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Bingo by Alisa - Free Live Multiplayer Bingo Games

Bingo by Alisa - Free Live Multiplayer Bingo Games for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Alisa Gaming located at 20/F. Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Rd Central, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Needs updated, go into update and it says it's already updated. Go to open game, it just says game needs updated. Not happy with this at all.
3 stars because of the actual gameplay. But some BIG points to the game....most of the rooms are almost empty. No one is playing. And those who do hurry to get bingo even though the point is to collect chests to complete the levels. Strange game. Not especially fun because of these problems
I can't make it any lower, you can't win. Now you can't reboot the game when you lose everything, and you will lose everything. And of course, zero response from anyone.
I like playing this Bingo game..cute graphics..sometimes you don't have a chance to win though..it's challenge!
Sometimes the games get stuck. They pause😨, then send the numbers out so rapidly that you can't catch up😱so you lose😑 When u fix that i'll beπŸ˜„ & bring back Cat~land😍(i think that's the name).....the "4 :: anywhere daub"
I see I'm not the only one where the game is not fitting on the phone screen correctly. Can you solve this Alisa Bingo? You stated back in June 2019 you would fix it. Unable to collect prizes and cannot adjust settings since they are cut off from the screen. Would appreciate help on this issue. I love this game and have played for quite a long time but this is extremely frustrating.
this game stole all of my tickets an my money. that's a rip off. the game is cool but this is the second time you have taken my bingo tickets an my money. I think you Should have to mburse me. I'm not playing this game again thanks for nothing Alyssa bingo there's no need. to trip on the game. I understand things happen. its one day all my tickets or whatever to play bingo are other I turn off the game go back all gone. thank you for listening to my problem with the game. deleted it so no biggie
Frustrating game. The graphics are good but it is impossible to win. Even when i get a bingo and hit the bingo button it will say game over and I don't get credit for my bingo. Don't like this game.
I love playing Bingo. Its My Best Friend. Always Here when I need Him. I haven't been getting No Daily Freebies since September 7th 2019. Have they stop giving out Freebies? I'm still gonna play Bingo. πŸŽ‰You're Awesome BingoπŸŽ‰
I really like this game & have played it for many years. I posted a concern recently about my not being able to access games to play on this app. I have experienced this problem for several weeks...always getting the "wait" command for any game I request. This command continues for 5+ minutes. I have updated this app regularly but am concerned that if I uninstall & then reinstall I might lose the Bingo points I have accumulated. Can you offer some suggestions for solving this problem?
love the game...tried to log in on the regular email....was unable to do so....so i had to start all over again on 1st level!
love this game have played for years. I have somehow lost my tickets if you could check into this for me I will appreciate it. I had to start all over. had over 1000 tickets. PLEASE HELP ME
I have loved this Alisa bingo since it first became available to the public! I have been playing it since! It has went through some changes, but always for the best. The graphics are great, the daily bonuses keep you playing for a while and I love the addition of the temporary tournament rooms. It gives the game variety. Now they have added "Arena Bingo" in the app, so now I don't have to play 2 different apps. Kudos to you and keep up the incredible work. Love it! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ˜Š
I love this game. I hate that it is temperamental. I have played this on Facebook. Now it will not load or let me play, it wants me to install on my mobile device. I have always had issues but now am in search of a new bingo to play
I just love playing Alisa Bingo, it's my pass time on the evenings and weekends, love the freebies also , I use to purchase tickets but it got out of hand and was costing me to much money, couldn't afford the tickets anymore,it was like an addiction had to go to like gamblers anonymous, but I really enjoyed playing Alisa Bingo
I love the game except it's not fitting my Motorola phone so I can't collect rewards is there any way to fix help
Very addictive need more cash to play longer or less cost of them for boards can get boring after a while..
can't open game, keeps telling me to update but no update available. tried uninstalling and reinstalling still doesn't work. would hate to permanently uninstall game, been playing it for years, it's been my go to game when I have time to waste.
Constant crashing, sometimes the balls stop for several seconds and resume pushing numbers out faster than can be checked, finally, I purchased 2 coins packages for $19.99 each, totaling $42.42 on 6/8/2020 and never received the coins. The $42.42 came out of my bank account today.
Love the game...BUT....1-Having issues connecting to Facebook on my android and tablet. 2-Difficult time getting Bingo. Seems I'm never winning. 3-On a higher note, love the graphics and voice and its cute. lol Any chance these things can be fixed? Will give it a 5 star if they were! Thanks!!!
Game told me I needed to update..I updated. However when I reopened it, it still kept saying I needed to update. I uninstalled/reinstalled but it keeps saying I need to update...please fix this issue
Too many dropped connections and you lose your credits and coins. Why don't they have s way to contact support on the game? I don't want to keep losing my credits, it is hard enough to build them up and takes forever to complete rooms!
I see I'm not the only one where the game is not fitting on the phone screen correctly. Can you solve this Alisa Bingo? You stated back in June 2019 you would fix it. Unable to collect prizes and cannot adjust settings since they are cut off from the screen. Would appreciate help on this issue. I love this game and have played for quite a long time but this is extremely frustrating. 11/20 Thanks Alisa for fixing the issue! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
It's a good game to play and i love to play it and i have been playing for over three years. The only problem I have with it is in the middle of a game that it will go out and take your money
I loved this game but since the latest update, every time I start a game of 4 card bingo, it gets interrupted by adverts so I lose my tickets. I would love to be able to give this game 5 stars but at the moment feel I an only give it 1 star.
I have been playing long time and love it. I'm having trouble opening the game, it keeps telling me I have no internet connection but I know I have internet connection. what is the problem?
Hard to get collections and tickets, been playing for years still haven't gotten very far as far as completing collections, boosters are random, have to pay to get anywhere as # of tickets per round is obnoxiously high, game challenges haven't been updated since I started and they are minimal at best but the graphics and game play is the best so I pray for more people to comment for some change to be able to enjoy and play longer than a half hour at the most after collecting tickets for weeks!
great game, but need more coins after winning a game. it hasn't opened in a few days. not time for update. what's going on πŸ€”πŸ˜•
Its a unique, intensifying game!!! Likes of this Alisa bingo game is the bonus featurez and the speed of calls each round!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
Another bingo game that is dying due to greed...the cost to play is far to high and the pieces needed to earn more tickets daily are impossible to get! I have paid out hundreds to earn this and still i only get 32 free tickets daily! Its impossible to earn more daily tickets even after years of play! Just another dying game with no players...don't waste your time I would have rated a zero or less, but the app store won't let me be honest
I have been playing this game for approximately 12 years off and on and I'm going to delete it permanently being for the fact that so many times I have had various Bingo's but this app unfortunately does not give you a few more seconds more to mark your number so you can get the Bingo's you deserve I think the app cheats and its foul
Truly love your game. 3/19. Have been playing Fairytale land for more than a mth. now.I need 1 more collection to go on. Faithfully I play everyday. Wow! Pretty obvious you wont let me.Have been noticing I cant get to the next level very easily. 3-31-19. 5of 2019. Still enjoying.
Bad because I don't hardly get any numbers these three bingos and I don't even have one number this is really a cheating I get to bingos in one round they don't give me my points I get a bingo and they said bad bingo
love this game....been gone a while...overseas ... in the Army.. in afghanistan. been playing for a few years...had to start over...forgot my old email.
Forever crashing, it also takes your money but fails to update your purchases.....not happy and would like a refund!
I just received a notice to update so I did. Now I cannot play at all. It just keeps telling me I need to update. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it will not let me get into the game
The game is great but it keeps crashing just after i buy my tickets. When i go back on it takes so long the game is almost over and i don't really get to participate. Please fix.
Most of the time I have been having problems logging in to the app then I do. I get a message saying reconnect to server even wheni have got a good Internet connection. Then when I start a game it crashes so I have lost so many tickets. It is so annoying and frustrating I did love this game until something is done I will not be playing it. Please help!!!!!!
well i am not happy with alisa bingo at the moment because once again it has crashed it went down in the middle of a game and has not come back so what's going on once again your game is not working what is going on this time
Have problems. The game itself is fun, but just reinstalled it on my Moto g7 and the screen is cut off on the right side. Any solutions?
I really like this game it's fun but I think you need to give more on the payouts so you can keep playing
This game is difficult to win. The win ratio is low.I can never increase coins because the game does not award fairly.
Sometimes the collections are hard to collect also it takes too long to collect power ups other than that I love the game
So much fun! The cartoon artwork is brilliant. The developers did an incredible job at making a colorfully visually appealing bingo game and made it so much fun. Hats off to excellent work and make more games!
you need to pay attention to what games you putting up. The one labeled as a blackout is not. It is reg bingo. This is not the first time this has happened. It cost me 20 credits that I didn't want to spend. Also you can no longer get free spins.
Incredibly boring. WOW! Think you could possibly make it move any slower? And hey, while your highlighting all the numbers for me, why not just mark them too... Awful!
it's a fast game keeps you going and has plenty of rooms haven't had any issues would like more tickets but otherwise than that it's not too bad I play daily
Good fun but occasionally there are long pauses then a whole lot of numbers in rapid succession to the point you cannot keep up before the game ends.
I love this game but I need the last collectable on the farm one it is annoying I am trying my best to get it
Removed daily tickets makes it impossible to play. As it was the daily tickets were one of the lowest I have come across. So am uninstalling
Mine won't download at all keep telling me I don't have internet connection even though I'm on Facebook . This has been a problem since last year ! I report the issues and tried everything what they told me to do still not working