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Bitcoin mining: life tycoon, idle miner simulator

Bitcoin mining: life tycoon, idle miner simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by AlexPlay LLC located at Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I give it 5 stars for making the developers rich but I haven't seen a dime also I think I scattered their childish programme basically I think I broke it lol hahaha be a great game if it actually paid me I do believe the developers need to go to prison maybe a stent in The Slammer will open your mind think of someone other than yourself lol hahaha
Love this game but really bored now that everything is maxed. Can we get some new zones? If not I'm going to have to just remove the game since no point keeping it if I "beat it"
it's a good game until you get to a certain point of the game when the save feature doesn't work properly or at all.. Will give higher stars if the save issues get fixed
I don't really understand what's going on this game I understand how mining but I don't understand how much is worth what and also I'm not seeing how you cash out on anything
Wonderful Experience if it was 2010 on an iphone 4. number of upgrades? good no problem there. number of locations? again no problem there. There is no added content after MXT, so after paying, nothing changes just becomes the "WIN" button. Shout out to AVGN.
Its a alright game but it tends to get boring after some time. Hope i found one that acually pays doing the free plan for now. Its been fun already earn 0.0000002000 bitcoin in like 2hrs not bad for a free account here: bit.ly/freeMiningbitcoin
Game progress gone. Had to delete my phone contents and come to find out that all of the money and progress I had mined for months, was and is all gone. I had even purchased an upgrade in the past and that is there, but the money is not. Trying to figure out this shady practice..
Update game best game ever gameplay 10 /10 graphics 10/10 everything is 10/10 you make a awesome game thank you developer I am a YouTuber but I still love your game
Nice and fun idle game but i give three stars because of the in-app purchasing, u could have allowed everything to be purchased by the stimulated bitcoin. How can i download ur app without reward and still pay u for it, after wasting my Internet, my ba3 power and my time just playing ur game and still expect me to waste my money too, no no no, but apart from that, the game is a really nice idle game....Maybe u can add more fun by giving reward after the purchase, no Matter how little ...Thx
This game us fun to play but what does the auto manner bots do because I got the bot for the first 2 farms and it doesnt do any because I left to get off the game one night and then I got back on the next morning I was still at the same bitcoin
Its complete dumb and boring game, you play a boring game for mining but you can't cashout a bit coin. Its kindda prank game...gonna uninstall it...
It's full of bug's, other's have done this kind of game better. It rarely gives the reward for watching AD'S.
It took me forever just to get the first warehouse so maybe make the beginning a little more faster or player involveing.
I am addicted to this game.. already earning 2x the coin. Trying to figure out how to unlock the last 2 spaces. Have already purchased everything but the gold bot in the apartment.
This App is stupid and dump How can i be earning btc without withdraw option. I dont understand this people. The owner of app is as dump as d game. Rubbish App
great game to waste some time. but the achievements for all upgrades on airplane and change manual farm dont work.
Nice game to pop into for ten min twice a day needs a few reworked algorithms for mining i enjoy tap but i also dont wana kill a screen for 5 bitcoin 😉
Loved the update but still cannot get the last two levels. Also there are some items you cannot buy that says blocked but I have everything bought I'm just collecting coins now. Wish there was a way to add more to it or be able to purchase everything
Please tell me it is game to give me real bitcoin and can be withdrawed to paypal or it is just a game?
This app is fantastic but my only problem is that I don't know any means by which one can withdraw the bitcoin to his or her wallet
The automatic farms are automatic but you have to press them when they are ready which I don't like also the first one you buy for like 10k is better than the once thats 900k or 1.5mil or something
i want my money back!!! i changed my phone, reconnecting with google play doesnt bring back the saver progress.. so basically i lost everything.. have start from 0.. no way.. uninstall!!
The game is really interesting and super easy. Like it but the 5th star will be added after getting real time btc. If any suggestion or preference can be provided to perform or any requirment, i would love to know and ready to do.
I liked the game at first, but I was able to fully upgrade everything within a few days and now I have 300 million dollars and nothing to do with it.
The game is great. Only thing I can complain about is not having enough repairs. They very rearly show up
The creator seems to think this is a masterpiece but its a simple clicker game horable clock management do not download
If you are looking for real bitcoin, then you are stupid. It's a game it has already described about it. For real bitcoin you need very powerful system and high speed internet. Have a fun with the game.
Game is fun but lags a bunch when you get further into the game. It also drains your battery a ton as well. If these issues are fixed then it would be amazing
Way to fun and is mine and my friends freaking game as of I love it because we made it homie!!!!!! With my teachers or out teachers help Nancy Carter Love ya much too much and those who still alive and who knows hope ya like it too!!
Although the game is nice but I will only give 5 stars if only i am told on how to cash out to my wallet ( Coin Base) I hope i get a response. thank you
It's an alright game though those 2 locations you can't get are annoying and the fact that 1 achievement "Change manual farm" is from what I can tell literally impossible. No matter what you use (haven't tried last 2 yet though) even alternating between them doesn't give the achievement. I think it's supposed to with any change of it but it clearly doesn't since no one has the achievement. I even tried disconnecting and reconnecting google play, did nothing. Also what's the secret achievement?
This is just a bitcoin game simulator after all. Why do you have to pay to upgrade but can not withdraw what you've paid for? Promising app.
Amazing Game finished it in less than 24 hours of play time, the tip is get the laboratory and the robots for every room, when you maxed out the laboratory, go watch videos and every 3 to 5 mind collect all the bitcoins, takes less than 15 mind to get above 1000 Bitcoins just get around 4,000 and then try to get the 10,000 deals from the bank, only get the ones above 10,000 keep leaving the bank an going back until you get a 10,000 deal, that will be 40 Million dollars enough to get everything!
If you unlock more to do, ill give 5 stars, but for now, no! I beat it in like 3 days, and i want those last two locations. It would be better then. Edit: Ide rather not update as that was 3 YEARS AGO! Like obviously it's probably better now, but it's too late.
Great game and everything in the frame is great just want to see an expansion on places to build more computers. Also maybe add events to so who can mine the most and ect. Great work so far
I love the game and it's a great idle game. But like o tr her reviews said the repairs could happen a little more often. And one other change I'd make is adding commas to the game to make I feel easier to read the prices. It's hard to tell.
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR STORAGE BIG ZERO STARS FROM ME I spent more time looking at a frozen screen or black screen THAN GAME PLAY
It's a good game and fun. But hopefully we can send Bitcoin in out coinbase so we can trade it 😊 next time you update the game I hope you will compensate the player since there are ads. Haha
Can we get real bitcoin in this game al purchase more using real money and get everything max. But still I didn't know how to withdraw.
Very instructive game pertainig to Crypto currency hardware mining using Rigs. However I've got an issue on the lab equipment repairs, it lags(slow) too much I took almost 10mins to complete 1 repair. And there always are breaking equipment there. Please solve the issue for 5 star. I completed the game in 4days.
В мини-игре,где надо украсть биткоины,механика простой ужасная,часто биткоины просто нельзя взять,а при соприкосновении со стеной он может застрять намертво,и это очень раздражает
I've gotten everything but cant figure out how to retrieve my bitcoin to my wallet. That info would be great. Or is this just a game with no reward.?
First I thought it will give me real time bitcoin. Atleast a few. But it's only a game. Why should I waste time in it? Game is good but if you pay somehow, it will be best one.
Give Bitcoin mining a go it's great if you are still wonting to play 👍 just doing load the game you see grate it is for your self RODNEY.M(✷‿✷)
A good app but I don't know how I'm going to withdraw my money if you can help me with that I will come back for the five star
Looks like a good game, it would get more stars if you didn't have the area where you steal bitcoins from other players
Wish they would update more and more places to mine from would also benefit from various tweeks like a fast travel or a press anyware exit , not a bad game its worth the repeatability
Looks good but don't know if it pays in real or not. Of yes i would like to know how to exchange my coins to real money
Shows ad without touching on it. And sometimes it shows u haven't purchased this location at shopt. But im not even clicking on it. So many unrewarded ads and lots of bugs that automatically make us click on the thing that we dont want to click on.
Checked achievements, first played 2018. But still, I have to start afresh. Game is okay, fun and engaging. it's just after few years, cloud saves should already be a thing in this game. Felt a little bit disappointed really
If you unlock more to do, ill give 5 stars, but for now, no! I beat it in like 3 days, and i want those last two locations. It would be better then.
Love the concept. I just wish there were more areas to explore. Like add a couple more maps, places and quests. Also adding a x10, x20, x50 or x 100 button to the upgrades would be much more suitable timewise. Instead of click, click click. Kind of annoying.
the game is so simple but i hope there a withdraw button to gain all my hard work for this game since its game about bitcoin i hope i can withdraw what bitcoin i have here.
Game is really awesome...and you can mine bit coin here just for fun! If you have more leisure time so you can mine bit coin here!
Working nice and cool. But, can we have a wallet to be able to transfer our mined coins out and create some sort of exchange for members to trade their coins?
I have never seen a smoother game. It flows simply and easily just like water. More importantly you can play the game with or without network.
Great game, almost have it beat the only problem is I've bought everything on every new part unlocked and I can seem to unlock the bottom island and the land with the rocket at the bottom Someone please help!!
I would have given 5 star if there was clear information how to withdraw my bitcoins to my wallet. and small Icon with piggy when I click it whole app is slowed down🤷🏻‍♂️
The best game ever I love it so much but y make everything so expensive I mean it's a really fun and addicting game but getting 3m(3 mil/3million) for the boat is nearly impossible to get bc the robots don't actually collect while I'm away and I also don't get notifications to come bak and collect so I nvr know when to come bak so plze do fix those smallish problems and I'd be happy to spend real money on the game!!! Also would more then definitely get this game for anybody I've already recommended it to everybody in my school before I went to highschool (in summer before highschool) So plze do fix😎😘😍 🎮😋
Cool game but too much clicking and ads. Got miner bot and it didn't do anything. Would like to see more in depth - build your own rigs (ram/cpu/gpu/network), farms (cooling/power), etc. and pipe it all together.
Warning highly addictive I've been on this game a whole week already and damn my fingers and thumbs are warn out from tapping because it is so addictive! Use at your own risk!!! Using voice to text because my fingers are so warn out! A++ app guys whoo!
I dont know if it really work ? So how can we transfer this in our bitcoin wallet ! ? I think this is not capable to pay