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Bingo Frenzy-Live Bingo Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Gluon Interactive Ltd. located at GARDEN BLKS 1-3 233 ELECTRIC ROAD NORTH POINT HONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Watch your winnings. Sometimes I win and it is awarding my rewards it shorts me 1 item. Been paying close attention last few days. For some reason your game decides to not use items from the arsenal you have but instead wants you to pay with diamonds... I have 80 items to use get to use like 3 and then bam now you have to use diamonds. I have spent money on this game but will no longer do so due to these issues... However I love the game! Very entertaining just glitchy....
What is going on.....as soon as you upgrade again I can't log into my account. I uninstalled and reinstalled nothing. So many glitches and then poof again the same thing. This game is good but too many problems when you are always changing the graphics but not dealing with all the problems.....????? So I'm down to 1 star because no one has answered me or tried to fix this. Been trying to log on for over 6 hours.
I just purchased a second spin on the wheel for 2.99 and it charged my card, but I never got the spin. This game used to be my favorite game, but it's got toward it's worse Everytime you do an update on the game
This game is so addicting i recomend but hoping to see more freebie so we can play more instead of always spending money .
All of a sudden nothing is working right. I can get a ton of bingos in the higher rooms and only get like 800,000 some points, the hammers are barley even available anymore which makes no sense because I spend money to play this and lately I'm getting nowhere at all.
This is the most predictable game Ive ever seen. The game baits you in with a bit of hope here and then kicks you out the door. Something has to be wrong when others online are getting their 1st bingo and you havent played a single daub. I've had 12 numbers to be called before I've received a single daub on several occasions playing with multiple cards. Need a G58 they call a G48. Need a specific spot called? You can bet the farm the spot right next to it will be called. Pay $ or play poorly.
started playing this a little bit ago and it was fun. however i'm running into a constant problem with numbers that i daubed coming up as not being marked! its very frustrating because its causing me to not bingo and i miss the all numbers marked bonus. this has happened multiple times. if this issue was resolved i would give it 5 stars, very cute game but doesn't always work right causing you to loose points, bingos, wasting your bingo power-ups, and tickets.
Was fun in the beginning and i got lots of bingos and then in a few days I went from winning lots of bingos to winning none. I have played for bingo 4 rounds in a row of bingo and not once did i get a bingo. The game is not fun when you lose so many tickets on just one round of bingo.
I really liked this app until it stopped working. Says check my internet connection. Nothing wrong with my internet connection. All my other games work except bingo blitz and this app. Both quit working at the same time!? I've cleared the cache. Don't know what else to try. Guess I'll have to delete game. Been 3 days now with same error message.
Love the game, but the card layout suddenly changed to 4 cards on the screen at once... How can I change the layout back to 2 cards at a time?
Nice bingo game,different from the rest. Keeps me interested. I like the outline of the game. Cool graphics. I like the different levels and the places they are in. Thank you
I have played this game for about 2 years and never have any issues until now. I don't get any 🎲 to play the mini game. I am update. I spend a lot of money on this game. This is my favorite game. I'm very disappointed. Please fix this issue. I also play this game a lot. I have tried everything to get it to work right.
The new mini game is working much better than you guys for the best gaming experience. This is absolutely my favorite game. Anyone of any adult age would love this bingo game. I have played it over 2 years and I have completed ever level, but they are always coming up with great ieals. I just can't believe the I lost all my tickets in one game theory cause I have almost 60,000 tickets. The game developers are very generous with tickets. Thank you guys for an amazing experience
I started playing this when Bingo Bash made huge changes. I really like this Bingo game more actually. It has become my new favorite!
This was a fun game! Now it's impossible to play unless you purchase and purchase alot! Customer services will not even reply back! I went as far as taking my phone to the store to see if something was wrong with my phone! Was told it's the game not your phone! Collecting rare cuisine items shouldn't be so prolonged! Spent over $120 and tried for 5 days and just kept getting the same ones that I didnt need already!
This game is SUPER EXCITING and oh so ADDICTING. But I've lost so much from having in game purchases not show up. On one occasion finally support responded for me to contact them only for me to contact them and nothing ever happened. Please make it easier for us to play because this is one of the GREATEST.
Unless you're prepared to spend a lot of money. Dont install. Even when winning bingo rounds your spending a lot more tickets than you will win. Plus tickets are high yo purchase. Not worth it
Love the game, but the snakes and ladders contest isn't giving me any dice in the bingo game. Can you please fix this?
"PHENOMENAL"... How about a new mini game, it's now 2022 and nobody has changed up on the game play. Just a suggestion, but hoping to see different types of game play in between waiting for the next game to start
The game itself is a 5 but customer support is a fat 0. There are known bugs that don't get fixed, there is a 75# club card game that repeats numbers (for example in my 16 calls that I earned, I-16 came out 3 times!) Fun game but don't waste your $$$. Another cash cow game!
I love this game but I one day i had about 500 tickets the next day I had 100 rather than that this game is fun need more tickets
Initially I was a huge fan of this game but now I am extremely disappointed. There are so many glitches, tickets are used even if the game crashes. There needs to be some serious changes.
The game itself is fun but the collections are made very hard to get which is unfair given the high costs of tickets for some of the rooms. Duplicate items are given, ( so far a lady in my team is up to 8 duplicates and hasnt been able to complete a card yet this week). Its incredibly unfair if people have purchased extra tickets.
I have enjoyed this game up until this week where I have encountered multiple problems with the reward system that I bought a gold pass for. I have written to support asking for help but they have treated me like I am stupid and now do not even bother replying. I wish for a full refund of the money I have spent this week as I have been unable to benefit from that due to my reward system not working.
An enjoyable game to play though I don't think it's right that it speeds up very quickly once you get a bingo and doesn't give you a chance to dab the number or numbers should think about getting it fixed. Also when you working on getting a puzzle piece and you get a power to get bingo and it calls all the numbers around it that part seems like a rip off because I've been studying the trend and it is the same I can't give it a 5 like I would want to because it is a fun game.
Got to level 38 & it stopped working. Contacted developer. I'll give a better review if the problem is fixed. Otherwise don't waste your time with this app!!!
I really like the game. The rewards and price has been fair so far. I like the food challenge too. Also I love the automatic bingo and not allowing a daub on the wrong #.
This bingo as 2 down falls... 1st they take a long time to read the numbers if you have 2 cards, i can understand if you have more than 2 cards. 2nd down fall every time you have a food card it surely makes sure that you either don't get your bingo or none of your numbers come up... i get that its a game and it can happen.... it would also be nice if you get a chest that a food ingredients can come out of it πŸ˜‰
I really find the new rooms truly fascinating specially Kabikich and the Pantheon. Its great that they included the rewards for each room for bingos won. You're truly awesome in keeping us to stay in the game!!! I have been experiencing the no sound and music everytime that I tried to watch the ads. I already informed tech support about it. It was fixed for awhile but its the same error. I know that you'll fix this guysπŸ€— For me this is the best and number 1β˜€οΈπŸ’— free bingo game!
I will.not pay to play this. I have never paid for a game (app) unless it was going to be mine. I like the game very much. If they (you)say i have to pay to play I UNINSTALL AT THAT POINT. If I get to continue playing I will most definitely give a higher rating.
Great game! I've played other games that claim to be free. This one really is so long as you don't play for hours a day. I have no idea what other reviewers are talking about. You play in low level rooms and win plenty of tickets. Get the freebies off the FB page regularly and join a winning club and you could play for free for 1-3 hours a day easily. But don't listen to me lol if the game gets too popular they might start making it harder to play free 🀣
Yall need to fix yall game!!! At first i was obsessed with it... now i cant hardly play it because it freezes EVERY SINGLE game. I have lost over 3000 tickets just trying to play hoping it would and i feel like im getting jipped! Thinking about deleting unless bugs are fixed. Id hate to see it go because im addicted but this is ridiculous!!!
Love this game , only down fall I have besides the game not opening at all sometimes ... I don't like the fact that you have to spend diamonds for power ups before you can use the ones you already have ... I currently have over 1600 single daub and chests power ups but I need to spend my diamonds on the ones I don't have before I can use the ones that I do have ... Should be given the option to use what you have first.. I won't go through 1600 + ever of these power up they just keep adding up
The new update has my free tickets stuck, please fix the update..... The game doesn't open since the update . I just purchased season 5 gold, now it's jump to season 6. I didn't get a chance to use season 5 even last night because it did even show up. I had 230 free tickets to collect now it's down to 222. What the heck happened? I need a refund or give me season 6 for free.
Game is ok, but it says you can spend diamonds to purchase items in the store, but I can't seem to locate anything to spend my diamonds.,only cash, WHERE ? What good are the diamonds if you can't use them. Would've given 5 stars
For some reason slot of time I play at least 3 out of 6 games it comes up with missed balls I can see once in a while it can happen , I play lot of other bingo games at this moment not one time they come up missed balls.😑😑😑😑😑 The new game frenzy block is big joke you can't get a single piece to finish the puzzle. THIS SITE IS A DISASTER 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
I have the newest version and the game is still crashing. In the last 24 hours it has crashed on me twice. It says unstable internet, but my other games and my Alexa are still connected to the internet with no problems. I started playing this game on September 22, 2020 and this is the 3rd time the game has crashed on me. On the 6th, I updated to version put out on the 3rd, because I was told that bug was fixed. It has worked better for the most part, but today 11/11/20, more problems.
Fun but am disappointed with the automatic dauber when playing 4 cards. It doesn't work and at 75 I am not fast enough to keep up
It's nice and everything but I'm a game player a big game player and one of my favorite games of all is cooking as fast as I possibly can so you can imagine how big my eyes when I saw this Bingo cooking games it takes entirely too long to cook if you want to be known as a cooking game you must start the cooking right away unless you're going to lose Sho Nuff cooking fans take too long and it's too boring cooking my start right off the bat and a little bit more oohs and aahs and maybe someone tal
Like most games starts out great, shortly thereafter they want you to pay 2 play. I really had fun in the beginning, now I can't get enough tickets to play 4 rounds a day 😣 sadly I will probably uninstall.
I love this game, I play every day. However, it does have glitches. For example, right now they're doing snakes and ladders but there are no dice on the cards so I couldn't play it even if I wanted to.
Bingo Frenzy is my new favo now. Have been playing this bingo game for a long time and I always look forward to daily credits and finishing the rooms. More importantly, "Lucky Gift" theme is soooooo fun and addictive. Can't stop playing it. LOL. Shared bingo frenzy to my friends so that we can play together. Thanks a lot for the great bingo game. 😘😘😘
Takes a little getting used to, but once ya get it. It's Fun! And the bingos are Automatic ! Good Graphics too.
Its very fun and fast. But you can run out of tickets just as fast as the game as. I wish we could get better game tickets when making a purchase
i have played this game a lot since it was previously called cooking bingo and it's one of my favorite mobile games currently available. There are so many new features but currently I can't use the game because I'm playing using an emulator for mac called bluestacks for mac and the app keeps crashing.
I like this game. But it doesn't always give me my free coins. Today it didn't so I won't play today. And if it keeps happening I will quit playing altogether...πŸ˜’
The game doesn't open since the update . I just purchased season 5 gold, now it's jump to season 6. I didn't get a chance to use season 5 even last night because it did even show up. I had 230 free tickets to collect now it's down to 222. What the heck happened? I need a refund or give me season 6 for free.
I've just recently started playing but I'm liking what i see so far. I feel like a couple of other bingo games(my faves actually) are combined here for a spectacular team event! I can't find anything on scoring the teams though. I mean of course a breakdown of turning in sets. How much for 1,2,3 on the 1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day... πŸ€”πŸ™πŸ˜Š
great game and it doesn't burn your wallet to have fun gives you plenty of opportunities to earn power-ups tickets and other temporary game promotions they have they always have a way for you to earn it without having to pay for it which is nice thank you for that!!! Keep up the great work!!! :-) emoji
Anymore this game sucks. Used to get bingos quite often. Now few and far between. Very dissapointing. Thank you for fixing the bugs. Back to loving this game. You guys are awesome.
I love the game. I have spent hundreds of dollars playing this game, but it has gone down hill. Now all of a sudden there are several glitches for instance the dice game can't get any nice because they aren't in any room no matter betting the max tickets. It worked for a day or so now I can't get anything. Several rooms also won't put the power up on the board even when it's been activated. Not spending a other dime and I'm finding a new game.
Changed review from 5 star to 3star since past two weeks no fun overall hard to get bingo countdown to end goes faster few extea wheel spins. A Few weeks ago I got lots more bingos it was fun now it is DEPRESSING. 1. The time btwn end and start of next is TOO SHORT it dosent give time to collect earnings before next round starts. 2. 1st bingo dosent get any more tickets. 3. board game play sucks when 8 dice only =1 roll plus its rigged for you to get sent back several times before u reach en
2 stars for now! Not sure if there's a major issue with the game's recent update or what. Just opened to play and went through almost 400 tickets with no wins (4cards). Thought bad luck until I realized my daub wasn't working the first time. Have to click the numbers twice or they stay uncovered! What a waste. The Devs should definitely look into this. Sucks because I actually enjoyed this Bingo game.
Love it as long as you have tickets and gems or keep earning enough to keep playing its really fun. Note to developer things I dont like or need corrected 1. The time between end of bingo round and start of next is TOO SHORT it dosent give time to collect earnings before next round so you have to join after it started or wait. 2. First bingo dosent get any more tickets. 3 extra board game play sucks when 8 dice only =1 roll plus its rigged for you to get sent back several times before u reach en
It's a fun game, but they dont give you enough green tickets to play much, what's the point in being able to only play a few games. It's not worth it. Deleting this. It's just taking up space. They want you to spend money ,which I refuse to do.
Having trouble getting started. Instructions not clear. Lot of wasted time trying to figure out what different buttons mean and what they do. Like Bingo when I get to the game
My app keeps having glitches for instance balls being called are the same numbers all the time. Second of all the app isn't opening at all. I emailed your support and they sent me 50 tickets.....lol. That is a big joke you know that. The game has so many players and we are in groups. We need to fix these problems and there a lot of issues.
I spend money to play this game and l love the dice game. But l have played 39 boards in 24 hours and only got 3 boards with dice. I had to play over 200 tickets to get those dice. The info on the dice games states any you can play any board NOT SO. sent 5 messages already and still no dice. Rating us going down till this us fixed.
I love this game. Like that I can use my diamonds to get power-ups. However, I that it will force close
To continuously be bombarded with "sales," and never given enough of "tickets" to continue playing. As for the ads claiming that BINGOS are abundant, this is misleading. Don't waste your time, money or energy installing the game. This is a cash-cow, and the developers know it which is why players are bombarded with the "sales." ***edit*** The response is asinine. In order to utilize these "power-ups," you have to PURCHASE these "power-ups," which, for the amount of them, they go quickly.
Pretty good app for bingo, only thing is I can't invite any friends. Neither can my mother in law. A window pops up to select Facebook friends, and it will show your friend in bingo but won't send a notification or actually invite anyone. Please fix. Also it would be cool to be able to see which numbers have been called in a side menu or something while in the game.
Last update sucks!! I love this game so much I have 3 accounts..but after last update..I cant win anything but club balls..the mini game snakes and ladders is not giving dice..my whole team, Bingo Beauties, are have issues...please fix
Was a great game but now dont play warning never buy anything. Very very poor customer service. I purchased seasons and power ups and lost everything. Contacted customer service several times and no reply. Do not install unless you are not going to purchase anything
I think its really fun and addicting, definitely a time killer. But i just noticed today that every place i go into, the cards dont give me the dice. Im not sure why that is but it states that snakes and ladders ends in 2 days but how can i participate if theres no dice?
Fun game... But super difficult to get tickets without having to buy them... I cannot afford to buy tickets I'm having a hard enough time trying to keep my lights watered insurance paid...I did find it when you go into a game it ends up taking more tickets than what you ever win so no matter what you do you're constantly losing tickets with no way to regain them...
I truly enjoy playing this game. Play it daily games are fun. But what does upset me. Is that if you are lucky enough to get first place in a room. Its a joke you win 15 the same as any other bingo. And you get a hundred chests.
Very interesting one of the best bingo games I played in a while it's not as good has Bingo Blitz but it's definitely the second best bingo game I've ever played and a long time I recommend this game to anyone that has spare time oh keep you going and going trust me try it one time just download it and you'll see what I'm talking about I promise you this game will not let you down
This is a really great Bingo game...you can play without spending a fortune and the cooking angle is fun
Fun but hard to play 4 cards on my phone since it doesn't auto daub those cards so flipping back and forth is a pain so just 2 cards for me.
Totally awesome bingo I'm always hitting a number and it's cool so I'm not sitting there waiting and it's very helpful and anyone can play it's fun
I wish they would have a way to trade pieces, with others. N pm members not in chat. We do not play the same time always. Hope you think about it. Besides that you got a real gem πŸ’Ž
I really enjoy playing this game but I have not been able to open to the app. It says loading then kicks it off.
Great fun, lots to do. Love all the specials as well. My only dislike is the small amount of tickets you win when you bingo, you should put up the amount. This is the reason I gave 4 stars, otherwise I would've gave the full 5 stars.
I like this game a lot, there are bugs but support has been very responsive and diligent. They compensate for losses and listen to suggestions. And the games are really fun and different!
I bought a $14.99 gold package and never received my tickets, diamonds, or power ups. I have reached out to them several times asking them for my credits that I paid for, they have yet to respond. I would love to give this app a 5 star rating because I do enjoy the game, however I don't take stealing my money lightly. Beware if you plan on buying chips from this company. CREDIT MY ACCOUNT A.S.A.P.
Fun game to play, and I love the graphics! Plus, you actually get to cook the dishes. I only wish that the price for a bingo ticket wasnt so high...Nevertheless, I still enjoying playing this game. It is now One of my favorite games to play. Thanks & God Bless you.
This is a very fun game, but customer service is horrible. If you get disconnected during play, it doesn't refund your tickets like other bingo games. I paid $15 for the season pass, and the game doesn't always pay out the tickets- after completing the daily tasks. You can contact customer service, but they won't respond or make it right...
The cooking is a unique take on bingo, but it doesn't matter since it's almost impossible to get the last item needed to cook a dish. Doesn't matter how many food bingo you get in that room, you're not finishing the dish. I was stuck on one dish for a week, decided to move onto another dish. Now I'm stuck on that dish... it also doesn't matter how many power ups you have since the game is gonna force you to use specific ones in the room. Don't have it? It's a waste of a game then.
I like, but take note: the Kodak theatre cards look great until you begin daubing, then random card numbers go from very readable to not so much when a thick frost glaze starts covering them to highlight they're special. Problem: when playing 4 cards, there is NO time to look at a # three times trying to read it! WTH!
Need to slow down caller speed a bit other than that im enjoying it totally. Well i am starting to adapt to your caller speed and have had a multitude of perfect daubs for 1000. I am enjoying all aspects of your various bingos that have interesting challenges. Keep up the good work. Im a lifer to this game.
I enjoy the game, but the problem is the ingredients is hard to find/give most especially if you needed 1 ingredients you need to play 20x or more to get :(
I began playing this game because it was fun and the characters were cute However, that has changed. I'm not crazy about your new update. Who cares who the top 3 players are Or how many points that they have. On that same note aren't the rest of the players important as well? Another problem that I have with the game is that it's " rigged". Now it is not probable let alone possible for the same ball to be called in 4 consecutive games. There is no randomness in your gameplay. That is unfair.
Update 07.26.2020: This is honestly my fave bingo game so far ever since January 2020. I refuse, however, to spend another penny on this game, it's worse than playing slots cause their bundles are expensive for what you get compared to other apps. Regardless, I'll keep playing, but wait for daily free tickets and diamonds. :)
It's a fun, fast paced bingo game. I really enjoy playing this. However I would like to offer a suggestion, I dont think we should be allowed to enter a game after the first 3 bingo balls are called. Xx
10/26-Edit: bugs fixed! Thank you!!! 10-17-20 Great game but for some reason, today it wont even let me in!😑
Love the variety. You keep it fun and interesting. I'm just having trouble at the moment getting more tickets. Maybe the wheels could be a bit more generous. They always seem to stop on the lowest amount. 😊Hi I have sent message to support but am going to send it to you to. My game has gone back to the beginning and its not under my name and is a guest. I was at level 216 and I am playing at the low level because I really lime the game. I have lost all my powerups. Can you please help me.😒
I was playing and decided to go to the mini game section. I had 24 coins at the time and was curious what the rewards were. I looked and saw that for some reason there was no way to close it and go back to thr game so I exited out of the app, closed all windows on my phone and went back to the app. 5 of my coins were gone like I spun and won something. That's sketchy. And I have bought things off of this app but I'm turned off now. I'm gonna give it a 1 star, because that's the only way to get
There's a few things I dislike. When calling balls for the team cards, there are lots of duplicates. I've called 5 balls and had 2 sets of duplicates from just those. You use a lot of power ups, a huge amount so you're constantly looking for more. Regularly get told I've got connection issues but my Wifi is good strength. That said, I still play, and for now I will continue, but I hope there are improvements made.
EXTREMELY fun game! Well worth a 5 star rating IF daily tickets were higher. As it stands, you only get enough daily tickets to play a couple of rounds ☹️ **EDIT** DEVELOPER DOES NOT REPLY TO EMAILS πŸ˜’
I was having a blast playing the game at first, but then I did the update and it never seems to want to connect to server so I deleted it!
If you like bingo play a different bingo game. I made 2 small purchases today and after playing a while I had to do real life. Because of this I was demoted from Gold to silver. So don't waste your time and definitely DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THIS GAME!!!!
I'm really enjoying this game. I like having goals to get thru the cities. I like the different themes. My only complaint so far is..I was disappointed when I got a first place bingo and all I won was 5 tickets. Each card cost 5 tickets.. so I believe a first place bingo should have had a significant prize, not just my 5 tickets back :/
I really like how you can make dishes. So you can accomplish something instead of just playing bingo.
Fun but no response on questions. Not very informative on gameplay. Not sure how many stars for restaurants, no answer, been asking all week. Only screenshots here and when looking up online for answers, only the scratch off bingo frenzy shows up. **Update to response: 1/4/21 So that I can get ignored again? Responses should be answered promptly. Thanks for response.
Love this BINGO GAME I've Played.ALOT of Bingo Game's and This Game is By Far the *BEST*!! SO SO Many Options, Unreal I'm at An Awe with this Game. So Many Player's on The Game which makes it Exciting. Hat's Off to The Developers!!! Really So Colorful, So Much Free Items, The Graphics are Out of This World. 5 STAR'S ALL THE WAY I WOULD GIVE MORE but we All Know I can't. Every Friend of Mine Will in Fact *Know I Will Be Telling them about this Fun, Relaxing, Exciting BINGO GAME IS THE BEST*!!!
Best bingo game you will find ,I absolutely love playing ,it has been really well thought out and put together,so much to keep you occupied and lots of challenges to look forward to . I also love that you never have long to wait between games . I really think you should get a higher number of tickets for getting 1st place bingo, its like an anticlimax when you finally do and then win no more than anyone else .That is the only thing I can think of that would improve my playing experience.
I had to restore my computer, now that I've done that I can't get Bingo Frenzy to load without crashing, I've tried everything. Really makes me angry cuz I put a lot of rl money into that game!
So far it's ok, but the caller is too fast for my taste. I will give it another go, I just don't enjoy feeling frantic during gameplay because I don't want to miss a square! P.s. I installed this game because the ad showed the motif as Christmas. Don't see Christmas at all. ☹
I love this game but its getting boreing cause at first u get a lot of bingos and tickets and then it stops.need more ways to get tickets
I enjoy the game and I've been playing for a few months daily but I hate the fact that you have to buy buy buy and barely win anything and it cost so much to play so it takes your lil money fast. I could have all 4 food cards and win nothing but it cost me 72 bingo dollars to play that 1 round. Yall gotta do better, your robbing on the slick.
Amazing games..More Challenging every level up..i Have little request.. 😁 ..using the diamonds?.. For the tickets?πŸ˜πŸ˜… For example..15diamonds for the 8or10 ticketsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.( BINGOgames)he is 100% Entertaining & Fast time Games i PlayedπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
This bingo is so much fun. They give you plenty of ways to earn tickets and powerups. I can't get enough of this game. It's fun, fun, fun..!!
It's a good game, but the amount of tickets that you have to get to play doesn't equal the amount that you can get every day. As you progress in the levels, the amount of tickets that you need to play increases and I am usually only able to play 1 card, and 1 game everyday. Its disappointing.
Since the latest update the dice have disappeared from bingo cards even though theres the snakes and ladders event going on right now. Sent a message to support about it so let's see how they handle it. I lost out on so many dice. Also the rewards for the leaderboard should be redone. 1st place winner should not win the same rewards as 140th place winner and 1st place bingo winners should win extra tickets otherwise get rid of winning places.
I'm thoroughly enjoying this game so far. The only annoying thing is you run out of tickets to quickly, which is a bugger, because you want to just keep playing. I highly recommend giving this one a goπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Its a good bingo game, lots of stuff to do, but the power ups go too fast and are hard to come by. I have made purchases, but they aren't worth the amount of money you spend.
The only issue I have is the rate at which you can get tickets. You have to wait at least 24 hours for the free tickets jar to fill up or you have to win constantly (which isn't always a possibility). You also run through tickets to play the games fast.
Thus is a fast pace absolutley about having fun. I've been playing 4 months now and i've not spent a penny. Tje special rooms have great graphics. Definatly reccomend!!
I play this game all the time but when I spend money on your app I automatically lose 5 or more games in a row. I'm lucky if I get 3 numbers daubed on a card. Instant win after instant win is wasted. I'm thinking about deleting since it's REALLY not fun watching the numbers go by and having NONE. Seems the game is rigged So you spend more money. So just letting everyone know not to waste your money.
I LOVE THIS BINGO! By far my favorite. I don't have any problems with running out of bingo tickets... Like EVER! Only thing I've spent actual money on (occasionally) is buying the season gold pass and that's absolutely it. The gold pass is optional. You don't have to buy it, (nor do you need it), but it's definitely worth it. I highly recommend this bingo. I find myself playing this for hours! Ignore the negative comments on here. Just play it. Try it out. It's definitely the best one yet! πŸ˜ƒπŸŒŸ
Use to be a great game to play. Now issues with the dice game all of a sudden. Played 40+ and got no dice at all. And now hardly ever get bingo. So frustrating.
This game is addictive. But just like any other, it becomes impossible to get tickets without spending money. Even if you're a vip the bonus is 10 tickets a day. Fun for a while but not worth spending money.
This is the only bingo game I play anymore. It is extremely fun and fair. Unlike bingo blitz (2 number get called and someone bingos). Here we all get a chance to get first place bingo. The number calls are a bit fast but you get the hang of it quickly. Love this game. Thank you
Game was going well but all day today I have repeatedly missed getting perfect daub awards because it is saying I didn't daub certain numbers. I keep the full board visible on my screen and the numbers were never called. This happened at least 10-15 times today and is very frustrating.
Love the game but it gets interuped with adds in the middle of the game so you missed the bingo balls that has been called and lose the game where you might have won bingo
My rating for this game is dropping fast. I am rating it a 1 star Because l am here again with a problem Since the mini game started l can only get the lowest gift box even when l bet the maximum tickets. Like the game room Uluru maximum bet is 200 and l didn't get any bingo balls or dice and a green gift box. What the hell is happen I wasted 400 tickets 2 rounds with nothing.
Changing my rating this game really sucks what you win the first 10 minutes that's it been playing for 4 days have had two bingos no way to get power ups no way to get diamonds going back to my old bingo game where I can have unlimited power ups and never run out will not recommendπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I have had several issues with this game. But the developers have always made it right. I'm hoping they will again. You said you got all the bugs fixed. However, earlier I spent 100 tickets and already had one bingo and the server crashed. So I lost it. Also the app freezes sometimes when you're changing rooms or switching to the mini games screen or the special game room. Also this week's game promises more hammers 8f you spend more tickets. That is not true. I spent 100 tickets but no hammers
To continuously be bombarded with "sales," and never given enough of "tickets" to continue playing. As for the ads claiming that BINGOS are abundant, this is misleading. Don't waste your time, money or energy installing the game. This is a cash-cow, and the developers know it which is why players are bombarded with the "sales."
Love the game but there aren't any dice for snakes and ladders and my reply from support was that the higher the season the harder the games are, that is just stupid. It isn't harder it's IMPOSSIBLE if there are no dice
What was a great game suddenly it gone so bad no hamers no food tray ,and useing your tokens but not winning anything I need to delete this game it's to expensive to play !!!!!!
Overall, I enjoy the game, but I have a few issues that warrant 1 star at the moment: 1. Since recent update, there isn't any sound. It's strictly the game, as I can use any other app just fine. 2. I can no longer watch an ad to earn anything, such as diamonds, or powerups, etc. 3. I tried contacting support via the support button and it didn't accept it; it would not send and even disappeared as if I never wrote anything. If the comment had been accepted, I'd hope there would be something.
Pretty good but most of the time it freezes up. It says poor internet connection. I am thinking about deleting it and re-downloading it. So as of now I just go in and collect the daily bonuses. I hate when I am in the middle of a game and it stops. I know I have a good internet connection because the other games work just fine.
Game started out fun and easy. Now it's harder to get the ingredients you need to complete the dishes. Would've been 5 stars if they would fix the glitches.
Great bingo game. Fun to play with lots of ways to get tickets and energy. Graphics are bright and music is cheerful.
I like the game, just wish playing wasn't so expensive. I would love to be able to play it more often! It's kinda hard to get a good payout!
I love the game and group on Facebook. There's only one thing I really don't and that's it's hard to get tickets and power ups. I'm still playing the game best bingo game out there.
Love this bingo game can't seem to put it down!:) also i noticed that when something goes wrong you guys always seem to be right there to fix it ...😁
Love this game, but very expensive with not alot 2 show 4 ur money. Also tried a purchase 2day but wud not allow me.
It's a really fun game to play. And I really like that they cook dishes on here as well. Reminds me a little bit of bingo blitz...which is one of my absolute favorites! Good job guys! I would give this gamean 8 on a scale of 1to10!😁
Love the game, but im having a lot of trouble with the game freezing, crashing and saying the connection is lost when it isnt. I have a high speed connection and is consistently excellent. Every other game works well. Its annoying to play because the balls are backed up and you struggle to daub all of them before time runs out. There is also a problem with daubs being counted as missed when they were clearly daubed, causing you to lose points and potential bingos. This happened numerous times.
I removed 2 of the star rating due to your not responding to my repeatedly request to either refund my money for the glitches in Season 3 Pass or repair it completely and give me the remaining 2000 tickets owed as well as the 620 coins towards my Reward Lineup. Anyone would totally agree with me, that if you pay for a feature you should get it full compensation for what you paid for. Especially since I have purchased in the 2 previous season's.
It's definitely a fun game, but only gave 3 stars because sometimes it's impossible/difficult to get tickets to play. You should add extra ways to get them.
Started off great. Now it keeps saying "unstable internet" right before I'm about to get a bingo and then the round ends before I get the chance to get back to the game. That means I miss a bunch of numbers and miss my bonuses. Btw there's nothing wrong with my internet because all other devices are fine. So it must be a glitch in the game. Will probably delete for these reasons.
Don't spend money on this game. If you do, you'll be averaging 1 dollar for every bingo game that lasts 3 mins which is insane. Extremely low value for your money especially for a game using bots that is designed to make you lose. Other bingo/casino games use same tactic but gives you a lot higher value for your money than this game.
The game wont let you start over with a new character. I uninstalled game and came back a month later still had same guest status and name. Arent guest names randomly selected?
Love this game and since I've start I found a great team that helps each other finishing their set and talk. I recommend this game you won't be disappointed.
Fun...but incentives suck. And you don't get much when you buy extras to continue playing. Takes too long to collect free items. Costs are very high per game as you reach different levels. Had fun for awhile but not anymore. Going to uninstall.
Love this game ! Had over 1000 chips but then the game wont load today so I have uninstalled 3 times and still cant get it to load.. Very disappointed.. And once again cant get tech support to fix the game ...
I really like this bingo cause you do more than just play bingo you can cook with Chef and what you make is displayed so you can go back and look at what you make and more is to come when you download this app!!!
I moved my review from a 5 star to a 3 based on the fact I played over 700 bingo balls last week and still never finished the set. I was 2 balls away on a card from finishing and had 5 out of 6 with 2 repeated items. That is way to many repeat balls. Over 700 just me nit mentioning the rest of my club and still we didnt get all 7.. come on man
I could really get into this game, but I agree with other comments, that struggling to get power up is stupid, and buying them is out of the question as they are very expensive. Whats the point in leveling up several times a day with no reward attached other than a few chips. I've been playing for one week, have over 2500 in chips with virtually no powerups. Will be pursuing other bingo games.
I love the game because it's not just bingo you are also collecting grocery items so I can do cooking. Thank you bingo frenzy. Also I am paralyzed from my neck down so I have a strap around my head and I have a probe attached which hears the numbers and it dabs numbers for me
Fun game game but disappointed on so few tickets in some rooms its 16 tickets for 2 cards and if you are in a team like I am and you dont get a bingo or bingo balls on a card then you have nothing to put on the team card for a prize so more tickets would be good guys also we are looking for team members dees uk bingo come join if in the uk with your mane and pic
This WAS by far my favorite bingo game. I logged on this morning and all my progress was lost. I had around 1000 tickets, 300 diamonds, and close to 600 power-ups. I was all the way to Egypt and now I am back to the first level again. Very disappointing.
Takes forever to get enough tickets to play. You hardly ever win. And when you do it isn't enough tickets.