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Bird Life

Bird Life for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is the cutest game EVER!can you please add a clouthing shop with some cute clouths for the birds,it can be a great touch to make your birds extra cute and can you add a travel button so you can take your bird on vacation or like take it to explore, there can be a jungle,a beach and a snow place and you can even add shops into the travle spots, but anyway keep up the good work😇
I waaas enjoying this game until I got to a level I literally can't even get past! I've cleared EVERYTHING and they still won't pass me! So ALL my progress and hard work has to be deleted now because I'm uninstalling this StUPiD app! Btw, I understand "2nd and 3rd languages" (and such) but this English is simply atrocious! I can usually try to make out what someone is trying to say but this "English" is just ridiculous!
This game is amazing.. And I've been thinking.. this may not seem much for the game but.. could u make more animations of the birds.. for example:sleeping positions.. like Laying down... on their tummies ;3 ... Yeah... maybe when u do another big/small update... do ya mind doin that pls... Their normal sleeping posture is still cute... but... in reality.. my bird lays on its belly when Its sleeps.. ;-; Anyway.. I hope u respond and NOTICE MEH SENPAI >:I ... pls :T .. anyways.. thx for reading..
This is kind of the same as hamster thing but birds instead I really like it because you get rainbow wings as coins it's really fun and I like it
I only love this game because of the cute birds you on lock in the game and because of that mini game #bird life🐦
I rarely leave reviews, but this game deserves it. Let me tell you, this is the best dang "match 3" style game in existence. Maybe it's just because I want to go into Ornithology and adore birds. Maybe it's because the combination of the simple "take care of these adorable birds" and the actually challenging and entertaining match 3 provides a refreshingly cute and entertaining game. The art style is adorable, the music is perfect, the gameplay is actually fun and challenging, and I love it.
Looks like an good game!, I'm excited to play this game! So I haven't have a kid yet so those games is boring soooooo I did do download this game, I hope this is a good game! (*´ω`*)
Those are so cute i always play this on 9:00 am and pm and I always await by using 1 hour to get some cute baby bird.when every time i open the gadget to play
It's a really cute game, but english translation needs some work (weird wording, grammar mistakes and typos). I know japanese so I'm fine, but most of the pop-ups still contain untranslated words (like キャンセル instead of "cancel"). And why background art in the level map looks so blurry? Also it keeps pestering me to leave a review even after I did it =/
a fun and cute game, it doesn't really feel...polished? there are parts that are untranslated and the animations don't seem very smooth. the art style is very cute and the concept is adorable though!
More of a candy crush + This games main feature is supposed to be the birds, but really the main feature is the candy crush minigame. In order to unlock new birds and earn coins for your birds you'll need to play so many lvls of candy crush to get anywhere! If you came for a pet game, this aint it cheif. However, i do have good things to say. Its cute, music is nice, lots of decoration, and the minigame is pretty easy and short. Overal, id give it a try if you like candycrush and cute things :/
Great App! it is fun to play with the birds and care for them! The reason why i gave 4 stars is because the language is a little strange, like "Lets go Pat New Bird" but other than that great app!
This game is fun and simple its great for long road trips or just to kill time i do recommend it to anyone! However your birds can die and you must heal it or you lose it
I have been looking for a good bird game for a long while and finally came across one that was worth my time. The birds you can care for are very cute and expressive. It is easy to figure out how the game works and is absolutely suitable for people of all ages. My only complaint is that there is only one minigame you can play. It loses my interest quickly, as it's a candy crush knockoff. If they added more minigames and more ways to interact with the birds, this game would be worthy of 5 stars.
Great game, it gave me the feeling I can see my bird again... I am on holiday so whenever I miss my bird, I just play this game. I have pet bird cockatiel, so if u have this game, u should know that when u play candy crush in bird life, u can win cockatiel... so you know... 5 stars from my side.👍
I really like the game, I haven't been playing long but I like it. The only complaint I have is there are no clear instructions on how to do things. For example, how do you adopt the birds along the path? Maybe you can fix that, instructions should be clear, thanx
I love this game a lot, it's great to kill time ^v^ Other than that the game does have some small things that could be improved. First of all, the translation from japanese to english is not very great and sometimes it doesnt translate at all. but that is understandable, since it's a japanese game. the weird english can be funny too! I also think there should be more kinds of birds and that it should be made a little easier to get them. seeing only the same birds gets boring after a while.
It's sooooooooo cute! Just one thing. I want the levels to be MUCH MORE harder please andddddd I'm done :>
This game is cute and it make me cry because a cat ate my 4 birds and I will protect this birds in the game because they are cute and beautiful
Love this app. Not alot of commericals no urging you to but things. I bought a bird named it after my bird that recently passed. It is a comfort to have a virtual memory. The messages are sent in japanese sometimes is the problem. And it is not always clear on instuctions but fun. The birds playing is relaxing and the actions are cute. Fun....good time
Very fun and cute game, the only thing stopping it from being five stars is the translation. The translation either has poor grammar, or doesnt translate at all. Otherwise a fun experience.
An adorable game with well paced levels and enjoyable game mechanics. My only complaint would be a few grammatical errors here and there
I've been playing it for a while now, and I previously had a completely positive review, and I still rate 5 stars, but I just opened it and all my game data was gone! It took me all the way back to right after the tutorial! Why??????
I like this game it's super cute! It's one of my favourite games! I would actually love a peacock Bird because it would make this game a bit cuter and pretty magical. Overall cute and good game!
Very cute and fun, I like the mix of being able to take care of the little birds and play puzzle levels. 👍🏻
I love this game, one of the best if your reading this, pls download now! If you love birds and puzzles this game is great for you. The puzzle are really good and medium leveled. Why i like it alot is because there are LOTS of birds to get and you can get tons of decor and change the cage i DO recommend. The game is so good but i am sad that when you get a new high score on the weekly puzzle, it would freeze and you cant press anything so you have to restart the game. 😔
it's a really fun game actually! No complains what so ever. The only thing that I really wanna see is a match 3 game by you and you could collect and fight dragons on different stages. You know? And it could be a lotta fun if offline. Thank you, if you're gonna make a game like that 💙
It is cute and funny because there is not many ads so that's why I give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐five stars 😍😍😍
I love the app its amazing, But some levels are invcrediblely hard i lost like 4 hearts in the same level but thats not what i dont like about, i dont like when you say goodbye to the very cute birds. Can you remove the goodbye if not its fine atleast i can keep my birds :) also can you make the levels easier? Some levels are very hard and maybe only candy crush proffesional can do the levels.
Very nice game but can you give the budgies and other birds to actually lay eggs and we can watch the babies grow?And pls sometimes are buds will be sick and we have to take them to the vet,let the birds grow old and die.Pls there will be a cemetry where we can visit our birds' tombs and pls can they poop,so it will feel more realistic.Pls?
Super cute, but some levels are very difficult to complete without boosters. However, I appreciate that old levels can be replayed for coins at least and there are other ways to earn rainbow feathers.
it's a great game it has cute birds and I enjoy it because I love cute stuff but after a little while of playing I get bored with it I mean there only so much you can do and personally the game part isn't that fun but all and all its a really cute game I would suggest it for anyone of any age
Amazing game birds are amazing and I was so happy about seeing a bullfinch in the game it only has 4 stars because for some reason when I finish my task and redeem them I don't get the rainbow wings idk if it's a glitch or something but it's very annoying
Game data was wiped after I tried to move my account to a new phone. Said that the takeover code was invalid and suddenly my account is gone. Absolutely loved the game though and played it for a very long time. I'd appreciate help to restore my account somehow. :(
I love this game and it is BIRDS 🐦 you can feed it play other games and more fun and more 💘 😻 love ◇♡♡♡♡♡:}
This is such a cute game! No really distracting glitches, however there is a glitch where a bird is stuck to a swing. However, I will still rate this five stars! :D and no, to anyone who thinks I am a bot, I am not.
This game is amazing! All of those birds are adorable, but on the weekly event it freezes when it says "new score!!!" Other than that amazing game!
I really enjoyed this game, its adorable, its good to pass time, and its a little addictive. I just really love all the varieties of adorable birds, and I love the style of it. This is a great game!
Good game so far, but the levels could reward a few more coins for each completion. My poor birdies need more toys!
The puzzles not to hard,I love this game it is better than most bird games you have to make more games,and what is the name of your company ,I use this names to see who I trust to have great games and turbo rocket is great,not rip off games.i love it 😇😆😆☺😊👊👍🐼🐧🐱🙋😺👢👡🐐🐩🐭🐣🐍🐝🐫🐆🛀🎣🔚🔜🆗🆒
Love the game- its adorable, fun, and easy! Just a few complaints: 1, its WAY too hard getting coins for everyday objects, you gotta make that easier or people will uninstall the game out of frustration. 2, there's no way that if someone had wiped their phone, for them to get their progress back. No account linked by Google or anything. 3, this is just me being nitpicky, please make the graphics for the bird, toys and cage the same- differences in pixlation makes it look cheap.
whenever i get a high score/new record on the weekly, i cant exit out of the new record congratulations thing unless i close the game. i keep my score i think, although its still annoying to have to load the game again. but thats just one small bug i wanted to bring to attention. i really really love this game. ive played it for around 3 years so far i think? it really helps me whenever i cant sleep or when im stuck in some boredom cycle, and its also just a cute little game! i love it!
Pretty good. Kills time very easily, and overall very cute / friendly. I've always dreamed of owning a bird too, which is a plus.
I really like this game! If you love birds, and have some time for games, then this game is for you! The only thing I want to have in this game is the birds names above them or under them. That would be a perfect game then!
Love this game, I used to play it a few years ago before switching to apple, now I have an android again and I use it just to play this game. I have a Goffins Cockatoo and Green Cheek Conure in real life and I love birds very much and this game is very cute.
Great game! Wish I could understand the other language but usually I can tell what it is saying. Every once in a while it tells me something in a foreign language (I speak English) but that doesn't bother me. Note to other players: If the thing where it has to be able to make and manage phone calls bugs you, only get this game on a device that can't make phone calls. (For example, a tablet.)
OOooooooO YOUBNEED THIS GAME IT IS SUPER NICE thair are loys of stuff like candy crush to help your bird 🐦 🕊️🕊️🕊️ And like its a fun game whare you can even get furthers like :o when i started playing the frist time i was IN LOVEEE and now its my favorite game one thing is NO ADS but if you want something for a like father you CAN whatch a ad :) NO thare are more to read lol ok you can work have a job (helping birds) and MUCH MUCH MORE! I say you shall get it! Welp thats 500 words for ya bye
This is a great game! It has lots of fun birds and the love the puzzles! (And the birds are adorable.)
The bird it's so cute and the baby bird it's so very very.............................................
I've wanted a nice little game where you have pet birds and not only does this game do so, but the birds are SO unbelievably cute! This game is awesome, please never get rid of it!😍
It is a really nice and cute game, but the language tranlation isn't the best. It takes a very long time for breeding and stuff. In my opinion it does get boring after time passes. Though, I do understand why for breeding it takes long. (Basically like real life) I would reccomend the game though.
Recently I have been interested in birds and when I saw this I new I had to have it! The game is great and the birds are adorable. but I wish the furniture and other stuff could be a little cheaper cause it takes FOREVER to get enough money just to buy all of the essentials! otherwise it's a good game.
This Application is nice! It's not addicting, It's free, It's fun, It's not a laggy game, It's the Best App ever! I bet it's Better than Among us, Henry Stickmin, Roblox, And Even Mobile legends! And the reason is, It doesnt lag and gets ypu addicted.
This is a really great game, the birds are adorable but it did kinda lag but im sure there is nothing wrong about that im still very happy that i download this game :D
The puzzle is just nice.. Not too hard so I won't be stressing out when I need to kill time. The birds.. They are adorable
I really like this game is really calming and I love birds and I think that people that really birds are and that own birds would really enjoy this game. Five star rating maybe if you could you maybe add like where you can customize the bird that would be pretty cool.
Giving them a few more stars because they were enough to reply to my email and said maybe they will help. Thank you. Fixed the issue myself. But really good of them to lend assistance, keep up the good work!
I wish the birds were a bit cheaper and maybe if you make the tasks but easier it would be helpful and maybe make it easier to get wings but yet it's pretty good I like it oh yeah and make the levels a bit easier but still pretty good game play it all day super fun helps you
The game is really cute but I'm actually easier than 10 so bunch of judge me please my typing okay so let me know where will be easier and quicker to get more birds appreciated if you know what I mean but overall great game but like some people may not know how to get the birds so you can get instructions for that but overall great game!!!
it's super cute and super fun! a simple little game that gives both the match 3 puzzles and the fun of taking care of your virtual birds. I'm giving 4 stars because it takes a while to get the coins needed to buy things for your bird cage and it's just a bit annoying for me personally
I really enjoy this game, its very cute and the puzzle was very fun :P I like how you play the puzzle to get birds and decorate your aviary too its very addicting :>
This game is good, but i got a problem which is it's get loading EVERYTIME, but that's maybe my problem. Is this a bug problem?
Ok, this is perfect for someone like me! I struggle with finding stuff to do, but this smol bird heaven helps! I love it!!
I lost my data super easily! A puzzle glitched and I tried to fix it. After fixing it MY DATA LOST ! I don't like it but still a good game :/
The birds are super cute and you need to finish levels to earn coins. Its a really good game to pass time because of this stupid pandemic.
I actually enjoy the game. The birds are cute, nice cartoony graphics, and I love the idea of decorating your aviary. I have birds of my own, and I like to find other birds that look like mine and name them. The Only problem is not all of the translation is English. And some of the translation is a little confusing, but I dont mind. Keep up the good work bird life. ~F.Foxy
Very... oddly translated. I can tell what the app means to say, but, oh my god. So far it's... okay. A few adds, but not SO bad. The music and sound effects get a little overwhelming, but it's manageable.
I love this game. I remember this being on iOS but the game got removed. And I don't know how to transfer my data to android, I only know my serial code but not the Takeover code. So that's sad for me. But I really do love this game alot. I wish it came back on iOS.
Lovely stylized art. I used to have this game but I couldn't get my account back. Though honestly that's okay since it was so long ago I don't know what birds I had anymore. Glad to have it back. Hoping events aren't impossible to do without dumping loads of money into it.
I LOVE BIRDS!!! But idk wut ppl say bout the something phone calls. I didn't go through dat. I'm only 8 and sometimes dis girl doesn't know wuts goin on half the time =/
Fun enough. The translation is rough around the edges and that causes real confusion at times. The match 3 game is good enough. Not bad by any means, but I didnt find it engaging. The birds are cute, but of course they are. All in all, I felt it was just okay.
The whole data inheriting thing is stupid, cant i just log in google play and have it automatically saved for me?? Isnt that just simpler??
I jest started playing this game and I reaily like it but the only thang it needs improvement on is that every thang on the app is to expensive and other then then that its a good app
Super cute game! Any bird fans out there, you'll enjoy...only complaint is that when you get a game over in puzzle mode or your bird is sick, they look dead...creators, can you change the eyes to a swirl instead of an X plz? :)