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Bingo™: Medieval Fantasy

Bingo™: Medieval Fantasy for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Really diappointed. I was actually excited for a new medieval themed bingo from storm8. This is just another way to get to the same old game I've been playing.
The only thing that I have a problem with is that it loads up slow and I think that when you win battles you should get more gems.
When it works its so fun but I am continuously kicked out mid game and have lost 60 tickets today!!!!! Buying 6 cards and kicked out of the entire app and tickets aren't refunded when errors like that happen as they do in other games!!
So they give you 23 tickets a day to play. One round with 3 cards is 15 tickets, so u can play 1 round a day. You can buy tickets but then u may as well go play real bingo. I wish this company would stop making games.
So dissapointed. The game starts you use your tickets then the game shuts down. You lose your tickets and if youre lucky enough to get to the end of a game and win chests you lose them as well. Not happy
Definitely more generous than their Monopoly Bingo. Some days you can play quite awhile others not. Download all 3 of theirs and alternate the days you play. Thank you for loosening up with this version.
What a ripoff! This game is fixed to cheat you out of your money. I'm uninstalling it because it DOESN'T PLAY FAIR! Don't waste your time!!!! RIPOFF!!
There's a scratch off game that's free to play each day. That's the redeeming feature that makes this version better than others. Other than that, not much to say.
Please stop making us download games that do NOT work as missions in our games that do work. Maybe if they did not freeze up and close out 30 seconds in, more people would actually play them.
Would be fun, but VERY frequently crashes, taking your spent tickets, boosts, and gems with it. So far I'd say I've lost well over 80 tickets from crashes and you get 23 a day. Not even accounting for how expensive the cards are--first room is 2 per, but each room goes up one. So my current highest unlocked room is 7 per. So 3 cards a day. If it was even worth it to waste money on this game, the tickets are incredibly overpriced.
I deleted 3 other apps to make room for this game "mid evil bingo" only for nothing differnt to be there. Just the regular bingo im currently playing. Which by the way has some kind of glitch. Again. Almost like when a dvd skips. Ultimately losing all the coins I used for that game and any prize or collections. Very frustrating.
It is fun to play but often has trouble connecting. Then it still uses your tickets even though you didn't get to play. This is especially maddening if you paid money for the tickets. I lost 18 tickets today.
I like the game, but I keep losing credits/boosts because the game likes to shut down in the middle of the bingo games. I know the game isn't perfect, but Keys/boosts/credits are hard to come by as it is, at least reimburse us for our lost stuff when it happens.
You keep asking for me to rate your game. Well I give it a 3 star for the imagination it took to dream up such fun things to do in the game , but only 3 because I have played ,for fun , the free scratch off game and it never wins. The game claims that you can win but you never win. Also, the cost of the tickets for each game is stupid expensive. So one must wait until they build up enough to play , even for a little while.
Does not realistically award enough tickets to play each theme available and charges way too many gems when you want to refill your tickets! Charge less tickets on themes to play or award more tickets
I downloaded this to get gems for another game. I normally love playing bingo so it wasn't a big deal and thought it would be easy but.. This is so ridiculous! The amount of tickets you have to use for the cards should be lower if you have to wait all that time to get more! Lower the price of cards or lower the waiting time for tickets!!!
Keeps crashing losing gems and tickets. Also bought your $1.99 special got charged but never received it.
Love this game but every time i play about 3 games in it tells me im off line when im not. Ive been cheated out of multiple trunks because it goes to home screen.. Please fix!
Completely froze mid game lost 21 tickets can only play once a day for the amount of tickets because everything costs so much. And took two days to get it to work right and lost out on daily tickets for that day as well.
I enjoy playing. There are many rooms to play. I don't know why this latest version is called Mideaval Fantasy when it is same as previous version called Bingo. I'm unable to send gifts to friends. Why can't we do this in Android?
I used to love the game but in the scratch off part i have won 50 gems twice and it nevers gives it to me!!! Very upsetting!!
I like the game but the only thing is you don't get very many prize bingo pieces. Takes to long to feel up the board. But I enjoy playing it!
How anyone can get bingo when three numbers have been drawn is beyond me....its a complete parcel of utter bollocks. Glad av not paid for it or ad be wanting my money back!
Had an bad internet connection and didn't play the game and it still took my 32 tickets.Most games give them back when you have bad connections.
I installed this game to get gems for my restaurant story, I like bingo so thought I just might keep it, wrong! It will not load, just get a popup that says "oops, downloading ",but it never finishes the downloading! Too bad, you lost a good customer!
I've got other Storm8 Bingo games to enjoy (and play daily), BUT THIS STORM8 BINGO GAME is SMITTEN with the WORST problems. First, LOADING the game (opening the START screen) takes OVER twice the time, than the other Bingos. And IF it finally loads, it often FREEZES ... And Shows most of the rooms only HALF-WAY loaded ... And, frequently, SOME BINGO CARD NUMBERS have ALREADY been called in my room -- so I must RUSH to try to CATCH UP on daubing the numbers (not always successful; thus, never win a "BINGO").
I really enjoyed the app until recently when it said that the version I was no longer supported. When I hit the continue button, it predicted me to a new app called "Bingo made by Storm8 Studios."
I'm not sure how to contact support but I clearly won 10 boosts on the scratch ticket and it said sorry didn't win! What the heck!!!! I used to love this game! Even spent my own money to buy gems I'm really disappointed in this game!!!!! Update :now I never win on daily scratch cards. Uninstalled for a while going to reinstall and see what happens
Too bad it lags so much i miss half the numbers called and i lose the dice I spent on the cards i tried to play
But on the last ball called out it only gives u maybe a half a second b4 the game ends... VERY ANNOYING ... all n all though a great free game. Download Recommended
I really like this game, but you don't get enough tickets to play more than a couple rounds a day. Also the scratcher card stops giving you anything after a while. I can't remember the last time I won on the scratcher card!!
Same as all of the prior Bingo's. Takes forever to get tickets and loads pretty crappy. So glad I didn't spend money on this one. Romoved from my phone.
It's done crashed on my several times while in process of playing I've done lost alot if tickets, plz fix or I'm uninstalling, I love bingo, it's a good way to pass time and chill after a long day of work. But I'm tired of losing tickets that I bye with my own money!!!!!!
Am I missing something here? I thought this was medival themed. All I see are beach parties and disco themes. I want Knights, kings, and castles! Oh even a troubadour. *sighs* I want a troubadour!!
Used to like this game, but now all I get is the "downloading" message. Of course, it never downloads. This problem has been going on for months. I have no idea how the rating on Google play can still be so high with so many people reporting this bug.
Start the day with approximately 23 game tokens. Games take approximately 7 tokens. You lose two games, win one and get same amount of the game tokens. Play that game, lose, and you can't play anymore because you're out of tokens! Takes forever to play the game with all the stupid commercials and give minutes or less to play. Game tokens should be less and winning a game should give you more. Waste of time.
I started a game, spending 28 out of my remaining 31 tickets and used 8 gems to auto-dab 2 of my 4 cards. Right before the game started, the stupid app force closed and I LOST all those tickets and gems! I tried to play a tournament, got through the first round and it wouldn't let me continue without signing in to an account I didn't want to create. No thank you! Uninstalled.
I don't know what "preparing game assets" is but it takes so long it's not even worth waiting to get to the game. The actual play was decently entertaining but after waiting 5 minutes for it to simply open l gave up.
Its the same old, same old bingo game but with different pictures. Boring ::: gonna uninstall until you guys come up with something totally different .
The only problem I have is that I get kicked off in the middle of play. Other than that I absolutely love it