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Is a Board game developed by Playcus LTD located at Thiseos 9, Flat/Office C1, Aglantzia, 2121, Nicosia, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is horrible! They keep putting ads up to purchase more & more things! They even have one if their ads set up to where the x button is right where the purchase button is! Real cheesy! I played for 3 days gad more ads than anything and won 2 fricken bingos! The worst bingo I have ever played & im deleting it now they stuck. They probably won't even show this review
Impossible to play more than 3 rounds as no way to earn tickets such as mini games or big enough rewards for a bingo. You only get to view one or 2 ads to earn tickets. In order to play longer you must purchase tickets! Very disappointing!!
Ok. A bit slow and not enough free boosters to start for a new player. To get me paying and playing I would need to get hooked by playing through a few levels before I would start paying for coins or boosters
Has potential, but is almost completely the same to Bingo Farm Ways, same layout of cards, same annoying announcer who calls numbers, same system for using boosters. To top that all off, i have noticed at the end of the round, when it tallys up your points, it says you missed a few numbers called but on the history where it shows all the numbers called, that number was never called, so its saying you missed numbers that never were even called and played. its little things like this that cheat you
Needs improving, has great potential to be a top bingo game... Attempted to contact support thru the app quite a few times only to get an error popup saying try again, very annoying wen u gotta rewrite ur message again... Tap for bingo- only works 50% Level up more than one level at once gives same reward as levelling up one spot...
Games are rigged, the more you bet the less likely you are to win or your bonus numbers will come up. At the end of the game you are given the option to get coins to watch an ad or skip it. If you skip it makes you watch an ad anyway and you don't get the coins. Also it will tease you all the numbers will come up except the ones you need.
There are way too many ads and the reward for winning is far less than other games. I spent most of the time having to watch ads, even when given a choice to skip the ad, it still forced me to watch an ad I couldn't get out of! Very unhappy with this game all around. I'm uninstalling
Numbers are called too fast to play 4 cards. and last number called, round ends and given no time to mark last number called games Mark's it as a missed number. you should be given time to Mark it if its counted as a missed number. will probably uninstall this one. too frustrating when the game is biased thank you for your response. it still does not explain why last number called is counted as a missed number when given no time to mark it after it is called. It should be discarded.
I like it but i wish there was another option to get power ups. Most cannot afford real money. Not to mention, a quicker way to get coins. I dropped it one star. It is VERY frustrating that there is a pop up in between EVERYTHING you do asking for rating. I ALREADY HAVE,
They start you out with practically nothing, 8 rounds and I didn't get any bingos. Horrible payout system. No auto daub. Only can access one room. Out of coins within the first 20 minutes. No way to earn coins unless you watch video after video. Then at the end of the game, they surprise you with an ad even if you say skip, that way they still get their real dollars and your real time. Really dumb. Then they call so fast that you miss and they take points for that too. Terrible.
I've been cheated out of 2 bingos. 1 was when you get a powerful automatic, 2 is when you tap on 2 bingos left and you don't get your bingo. When everyone is getting bingos they show up on your cards when your trying to daub the numbers you can't see to daub the numbers. After you give a poor review all you get a lot no misses and no bingos.
I got on the game played for like 4 minutes then it said out of coins to buy cards.. it's a rip off. U have to spend money to actually play.. waste of my time down loading the game..if I could give minus star I would. Doesnt really even rate one star
You don't win any bingos ! !! I keep playing and playing ! ! ! I might've won 2 bingos in 4 months ! ! That's just not right ! You know making people watch ads ( and buy something ) in order to stop them ( ads ) from coming up so you ( the maker of game ) cankeep getting money out of the ad people is just wrong ! Some of us that like the game can't afford to buy anything 'cause we're homeless !! Now what huh ? Hey out there , if you're rich , you'll BINGO alot , otherwise you'll b bingo poor!
Game fun Has great graphics but u have to purchase ur boosts, when ur out. Same with coins to play with. Game starts u with quit a few coins & boosts but they run out quick. Also notice at time u have to daub 2, 3, even 4 times to make daub stick. By that time u have missed some #'s. i play tons of bingo games but this is 1 of a few that doesnt let daub stick or print when pressed. Dont bother unless u have money to spend.
No way to replace boosters without spending lot of money. I am on a fixed income and can't afford all the expense. Might add a few on daily bonus. Will more than likely uninstall soon. People you need to find some user friendly apps.
I really like this game. There's some things I think you can fix to make it better 1 is when it does the count down of bingo's left it blocks the numbers. 2 the cards could be a little bigger the numbers are a little hard to read.
This game used to be awesome until in went on the frits! What I mean is, after I play a game it won't go back to the main screen to pick new cards. Please fix issue!!
This game was fun till you run out of power ups and then have to pay to gain anything. I love this one, just don't have money to continue. So I'm uninstalling and trying another bingo game
Part way into several games game goes out and I can't play. Lose my coins for a game I never get to play.
Only issue is biggest issue. There are not enough opportunities to recieve boosts without paying. Also if you level up from level 66 to level 69 after a single round of bingo, u only get 5 tickets and 1 boost. Shouldnt get the same whether u level up 1 level or 5 levels. Takes the excitement out.
This app is really cool and exciting. Playing any of Playcus games are age friendly. You are playing with people all over the world. You might be able to help other's by sending extra bingo chips. Have a great day, to everyone. 😃😎😃😎😃😎😃😎
The game is great ! But , when it comes to the powerups , I either have to watch a ad per powerup , or buy them ! And I wont be doing either ! If I could buy them with coins , that Would be great !!! But , your cheap on handing those out too !!
I loved this game until today. I bought 30 coins with my PayPal and didn't get them, so thinking that it didn't go through, I decided I would try again and get the next amount of coins. I never received them either. I went to the support site, and the keypad wouldn't come up to try to get my coins returned. I DO NOT LIKE GETTING RIPPED OFF!!!!
Ads, ads, ads. Ads to get daily bonuses and between every round and barely enough free chips to play a single round each day. Uninstalling.
UPDATE...ISSUE SEEMS TO BE RESOLVED. THANK YOU. Like the game for the most part. Really don't like how much time is given after last number called. 9 times out of 10 you miss a number because there isn't much time from the call of the number to the end of the game. Otherwise I really enjoy the game.
Very hard to bingo. Unless you have dozens of boosters you're not gonna bingo. I've gone through 8-9 rounds playing 4 cards every time and not a single bingo. Seems quite unfair.
Lots of connectivity issues. The connection is CONSTANTLY dropping, which messes up the game. The lag is horrible whether you're on Wifi or not. The ads are ridiculous. I would not recommend this game at all. It's the worst bingo game I have played so far.
This is one of the worse Bingo games so far. The fact that whenever you would skip the bonus instead of watching an ad to get a couple extrs coins and it going to a 30 second add was annoying enough. That wasn't it though. Once you were done with the ad and it took you back to the tournament..the bingo game was almost over (mind you that was after fast forwarding through tournament points that you had made the previous round). Sorry people but this needs to be tossed and start over new. F+
Installed game it started to load and only gets to 90% then says connection lost reconnect to internet and my router internet light is green and won't go any further
Stupid stupid 😠. Doesn't load right to let you play. I've played one game . Every time I set it up to play, it just froze.
It's a good game it's got a lot of good graphics only problem is you can't use your winnings to buy your boosters meaning you have to have money whatever happened to playing for free enjoying the game do you ask me this game Bingo game has lost sight of what's important and that is to make the people happy
not a good. experience. if you don't get last ball which game calls and closes not allowing you to mark. it is. recorded as. a miss. lost points. also. if. you play right after game open you may not get your points. it may be from. 2x power nor start of game and recording points is still working. don't know. but my first 2. plays totaling 10,000. were never. given
Doesn't stay on second of all you call a number and you could shut the screen off at the same time third of all you need to have the collar to where I can put it fast or slow it goes too fast sometimes for me so I'm going to uninstall you and find a different bingo
Okay game but you get hardly any rewards in coins to keep playing and you don't get a lot of numbers which makes hard for you to get a BINGO. Then when you do it don't count unless you click the card and even then it sometimes don't register and you miss it. Uninstalled.
At first I wasn't completely happy with this game because the last number called would be counted as missed even though no time is given to daub. Still gave 5 stars. It looks like that issue is fixed. Other than that, love it and 5 stars remains.