000.00 at a time. If you wanna look like a baller you can't. -4.5😎
Definitely one of the best blackjack games I've played. Great way to practice for the real deal by following along with the in game card counting (which is unfortunately limited to so many uses a day). The side bets and group win bonuses keep it interesting too.
10 stars. This game is the best. Won a ton of chips in the different Blackjack game areas. Great job devs! Only thing though, let us add friends from the rooms we play in. Maybe even add some poker rooms?
Join "THRAWN", Darth TRINA "The Baddest Sith Chick" & Tyra Banks aka Wonder Woman and Park JiYeon of T-ARA & also Enjoy Coca-Cola, Rap Snacks, Lindens Butter Crunch Cookies and yes a Mikes Carryout North Ave BMore "Fish Special Sub" whilst playing "H.O.B on any mobile device of your choice order Today!
Need to edit my review, after playing a bit more and not spending any money, I have ended up with over 8 million chip's, if you play steady and carefully and not use alot of chips u can still win big, don't get me wrong, u lose more than u win and it seems there are more Jack's, Queens and Kings in the pack than any other card
Very fun take on blackjack with realistic play and it's own unique spins and quirks that keep it interesting. Laggy at times but not to the point it ruins the experience.
While I like this blackjack application far more than any other I've found, the algorithm is just about as bad as any poker app in the play store. I get that they want you to buy chips but a little less obvious would be in order. 5 and 6 card 21s for the dealer are the norm. It's especially evident in the highest stakes tables that they force you to play when you reach a certain chip threshold With that said, as it's just for fun, it's an entertaining experience if you like 21.
DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!! This game is fixed and designed for you to lose so you'll purchase chips. I've never seen so many face cards as the ones the dealer has. Read the reviews before purchasing and you'll see a commonality with most of them. Too bad the game is so messed up, it would've been a good game if it was fair. Another reviewer wrote that once he wrote a bad review he was blacklisted and I believe it to be true.
After wasted a whole week and some money, I realized this game is programmed in ridiculous way to burn your chips. Algorithm looks for highest hands then trying to beat higher those hands, of course Dealer surrendered sometimes, but eventually will beat all of them. The provided true count is fake, sometimes right, but most of the time is showing opposite way, I followed the true count and lost 17M chips. But, frankly say, the game graphics and sound are awesome,if you don't care money & time!
Love the game however doesn't work with stylus. That's a pain Yay! Thanks for fixing so I can use stylus!! Makes the game even greater!
Would give more stars if it didn't force you to bet higher when you have more coins, even though the table minimum is 100 it forces you to bet 1 million if you have a lot of coins. I'm not sure what the response has to do with my review...I stated nothing about shuffling, my review is about betting.
The game just cut me off. Tryed to upgrade and have a better game, not! I cant play the game anymore.
i was supposed to have gotten a major amount of tokens from the daily spin but it refused to give them to me. in my opinion it doesn't seem fair.
was cool at first but then it forces bs on you. had to delete after dealer miraculously beats 20 with 21 too many times in a row. better luck at a real casino.
This game is rigged. Cards are NOT dealt at random. The dealer always wins. After you lose your chips, you get ads to buy chips. I'll never buy chips to play a game. Stupid waste of money.
Absolutely addicted to this game. I play for hours at a time when I'm off work and I never realize it. Frustrated with my game freezing and kicking me off of my table, but that's probably just my 4G and not the game itself. Highly recommend this app.
This thing is so rigged. I tried it again after reading the lies about randomness and it ain't random. At. All. I just lost all my coins in about half an hour. During that time I got no blackjacks while the dealer got about 6, in fact I mostly got 13-14-15 and either had to bust or lose to the dealer drawing a 5 to get 21. This could be a cool app if it actually was random. Bummer. Don't waste your time.
Game is a huge fix, they will say its random but I can guarantee it ain't, huge money making scam! (Edit. Then please tell me why when someone joins my game they always win side bets and I dont? Or the fact more then 4 or a a number can be played at one?)
You know what, its been almost 3 months since 25M dollar KO compensation glitch hasn't been fixed and I've been going back and forth with useless customer service telling me to forward all of my tech problems to their email and game designer which are also usless & full of excuses. Enjoy the game, but DON'T INVEST YOUR ACTUAL MONEY. They can update the game but not fix a game log! 🖕🏽Up yours, DO NOT FALL FOR THE CONS & GIMMICK REFILLS. Customer service & game log fixes are manipulative jokes.
I love this game So very much it's my past time. ********** I'd Just like to Say Thnxs for the Extra Coins for Closing the Vault in HoB, The Survey Winning was awesome Last week, I look Forward to Closing Other Items as I get the Cards while Playing, I Love Winning Over all 10 + Stars House of Black Jack my Favorite Game over Anyother. "YAHOOOOOOO"
It takes only a few minutes to realize that this is a rigged game. You win a couple of hands then the dealer wins every single chip you have, then you are offered to buy chips, assuming that all players are fools! I uninstalled it immediately.
Enjoy this game very much. Best Vegas type game I have found except you must bet according to the chips you have. Some can make lower bets & others must bet higher. You may be foced to bet 4 times more than others. Also you cannot play on some levels if you have a larger amount of coins. I do like that tournaments all are limited to the same amount of coins to play. New & improved with more game choices. Love the changes. Awesome!
Compared to all the other card game apps out there, this is the only app that does NOT require you to purchase chips with real money. There are so many ways to build chips! Dont listen to the other reviews... if you play smart and steady, change tables and games when you seem to be on a losing streak, you can actually win and not buy anything. The game is truly fun and not frustrating. FOR CONTEXT: I was a long time WSOP app player but quit because I was constantly forced to buy chips.
I love this App, I am addicted to this app!! (see recanted msg below to this msg....but today, I didnt get some major winnings and want to know what happened? I had 100k bet on the poker side bet and got two 5 diamonds and dealer had a 5 diamonds. It acknowledged my "Suited 3 of a kind" but did not give me the money! Im really mad right now. What is 100k x 100? That is owed to me!! ) I realized later I had bet $100 not 100k. Sorry.
I play on this app weekly. Wished there's lower limits. Once your bankroll goes over 5 mil. Cause the 100k bets make things not last that long. Would be ideal if they have 1k min bets when your bankroll is in the millions
it's not completely random when there's 4 blackjacks between 5 players including the dealer. I bet u couldn't prove that it's random. all I'm saying is that it's BS when I get dealt a 20 or 21 n still lose or something it's very frustrating and stupid! 2.5 stars
this is a fun game to play but I just realized that the game cheats players out of credits. sometimes it allows you to win but it just Gold Leaf cheats. I paid a $500,000 game Delta A Pair of Aces split them not Double Down split them and they only give you one card did not even give me the opportunity to stand or hit and just took the whole 500 credits. I want to warn players remove your payment information if Google allows has to happen.
The game is rigged, need to spend money to actually play. Your luck to win a hand because the dealer walks to 21 9 out of 10 times, i just lost 500,000 in 20 hands which took only 5 minutes. The card shuffle isnt random,
just like all the other apps, the game is rigged so you lose chips and they hope you will spend real money on chip refills
Great blackjack game. Extremely realistic, BUT... If you're going to introduce card collections (which is great!), please include the option to trade in excess cards for credits toward other cards. I probably have 10+ copies of certain cards, and they are worthless. Having a system where different-started cards are worth a certain number of credits toward new cards would be great!
What I really like about this app is that it offers all the different card games that make gambling so much fun. And then on top of that you.can also spin the slots. Thanks 😊 ( having fun and keeping safe in San Francisco)
Love the game and the app but I have been unsuccessful at getting the update to install and therefore have been unable to play for several days. My phone or my service is not the problem, as everything else has no problems, only this app update. I'm having withdrawals from my addiction, Please fix!!!!!!!
There is no way that the dealer deals randomly... The dealer deals according to each hand ... Especially in the knock out tourneys ,give ... me... A ..for example, Everytime , and I mean every single time , I hit 12, I get a 10 and bust..... and every single time I pass, the next player to take hit, gets a 9 , which of course , my 12 plus 9 equal 21. there is no shuffling here....
So I've been paying this game for a few days now and as a person who has spent thousands of hours on real blackjack tables, I must say this is the most realistic blackjack game I've played so far. I've sat for 38 hours straight on a table in Vegas once and over 30 hours several times. The cards definitely come out pretty realistic. The only thing that seems off is when you hit on 16. The odds of hitting a 16 and not busting is 38.46% but it seems much less on this game.
I've emailed numerous times about the errors and game malfunctioning. I've provided info requested, sending screen shots with descriptions of user actions and corresponding game behavior. Now, no response to the info I've provided, nor requests for status updates. 1) side games don't load after 100% download. 2) slots do not download pass 50%. 3) poker doesn't work. UPDATE 4/16 - I resent my game ID and other screen shots. Any updates? Thank you for working on it.
Love it!!!! Something to do to keep your math game up.plus it kills time.Trust me I been playing blackjack Atleast a lil over 30 yrs lol.literally.
Good games, but the algorithm is set to lose so that users will end up buying chips. The win rate is less than about 35%. Their games are monitored by software and winnings are programmed based on your amount of chip. In summary, it's design make users addicted to game and then sell chips when all the chips are lost against their algorithm.
I love this game So very much it's my past time. ********** I'd Just like to Say Thnxs for the Extra Coins for Closing the Vault in HoB, The Survey Winning was awesome Last week, I look Forward to Closing Other Items as I get the Cards while Playing, I Love Winning Over all 10 + Stars House of Black Jack my Favorite Game over Any other. "YAHOOOOOOO" Mataince is fine, But when I was in a Toromante game it closed down on me an I lost 50,00 Chips that's a real Ripoff HoB Can I have the chips back ?
Dealer gets too many 21's and ties. Also forces you to play hands and certain games close off games you may like to play. The game will play with out you at certain times will change your bet. It's All Good until you start buying chips then you really start losing. The more chips you have the less you get free.
I play this game alot.. sometimes tho, you don't get all your winnings..still, much fun..updated revew: their new slots are really fun!! Maybe a similar slot to Cashman or jackpot party? Only a suggestion...
Game is very easy to play once you know procedure. Its quick and continues to the next hand very smoothly. Very fun to pay. I give it 5 stars
Massive issue with this game where the higher u bet, the dealer magically has 20 or blackjack. This could easily be a 5 star game but 1 star given due to issue above
The higher you win the table you have to play on the higher your chips are to bet. They win much more about 5 to 1 to eat your chips up. So when you lose below a million chips go to the lower table and play ..bid low and play longer...good luck.
You can only win around 40% of the time. I could be on 20, and the AI magically pulls 5 cards and gets 21. After it did this 3 times I uninstaller it.It is not random. I lost 15 games in a row. If I got 20, the dealer got 21. Then the dealer got black jack 3 times in a row. This game let's you win at first, then wipes you out. Then constant nag screens to spend real money to buy chips. Otherwise, they force you to watch videos for free chips. They make real money when you watch a video.
Honestly is a fake game i hit the slots jack pot 3 times and all of sudden it get freeze and gave me nothing plus dealer always get 20 0r 21 and u cant double up cuz u aint geting the card and end up loosing double only
Game was great until you see how bad they cheat you out your chips!!! Kicks you out of tournaments and when you have to do there daily challenges is when they cheat the most I never seen a dealer get so many black jacks in a row especially two 7 card hits.... customer service is terrible they never respond and never refund and barely offer free chips🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
I love the game it's so much fun you need to keep that extra game going on the side with the I can't think of what it's called that rotates and stuff and you get extra games and stuff anyway I love it. It's the single Jack on the right hand side of the screen
Best casino game app in the world for sure.we need bigger free coin amounts,thank you.i want to tell house of blackjack that i thought it was a good game but as i see whoever controls the game shouldnt do that cause all of a sudden it says that its warmed up and they make you win and then they say that its cold and turns red and thats when you start losing no good.
This game is a RIP OFF. I made the mistake buying chips and they were gone faster than it took me to purchase them. NEVER again. And don't increase your bets too high because you will lose every time.
it's a good app, and pretty addictive, but I've found that once you buy chips, they give you a good taste of winning before they start to slowly take it back just so you can buy more chips. its happen to me several times.
i went all in over 2 million and the game froze on me and decided to ignore my hit. the dealer then pulls out a 9 that shouldve been mine to make my 12 a 21. i would like my 2.2 million chips or a refund of my money i spent on those chips.
Still wont let me play slots. Games load to 50% then stop and never move or open to let me play. Infuriating. Remove it if i can't play! Quit throwing slots in my face and not opening to let me play. Just to add more insult, when i try to exit the game, a popup appears that says, "Wait! Have you tried SLOTS?!" Like, seriously? Go F yourself
Dealer gets blackjack way too much. In real life, insurance is unnecessary, but in this game, you need to 80% of the time. It's ridiculous. If you make huge bets, the dealer gets 20 or 21 way too easily. Dealer also gets face card way too often. Digital Blackjack games are too rigged because it's programmed "if scenario x then x" The true count is also inaccurate. I've played this game for days & the cards dealer always gets is same scenario over & over. They get you addicted only to lose all.
I like to of play game wow!! 😍😎 very learn of game card very heard for me but now still learn play card......too lot people playcard great
Update: It's designed to make sure you lose all your money and get you addicted: dealer gets blackjack 80% of the time & there's often times where insurance option isn't even offered and money is instantly taken. Scam. The beginner table also doesn't allow you to surrender - so you know dealer always has 20 face card and you're stuck with 17/18 or bust. Unrealistic. Developer will reply that their algorithm is "shuffled and random" but anyone who plays this long enough know that's total bs.
so close to being the greatest blackjack app available,unfortunately the algorithm is completely biased and its blatantly obvious that its programmed to win 60% of the time,and even higher on crucial hands. Dont tell me that its 100% random bcuz there is 4 decks or whatever,its a lie,and every real blackjack player knows it. we aren't as stupid as u think,so maybe u should reprogram it to make it more realistic..
JOKE....all about paying to play..house gets 21 9 out 10 times..if you pull 12 you will bust on next card 8 out 10 times..iv had 8 mill chips go. fast..talk about rigged. and devs..not reply cause I don't care what you have to say...
Love the game but for the last 5 days missing out on to s of chips cause a slot game wont open. Email support like it instructs n nothing back So nothing can be done except delete the game. Imagine that. Thanks for the much wasted time n great support.. NOT
this app cheats The statistics are absolutely ridiculous. Only the house wins. The only thing i like about this app is the setting & multiple players feels like vegas.
Fun game! And you it's a trusted gaming site to purchase your gaming chips from. No worries! Just a lot of fun! 🔥⭐👍💯
Im CRUSHIN' on this app!! To some degree you choose a casino based on your wealth! Seems to me to feel realistic while playing!! If you like play action that feels real then I think this is one of the best sims around!! Keep up the good work crew!! Thank you!! TommyDriver
Graphics are good, some aspects of the game are inaccessible, like poker and a number of the slots game don't load.
The game is rigged af even when your counting cards which the game allows I had a true count of plus 7 with 80 cards left in the shoe and was getting 9s and 4s while dealer got 12 black jacks in a row and i lost 10mil... it constantly makes u lose and restart all over you leave join a new table soon as you join dealer gets 21 leave join another new table dealer gets 21 there too even more rigged than an actual casino
The app now is not opening it's loading but won't open stays stuck on house of blackjack logo also it gets stuck during game play causing you to log out instantly also dealers first card is always a ten j or k or q 90 % of the time
This black jack game is one of the best ones out there however beware when buying stuff cause the game knows its additing and fun and once you make a purchase you will go on a massive losing streak me and 7 friends and 4 wives decided to sign up on 11 accounts and all 11 did great at first than we made a small purchase and downhill we all went leaving us broke. Why to buy chips but we stopped there. Honestly the game was good enough and I dont mind giving them a few bucks they earned it. WARNED.
Love it!!! Wish you had match the dealer. Tried to redeem my code a few times and never got any coins.
New update is ripping me off. I play the slots, the Golden wolf one. I took a screenshot on both of my devices showing where I won big and didn't receive the chips. At 83M chips, I won 207M on the money moon replay. 207+83 is 290. I ended up with 230M chips, which means i was shorted 60M chips. This also happened on my iPad so I know it's not my devices and this app is up to date on both. I would like someone to contact me about giving me back the chips I can prove I wasn't given.
Cool in the beginning, didn't 50 on it. Usually a hand will let you win or at least give you an edge. Not this game don't spend any money not worth it!
Always lose large bets: 900k. 1mil 1.2 mil. ETC. Yet i win the garbage bets that won't amount to improving my standing with the game.
Compared to all the other card game apps out there, this is the only app that does NOT require you to purchase chips with real money. There are so many ways to build chips! Dont listen to the other reviews... if you play smart and steady, change tables and games when you seem to be on a losing streak, you can actually win and not buy anything. The game is truly fun and not frustrating. UPDATE: they removed the daily free chips so I'm downgrading my review. It is now impossible to build chips.
The customer support staff is a joke. I have encounters a problem with the game. I got an email saying it was forwarded to the technical support and that I would hear back. Never did, contacted customer support again and they couldn't find wether or not I had ever contacted them. Still never got a solution to the problem.
Alright but I believe this game has what are referred to as coolers. It seems funny that these what I believe are bots come on a trailer and hit on a 20 and it seems you buy chips and you seem to lose them quick
An emotional roller coaster I started out with a decent amount that the game gave me won it big in a tournament thing and then I lost it all to the point where I am uninstalling it but but with a decent review 10 out of 10
Guess if you enjoy being beat continually you'll like it. Dealer gets 21 nearly every time. Blew through 100million chips got nothing.
OMG this game has taught me how to play in real life. And I've been making good amount of money when I win. This is a great practicing strategy to use if you really wanna know how to play.
If you want to be successful in this app you're definitely going to have to pay. Dealer wins 9 times out of 10 and will hit blackjack 3 times in a row.
Game is junk! No way an accomplished blackjack player should be beaten by one from the dealer 20 hands in a row. Rigged! They force you to spend money which I refuse to do.
I've played this game a lot and spent a good amount of money. The more you play the more you see how the game is fixed. The dealer will 80% of the time for example get 20 with a K/K or 10/J....while you will always bust with for example K/2 and when you hit you get a J or a Q or a K. It's not possible in real life to get these odds. It's insane. Also the stuff the character say is sooo horrible it melts your brain. Better turn voices off.... Or maybe not play this app at all.
Great game spent quite a bit of real money and no options or way to contact support through the app. So I spent a lot and had issues with some of the deposits due to connecting and disconnecting was unable to get my big mega spin for the $99 purchase some of the $99 purchase didn't even give me chips the full amount and sometimes nothing. Love the game spent the money to help developers on it and still gave it 4 stars would be great to have my issues resolved.
I tried several Black Jack game apps and this one is the best in my opinion. The graphics are spectacular. It's no cheaply made game for sure. The dealer speed is great. It's not fast paced, but it's not slow either. It's not jammed up with advertising. No ads while you play. They sell chips, but only when you start. The payouts are definitely fair.
Like this one better than the previous blackjack the problem I'm having is the dealer always have winning hands more than the players and you have to keep buying more chips when want to make a hit or double down a lot of the time the dealer always have winning hands I think that's not fair to the players but still love the game give players a better shot at winning hands the players are still come up on the losing end sometime on the video you get only one or two rewards
A lot of game play choices. Like the double down, side bet and bet for dealer options. It's easy to get enough coins to play for extended amounts of time. Overall just a fun app to play.
I have enjoyed playing this game, but sometimes I dont get an obvios flush or straight. That is very frustrating. Otherwise, its fun.
For the second time in the last 10 days my money was took from me while playing slots! from the bank 1st time it was 153 million dollars thie time 7 million! they want you to lose but if you win they make your experience horrible!!! i personally think this game is the best out there and i have been only playing it for a month or so and spent money on chips many times!! that must not be good enough for them. im trying to send a complaint but they want an email app? what is that? im disgusted
A fun game, but predictable. Once u hit a certain amount. All ull see is 17s or pushes if u get a good hand. The first casino u go to ull habe pretty good luck. Once u level up ull lose ur money in no time. Then have to start all over agian
I took a star away because it's impossible to invite any friends through FB messenger. Just because you don't have FB doesn't mean you shouldn't be rewarded for inviting other ppl like your offer says. It's a nice game to play because you can be careless, or clueless and lose all of your chips and still get more every 6min.
i like playing this game however everytime i open the app on my tablet it crashes and causes my tablet to restart, i have it on my phone and it doesn't do that just my tablet.
Kinda of fun. I have 23 Rolls to use in the EVENT section and the program will not allow me to use. And there is NO WAY the HOUSE wins everytime you go ALL IN on your cash!!!! Happens every time
You almost never win. Ive won alot of money dont get me wrong but it always seems to push or beat you by one and then when you know you should win because your doing 5 and 6 card no busts up to 20 and 21 which is scary and then the dealer still pushes you or beats you which is impossible. Garbage, statistically theres no possible way the dealer can get blackjack or 21 back to back 5 or more times and you should win 1 out 5 hands at the very least. Im not impressed with being robbed all the time
A warning, very addictive, very much a rigged game, they can say till they are blue in the face that the cards are dealt honestly. They are not. If you spend money to try to do well in your league, the computer won't let you win the big bets,. So dear owners save your excuses and your standard reply and just know you will not get another dime of my money. New players you've been warned, just play with the chips you can get free and don't worry about it. Don't spend real money!!
It's alot of fun. You getting to pretend to be a high roller with out actually loseing all your money. I enjoyed playing this game, spent many hours, when I should have been working, playing. I gave 5 stars because it was fun. Now I see the dealers cheat. You only win when they want you to. It's not that they're good but outright cheat. Switching the order the cards are dealt midstride, I have come to believe that alot of the other players are computer generated and work together with the dealer
The game is a rip off. Bonus are very little and if you buy chips they dissapear as quickly as you bought them every time.
Great game i love the many ways you can back chips. I do not spent but 5 or 10 buck a month on it and been it for 3yrs now . just got to control like real money much than droping thousand on real games
Great game, it is simplified for ease of playing. Would like more details on how to count cards or a guide while playing....
Update: Do you know your game? You can't hold 2 seats in Spin N Go, so your response proves that there are bots! They say there are not bots in their game... but there are! Also say they answer email everyday, haven't responded to me ever! One thing has not changed: VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! It really is a good game that I enjoy playing, but why can't they fix these issues? It really doesn't make sense!
It's the best you can play in mostly real time in blackjack bot timers and it's a grind game too. Level and badges
I had lots of fun playing until today! The game wasn't working on&off for hours. It was doing crazy things dealing one, many times both of the house cards face down It happened on&off for hours, cards were being dealt all over the table. I couldn't see the house or my cards many times. I lost out on millions of the play $ I paid for.Tried to email them; wouldn't work.Going to request my Credit Card Co. not pay for my last 2 purchases since their system wasn't working & can't reach them!!!!!!
I ve really enjoyed this game!! Played most BJ games available this is at the top of my favorites!!!! Got to play now! BYE!
Just another app designed to build you up, change the algorithm in favor of the house, bleed chips you accumulated then try to get you to buy. As you level up it's harder to win as dealer draws impossible hands. Fun at first couple of levels. Deleted..in regards to the response, lie. I lost 27 hands in a row betting big. As soon as the $ was gone dealer started breaking. Scam. Period. People can see it.
sucks used to be worth playin ..... been playin over a year ... never seen top reward on spin n go.... risk 10k to win 200 at 1 to 4 odds woo hoo!!! risk70k to win 1500 yippeee!!! same odds risk 350m to win 70m same odds dont play spin on go jssuckssss is a joke!!!!!
For those of you saying you loose many times in a row and give it a bad review, I can agree with you, but it's not a bad game. Once you learn the tendencies of the cards you can figure out how to use it to your advantage. Use your brain and play the game correctly. So many are quick to want to place blame on programing when they don't even fully understand the game. WHAT I THINK SHOULD BE ADDED INTO THE GAME IS AN OPTION TO TYPE A CHAT TO OTHER PLAYERS AT YOUR TABLE AND HAVE A SENSORING OPTION!
Pissed off with it. Will not let me cash in my collected cards. I contacted your service and got a canned answer . As of this date no fix. Good thing I don't pay for it.
Dealer winn's 80+% of the time!!! Once I counted to verify how often dealer wins, it was 43out of 50 hands! YES, I did count!! Constantly trying to get you to buy more coins.
great free apps. bad beats do happen like this at the real casino. so dont be mad. bet smart! keep it up. worth spending a buck or to on. great specials! I like some real like slots maybe? ty
This game is wonderful.. But whomever developed this do not care about the players!! They cheat you out your chips especially if you have alot.. It starts freezing kick you off the table you winning on and put in robot players to make you lose!! And customer service is horrible 72 hrs to respond and they do nothing but tell you to send a screenshot which I have several I ALSO have the pictures of the ROBOT OR PLAYERS WHO MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR CHIPS!! PLAY WITH CAUTION!! CUSTOMER DO NOT CARE!!
This game is junk. The dealer always wins 5 out of 6 times constantly. It's all about buying chips to play. Don't waste your time or money. Deleting this trashy app.
this is by far the first actual blackjack game that I found that was actually pretty decent to play so I'm kind of excited for it so far it's holding up well and looking good so thank you
This is the best Black Jack game. It's fun and there's a lot of bonuses. This game is so addictive, if you like Blackjack games
The spin and go tournament is rigged. Never play actual people. Only bots and theybseem to draw 20s and 21s all the time.
The app has many choices for you to play, I am having lots of fun.I have only played blackjack , but im looking forward to playing other games.The only negative is I can't figure out how to log out.
I love black jack it's fun to play it's my favorite game thank you. I love the game but why are my coins getting taken off so much When I bet.
Spent money for chips but game kept freezing and did not let me hit my low hand, automatically standing on a low hand. In the end lost all the chips I paid for because game froze. Move onto any of the other blackjack apps.
Awful. Game froze and cheated me out of my money when I split 3 times. Tech support wouldn't do anything about it. Don't waste your money on this game!
It's alot of fun. You getting to pretend to be a high roller with out actually loseing all your money.
l think offering the new collect the cards made this card games fun!!!! and great incentive you just want to keep playing to go for bigger challenges to achieve a great amount and also gives u experience at getting better at the card game. fun fun fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got done losing 13 hands in a row which took all my chips. Dealer didn't bust and is always delt a face card. If it's not blackjack it's 20. What a fun game to play knowing you are always going to lose. This game is not fair no matter what anyone says. Download something different to have a chance.
This is a good app and I enjoy Blacjack and the side bets. Unfortunately, the odds of the dealer drawing the cards to win are very high in their favour and thus denies the entertainment value and comfort of gaming from one's armchair at home. After all, when we win big, we can't cash in...