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Bit Legends

Bit Legends for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by DH-Publisher located at No.1 Queen's Road Central,HK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is broken when ever i log on i would get loading screen for a really long time and i have a really good wifi i dont know if it was the game or my wifi(my wifi didnt work for like 20 sec so that may be it)also when i played the game suddently stopped working i have to left it and the lobby was not working either i could not move,the icons were not showing and i dont know if the server was closed i dont know much about the servers and i dont know if it is a bug or a glitch if it isfixit
Getting into the game seemed somewhat slow at first. Once you understand how everything works you're well off on your way to grind. The monster catching percentage is somewhat low and the additional percentage from higher modes doesn't seem to apply or not working properly. As well as finding resources to upgrade equipment unless you pay for it with real cash is a downside.
My game is glitch I'm finally here but I've been logged on for like so long so does it glitch if you haven't logged on for so long? I'm just fine with it And a best game ever
There is only one problem you have to wait too much sometimes I don't feel like it if the structures are only ready in 30 minutes then that's better ...
It's fair You are not thrown away with "offered" that would be inexpensive as with other games. And most importantly, it's really fun!
You can already play in the north from time to time. It has improved a lot since I looked in the last time I hope that more updates will be published
I don't know how or why, but I don't have any sound or other sound effects in the game. I would be happy if this is fixed soon. Otherwise great game! S.A.
So far the games been really fun. Get plenty of energy to play for a good while with dailys, achievements. The community is a bit quieter than the rpg one. You get pretty cool daily rewards as in mounts, gems and silver. And you can battle loop which is great for someone like me working in a fast working environment. Looking forward to more events in the future :)
Horrible management of game. Game has a bug and they punish and ban players for a mistake the developers caused. After it was said no one will get banned for it. Just a copy of bit heroes.
its very similiar to another retro bit game but the progression isnt as slow and its a lot flashier its very enjoyable and the only reason I didnt give it 5 stars was some of the glitches are a little annoying but understandable because it is still a brand new game
Its ok. Typical mmo with a pay to win mechanic. Ill continue to play for a while to see if the drop rate gets better, I doubt it though. Chances are it'll just be another wate if time game that gets binned shortly after I discover that you can't stay competitive without spending tons of money.
Fun at first but ... Later on I went to go back on it and it said update invalid and kept taking me of the game can u fix???
By far the best game in its genre. Love the 8 bit look, mechanics are easy to grasp. Events are nice change of pace. Most importantly it can be completely f2p if you choose to play that way. Overall great job on this game!
Did not work for my device. All edges were too big and I had trouble navigating. Game became unplayable when the chat bar overlaped an icon on the bottom left and I couldn't finish the tutorial. Seemed interesinh though, a friend suggested I download this game and give it a try. Please fix for tablet, thank you.
This game has potential but they need to make the graphics more beautiful like bit heroes. The fishing part of this game is boring. This game is more F2P than bit heroes. The game needs more schematics.
Great little game! My only complaint would be the monster capture system. I understand you want it to be a little bit of a grind...but if they are impressed by our power, shouldn't basic mobs be at least 50-60% chance? 35-45% for rare? 20-30% for above? Obviously the top teir mobs can be lower. I just think the odds should be a little more in our favor
This is an amazing and challenging game! You need good communication with other players and good skills to succeed.
The only criticism the heroes you have to collect are very random which complicates the whole thing. Otherwise it is a good pastime
This game is a clone of Bit Heroes, everything was copied, almost the title too... the game is not bad but I would rather play Bit Heroes since it basically gets all content before this game, and it is atleast original
I've been playing it for almost 3 months now and compared to other games in this category, I find it graphically the most appealing of the gameplay, I only found 1 point that I would change but no matter whether p2w or f2p both are fun !!!!
Very Fun! This game has had me hooked all week. With 40 hours of playtime, i can guarantee that this is a great example of a time killer. This game can be auto'd while you do something else, it's almost bugless! (I've only encountered one bug which is the buttons on screen being unresponsive at times) overall, this game is 9/10 for me. The grind does get a little old but it's all good.
Vary fun dungeon crawler it has lots of ways to have fun and loot vary nice Sprites only thing that is weird is the main hero you pick is lower bit than the monsters but I like that so it's a good game 10/10
A few critiques. Progression is smooth, until stage 7-12, or level 80, when it feels like you've hit a brick wall. Loads to do, at first it almost seems like too much, but then you run out of stamina items to play the game at all. Monster drop rate needs improvement. Catch Rate for epics and up are 15% and 10% but the Drop Rates are disgusting. My whole career, and only 2 opportunities to catch a legendary, both failed. Tweak these things and you'll get 5 stars
Edit: this game is not a ripoff. I do apologize. A closer inspection at the game it is original. If you like bit heroes you'll like bit legends! Also one thing that I would do is remove the energy it's slightly annoying but overall good game if you like idle games with a great looting system then you'll love this game! A little laggy at first startup but overall really solid gameplay.
This game has everything that makes a game fun and interesting, but you could improve, for example, that the heroes level faster ...
It's fun, but it's partly boring because it's always the same. However, nice options such as arena or adventure.
I loved everything about this game until today since about 12pm I haven't been able to log in and it tells me invalid version. No warnings were given and I can't seem to fix it
Self destruct. The staff running the community have sabotaged the discord and disheartened most of the top players. This is a game in decline, so if you play I recommend not spending money. (I'm a top 15 player).
Used to be good till they started to get greedy in recent updates. Now it is much harder to grind for certain items like chips since they removed gvg token from pvp exchange. Events are repeats and are increasingly harder to complete than before.(They increased the event requirements alot higher) IMO their events are more for people who spent real money.For example, the capture and fusion of legendary monster is impossible to complete within the time limit even if you play everyday
Every update they screw something up. If you spend money just stay away. Its a waste. Drop rates messed up. They cant even control the in game currency.
I already know a few games of this type and I have to say it's a very interesting title, to be able to say more I just have to deal with it a little more to find out all the mechanics.
If you have a few minutes of air every now and then, it's really cool. The beginning is very quick and a lot, but that will go away with time. Looks pretty and a good boredom fighter. Still, don't expect too much.
Very boring loot system. Nothing drops in game and its p2w only, such as potions, keys, fussions and stuff. The best device and pets are no longer available leaving your char gimped campared to others. Progressing is nearly impossible unless you get lucky. You can spend hundreds of dollars on energy and item find buffs and have nothing to show for it afterwards. drop rate is very low.
Awful game, awful support. Was a good game until developers and moderators chose sides with certain players. I still can not find the rules or terms of service for this game.
Had to reinstall the game because i was stuck on that loading please wait page for 15 min. And i closed and opened the game multiple times.
I would not recommend this game. Support is not understanding and they ignore your concerns. I made a mistake in game that cost me many precious resource and they refused to help me. Edit: Their response just further proves they don't care about players. I clearly said "Support is not understanding and ignore your concerns" which implies I *already* contacted support and they refused to help, yet here they are in the response telling me to do the thing I already did...
This is a fun game, with lots of opportunity for gameplay without having to dump tons of money in. Join new server at the very beginning helps a lot. gg
Off to a good start but tap to move is not ideal. Give us a virtual joystick please and interact button on the right side. Also when we enter the turn based combat it's not convenient to have the buttons in the center of the screen. Should move them over to the right or left side (specified in options). Have to keep changing my hands positions throughout gameplay, not ideal. Game concept itself is great though just needs some quality of life UI improvements mentioned above.
Logistics of game play works well! I wish energy would generate a little bit faster now that I can play longer.!!!love
It's a very enjoyable game, obviously there are microtransactions that can greatly make a difference however f2p does seem to be a viable option especially in pvp. Very helpful community as well and the developers do listen to suggestions, however there is still a bit of room for change. The game does have quite alot of potential and I like it.
Too many similarities to Bit Heroes for parallel thinking. I reviewed other complaints and found most true. They have bad customer service. Watch, the dev comments will tell me to talk to customer service if they respond at all. The discord does not work for codes and has not been a viable link for over 6 moths looking at FB, Google, and other references. This needs a total overhaul of support. Be friendly to customers, give them free gifts for letting you know there is a problem with the game.
Fun and grindy, looks like Bit Heroes on the surface bits gets real deep the more you play. If you wanna blow a few hours just install this and have some fun.
Dear God, the ui is horrible. Every inch of the screen is cluttered and there are notifications constantly flashing on the screen letting you know when another player gets an item as though you should for some reason care. Other players also show up in the hub world so your screen is just a mess of moving pixelated garbage. The user interface is unintuitive and it literally hurts to look at the screen. The gameplay is generic and the writing is awful. Just don't bother.
Going back to the old school....its a great game because that has alot more complexity to it then others that I've played. I would love to see this game get more attention to get updated to the next version. Keep the bit pixels and add more immersion by maybe making it more free world through out the entire game play. Not just small loaded dungeons...overall though, very good. Thank you developers !!!
The game is good for a phone based game, and it gives you the opportunity to play with people from around the world in your guild.
I was weird trying the game for the first time since it looks similar to a game that I actively play for years now. I like that it has some extra mechanics here and there. Over all the only thing to adjust is the UI and over all feel of the game. Maybe if you guys can figure out a way to make it look cleaner. Bigger icons instead of small icons that are clustered together. BGM feels redundant. Changing it into somehing people can listen to high pitched music is annoying at times.
This game is great! I was on a roll and loving it. Then I got hit with the invalid version and no updates available anywhere. Can't play anymore. Too bad..
Very good game if you enjoy a true grind.. everything that gives you power is on a percentage chance to get, including monsters (your team) and you need to combine these mons to get better ones, then make duplicates in order to level (or rank) up that monster. Its a very fun game for the style with plenty to do. I highly recommend if you enjoy mmo like drops and drop chances.
Apology for rude review. I am rare japanese dialect, north japanese, influence from siberian ainus, and autistic, and live where americans dont care about respect proper..so stressful it causes brain damage, making frustrating things overwhelming. i love the game. art, feel, etc...but i like game where you play it and learn it, and if confuse, you use manual. It bothers me to have first choices in any game robbed. i hate it. i cant relax if i cant choose. Dont make me do things. let choice
I was really excited to try out this game! However my journey ended as soon as I opened up the game. I haven't been able to get past the loading screen, with it saying that I there is a network connection error. However but connection is really good on all other apps. As soon I am able to play the game I will definitely change this review.
When will u learn that a FORCED tutorial is the single worst thing i hate the most about anything in games!!! Omg im so mad right now. You game is so bad!!! There is no persistent targeting so you have to tap on your target every time??? Dude, google arthritis and redesign your horrible game so it doesnt force arthritis onto its users. Please stop making games you are a nightmare to the community. Oh and i chose the "artist" class but spawned as a mechanic class? What a dumpster fire of an app
If you like BitHeroes, this might interest you. A lot of room for improvements, but fun nonetheless. Would love to see a game guide instead of having to figure out some stuff via trial and error (because resources are pretty hard to save up on as upgrades, fusions etc are very expensive). For example, the stats of equipment upgrades are RNG, so the initial stats you see might not be what you expect after upgrading (high atk ending with high HP or speed, this sucks alot).
If you played a bit hero this is a good more fast-paced version of it has some pros and cons but not a bad experience at all especially with no money investment.
I have played this game for a few months now, and it's an enjoyable game but it has a lot of bugs. Before tonight I had considered them tolerable but this evening, my new hyperion set item disappeared and was replaced by a standard yellow colored item in its place. There is no way you can contact the developers in game so it just seems like its disappeared into thin air and I cant get it back. I know it sounds like I'm whining but it's a time investment for this game, like all other afk games. ²
Just lost my character after may 13s update got far enough already and itll be gone because of the update? I used the same fb account to login same phone same network tf is happening
It's been 2 months since I file for my problem to be fix, still the same. No updates whatsoever. Still, when I open the game, all I see is bunch of codes, strings, log errors and Lua functions. Nothing else. Won't change till forever as long as there's no update.
Great game. Like so many games with a P2W component, but also playable with patience. Fairer than similar games.
I give it a 5 out of five i would like to see a button that tells you what loot you can get from each dungeon
The best 8 bit rpg. Imagine a game where the devs ask the players for feedback and implement it. Where the f2p players get endless support from the p2w. Where the discord is always busy and the devs do giveaways to the community. Where guilds have real incentive to earn loot for players. Try this game and you won't be sorry!
This game is so addictive- you do want to belong to a guild. Find one that fits your game playing.-.-
Look this app is great but let me express one big annoying thing I keep dealing with cause it seems I have to farm like 20 times in each boss stage to get just one specific creature and that is just nuts. But all in all I quite love this game.
I’ve enjoyed this game. The people you meet and play with are absolutely awesome and live all over the world. Keep doing right things
The style of the game is beautiful and the hero design is also stunning top game can only recommend it
Seems like it could be okay, but the UI is very noisy. There is a constant dropdown in-game that says "xPlayerx has obtained XYZSword" and it's very intrusive and annoying. As far as I can tell, no setting to turn it off. Why would you possibly think I need to be notified of 100 other people getting random drops? It's like 10 times bigger than the actual chat window. No thanks. Immediate uninstall.
This game has good mechanics and it works like a normal afk/MMO game. It's one of those games I can play ether daily or just at random and not be bored the looting system is balanced and the battling is made for strategist but good thing is if I'm not that good at strategiesing I can just use auto play during the time I go to missions the main think I recommend is to put up a shop that allows you to spend the yellow crystal on mounts or pets or something like that. This is a good game to play.
This is a rather dirt and bones clone of bit heroes, i first came to download this thinking that it was bit heroes Do not download this game and go to but heroes instead. Things will look nicer and cleaner and you will have more fun
A terrible game that only serves only as a money pit. As a new player you get a boost to get 300% exp and gold that makes it seem like you are doing good but unless you buy all the newbie packs world 3 is where you will die constantly. Your allies can't keep up. 40 dollars each for a chance at an epic mount, device, pet, you name it. Money money and more money. Don't believe me look at all the level 10+ with 200 attack health and speed.
It's really fun, I started 2 days ago and I am having alot of fun, And I didnt even have to spend anything! Very good game, Good luck on making updates and keep up the work!
Great game lots of fun lots of cool stuff Only problem is monster success ratr on some way to low moved on to 2 chapter's later hoping previous chapter's monsters success rates would get higher not the case guild are full but not full, whould have been 5 star but monster rates nipped 2 star's
Always thought the game wasn't that good! Play it for a short time now and it's a lot of fun you won't be forced to buy anythingReally great!
I didn't believe the reviews, but this really is just a clone of Bit Heroes. The style, the mechanics, and even the UI are pretty much copied wholesale. There's barely a token effort to distinguish itself. Just another Chinese ripoff.
I enjoy the game 5/5, in game dialog is funny, alot of video game references. Good buddy up and join a guild, kind of just like the game Bitheroes, but I'm guessing just newer. If I could change 1 thing, it would be in app purchases but that is the THING nowadays.
Love the game but I compared everything to a game called bit hero's and it just feels like it's a copy. Ps. I like this game more :)
Gets boring and repetitive. The game got far easier and you can get to level 150 if you just put it on auto loop easily. Virtually no work, just boring.
At first it was a bit confusing and you could invest a lot of time. From lvl 30 it then gradually decreased, so that it has become a great game for in between. I can definitely recommend it :)
I was like time to play but legends for the first time then there was a square with a gray circle a yellow triangle and red octagon with numbers by them and I tapped on it and was asian letters and a bunch of weird stuff
Really well done game! At first I was a little suspicious, but was immediately hooked. Very well implemented!
Very good game i enjoed it. But tge problem is i have so many problems on enetering the game. It said failed to connect but i have good internet connection
for 8 bit game, this game is one of the best 8 bit game i've ever played, its fun, addicting, definitly my type of game, getting stronger. although there are some negative side, you have to wait to get your energy, and a bit pay to win because its hard to get legendary devices, legendary pet and else, but fairly the game gives alot of sources to get gems. GG, well developed.
Enjoy what I have played so far, seem to have caught the bug for this game, play it every day, for more then a few a day, so that says something ;D
Horrible, wrongfully banning players, doesn't play test their own updates which always leads to a game breaking bug. You're better off with Bit Heroes ladies and gents.
OK good game but the reason why I gave a 1 star is that the update loading it takes so long and if that happens it is wasting my time and if it is wasting my time I have no use for this game
Decent but the intro is WAY to handholdy. I think a LOT of people will be pissed off with that. Just make an option in the beginning. Have you played an RPG in any lifetime y/n y= skip to the action n=handholding like a toddler that has never played an RPG...
This game is pretty nice and all but I wish they could add trading and actaully have multiplayer in like they get to control their character.
Very fun and satiafying game. It has a lot of features to upgrade and customize your character. I won't give it 5 stars because there are some visual bugs, and some gear does not look good. Despite of that, it is a very fun and interesting game.
It's not the kind of game I thought it would be. Still good it you like the kind of games like turn base I think.
Great game, with lots of free stuff for joining their discord. The only problem I see is in regard to new content. Players have left because of how slow they are at releasing new content. They need to either hire more people or work harder to release new content. So compared to other games like this that release new stuff all the time, they are lacking very badly. Also, some of the in game rewards desperatly need to be be upgraded when compared to the upscale of levels and gear.
You win very often and all of a sudden you lose a lot more often. This is supposed to encourage buying so that you win again. Very transparent a shame. Still entertaining
Been playing it for a while and still like it:) Chats a Little buggy sometimes and in app purchases are a little too expensive for my taste: D but all in all it's a fun game
Read reviews beforehand, had no problems. Lots of options...its post apocalyptic bit heros to the t. Its something I can play for a long while. My only one gripe-which is just my opinion-that dialog when you fight a boss? Its...bad...like....real bad. But you can skip it. Dont spend your currencies frivolously and you'll not need to spend a dime.
Data wiped, why has my data been wiped, i was playing then suddenly lost connection and couldnt rejoin, so i came back an hour later and there is no saved progress, i was level 50 on multiple days of playing...