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Bionix - Spore & Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D

Bionix - Spore & Bacteria Evolution Simulator 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Just For Fun Games located at Moscow Oblast, Korolev, Michurina 38, 141071. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great game. but it keeps showing inappropriate (very sexually suggestive) ads. i don't have this problem with most app games i play that have ads, so it's really disappointing since i often have my kids around. i don't want to see that, and I don't want them seeing it. im debating getting rid of the game which is sad because I like it enough to have been planning to buy the no ad upgrade, now im having second thoughts.
TEXTURES WONT LOAD I tried uninstalling and reinstalled and everything is showing up as a light pink, solid blob
It's been 3 weeks of awkward gaming and the recent update still does not allow a clockwise landscape orientation. Good bye.
very unique and cool, but can't really progress unless watch ads for small amount of DNA or purchase.
I found a bug that if you are fighting a creature and you're high HP and it attacks you immediately die please fix this counted this bug three times
Can you add gang up mode where you gang up on other virus or bacteria pls Like this So say u pick the bacteria or what eves then you enter the map and find the same bacteria as you and you can have unlimited ganging up oarteners thx you
This is a great game! It isn't covered in ads, it looks really good, and it has real cells. I do think it could use a little more of a variety though. It would be cool if they added like 10 more species of cells. Maybe some microscopic multicelled organisms.
I relly love biology so this game is very fun for me ,the movment is amazing and i relly like the lvl progression so i give it a 5 star :)
So much better now that you can move your own creature. There is small amount of lag when signing in to your google play account and when you start playing. Otherwise great game.
I think this is the best mobile game I played, the color and the music fits soo well. the controls are easy. lovable characters. also there is different objectives you. an farm or eat, get In fights or explore.
A really pretty game with some amazing animation. Everything looks and moves so realistically. But right now there is not so much to do. Howeverlike someone else who posted a review, I think this game has a lot of potential. Some variety in the environment as you level up, visible changes in appearance as mutations apply. Different types of enemy. This is definitely a game I will be frequently checking in on to see how it is being updated.
This is a beautiful game, perfect for anyone who loves the idea of the jungle of the microscopic world and those whose favourite stage of Spore was the first one. Pro tip, a hydra can beat a tardigrade every time. I think if they buffed everyone's favourite mosspig so it was on par with the hydra then it would be a more popular purchase.
Wonderful visuals and a good concept, but the enjoyment is ultimately hampered by the fact that you need DNA to be competitive, and DNA is only given by either watching ADs, paying or killing a boss, the latter being difficult when underpowered. Leveling seems pointless as enemies scale with you and are generally always higher level and stronger. This feels a little too cash-grabby, and DNA should always be given when any enemy is killed, not bosses only.
I only played this game for a few hours and I already love it, the animation and physics are well done, and I love how you can edit your creature a little and upgrade it, it is all around a great game.
Thus is the best evolution game on android right now. Love it and i recommend it to everyone who wants to play an relaxing evolution game.
Its a good game well you add more microbes and i like it i play the older version and now its more fun ill give it 10 stars and the grapiches of this game is epic its like in real life good job devs and add more updates so the game will get more fun and exitinge and not bad
Loving it, and I love it is based on real creatures. I would like to be able to create a creature with tentacles like the hydra though.. are you going to continue to update the game and add more creatures? You could add zooplankton like copepods, water fleas, etc
My final say about game with the newest update This is the best mobile game I've played easy to sit down and play controls are good the new features are fantastic it performs really well now with no crashes or glitches highly recommend playing this game due to its realism of the microscopic marine world (I would love to see paramecium be added as a playable creature (: l
Very good game. Can keep you occupied. The only reason it has lost 1 star is because it promises 50+ creatures when it only has about 10. I don't like that. And if you either: 1. Add creatures so it's not lying Or 2. Don't lie in the first place Then I will keep removing stars one by one. If it doesn't change at all, I will uninstall and put a 1 star review.
Boring pay to win game. It hurts to rate so low because the concept is absolutely perfect- spore but well done. But the game is unplayably ad riddled, the "unlockable" achievements scale to always be "just out of reach" to con you into paying more for them. Enemies scale to always be slightly better than you, so gameplay is absurdly repetitive and boring. Just an unexcusable EA style POS pay to win, don't waste your time.
The graphics are phenomenal and the game can be fun. But upgrade progression is extremely slow and the enemy difficulty ramps up way too quickly. Dying is often and combat is natiouse and hard to follow what happens. If you fix the balancing and combat it will improve greatly.
I downloaded this for fun after learning about Spore. I thought I was just trash at the game, but then I realized it's just a pay to win game :/ it's frustraing. But a cool concept tho
Bro this game is super fun. I love how yall took actual protists and microorganisms and incorporated them into a game thats enjoyable to play. Well done
As a molecular biologist I love this simple game. Purchased no ads but still get ads for the DNA points. Would like a refund on that purchase. Overall a beautiful game with life like motions, especially with the highest graphic settings. Wish the different organisms details would be provided so I know how each one differs besides appearance. Perhaps also a tutorial though there is not much to the game play itself. UPDATED* Read response, the "No Ad" does not clarify which types of ads removed.
Liked this game a lot more than before I installed it. the Detail of the microscopic organisms are so good that they could be confused with the real microscopic organisms! The motion generated the organisms flagella is nearly the same as real microscopic organisms propelling themselves with their flagella'e as seen through a microscope. The Environment the Organisms swim though is same as a real Microbiotic Freshwater habitat. I give this a five star rating solely on The Graphics.
Its very good,but can you make an update where there are virus's and can you make some germs fast but updates aside this is a great game
Bro this game is the best game game ever just a few things first add the cell division second more cells would be a great addition and viruses that can invade other cells third maybe a 3d version?Well thats all other wise you should play this game!!!!
i love this game and I hope the developer makes more creature.the game is hyper realistic and you can add things to your organism.
So far it's fun, but there's no FAQ. I have no idea how to gain DNA points other than watching ad after ad.