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Bingo Smash - Lucky Bingo Travel

Bingo Smash - Lucky Bingo Travel for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by LuckyJoy located at Lockhart Ctr., 310-317 Lockhart Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Perfect. I wouldn't change a damn thing y'all. Why not give us players some double rewards on Facebook every now and then folks, hell you never even know, you might even get a few more people to sign up and download the game. Can't believe that you don't give nothing away on Facebook. Why the hell is that? Come on people get with the program and feed us some credits and powerups ,anyone who plays bingo smash, will you please send me (pink bra, uniform or the one in between those two.
I thought it was gonna be fun but, it loads up to 80% and stops. It goes no further. I have uninstalled and re-installed but, still stops at 80%. 9/5/20 update....I installed again and gave it another shot but, no luck. It still won't load. Saying goodbye now.
BINGO!!! I love that you are so very easy to maneuver. Lots of games are very difficult to maneuver. I like that it is very "people friendly " ! Cannot wait for your policy on when you run out of coins, boosters, etc.. Most apps are somewhat difficult to deal with when you cannot figure out how in the world you are going to put your $$ on a card of some type. It is frustrating to be a " somewhat older " participant! I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to do this. They are certainlylf
it a very very very good game keep up the good work. play a lot of bingo this the best by far. Also to many AD
I loved finally finding a bingo that was like the old traditional games, it seemed that I could just enjoy the real life games I miss. Now I find that I'm in some kind of strange game that I cannot win or get out of...I've hit 46 to 49 points out of the 50 over and and over over again. I can't afford to keep buying ticket to waste on the this losing situation and am sadly ready to uninstall. I did find a way to move on to a different traditional game and am looking forward to playing more. You responded very quickly to my concerns and I do appreciate that. I have tried several other bingo game apps and this one really is the best of them. Thank you.
Okay, at first it was really leaning towards the best bingo game I've played. And I've played most of them. But once they get you hooked and give you a bunch of coins or credits to play the game with for free, you start to lose them real quick. And then it's all about the money!! Jesus christ!! I wish there was just one bingo game like this that was completely free!!!! I'd give it five stars if it wasn't about the money!! Graphics are good and the game is fun but numbers very hard to see. Fix it
As a whole, it's pretty fun. I do have a couple of issues: 1. I have the sound toggled to off, yet when the winnings are collected after each game, a sound is played and it shouldn't if the option is toggled to off. 2. I went through the app preferences via facebook settings for my games on my computer and toggled the part about you having access to my email to off, yet when I first log in, I get the message that you will have access to my email, even though I didn't give you pernission.
I do enjoy the game, however, I gave it 3 stars because they still don't have the "friends" option, even though it is listed as a quest to send gifts. If I am missing something, please tell me. When I messaged them about 2 weeks ago asking why they had a quest to gift friends, but the friends tab still says "coming soon" they responded with they are working on it. 1. Why have a quest on there that is impossible to complete? 2. What game doesn't have friend gifting? It's ridiculous
I absolutely LOVE this Bingo game. I would have given 5 stars but theres 1 issue I have. I always miss the last number because it stops so fast its not humanly possible to get it. There needs to be more time at the end. The only way I can get all my numbers is if I dont have the last number called. Lol. Other than that its Awesome!!
I rate this game three star bcoz sometimes the game is not continue everytime i play and im so dissapoint pls fix it the problem of this game..and pls pls i hope asap bcoz im so erritate while playing the game bcoz of this... And i edit my rate of this i hope its five star if the game is fix..
I really love this game but 1 thing it doesn't give you enough videos to watch to get your cash up to play your next game. Like right now I need only 5 coins to play and there is no where to earn and get the Coins to play. That is very frustrating indeed.
This game is fast but it has gliches.#1 calling the end of the game before the game is over #2 marking a ball as misted that you have already marked when the game was still in progress. #3 ending the game before the last ball is called. I said the game is hard to use because of its glitches, fix them .
Unsatisfactory, and is entirely to fast. Doesn't give you enough time to switch to other cards to hit your number. Don't know how your supposed to be able to get ahead in the game when you literally can't get a bingo. They tell you to play more cards, use higher bets but you still can't get a chance. What's the purpose of playing the game?
When pushing the button to play bingo I have like 20 something seconds then the bingo numbers are already popped like 6 numbers before I can mark the place on the card. And then you have the gaul to say I missed the numbers please try to fix this
All right revised right game at me jumping around first time but slow down take time washboard the only thing you had only on like you having to swap screens like you do for full Carter butter resign just got to stay on your toes have a good that's all right. Y'all have a good time try to invite people
Not once but three times I had BINGO and they never acknowledged it. One more time this happens I am going to delete this game, and that's the truth!!!!!!!
The game is a good game with one minor exception. When the last number is called it doesn't give u time to dobb it and it says u missed that number. I have played other bingo games and they give u a little time to make sure u didn't miss any numbers. I wjsh it was like that in this game.
This game sucks! Not only do you have to spend real money to get power ups (if you can't score them as rewards), but then if a number gets called & the round ends right after, it's counted as a missed ball & you get lower rewards for it. A ball should not be counted as "missed" until the next ball is called. Uninstalling. :P
I like it but the way you win bingo is confusing and you the extra powers you pay for aren't worth the price
I really like the GAME THO since I started all the win as far as coins and boosters don't get added.It will give me the reward tho it doesn't add it to my winnings, soon with this its no use for me to invest money or keep the game.Really needs to be fixed.
The only problem I have with this game is that it doesn't give you enough time to daub the last number called or bingo before the round is over. Fix this n I will give 5 stars.
Hideous!! Cannot shut off that stupid bingo 'thing' showing the called numbers - irritating. Then, it takes10 fkn min to show u every penny & prize you won. Hideous. This is for amateurs
The game is great to play but I have an issue with my coins the coins I receive do not show up and make it to where you half to spend more to get more coins and take the chance that you dont recieve those as well. It seems the owners of the game are getting theres and the ones that wont to play this game cant because you cant get the credit for the coins you are suppose to recieve .other than that it is a fun game but I'm not going to spend money and not get credited for what I bought
I love this game. It is a very fair and wonderful game. Lots of wins. I'll play it a lot. Thank you for making it fun!!!!
So choked.....was so happy to find a bingo game thats was fun.....till now....everything I get a chest the game freezes.....I have lost rewards....puzzle pieces....and completed puzzle rewards....so tempted to uninstall and find a new game.....
5 STAR SUPPORT TEAM, AMAZING!!! I had an issue with a substantial amount of coins missing. I emailed support, explaining the issue in its entirety, making sure to include every detail from the time I started playing til now, so they had a well informed idea of the timeline of my issue at hand. 2 hours after sending my first message, I received a response explaining the gameplay. A few messages and 6 hrs later, I had been refunded all missing coins. GREAT JOB SUPPORT TEAM, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
doesn't give options to change color or dabs or even complete tasks....per say send a gift or invite friends. you have nothing that shows you where to go to do that
Love this game. Just wish it was easier to work with such as inviting friends and liking it or following on FB groups
I had 2 bongos and like other ones even though I hit the bingo it never gives. Me the bongos. I am done with it.
Like I said I love playing bingo and since we have that infection going on we can't meet in the public so playing on my phone makes it so much easier
I enjoy playing the game but if y're too slow at daubbing the last number it says that u missed a ball
I've played alot of Bingo games & I must say that this one is one of the best Bingo games on the Net. I really enjoy playing it! Thanks & keep up the good work.
I've really enjoyed playing this game .unfortunately the cards are way over priced and you rarely get a good return back if you bingo . If you watch ad for credits you only receive 30 which with that you can't get 1 card .so maybe you can rethink you card amounts .. thank you
Don't waste your time Well after trying to work with the developers, and trying all of their suggestions , I deleted this game, It's new, it's got a problem freezing n then you have to close the game n restart it but you've lost everything
I done found myself another great awesome bingo game I just love it it's very very very entertaining exciting and bunches of bingo roomsπŸ₯°πŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ€—πŸ˜€ I just feel in love with it already
It's fun to play but you dont let anybody win, just started to play and I'm almost out of points. And I'm not buying any.
This is a very challenging, enjoyable bingo. This bingo is a must try. I am sure you will enjoy playing Smash Bingo!
When last number is called you do not give me time to dab that number or hit bingo button other then that game is good
Packs are to expensive. Have to go into settings to get to lobby from a game room, no way to back out. No speed control and only 2 cards on the screen at a time so you gotta go back n forth. Calls to fast for me to play more than 2 cards, keep up with power ups, and switch cards. Needs a speed control and 4 cards on the screen at a once. I personally don't like the vip feature, it's more of a rip-off than anything.
It gives you a lot of power-ups and gives you a chance to play the game that's the reason why I love it
Really love this game but there is not enough tickets given to play more than a few games at a time otherwise would have given it 5 stars.
Games are fun,I enjoy them very much,but It's a little fast when you have to switch back and for the to mark cards. I always play 4. But I will get better as time goes on I guess. Need more ways to get coins to buy cards to.
I really wanted to try this game, however after (5) attempts i could have ran to the beach, got a tan much faster.
Love it! SUUUPER FUN! Helps my anxiety ease up & kills my boredom... XxOo πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ˜œπŸ’—
I lost about 300 coins trying to play. The time counted down for game to start and bingo cards never appeared....couldn't play. I tried 3-4x times same result.
Love this game. I'm at level 41 so far, I haven't had to buy coins, I've completed 40 puzzles and I still haven't stopped playing. Love love love this Bingo game
Have not long downloaded this game and so far it's better than the other bingo games I have been playing esp as you use coins to buy the bingo cards. Plus there are more options of games to play. Just wish it had the auto alert as I have missed a few balls on occasion not good esp when it was a bingo
I really enjoy this game only complaint is when playing 4 cards you flip back and forth so I just play 2 at a time.
I love the game itself & I give it 4 stars instead of 5 only because I'd like to see a couple changes. I think you should be able to buy power ups with your coins instead of only cash. Also, you should have a chat or some way of adding other players ( not just Facebook friends ).
I uninstalled because I just downloaded and played for half hour and won about 4 games and it crashed on everyone and I lost all winnings otherwise good game
Fun but slow. Getting re ards at the end of gameplay is slow. No option to speed up. By the time it goes through everything at the end of a game, you have to start out late in a new game. Otherwise it is a fun game
It's not a hard game to download and it is easy to play I love it it's fun at times the only thing that is wrong is it says it's free but you're gonna have to pay after you run out of coins
I got a BINGO right before "round over" but the BINGO wasn't counted. No fair. Fix the bugs in this game.
Would be 5 stars if the game wouldn't end so fast you don't even have time to switch cards to mark your last ball.
Issue seems to be fixed but will see in the next few days. With that being said I love playing having fun so will see how it goes in next few days
I'm deleting it. 1: it doesn't give enough time to daub the last number called. It should either give us more time or not count it as a missed daub, like other bingo games do. 2: its very frustrating that after 4 games it freezes and you have to restart. They refund what you paid for the game but you loose the powerups used during the game. Usually happens when I have bingo on more than 1 card. I'm not going to spend on something that's not worth my money. You inform your support dept, not me
Fun game but I'm unable to turn off the chimes on the summary screen. If I could turn that sound off I would give it 5 stars.
This is a great game I love the graphics and can play for hours, the only improvement that can be made is you should give out free coins more than once a day
As soon as the last ball is called, it doesn't give you time to daub the number. I missed so many bingos that way. It still is the same. I am missing credit for bingo on the last number called. I daub the number called which gives me bingo and it doesn't allow time to hit the bingo at the bottom of the card. It immediately says game over. Very frustrating besides losing points.
I really like this game. Only thing is on a few of my cards it would not let me tap the last number on my card. But other than that I really like it.