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Bitcoin Bounce ⚡ Earn and Win REAL Bitcoin

Bitcoin Bounce ⚡ Earn and Win REAL Bitcoin for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by THNDR located at THNDR LTD 71-75 Shelton Street LONDON WC2H 9JQ. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is a lot of fun and it's very addicting. The graphics look really great and it runs smoothly. The ads really aren't to intrusive either. I have changed my wallet to the second wallet that I was referred to using and the payment went right through. So I have no issues with the app anymore. Thank you for giving us such a fun way to earn some crypto!
Fun faucet to play with. It's not going to make you rich but if you wanna "play the lottery" for free this is an entertaining way to do it
Wonderful experience the developer is very Interactive in the discord and the community is very nice I have never seen such a good liable game it pays out every day and has actual steak's to how many tickets u get different chances every so often and easy to win 10 Satoshis if u do just one game I would recommend this game to anyone And if u would I would recommend having your friends try it out I enjoy the game so much that I play it basically every day if u need help goto the discod
Superb, the game is just kinda interesting, can't stop loving the game & the reward is light, fast and no disappointing at all
Would give a 5 star but the wallet is so not nice. Fee is high an options is very very little. Hate the wallet.
Decent straightforward game with moderate chance to get BC. So what if the amounts are small? If you're expecting $100s worth - ANYWHERE - good luck with that. Just enjoy the game. My only feedback on the game itself is the placement of on-screen buttons aren't great. Specifically the "Retry" button being right in the center is pretty inconvenient. Otherwise great.
A very technical game, that requires a bit of skill and attention! I enjoy a game that tests my skills!
The problem with apps like this are they are A: being hacked by the creator themselves to gain access to your wallet, or B: they are selling your data to someone who will hack your wallet eventually. THIS app is fine. I've run diagnostic scans, runtime interface modules, risk assessment on not only the app but the incoming AND outgoing traffic, and even checked up on possible cloaked traffic configuration based on wire-sniffers. All clear. This is a good app. [email protected] seal of approval 👌
Alright game, win nearly everyday. But it's the minimal amount, can you add a cap for the ticket whales. I feel like I'm not even playing the game but competing against people with 7000 tickets! (And probably bots) is it even humanly positive for 7000 tickets? And I read something about holding tickets for future comps. How is that done? Will update to 5 stars once issue is resolved. Thanks
Earn up to 10 satoshi each day. Be able to only withdraw your bits to one wallet that requires 25000 satoshi per each transaction, Meaningless!!
This app is bad. You have to play all day long to even get close to 100sat. If not then you get 10sat. 10 satoshi is super duper low for a reward. Thats hardly a penny. Not even a penny.
The time you spend compared to the potential rewards is totally not worth it. Can do better things with my time
Along came the spider anf whay lay there beside her csm. Bitbot booking vs real lid love slider spider who but a lil spider along for ..mmn. M. Lmnk
Fun game and gives some sats as rewards. Nice project! I hope to see more projects like this to help make LN popular
The app was great and legit.but I will give 5 star after a while first payment confirmed kudos to the developer.
So far it seems to be very interesting and challenging. I haven't figured it out yet but I have already received my first prize so now I need to learn more I was hoping it would be a bit more informative since IAM a newbie thank you.
I have so far won 90 satoshi in a day. I like the gameplay and chance to win, just wish It wasnt so small amounts, and so long a wait between raffles. Overall a good app.
Fun and difficult and though I've earned 1 penny, it's still the only game that's placed actual currency in my wallet. 👍
Iv really enjoyed this game. But I’m an iOS user an I haven’t been able to play sense it stopped working if I could get help on reestablishing my game play it would be much appreciated. Ok well sense the game has been fix sorta I still enjoy the game but don’t play it as much because the fact I can no long collect Satoshi while playing. Kinda makes the game point less for me as an iOS user now. Please figure a way for us iOS users to still earn crypto even if it’s on the means of sending stats through Telegraph or something. There has to be a way around it. Think about it just measure game play differently
The only reason I got this game was to earn bitcoin, the prizes are ridiculous, the recommended wallet they suggest you use costs 20,000 satoshis to withdraw.. the prizes in the game are mostly in the range of 10-50 satoshis with the odd prize of 100 satoshis the highest prize is 5000 satoshis but there is only one of those prizes a day with thousands of people playing the game your chances of winning that is unlikely, you'll never get any money playing this.. its shockingly terrible
Actually pays out. Very small increments though. But it's def not a scam. Also won't really ever won big money. But it does what it supposed to.
Bitcoin bounce is a game worth playing, it is fun even if your earning are not so big. But you earn as much as you play.
It's an interesting game, first time I'm really enjoying playing mobile games. Just received 20 satoshis 💪
Great game and really pays out every day when you play. Very fun and addicted to it. I highly recommend playing this game if you want to kill time and receive free bitcoins.
Great Game But Have An Issue Got A Better Phone Had Everything Transfered But How Do I Log in To My Original Account , Help Please
I love this game.. Challanging But keeps you interested in the challange by sweet rewards. Fun game havent played one quire like this before. Would like to see more of this platform. Thankx😄
The game itself is pretty fun but you need a specific wallet to get your satoshi and that wallet has a ridiculous fee. Does not let you cash out. This game is not worth it and playing for 10 satoshi for dozens of games isn't a good return to begin with
Fantastically addictive. Started off aiming for tickets but my need for high scores takes over. I've won Satoshi from the raffle every day... for playing a game while I wait for things? No bugs, no lag, no errors. Great work.
Quite challenging but fun. Some people wrote incorrect things about this game, so here are my findings: * You must have a lightning-capable wallet, ancient wallets don't work * Exchanges are not even wallets, Coinbase is an exchange, not a wallet * You only get sats if you win the lottery, you're collecting tickets to this lottery, not sats directly * This is not supposed to be a job, so yes, the amount is low. It's a game, so it's supposed to be fun.
Honestly, this is the best app I've ever installed on my phone... and I don't even play games. It really shows the power of lightning, well done.
I'd say don't start playing thinking fast money but I just started so who knows maybe I'll write on a future date saying I'm a millionaire from this app but most likely more like a penny for your wasted time.
Great gameplay.. Very addictive.. No forced ads to watch.. Every day you play you win satoshi from the drawing which gets sent to your wallet simple and quick.. Much appreciated!!!
The only bitcoin game I ledt on my mobile, funny game with a verry little revenue but stull not a scam like other games.
One of the best apps. Good and fan games excellent design and free bitcoin no scam! Thanks guys you are awesome
Can't install on Huawei P10 lite. Software is up to date. Available storage on device is over 50%. Tried a few times still get the same error that doesn't tell me why it can't be installed. Google is no help either.
Haven't experienced any glitches during the operation, transactions were sent rather quickly to the Wallet. 24 hrs of play time is astronomically insane , which is cool. Play breakfast, play lunch. Play go to bed. Wake up and deposit is ready when the counter hits zero. ( well, give a few minutes.) Using the icons is fun and changes the bounce. Ie: bowling ball vs tennis ball. Play on ...( videos not loading) connection solid.
While it doesn't earn a lot, it does actually pay and for the little amount of time you gotta play its worth it. I do however suggest getting as many tickets as you can each day to try to win the 5k sat goal.
Most of these reviews are obviously fake, when you try to withdraw satoshis to your Phoenix wallet the gas fees are obviously set so low that you would need to keep the app open for 2 days before it is deposited in your wallet. If the thundr games crew can reply to this and provide a reason, I'm happy to change my review.
Cool game and all but tons like it... Unique feature was to earn btc but I'm failing to see any setting anywhere for withdrawal yet this app mentions earning btc? What gives? Edit2: So you even agree its daft I need more than 1 wallet and I clearly said I already have a wallet that accepts bitcoin lightning network payments but your app is forcing me to download the wallet of satoshi, why can't I simply enter my btc address? Makes much more sense than forcing me to have another wallet.
I have been playing this game off an on a while now. It shows I have around 500 tickets. Here i thought I was accumulating bitcoin. I clicked on the little icon an click the bitcoin button and it says I've got NOTHING. IT SAY I NEED A WALLET ON MY DEVICE. I HAVE COINBASE ON MY PHONE WHICH IS A WALLET. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME.
This is a great time killer!!I will warm you it does become somewhat addictive over time though. You won't get rich overnight with this app but it is FUN and does pay out! I haven't won much but, I have won some Bitcoin. Overall this game gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from this guy! Thanks for the fun Dev(s)!!
I enjoy the game and to make it even better, u get a chance to win some bitcoin daily. I've been playing everyday for the past month and I think only ONE day, I didn't win in the drawing. It's a small amount but I want to see how much after 12 months....
Not the easiest game to play, if your reaction time isn't the quickest, but good nonetheless. Seem to get something from the draw each time so it has potential.
It's pretty fun and easy bit it doesnt let me claim my prizes. It just opens blue wallet and nothing gets transferred or claimed . Would rate better if it did.
It really pays you I really love this app I earned 100satoshi in 30inutes of playing the game Even if the reward is small the game is still fun