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Bingo™: World Games

Bingo™: World Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Shark Party Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a really fun relaxing game. The only downfall is that it takes sooooo long to get more tickets. If they would recharge faster i could play more. Or even if you could buy tickets with coins that would be better. But gems?!?
Connecting to server.....updating game data..... then booted..... so i Just went down and looked at reviews and it looks like lots of people cant play this game so maybe you should read your reviews and fix the dam problem...........Looks like a fun game if I could ever get it to stay open starts to load but the whole game closes before it even opens. Fix it and ill give it a better rating its a mission on some of my other games and can't beat the mission if I can't. Get this game to open
I know I can't be that unlucky. Its Bingo. Probably the only people who win are those who buy gems. Darn game is a tease. I doubt if any of its real. You tell me what you think. You'll be so close to winning then lose and they want you to use buy gem to keep playing so that you win
I installed to get gems for a different game but decided to keep it because it is a nice change from other games I play. My only problem it is hard to earn coins and that in turn makes it hard to purchase items in game (such as keys to open chests). As for getting tickets to play, once you complete a few collections and level up you earn more each day, but I wish it didnt cost so many tickets to play on the higher boards.
I love this bingo game and would give it 5 but, should not have to wait 24 hrs to get to play. Should get more money to play. Unless. You're lucky enough to get bingo it's over and you only get to play for that little time. Not fun at all I enjoy playing and should get to play all I'd like to. Need to change things to make it more fun for people like me that would play this game a lot if different.
Love this game! Not really that difficult to earn tickets or gems once you get going. So, 5 stars!! Awesome!! ★Update★ I used to feel that way. Now, this, and their other bingo apps, won't load. Says there's no network connection, whether I'm on wifi or using data. My settings are fine. Nothing has been changed. All other apps work. My only problems are with all of their bingo games. Fix this problem and I will rate 5 stars, again.
I love shark party bingo game. It is so much fun... for a minute there I couldn't get it on android and now I got it, love it. The only thing is I just wish they would let you buy bingo tickets with your coins. Good app. Download it y'all...
This game is different than your average bingo game because the games start within 10 seconds of selecting your cards and you get prizes for achievements. The only two drawbacks is that is difficult to get the required collection pieces and to play multiple cards you have to scroll back and forth. Other than that, it is fun to play and you earn cards quickly.
but it closes itself for no reason and you lose tickets (I have 3 devices and it crashes the same on all of them). You can play it for 10-15 minutes a day, without buying diamonds for real money, because the winning rate is ridiculous low (you must reboot after each game in order to avoid crashes). Do not install for fun.
Been having problems with Bingo Fever World Tour for weeks cant get it to load Its one of my favs and I really hate to Delete it Please can You help me Unlock it!!!
Its a great game to pass the time but the prizes are lower than expected and the server will no longer connect. I reset, uninstalled and installed worked once and came out and now won't work again. It's not my connection because I have other games that are connecting. So with that said uninstalled until I'm confident the issue at hand is fixed
Love playing the game but it is very limited since you only get 20 tickets a day. Would be nice if we could buy cards with the coins we receive in the game or if the purchase of the cards with gems were cheaper. Haven't decided if I will keep this game installed at this point unless we have more ways to receive more cards.
I was prompted to download another version of this bingo game for 30 gems. I downloaded it, and haven't been able to play either version of the game since! It keeps saying the boards are downloading, but they never do. And to think, I actually liked this game.
Love this game so much however I only gave it 4 stars because it doesn't have the guest/FB log in options that all my other games have... this ment that all the progress and tickets I acquired when I had it on my iPhone I lost when I switched to my Galaxy... please give us android users a FB Log In & a Guest Log In option!!! please!!!!
Extremely slow at first, but if you can stick with it for a few days, play in the tournament, play 3 cards at a time in the lower level rooms, you will win tickets and prizes. Never leave a game early, because even if you don't bingo, you still get all the prizes you dabbed. You can level up quickly and that also gives free tickets for each new level. I'm level 48 with 600 tickets. I have not spent a penny on this game. If you like bingo, this is a good app to try.
First off LOVE the app!! How do I get the e-mail address for this app? I would like to ask a question. Maybe I can get an anwser here. How do you collect the achievement awards? Do they automatically post or do I need to "claim" them. Oh and did I mention LOVE this BINGO app...it's defiantly one if the better ones.
Game is fun but you only get enough free tickets to play for five minutes or so. When u win gems u only win one gem at a time and u need 20 gems to purchase enough tickets to play one game. And on some of the higher levels u would need even more than that. This game would be fun if u could play it.but u need more tickets than the game will give u and it costs $5 for enough to play one game!!!! Ridiculous! Would be a great game if it cost fewer tickets to play and there were better ways to get tickets
It loads really slow, but I patiently wait then when I get to play and. Wait the count down and about to start it crashes and I lose all my tickets and havnt even played yet!!. And the wait for tickets is endly might uninstall soon, will have to find another bingo game.
This is Storm8's Bingo game but with ethnic people calling the cards. Is this a joke? The game rooms are the same and I'm at the exact same level as storm8's game. Both games are great but only get to play for max of 30 min a day on all 3 devices I have it on and that's only on a good day when I'm lucky enough to win a few bingos. Not worth it so I'm considering uninstalling.
I love playing this game so much that all my other games don't get played! My only complaint is that it takes so long to get more tickets and then it's not enough to play many games because it takes so many tickets to play. Also, every single time I play the tournament I can't get a bingo. I have maybe a few times. Other then that, I love it!!! Give me more tickets please! :)
I can not believe how many times it disconnects me. I might be able to finish one game before being kicked off. Then it doesn't give you your tickets back or nothing. If the fix the problem I might keep it. Otherwise I'm uninstalling it. There's other bingo games that do not do this.
I am happy this game finally made it to Android. Not what I was expecting though. I only have the option to play up to 8 cards and I have to scroll through each card one at a time. What happened to 4 cards per page and the option to play up to 12 cards?? Lagging when switching between cards. Price of cards have gone up too. Please make this like the iOS version. I do love this game though. It is the only bingo app I play anymore. Looking forward to updates, until then I'll be borrowing my friend's iPad.
Takes a bit to load but once you get going in the game a few days of playing tickets come fairly easily, but I too wish the daily reload was more than once a day. But I love the collection bingo cards for bonus tickets gold and gems!!! I play this less now because I found a game that gives play coins/tickets every 4 hours instead of once every 24 hours.
The other bingo games give you a ticket per hour or a complete refill every 10. It takes too long to get them here and one might get bored of waiting and uninstall. But the game itself is pretty good. Give more options and less time on tickets, I'll give you a five.
It takes way to long to get tickets to play more games! 24 hours is a long time to only get 20 tickets when each card is a minimum of 5 tickets each. Plus you still cant give your friends tickets. Cool game, but not worth all the waiting.
Once you are able to get into the app, it's loads of fun, but I get way too many "no Internet connection" when I know my Wi Fi is perfect and my phone data service is even better. Fix this issue and earn your stars...
If it wasn't for the gold I'm trying to earn for Dragon story I wouldn't play, unless you want to spend cash for extra balls.....! each game ends with five chances to win, just that one ball short of getting bingo! can't wait to earn the gold so I can delete this game!
Great bingo game. Love the different levels. Don't have any issues as many have said luckily! The only thing would be how long it takes to get more tickets, but I'm okay with that because otherwise I'd be playing longer than I should :-)
I downloaded this game to get gems for a different game. Was hoping it would be as good as bingo bash (I can't play bingo bash on my nook). But was wrong. It is a game of chance yet if you win you don't get as many tickets as you spend, and if you don't win it takes 24 hours to play again. Pathetic.
At first, I liked the game and played a lot. However, as I leveled up, more tickets I need to bet for a card. And refilling of free tickets takes almost a day. The worst thing is the poor layout/placing of prompt offers that utilize the gem, which leads oftentimes of losing my precious gems just because I pressed too quickly (remember that this is a world bingo game and players should be quick before quota reach). I'm done with this. Uninstall! 😠😬
I love this game. Awesome time waster. The gems don't cost that much and you get a lot. The 2 reasons its not 5 star is because of the tickets take too long to reset and you can't log in on multi devices.
I love bingo and this is my favorite bingo app by far! But every once and a while it will close causing ne to lose my current game and the tickets I used to play. As far as the tickets go you can win more tickets easily I almost never run out.
When it comes to bingo, this is a game you should really try it,.. & I'm not much a bingo player but I do enjoy playing this one! :) Works great on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (Tablet)
Should get more tickets. You rarely win a game and can use up all your tickets in 10 minutes. It's fun to play at first, but with no real rewards for bingos you don't feel like wasting your time playing. Then you have to wait 24 hours to get just a few more tickets. I install, then Uninstaller and reinstall just to be able to play a little bit.
I really enjoy this game I had it on my iPhone and it worked great. However, on this new Rio version it will kick me out in the middle of a round then take all my tickets. The last 2 days I collected my daily, and then pick a room to play and once it starts, it goes black and brings me to my home screen. Now I already have to wait forever to receive them and seeing as each room takes all ur tickets for 1 round I don't think it's fair that I keep getting cheated I hope theres an update soon or I'll uninstall
Cool game. Exciting and challenging when you can play more than 3 or 4 game cards at a time... Especially for us ADHD people. Lol You have to stay focused on the game or you will miss a bingo. Have fun!!! I see a lo of people commenting on the tickets... Could use more tickets to be able to play longer.
This is by far the best game of bingo out there as a free app but you can play one game before it crashes or not even get through an entire game without it crashing. I'm at the point where I have spent money on it, and I have never spent money on an app before, but I am so disappointed that I'm ready to get rid of this app and most certainly will never spend another red cent on it. These guys are making money on this so why not fix the crash?
But now it's so much easier. I can play at home, when I want. My only complaint is that just as I'm about to press a number that was called, and time is running out, the game won't accept my last entry, but only if it would result in a BINGO! I don't know if you wrote it that way, but after the tenth time, it's pretty cheesy. Otherwise. I really enjoy all of your games. I had to uninstall Candy Blast Mania just so I could install this game. Keep 'em coming!
I love this game a lot, it's really fun. I don't understand the bad reviews. This game is absolutely amazing. You have to be clever at the game to win AND EARN MORE TICKETS! Some people couldn't get enough tickets. Play everyday and you'll get a daily bonus of 22 tickets. I hoped this helped. PLAY ON!!