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Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by PEARL ABYSS located at 24, Simin-daero 327beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
First impressions; need a good internet connection to download the additional 5.4 GB required for the game. I have a reasonably good internet connection so it was a quick procedure but for people with slow internet connection it's gonna be quite the wait. Detailed character creation. Really impressed. Good graphics. Might feel overwhelmed at first because you'll feel like you have a lot of stuff to do in the game menu for example upgrading weapons and buying and selling stuff and whatnots.
Liked the game overall, a couple of simple improvements can be done First we should be able to lock the camera in zoomed in position that would make it easier to explore towns. Second, there isn't any fun in RPGs if all swords and armours look the same, thats the case with this game, all swords, bows and armours must look different from one another, it makes gathering new weapons more fun. At last, addition of a north pole in the minimap would help navigating into town easier.
Most like a full PC MMORPG I have played on mobile. Good balance of auto play and manual action required. Pretty much no ads, and haven't seen any pay to win components. Requires moderately high end phone with significant storage requirements. Runs smooth on my LG Stylo 6.
I've been playing the game for about a year now roughly and it's been a lot of fun after I stopped spending money on the game and actually grinding the game my main character (destroyer) it's almost at 12,000 CP and I spent $0 getting him there but then again I learned from playing on the Korean server that most of the stuff that we get on the global server will become free or the devs will give it for free later down the road so it was kind of pointless trying to keep up with the big spenders.
You spend (waste) your time playing and accumulating components just to see it FAIL! SH!TTEE randomBS but in fact they're in total control. Used my/OUR info for their benefits; why take our HARD-EARNED accumulations/components away with enhancement that we do not have control and 70 -100 percentage of FAILING! GREED is what I see and feel. I will continue play &see if our voices are heard and valued. BOTTOMLINE: WE EARNED IT. DON"T CONTROL OUR UPGRADE PERCENTAGE RATE! 5stars Graphics/Story ;)
Started getting a bug since last update... maybe a memory leak... phone gets very hot all of a sudden and locks up after 30 min+ of smooth consistent gameplay. (No performance issues for a bit and then BOOM something triggers the phone to lock up until powered off) Fantastic game otherwise. Please fix crash bug so we can enjoy!
I like both the Desktop and Mobile versions for different reasons. Even after playing for a few months I am a bit partial to the BDO just for the freedom to explore, node network/crafting, more immersive which is to be expected really in the difference in platforms. I enjoy the BDM gameplay and would recommend.
This game is improving ever since I've played it from December 2019. But the game still need more stability on it's current updates at Great Desert. The developers should also concern with the players who play this game with mobile devices (not with an emulator). 3 Stars for now. Keep up the good work Pearl Abyss.
Great game pvp content is a Godlike!!!Grinding for good equipment is good but it takes a month or so... Better increase the droprate for us newbies.. down side is cashshop is too damm expensive wish they lower or have lower cashshop item every month or so.. Overall its good
This game is flawless everything from the amazing graphics I find myself getting lost in the beautiful sound tracks that just get me to stop and walk around the town just so I can listen to them to the perfect combat system that engages your mind so you dont actually die along with the badass music that makes your heart really pump this game is flawless one thing I do want to see though is a mode where we can take the hud or all of those things on the screen off so we can admire the beauty
Hey i just finished the updates for this game and for some reason it said it downloaded the patch but ive trying to access the game but all getting is an constant loop on the screen to update where it say you'll get 50 black pearl and google play app page of the game, and then file error.. It seems the downloaded the patch but its nowhere in my files.. Ive tried reinstalling the game so it will download all patches but still, im getting the same result.. Please help
Tbh this might be one of the best mobile game I've ever played. Been playing since December 2019, yet they never disappoint me. Except for one thing. Yes, the difference of how you treat KR server vs Global version. I gotta admit that this game is really good, but I think it'll be better if you treat both server equally.
This is a smooth and adventurous game, graphics are amazing, all characters are awesome, and also I love this game . I can clearly say this is a god tier game but some bugs are there , for others it might be that bug is a big issue, you should probably look in to that . I am having a great experience, keep the work up. PEACE!
after download the patch couples of hours ago, keep on getting "network unstable" when try to goto camp ( get no issue in surfing web and use other app ). another week of desperated/pissed off event for f2p player. mid tier cp f2p player hardly get any red from spoil nor stand any chance at black sun. another week for deep pocket whales..
After having this game 24/7 on pretty much from october 2020 i got to almost 13k cp which is pretty much high end for f2p player while whales (which there are alot) are at 18k+ cp. I was in one of top 35 guilds on my realm and in high end content we were farmed hard. If you wanna take this game slow and not involve yourself in pvp content (except normal arena) then this is a game for you. If you are competitive player like i am dont expect getting far since high end players spend 2000$ monthly.
absolute junk blancing in all pvp content. everything is pay too win right now with the introduction of their new zone. only thing going for it is its graphic. if u want any form of pvp expect to spend thousands. rank arena is even at the 2nd lowest lvl is filled with opp that can 4hit u, while ur combo does at best 15% of their total hp
Hello, hope someone answers me on this issue as fast as possible, been 3 days i cant log into the game at all, first it was showing me an error of 103, i reinstalled the game 3 times and it didnt work now giving me a 101 error, i tried other games to see of the issue is something in from me all other online games are working perfectly, i uninstalled and installed the game more than 5 times. I need someone to contact me as far as possible please
Gear awakening sucks, i hate it. Far too expensive + losing everything when failing is just dumb. Even with advice of vark the chances of success are far too low. This is DUMB considering getting CP is already very difficult for F2p players. Also lack of story content overall (side quests)
no ads, and the gameplay is good, it has wide map and many villages to explore... yet the control buttons are too narrow to hit.., so I suggest developer to fix this,,, 1)give more space between button 2)add more outfits like DR (nex*n) 3)give another event everyday(not just quest, but really an adventure mission like discover new dungeon especially to get rare alchemy items or something) THEN it would be the best mmorpg, at least for a year ahead..
All in all, I love this game. The feel and story are wonderful. I also love how it doesn't feel slow but its not a fast pace game either where I dont know what I just did. One thing that might be cool is something where we can tame pets instead of buying them. Just a thought.
I like this game, but something really annoyed me.. Like catching horse's I know there's a raw sugar to tame more successful, but i always fail to tame it. And everytime i have tier 7 horse's to breed, booom always fail. My time, effort and money gone to waste.... And some players have same experience like mine.... Really waste of time taming.
I really love this game but im sick of getting booted from the game everytime I get to black rock shrine. My game settings are set on the lowest possible graphics setting,my internet is fine but it just keeps happening. Super annoyed. I wont rage quit yet but still possible. Id give one star for the butthurt but its the best ftp grind I love. Still 5 stars.
After this recent update, I can no longer log in to my account. I'm always getting black screen with a message, "Failed to retrieve server. Try again?" And when I hit retry, I always go back to the same screen over and over. I don't want to lost my account! I spent too much already for it! Please fix it or at least provide a solution. :'(
Pro : AMAZING skill animations and environment. Con : 1. VERY VERY (infinite VERY) BAD RNG. Eventhough I've throw money in it, it's not guaranteed higher chance of success. They said : "However, the drop rate is intended to be a challenging task, as it can greatly benefit your character. " How can I benefit something if I didn't anything back worth my money? It's just pure gambling. What's hurt that other F2P can get good things better than me. That's rubbish! 2. BORING BAD EVENTS.
The game has an issue that you can't even enter the game, when I open the game they tell me to update the game but there's no update, but it's fixed for now, the game is really fun and exciting to play and I liked how the developers responds to my problem faster, you gonna experience a little bit of difficulty in the begging of the game but it's fine after playing the game you'll get more knowledge and everything gonna be fine.
Black Desert Mobile is THE definition of MMORPG game. I have tried my fair share of these games... But god... I promise this tops it all. 🙀 Its the BEST mmorpg out there in the market. Give it a try definitely. Its so damn awesome. 👏 👏 👏 👏 Edited on 2 April, 2021 : The game got boring super fast. When you reach the later stages, its nothing except farming and grinding day in and day out. Nothing else. You wanna craft something, go and farm. You wanna level up, go and grind. DROPPED!!!
Bottom line is that BDM is objectively a quality game. It's biggest flaw is a lack of group activities outside GvG events. Subjectively, as long as you're OK with gacha elements, you'll find a very enjoyable game with plenty of content being added regularly. I speak from personal experience (since day 1), the game is fundamentally rooted in a P2W model but there's still a solid F2P experience that is definitely viable, even competitively, to varying degrees. It's P2W but still F2P fun.
Back to playing bdm after work when desert was added. Game is a LITTLE better. RNG for us #globalwhen players is still bad. It seems PA hates us #globalwhen players a lot. The LAG after playing a few minutes is still there. Had to restart the game everytime. It's getting obvious that PA CAN'T fix that issue.. Still 1 star for bdm. Fix the game play & i'll rate better. I don't care about the graphics anymore. HIGH reso is enough for me. Just eliminate the LAG.
I've been playing this game for months now. It is really fun to play and you always have things to do in game. The game is a heavy P2W but it's very enjoyable as F2P. GMs are very good and they give free items without destroying balance. Frequent updates with weekly events etc can keep you in game for many hours(in a nice way).
This is amazing MMORPG, good graphics, Good storyline, quite easy to play, thanks to auto battle and black Spirit mode. It actually help for adult gamer who can't play the game intensively. Edited my review, control is not too great especially left thumb pad is idk, It just less responsive, may be it should be updated. OMG fail upgrade hear so frustrating, is there any other mechanism on that dev?? I don't mind spending the material for fail, but the grade is decrease after fail?? OMG so cruel.
You got me guys! I'm the type of person who hates paying for an online game, but I pay if you made me enjoy the game so much! For the past few weeks I got all premium items for free (I haven't paid a single dime) and this keeps on going with new events, You guys really take care of players and I feel you guys work hard to keep the players instead of milking them their money. I hope that you also include the seafaring and the cooking part of the game because I'm such a fan of those.
I'm impressed, I've been playing BDO for years and I can honestly say I prefer the mobile version, never thought graphics and gameplay of this level would be even possible so soon. Some people say black desert is "pay to win" but as I don't take it seriously it affects me in no way. Does it get grindy? Sure, but that's solved by the idle aspect, you literally don't even have to play the game if you don't want to and still progress. I'm excited for the classes and cosmetics of BDO to come to BDM
This game is good but it can better. If you add new features like trading system like in cabal mobile it would be great but this is great already it just lack some features And I have a complain about the Market. The 30% deduction to an item sold is a no brainer. Why because where the heck did those 30% cut from the sold items is going? If this is going to be like a tax like in the real world that where ppl is getting something from it I'm good with that but its a No right? So what was that for?
This game is absolutely beautiful! Character creation is great, the storyline is engaging, and gameplay in general is a lot of fun. The only thing I really hate is how much crafting is necessary. They keep adding more and more things that need to be crafted and besides getting confusing, it's tedious. I wish they would focus on expanding the story instead of each update bringing yet another thing to craft. It makes gearing the characters convuluted and annoying.
Haven't been able to play yet because of maintenence and other issues with opening the app (been trying since last night), but I appreciate the mini game while waiting for maintenance ig. Never seen that in a game before. Will update review after I actually get to play
Overall this is one of the best mobile games I've found. Yes, it's very focused on P2W, but there is so much content that even F2P can keep up. Loads of characters, pve, pvp, and the devs give out free items that keep a decent balance between all players.
Game is amazing however it runs horribly in menus, it lags so bad its near unplayable while accessing inventory etc. I have tried it on 3 devices and the issue is the same on each one, note 4, note 8 and note 9. Also the game will automatically adjust my settings down, even though it is running fine at max settings on my note 9 during normal game play, unnecessary feature
Fun, but can be stressful. I'm one of the unlucky RNG accounts where I can go through 50 refined stones and end up at a net negative for gear upgrades. My wife will be able to get her characters to plus 4 or 5 without trying, but not beyond. Very broken in terms of the upgrade aspects. Honestly, it should be a failed upgrade is just that, not a punishment for the player wanting to upgrade. The decreases take the fun of gearing a character right out, as all you do is pray that the miniscule percentage of a chance will be granted for a positive upgrade. Another example with the recent totems. I will have gone through ~30 to get to a single character getting a +4 totem. All other attempts have resulted in a base totem after using almost 100 of them. Not cool. Furthermore, PVP is extremely broken and Ramoness placements are as well. Teams that don't normally PVP are paired with the elite PVPers, making it a chore to do the Ramoness events as your chances of victory are non-existent.
The game was fun not until the latest update the game was always crashing and crashing and crashing I don't know if you guys want us to play or not coz Im gonna uninstall it if you wouldn't fix it asap also the chat bug, Camp Bug, and pls kindly fix the number of players we want to see for those player who has a low specs phone, During Laytenn the game was forced log out due to the number of players and it's so lag So I hope you try to think of that but pls fix the crashing issue ASAP
Hi I'm having trouble with the game. Since the latest update I cannot claim the reward for updating the game. Whenever I click on it, it redirects me here to google playstore even though I have already updated the game. My android version is above 6 and I have followed the instructions written below the description. I have tried uninstalling then reinstalling it again, but still the same. I hope someone can help me. Please reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you :)
I really like this game but there's a few things I don't like: Auto play, some classes are already ascended hence its unfair to other classes, how we need to switch to get other 4 skills (all skills should be on the same place so we can activate more quickly.
Just have to edit my review. I will never know if PA did something to fix the lag after releasing the archer. I've been able to play for a few hours without the need to restart the game. For that, BDM needs a better rating. I just hope that BDM will get better & better. 3 stars for now.
It's all balanced before. After adding numerous contents the players are now divided. P2P are seriously eating F2P, even with all the events and task to gain more cp it's not enough. Unlike when i started last march 2020 where P2P are only ahead by 20-30% but now it's over 90% higher than F2P players. It's basically a pure Pay2Win rpg now.
I've lost items in game and they told me I just lost count. I never lose count. My job counts on that skill of mine. I've spent money on this game and I've never spent a dime on any game before and this is what I got back from them. Their Customer Service is lazy and lying. The game is full of bugs to the point of losing items. You'll never get a good drop of gears, and when you try to craft those good gears the fragments you need will just vanish. If you report, they'll just diss on you.
It has great graphics for Mobile phones and has good gaming system and style. But the recent update has many bugs like when the time I was playing path of glory, It automatically goes back to your character. I hope that you can make adjustments as soon as possible for better gaming experience. Thank you:)
Best game regarding the combat and customization, the graphics are mind blowing. But this MMO doesn't have any MMO features. It's just a typical multiplayer game. There's no party hunting, no party quest. No trading between friends. Infact we can't even be in the same channel as our friends. Also the auto system is just terrible. especially in Black sun. Kindly make this like an actual MMORPG game instead of just a good looking multiplayer.
I can't believe this!! I bought the double pearl package worth 525.00 php through googleplaystore link with my gcash account. Right after I put my password it loads then a message prompted me "no internet connection" then the shop close after that the payment was successful yet I don't get the double package wich I paid!! What kind of service is this. Give me my double pearl package I paid for it!!. May account blance diducted 525.00php and was sent to Google but How I was not able to get it!!
Your PvP system is beyond garbage. Nothing matters but CP (Cash Points). Ramones has zero balance and Ramones alone is enough to give you 1 star. You don't care about good experience in every aspect of this game. How are new players supposed to enjoy all features if there is no balance for Ramones. 3 non awakened friends encountering team who can literally one shot us. That is just ridiculous to match against such team.
Greetings, I've been playing Black Desert Mobile in the previous years, I actually enjoyed it. This time I reinstalled it but keep uninstalling it because of error with hard disk whenever I download it through SD (external). This time, I was able to play after downloading 5gb through external but after exiting. It asked me to download another 5gb and it took some internal storage. Pls answer me about this regarding the previous errors and the current additional download. Thanks
So far I've played 11 days and am really enjoying it. It is a bit overwhelming at first but it's one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Love the guild community and rewards from friendship. Edit** have played a little over a month now and absolutely love it! Definitely worth the time spent and in game spending is worth the cost as well depending on what you purchase. **
The game looks like it could be amazing, but the servers are either over full or garbage. To log into the game server is painfully slow, with checking connection screen taking ages. I got better things to do than wait.
Yesterday's update (02.02.2021) was the shittiest update since I started playing. I was not being able to login on my PC. It was fixed by a patch released this morning. Then I missed world boss. Even though there were 20 minutes left it won't let me join in. I don't know if it was fixed but another patch released (KBs one) is preventing me from going to camp. Also there are constant errors of network being unstable. But everything else that requires net is working fine on my internet
Absolutly fantastic,i play on pc so the storyline is great,the skills are great but for some reason skill 1 and skill 2 wont work with keyboard or controller through bluestacks for me,it use to work but not now,i can auto attack most things but pvp is a loss as i cant use the first 2 skills,can you guys please look into this or give me a suggestion please
I am really liking this game. A bit overwhelming in the beginning to play but the story line is just sweet. Looking forward to all this game has to offer. In true Hope's that is truly can be a free to play and not a pay to win style game. Kudos so far.
Edit: I sent two tickets before. I hope you'll respond this time. I'll edit back if you did. I fully agree with recent review made in here. The downgrades system in nearly everything is extremely putting off. I love the game, it's been mostly fair, but this part of it is so annoying. Also, last update full with bugs and some minor functions could be better yet feel out of date.
It's interesting. I thought at first the autoplay feature took away from the experience, but it's not so bad. Building up my camp and fishing are probably my favorite things right now. But, I have only played for 2 days so far. Kinda disappointed I can't remove my avatars hat..or at least I haven't figured out how to yet.
I would give this a 1 Star if the game itself is really horrible and I would also give it a 5 star if the bug that started after the latest update isn't there, I can no longer log into my account, it would always say error connection or something like that and not work at all. It's a really amazing game even though it's a slow pace for F2P players but it doesn't change how good the game is. My main point of this review to inform you about the logging in issue. Please fix it
I have a lot of space on my phone but it just wont download the files. I waited for 2 hours and it only made it to 33% and it failed. I didnt even get the chance to play the actual game. I only got to play the mini games when its downloading the data.
An update to my previous review: while your development team did make the game better by adding more content, to include the great desert, it is still lacking in increasing the speed at which each characters AP an DP improves. Besides the gamers who put money into the game constantly, others like myself are forced to improve every few months. And the reward system in place for continued play online needs to be Improved.
Been playing black desert for quite a while now I love the graphics, gameplay and rpg aspects of the game, my only issue is that hasashin is TOO powerful his combos are devastating even a level 18 hasashin can defeat a level 30 player using stuns, not to mention arena mode that has an immense level gap, when I entered it I was level 18 and then I had a level 46 enemy, please fix this and nerf hasashin
I really love the game, amazing graphics, many quests and its kinda f2p friendly? but still if you need to be able to beat the toxic top players who has no life you gotta pay a little bit of money to be able to boost your cp, the only problem is that when you get to a certain level you like 45-50 which you can reach in 3 to 4 days if you are really determined is that getting exp from grinding will be a little harder so can we please have more events in the future for f2p players?
I LITERALLY LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH! The controls are super easy to use, you can choose your class and customize your characters. You even get super cute pets! The graphics are super realistic and the game is super fun! BUT for some reason, the screen keeps freezing and it's super annoying but usually if you give it a minute it'll go to normal... USUALLY...
Fun game, great port to mobile from PC. You can either build your character f2p or pay for gains. It is nice to see a game of this kind that is not pay to win. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that I would like to able to sync my characters to the PC version, or have some kind of mini game access on the PC to play my characters.
The game is absolutely beautiful, even on an emulator. For a mobile game to look this good is nothing short of astounding. The programmers involved must be insanely skilled as there are so many convenience features throughout. With that however comes the price, anytime something is convenient (afk farming ability) means impossibly low drop rates and long term farming for anyone free to play (F2P). But you can earn anything without buying if you put in the effort. Supporting the game never hurts
Total Scrap!! Even though you want to love it. I pre registered this game, played alot and alot. Game is fun and graphics are good. BUT AS I AGREE WITH ALL OTHER ADVENTURES, THE DEVELOPERS HAS SERIOUSLY OVERLOOKED CHARACTER BALANCE! What is the developer's love and fantasy for Mage and Huntress characters? Sword and Shield has always been the core! Magic is okey! But to gift the Mage all power in a PvP is really not acceptable. All other characters is useless against the Mage!
Edit: Still loving the game but as some other people mentioned skill tab needs little improvement either more skill slots or auto skill chain like TERA has on PC. If you learned skill and its not equipped on slot but if it chains/combo with another skill in the slot it pops up chain option to tap above current skill slots as seperate pop-up tap button. Original:Well played PC version before and compared to that its fairly easy and pretty much idle game imo.
Great graphics, can control auto mode, you are forced to do some things manually like first time boss fights. Great dodge mechanics for most classes (sorry ranger) and the game never forced me once to spend money. I love this game.
The game is very addicting and fun. But can you pls change the matching environment in friendly arena. Its very hard to win since im only a lvl 52 and my enemies enemy is somewhere above level 70 or 100 .pls make it that we battle 3 or 5 levels qbove pls depending on our rank or level. Thats all and thank you :)
Why after I did the update this game keep telling me to do it? I thought it was my device problem so I try to reinstall it. But nothing changes. I can't log in, developers. Now fix it before tonight's world bosses ends or I will stop playing this game. I'm a F2P player and I dont have many time to wait for my red gear due to your annoying update information, goddamnit!
I wish I didn't lose my level 40 archer but this game is always fun. Better than the console versions. This is more simple and organized. Easier to upgrade gear and do tasks. It makes you feel like you're the most powerful RPG player out there.
Hey dev.. After the update i cannot play properly. Your game became worst and stressful. I always got disconnected and its always frustrating. Always received the message "Network Unstable" but hey, my internet connection is stable. I can play my other games without delay and lag. This game deserves negative stars after the update and if you cannot fix it.
Been playing this game since march and i have seen this game progress for a much better update, however, i dont know how developers are balancing out the characters in terms of stats. At first, people are rooting for huntress because of too much evasive manuever, now, its the archmage. I dont really understand why they have to overpower some characters and why they are doing that, this game also rely on to much luck that you have to spend to much end ended up nothing with lots of disappointment.
This game is stunning. The graphics are beautiful, there are so many aspects to keep you busy. If the grind becomes tedious it will grind for you. The only down side I see, at least on my device is the camera controls in battle are a little curbersome and slow. Love this game!
Great game, only thing that would make it greater is a preview option for the characters. Especially since it takes 3 days to replace a character you may accidentally choose in the beginning.
Game has been fixed from my last post. The has changed since first release an I for one am really happy with the progress. 2 things could be added. 1 A Australian server the ping an time gaps makes it hard to play especially with events. 2 a way to disable the auto graphics setting I would rather have my own settings than have them changed automatically. But besides that great game all round
Long time player of BDO on pc. Has all the charm of the desktop version but the gameplay is very different. Think of this more as one of those auto games. Gameplay revolves more around micromanaging upgrades and pets ect. But also has non auto play features like dungeons and PvP. Was a little disappointed it's not much of a sandbox like the original game. But pretty good translation to mobile.
Amazing game and not pay to win and almost all items attainable just need to put the time/grind in. New player here and I am loving it so far. I wanted to play this on PC but I dont think I have high enough specs and being able to play it on mobile is just amazing. I am sure its completely different from the PC version but you get a taste of it.
Game is back online and grinding away. Thanks! Game is fun, grinding is ok. My biggest experience issue is after the update release today, I am stuck in a loop. It tells me to go to the store and update; I did just that. The app store now says, "Open" I press open and it tells me to update in the app store...which I already did. I uninstalled and reinstalled with the same issue.
Changing to 2 stars. Game is high quality, tons to do, but progression is a gamble with a chance to go backwards. I've spent months attempting PEN armor, it's a 15% chance upgrade and you can lose progress and materials. I've failed that 15% close to 50x for one upgrade. Extremely demoralizing. PA needs to make money but they take advantage of gambling psychology. And it's getting worse and more pay to win each update.
Ill give 1 star for now unless BDM devs care to implement the exact skill of each class from KR. Promised of getting same build from KR is na false promise, devs favor the class that mostly used by whales. They also promised that the Rage Bar of Berserker will be fixed this Feb 02 but its just a LIE! They fixed the other OP class Bug skills but the above Average Berserker Class is just taken for granted, they somehow doesnt listen to their players and favored the OP class that used by whales
There's a lot of "game" here considering this game is "free." Progression is throttled to allow slow, steady progress and the game heavily encourages raising alts, which adds longevity to an already-long game. That said, BDM is entirely designed around encouraging you to make real-money purchases. I get it, but the prices are too high. For people like me who prefer subscription-style purchases that provide bang-for-your-buck there are very few options.
Bottom line is that BDM is objectively a quality game. It's biggest flaw is a lack of group activities outside GvG events. Subjectively, as long as you're OK with gacha elements, you'll find a very enjoyable game with plenty of content being added regularly. The fact/"P2W" aspect I speak of from personal experience (since day 1), the game is fundamentally rooted in it, but there's a solid F2P experience that is definitely viable competitively to varying degrees. It's P2W but still F2P fun.
Event got worst time to time, the game got to p2w route, RNG got worst even the p2w got leave this game because the RNG, can you imagine from shakatu just only 1 red item in 1 year, black rock shrine spawn rate and RNG offering is very bad (i've tried from the korean server from the BRS and great desert up in korean). Yeah when I gave a review you gave me a response, but any problem solved? Nope. Can you guys imagine how hard I catch the viscount all crafting? Please fix my RNG thats all I need
I enjoy playing this game, compared to other rpg mobile I played before, this is the most detailed and has good story.. for improvements: -please add more camera settings. -play pet in camp issues: I got stuck during boss battle please fix that. Question: Does the quest givers have telepathic abilty? just wordering how they can talk during quests.. And is it possible to hunt or capture white rabbit? I saw one during my fight with the goblins I was trying to take it but they keep attaking me
Had to uninstall twice and still received error messages that I dont have enough space. Originally I dl it to my internal storage, but the game couldn't run due to lack of space. So I put it on my card with tons of storage, and got the same messages. Like it couldn't read its own file
I was at the top 1% CP back then and enjoyed it, especialy the ramoness and arena, But sadly i quit co'z life happens. And now I would like to comeback but sadly arena and ramoness is not balance. I dont want to auto farm all day, I also want to enjoy arena and ramones. I recommend devs create a separate arena that disable all equipement. All that matters is skill level and players skill. You can even manipulate the stats of every class just to make it more balance. So new players can compete
Best elder scrolls for mobile! But it doesn't feel like elder scrolls, it has its own unique style, hey don't think we didn't notice how the music adjust to fight in arena. How does the music end perfectly with each ko I get? It must be magic lol this is a 60$ game for free on mobile. Fury of kamasylvia is suppose to receive an extra 100hp heal apon hit when magic activation is activated do to that skill adding an extra hit which makes fury of kamasylvia 4hits. I'm sure it can be fixed:)
😇😇 Thank you for fixing the problem I'm happy that the developer take the responsibility. I love this game , I hate just two thin one is quest system it's like a government office talk with him and talk with other guy then come back talk again. And other one is enchanting if it's fall 20 time success only 3-4 time then what is the use of that. Make it difficult to find and easy success enchant , after first one getting accessories etc thank you
28 Sept: as others have stated, the latest update pushed a bug. Can't enter the game after Play Store indicates the update is complete. People have been posting for a few hours but no response from developers, which isn't normal. They usually seem to at least post an apology and dev note at the login when updates need more time. Help us out with info, BDM, please?
Seriously, I have download this app last night, but until this morning I can't even start playing. Stuck while downloading additional volume data (about 115mb). I've try to continue download, but at the end "the data corrupted" and I need to re-download it again and again. And I tried this several times. Any idea?, thanks. (review score will be updated soon).
Excellent game. The art style is great and the auto fight and auto quest is very optional. The controls are easy to manage my only current issue is that all the characters are gender locked.
I fall in love with this game. The design is beautiful & historical - I'm glad it's not too fantasy and unreal. The story is strong; with natural emotions in dialogs. Fortunately the combats are close to reality; not a fast movement full of lights. And the musics in both beautiful/epic sides make the game alive for me. Honestly I didn't expect all of these good things in a mobile game; specially a system for setting space between hair parts to make it wavy. Thank you all for creating this game.
It has great graphics, gameplay, and everything seems like a perfect mmorpg. But, this game is gold digger. There's always hot deal that need payment almost everyday. I don't mind paying if there's guaranteed success on getting items you want or on enhancement. But you paid and still gambling. Very low chance of gacha and gear enhancement. So sadly, only 4 star
This is a perfect game if you want a story based open world game. At first additional data download takes some time but later on it is worth all that time and space. It has everything someone like me can want. Original story line, epic bosses, strong characters, etc...... Lovely game I am proud to be a part of this game 😀 EDIT ; THIS GAME LACKS NOTHING
For a designer to create an experience similar to WoW, on a mobile platform is quite the accomplishment. While there is a fair amount of grinding in-game, the automatic features make up for what would otherwise be tedium. While this game has given me hundreds of hours of entertainment, my one criticism is that each update adds more confusing and complex content that could eventually ruin the game. Build on what you have instead of adding content that requires yet another skill set upgrade.
Graphics are very nice. There's a good amount of customization for characters. Recent update for pvp was a major step towards balancing the game. If you can't handle that you will see people with better luck with rng than you don't play. Game is f2p unless you plan to make it to Duke or higher rank. Been playing for a long time, if you don't have a phone with at least 4gb ram don't even try to play this game or you'll lag and dc consistently.
After several updates, the global version is so lagging in the event menu and when fight with enemies even I sets lower config for graphic. Meanwhile on the other version I played doesn't have this issue with ultra high config. I dont know why, please fix this problem
This game is a mixed bag. Overall fun, mostly. Controls, quirky at times. Camera, odd. Mechanics, hit or miss but lots of misses and the misses hit hard. World doesn't *feel* big or open. Storyline, engaging. Its not compelling enough to spend money on it.
Really fun game BUT, there are way too many things you have to buy. And it's all expensive. Eventually you'll get to a point where you need to spend real money to grow and be competitive. Would be a great game if you guys weren't so greedy.
Still by far the best looking and smoothest game play I've experienced in mobile. Stunning graphics, Long story and amazing voice acting, best balance of F2P and P2W. The only game that rewards you gratefully by being active. The development team and customer service is superb! *This recent update has shifted the game for the better. More players and the people are helpful. The game is so much fun and so beautiful to look at. The fighting animation is so realistic. Please bring the male Wizard!
The game is great overall. The storylines, the graphics and the skills are all great. What made me rate this a 3 star is because of its lack of skill slots, so many unuse skills which I think are good to develop certain combos. And the marketplace also, limited stocks and the pricing system is a bit odd. Also, its hard to click other players and see what gears they have equipped and there's a lack of costume effects and appearance that we can't identify if he/she has top tier gears or not.
I don't mind about microtransactions or anything, I'm f2p player and I'm happy, loved this game. But i stopped playing 4 months ago because of heavy lag, now i play again for the first time and still lag, it's unplayable, hope devs fix this so i can play again 💔. Need more optimization, please add option to make UI more lighter without fancy animation, because when there's less UI (eg. Talking with npc) it feels so smooth
One of the best MMORPG on mobile. The PvE content is challenging enough to force the player to play, so auto play is mostly for grinding. Improvements when it comes to the rewards. Still p2w when you want to be the best, but as a casual player it is more than ok. Very friendly community. The only mobile mmo where there is a sense of immersion atm ( Dragon raja maybe). Feels like a real pocket version of BDO. Great graphics. Edit : since last Maj I encounter slow downs in the menu -1 star
I used to enjoy the game but the low rate of success on upgrading gears combining horses it's super low it's like 1%success 99%failure,,and i spent a lot of time grinding just to earn in game money and stones for upgrades and when the time i earn enough i tried to upgrade my gears but all failed,,dang all those days,weeks of grinding gone to waste also my gears gone back to 0 awaken...
Rng was too way ridiculous. I found many newbie got many red and ask them how long they've been playing this game and they said just 1 or 2 month. Guess what his cp and my cp just the same. I'm playing this about 8 months. Keep old players feels great or we are going out from this game. I wanna add up for valks, 50% scroll was a scam. Its same like 0.0005% actually. I've had it. It reach my breaking point. Quitting day has come. (Disappointed)
I hope i can customize the controls because i'm not used with the default, it's not comfortable, and the pet shortcut kinda takes the space i hope we can minimize that just like black spirit's skills on the right. Um overall this game is really fun, the black spirit is quite funny. I remove one star because of the controls.
I really want to give 5 star, but the update flow is not the same as BDM KR did, i know BDM Global wanna make a difference, but the user experience and expectations somehow ruined. Still, great game tho! *Edited Sorry have to downgrade the star, since the dev not release the shakatu accessories, this game is great but the f2p player is too struggling to make some equipment.
Hi, I love your game that's why I'm doing this. After the recent patch, i always get an error 'invalid item count' when i try to enhance my weapon or armor using black stones. Please let us know when or how to fix this. Thank you
The game is pretty good compared to other RPG games available on mobiles. There's just one little problem, the market in the game is kind of dead now, perhaps you could merge the servers together?........
This game is actually not that disappointing as I thought, at first I thought the game would be click baiting me when I saw the ad. But no it actually was amazing and the graphics are just spectacular it really feels like you're playing on PC when on mobile. 5 stars keep up.
Honestly for a MMO in your pocket its pretty dang good. The only reason I could see people hating it, is if it doesn't run well on their phone. Some people will complain about the auto play feature but let's be real. If RS or WOW had an auto play feature everyone would use it. And also you don't have to use it at all, ya you are going to have to toggle it off sometimes. But chances are if you are playing a mobile mmo you probably aren't that hard-core as it is. Great game so far would recommend.
Please check the new update, I have just updated just now but it's always showing network connection problem even though I have a very fast network connection and I also can't play Ruins because of this network issue that it can't connect to the server. Please do check and rectify. Thanks
The game is exceptional especially the graphics and story. But i have an issue on control buttons its too small for my big pp finger i hope we can adjust this as the way we want. Anyway the game is absolute 10/10. Best MMORPG of the decade. #JoelWagMokoSumpa
Good game but after the last update it keeps saying "invalid file detected" for no reason. Happens randomly and wont let me play unless I restart the app, but that doesnt help whatsoever. Happens no matter what you do, even tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it did nothing but waste my time.
I don't write reviews but I really like this game. It's a lot like the pc version of BDO. Entertaining if you like MMORPG's such as Elder Scrolls and ArcheAge. It's a little grindy as Korean MMO's tend to be but it's not too bad with PTW and has lots of things to occupy time like crafting, farming, commerce, questing and pvp.
Update: Still playing every day over a month later. This game is great. Original: I left a one star review back when this game released, saying it's just another auto-play MMO. Recently tried playing it again, with a controller, trying my best to avoid anything auto. It's pretty good actually, looks nice, combat feels awesome and there's an absurd amount of content and events and general stuff to waste your time with. I probably won't play it for very long, but I'll enjoy the ride until then.
I've been playing this game for more than a year now and I may be a F2P player but I still invested a considerable amount of my time in this game even though I'm behind in CP i still enjoyed the game, until this LATEST update where unfairness crept up a notch where I can't tolerate anymore...no free class change on Shai class!? Really? After all that back to back launch of new classes one afterthe other where we were given free class change!? Now Shai has none? Please consider the F2P players.
I have played this game for over a year using different characters, and I wouldn't have much to negatively say! I spend many hours on this game and not because it's too difficult. I would have a LOT to say positively.
first of all the game visuals are stunning for a game developed to be played on mobile phones, it has one of the best details a mobile game can give you, but! don't let that gorgeous graphics seal you away from the fact that this game is literally based on rng, to be honest I had a real problem with this system (the new totem addition) it did cost me like 300cp. one more thing the arena is a literal hell because there's no cp correction whatsoever, nevertheless it's still worth playing.
I get a few "Black desert isn't responding: close, wait, report", but the game is still responsive. So, I just press wait. This tends to happen when I first start the app. The game is cool. Fun to play. Kinda wish the classes weren't gender specific, but that's okay. Currently running one male and two females cause the classes are awesome imo. I recommend playing through with 1 character and then auto tasking with the others.