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Bingo!™: Haunted Drive-In

Bingo!™: Haunted Drive-In for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by TeamLava Games located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When there is an error with connection or technical issue on the app while playing, the app shuts down or re-load but do not give back the rewards or tickets.. just become lost.
I can even win on a scratcher and it's my birthday I never win anything on the scratchers, no free power plays or coins this game is stupid!! Now bingo bash now that is the best bingo game at least you win on the mini games and they have unlimited power play weekends I'm deleting this app people don't bother downloading it instead download bingo bash!!!!
Love this game, especially if you play multiple cards. It's fast paced and can be a bit challenging because there's so much to pay attention to.
Not even Halloween themed.. opened and bingo setting is at a beach.. your apps are becoming pathetic!! 👍😂😆
This game is trash. It's a cheaply pasted together remake of the probably 12 other bingo games they've done, and yet this one is somehow worse. I didn't play past the first room(just dl'd it for gems in another game), but its cheaply drawn beach theme suggested nothing of "haunted" or "drive-in." Come on, Storm8, you're not even trying anymore! Focus on fixing the games you have, rather than trying to come up with a new one each week. Otherwise, your company's done for. Have you not seen your other reviews?
I keep losing tickets while trying to play, but then it kicks me out - waiting 21h to get new tickets and then losing them? Not worth it
This is exactly like the old game! The only difference was the opening pic! Once you get in it is the same exact game! Nothing "haunted" or "drive-in" related!!! What a total waste of time and data.... you suck.
All of the reviews are angry storm8 players who are tired of "new" games that haven't changed from the original but there's all of these mysterious 5-star reviews with no description. Seems suspicious, huh?
Everytime I get a bingo I played six cards that hit with several bingos and I paid out for 5 keys at the end of taste of Paris and once again like it always does when you hit big it lost connection and I got absolutely nothing and lost all my coins... this is like the 5th time it happened so it's nothing new and now I know it's not just a coincidence it's hacked
It won't open even though I have internet access. Tried to uninstall and install again. STILL NOTHING
The game is great love the different levels and prizes only problem I am having is I go into a room buy my tickets then it shuts off and I loss my tickets
Open the app to play a haunted themed NEW bingo game, only to have it bounce me into the standard game that I already have. What a disappointment 😧
I don't have any connection problem.but the game is taking forever to load. Restarting it is also not helping.
Great game needs some opportunities to get gems however. Also would be nice if there were some sort of haunted themes considering it is supposed to be the "HAUNTED DRIVE IN" and whats with the scratcher game? There are hardly any matches ever. Out of ten scratches i only got one match.
Downloaded this game and it said it is outdated and cannot be played. Why is it even available to download then? 0 stars
Yet another storm 8 game that crashes and takes the money, dice, gems you spent just before it crashes. But doesn't put it back when you reload. Funny how this only happens with storm8 games none of my other apps or games on my phone do this....
I, like many others, downloaded this for gems for other Storm8 games because there is no way in-game to be able to afford the loads of very expensive gem items without them, but I do check out the games I download and sometimes continue to play them. However, I agree with everyone else - nothing haunted except the opening screen. After that I was brought to the beach to play bingo.
I have lost so many tickets because every time I try to play a game it force closes! Please fix it and return the tickets! If fixed I will change the rating to 5 stars. Thank you!
Not enough bingos. Unrealistic expectations. Refuse to spend my hard earned $ on a stupid game. And if you don't buy stuff you are just spinning your wheels
I really don't care for bingo games . Thought I would try this one and it is awesome , love it . It's such a pretty game and you win a lot , good job storm 8
You have to wait 20 hours for more tokens if time limit was shorter maybe give better rating and want to play more no thanks
Enjoy playing this bingo but the tickets to get cards go fast an then it takes 22-24 hours just to refresh to get new tickets. Unless you want to keep spending money off your card to purchase more...
The game is called haunted drive in but there is nothing haunted or drive in themed in the game at all. Once again this company uses false advertising to get you to download their game only to dissappoint in the end. This bingo game is just like every other bingo game they have ever come out with. Its still impossible to get coins. The only way to succeed in this game is to buy mass quantities of gems, but since everything costs so many gems its hardly worth it. I really wouldnt bother.
Have no Idea what these guys are talking about.. But my issue is your App is either drunk or went off his rocker 😄 The App will not open, it's frozen.. Another update chop,chop😋
Even though some say it's misleading, it's a bingo game! If you don't like bingo don't download it, if using only for the quest or tasks of other games it's easy to uninstall as well but the game is fun like all their other games!!
I have to agree with all the reviewers that are, as am I, getting fed up! Yes I enjoy fantasy forest, or castle story, bakery shop...but we keep downloading all these games that take up time, some games take so long to get anywhere like fantasy forest, hatching, breeding, evolving....all the ads to buy something from the shop...and that's ALL the games! This would be enjoyable if there weren't so many games u want us to play all at once..spend real money on almost everything...and waiting for almost 2 days for an egg to hatch, or bake a cake, or order clothing???... for Fashion story..Come on here! And the costs for upgrades, expanding, items required to complete goals are too high by at least 1/3 to 1/2...the games would be that much more enjoyable. I would love to play a few of them without so much wait time..or so many in game ads....does anybody see this..or read these reviews??? Like I said I do enjoy most of these games...but let's get realistic...I mean bingo haunted drive in???? Its just a picture before u start playing normal bingo..really? Seriously....
It would be nice if you would unlink these games and make them separate. I love all your bingo games but I don't like installing the games just for them to be the same ones I have installed already. Please make each of them separate. If you did, I would keep them all installed and play every one of them!!
The only reason I downloaded this (and 98% of your company's other apps for that matter) is because I needed to do so to complete a quest for another app. Which leads me to my complaint STOP TELLING ME TO DOWNLOAD RANDOM APPS TO COMPLETE QUESTS!
Have to delete as I won tournament 2 but was frozen out of it. Uninstalling this game. Not worth having it...
I don't understand why you offered this app as a NEW GAME to download and offer us 60 gems to install. I was looking forward to another Bingo game to add to my other games I enjoy playing by Studio! You have mislead us and frankly I find your stunt an insult to me and probably every one else who fell for it! I used up my data to download and I am out of 60 gems! Poorly done and you should be embarrassed taking advantage of your loyal members who do play and also keep your paychecks coming!
Why do they call it by that name when there is nothing that makes it any different from any other bingo game they made!? No ghosts,pumpkins, or anything else to do with the name of this edition! Liars! Time to uninstall!