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Is a Board game developed by Saga Fun,Slots,Casino,Slot Machines,Bingo,Poker! located at 388 Ju Cui Street,CD,SC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game it's a lot of fun. It would be nice if u could get keys and boosts with gems too cause it's hard to make purchases if money is tight.
Just started playing seems like fun... Except the only way to get power ups is to buy them... this especially sucks when you get a treasure chest and can not open it because you have no keys....which like the power ups you can only buy... can't even use your coins to buy anything So if you're looking for a fun but costly game of bingo this game was made for you!
Only a couple of hours into trying the game so not enough data to go in to judge the game fairly but if you're going to trade a "special bonus" for a 5 star rating you're going to get a buttload of 5 star ratings. But you're cheating yourself out of getting an honest rating based on your talents, the hours spent on educating yourself, the blood and sweat your poured into making the app, and your merit. So here you go. 5 stars.
Good game BUT many issues. To get powerups it costs $3000 and you may win $100 when play. So its going to take forever for me to obtain as i have about half that. You can watch an add for free coins, or so the picture shows BUT this is Not so. You get 10 gems (tickets). There are treasure chests on card which you need to purchase keys to open. Purchase with real cash which i dont and cant do. So no coins or powerups and no keys is how i have to play. I have bingoed but dont know what you win??
I'd like to give this game a good rating. If I could play it, perhaps I could, but I can't get it past the opening page. All it says is "logining" which leads me to believe something is really wrong here. I've downloaded two different times because of the great rating, same result both times. Bye bye prospective bingo game😞
Been playing for nearly a week now. Great game but as you go along, you'll have to pay for power ups... without which you can hardly win any card. Bet 40chips on a card, two for 80chips... when you win bingo on either one, you'll get only 40chips back. No winning it seems. All bingo games are the same. Need to pay for power ups. & if u dont pay, just dont expect to win any card. If u dont intend to pay anythg, do not download.
Surprisingly enjoyable. Very well put together game. There is two unfortunate things that make it a lot less easier to play. The first one is the in game power-ups, you can only get the less helpful ones. UNLESS you buy (with real money) but thats their aim. And second one is the adds, their long and unable to skip through.
Ive only played this game a couple of times so far, but its actually pretty cool. I usually end up uninstalling most bingo games because they ended making those games to much of a problem to where they arent fun anymore. I'll need to play some more to find out if this one turns into one of those other 'no fun' games. I will say that they need to give players other options to earn keys and power ups, other than having to buy them with real cash. That is something i will NOT do...
I gave it 3 stars bc fun to play at first. But once you get further in the game you'll run out of gems. Than you have to buy them in order to pay for cards and it is expensive. Also, if you have more than 2 cards the bingo caller is a just a tad bit too fast calling out the numbers. No thank you. Very disappointed because it started out pretty fun.
I. Thought it was fun and just started to play ,the play stopped for a small payement for stopping ads,the ads dont bother me but a free game should be a free game
I love it!! This is the first Bingo game that allows me to press the Bingo button after the last number, when it gets me a bingo, and I actually get credit for that bingo. The other apps close the game and do not allow me to claim a bingo when I actually got one with the last number called. I uninstalled the other apps that I was playing. This is now my only Bingo game.
Most fun I've had on my new phone I just got. It is easy to put app. on & then start playing right away. I have'nt wanted to put my phone down since ❣Love it...
This is a good bingo game, because unlike others, it's very easy to play many games. However, once you pass the first stage, more than likely all power ups will be used up and the only option to get more is to pay $. Power ups should always be awarded in game mode. I'm rating this game 3 stars, instead of 4, because there is no option to make small purchases with coins. Also, stop playing ads just to access the menu or other operational areas of the app especially when they are the same ad.
Cute bingo game but I could use a little bit more excitement. I like the temperature at which the caller calls number so that's cool but it'd be more fun if there was side games and other challenges. Hopefully the developers will add other options another mini games like in some other bingo games and perhaps maybe they can put in a tournament.
Like the game very much. I like playing by myself so it is great for me. I do wish it had a few instructions, as in what you can buy with the coins and how the power ups work and cost, ect. I emailed support a long time ago and never got a reply so I would take a star away but it won't let me. The question was how do I build my house etc on the islands?
I love this bingo. While you can buy extras it is not required to play. It is truely free to play. In my book that is a requirement to be a game I would be interested in keeping on my system. It has all the requirements for people on fixed income and disabilities to play often. Cudos to the producers.
Like this app. I enjoy the game. The bonuses are fine & there are not too many ads. BUT! It seems there is no way to Pause during gameplay. Had a phone call I had to take (& no I did not close out the game)& the game finished without me. It's no Big deal but it would have been nice to 1- tap pause.
Love the game but sometimes when you hit a number on the card I'm having to hit it numerous of times for it to highlight..just finished a game and when I hit bingo it didn't do anything...until this issue is resolved my review will stay at a one..once the issue have been resolved I will than give five stars
I am really proud in playing these bingo games they are fantastic and they are a really challenge to play, and like other bingo games they want you to win money or prizes and they tell you have to go through like Pay Pal. But I like these kind of Bingo Games for fun and Excitement, and i like and love people like you that makes Bingo Games like this so keep up the good work. Thank you people personally for this fantastic excellent fun Bingo Game. From Jimmy Lee Lee Davis from Crystal River,Fla.
Easy Fun & Does NOT Have You Jumping through hoops...pressing 'For Sale' signs trying to get you to buy.
I really like and enjoy playing this bingo, I just wish you could win power ups also.Other than that, it's fun and fast paced.
Installed and can't play at all on latest Galaxy phone. It won't let me login as guest and I don't want to be forced to connect through Facebook.
a another policy rule game before you even start where you must play by there terms took out just use your phone for ads where hackers can track your id while you play.only a game not buying.house or car where they.need your id make a big deal for a game
Loving the games and the chances to win have been way above other bingo games I have tried. Fun on and offline!!!!
should have ways to get more power up instead of just buying them cuz i myself nd im sure others play for the fun nd dont have money to buy the power ups that you need to win more on the game but other then that it seems to be a alright game
i played game for 3 days & uninstalled. i liked it at 1st because the different special bingos, that it has a hint function so you don't miss numbers & a call speed setting but these features weren't enough to keep game. I don't like that you don't play against other people. Also Daily goals is to invite friends to game app but when you search for your friends it lists people that aren't your friends & not even similar names.
Its a fun great addictive game but, i think it would be better if there were more ways to earn powerups without having to spend real money, and i also think it should have minni side gamea that earn powerups and dimonds. I think that would bring in more players and just make the game 10 times better and funner then what it is eapecialy for people like me who have spemt real money on powerups.
This game is cool, but when you are out of power-ups you must buy more or else you won't have any. That really sucks. I really like the game and the pace of it. The power-up thing is their down fall. I understand ppl want to make money. But I just refuse to give mine for a game. There are more important things to get done.
I do like the game, but it really gives no explanation of what we need to do or what the goal is? I have coins but no where to use them? Plus we don't have enough jewels to play more then 2-3x even with 2 bingos.
I like this game, my only issue is I can't buy keys, using coins! Why? All other bingo games I've played allow you to use coins to purchase a small amount of the extra items such as keys and the in game bonuses (the coin, instant Bingo's, etc..)
I love bingo from a child. It keeps you thinking along with sometimes deep concentration. I can play it all day.
Oh, dear! What the heck is this? I tried Bingo lLove for having a great score, but it was an orbital disappointment. The cards look bad. The highlight doesn't really help when playing on several screens at a time (more than 2 cards), it's both overwhelming and tiresome.The entrance fee is ridiculous, and the crystals are used up very quickly. The Bingos with extra building features usually repel me, this one in particular is a bucket of swill.
This is fun to play . I enjoy the game letting you know what Numbers you have if someone comes in and distracts you. It's great.
This is a great game because it will show you the numbers and different leaves. (Want be more great to pick my own numbers part for that) (not change anything else. THANK YOU! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š)
Thought i really liked game got up to level 4. Then ran out of power. I had 1500 coins and 500 gems, but no way to get power without paying my hard earned cash. Real money. Can find no other way. So I will be deleting this game. Sometimes it takes time to figure out how they want to get your money. Thanks for nothing. To bad cute game and enjoyable.