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Bingo Bloon - Free Game - 75 Ball Bingo

Bingo Bloon - Free Game - 75 Ball Bingo for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Pipa Games located at Vanterpool Plaza, 2nd Floor, Wickhams Cay I Road Town, Tortola VG1110. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its fun & a new way to play bingo, I'm very disappointed at the fact that I'm almost at the end to win the game at the last round and I get a screen that pops up and says you started a new season please reload and I lose everything I lose my tickets I lose my energies like this is ridiculous and very upsetting to me please fix this because I'm losing out and I spend money playing
AWESOME Bingo Game. 5 stars without any hesitation. Everyone that loves playing bingo, just for sport & not for $ truly needs to download this lil bingo gem & add it to their games played everyday list. All of u that do download & play Bingo Bloon will be guilty for sure of one thing, you'll notice it bit by bit or maybe even all at once. Your guilty of putting Bingo Bloon at the top of ur favorite bingo game list. Y'all r gonna love this game..... Bingo Bloon? All you Guy's Rock🎷🎤🎸🎺
Work together with the official Fbook internet hacker team and Google Play Store friends. They hack over 5GB of data off my phone in 4 days (the rest of my 10GB data 6 days after) every billing cycle. This time while I installed and uninstalled about 30 apps that won't connect to the Fbook hacker team!
Love it until I realized that you pay tickets to get bingo cards and you have to pay tickets to play that round. then if you want to win tickets you have to pay out more tickets last but no least you're daily free tickets isn't enough to keep you playing so that you may want to spend real money. The game is good enough to keep people playing and maybe even willing to pay out a little cash to keep playing. But once again greed has ruined a good
very interesting game keeps you on your toes that's for sure. Have been playing the game everyday until I run out of tickets should have away to earn more tickets and power ups, it would be easier to complete the tournament that Anthony gives us. Other than that I have no major complaints. You have a awesome game? If you will looked at dates from before 8/ 11/19 , it is the same as before that, I haven't made any reason new comment, but I have been to your facebook page and get friends.
Fun and enjoyable game. Lots of challenges to accomplish with nice rewards that make it worth doing. The Bingo games are a bit different which, I feel, add to the game.
The Bingo game plays graghic is great very colorful and the sound is loud enough to hear. This was just downloaded this morning hardly had enough time to play to really detile on this great Bingo game. But I will give my best commersion on the game I can only try to explain from what I played just a little before the internet went out.
I love playing this game but it froze up on me. It just says loading waiting for the adventure to begin but it wont begin. Ive uninstalled it quite a few times. I dont know what to do. Please help!
Unique bingo game. Cute graphics. Love the different tournaments. Starts out with a slow tournament and gets faster as you go. Great fun! Great job...I'm having a wonderful time! 💛🤩
I dont know about this game. For some reason theres only one level. The crab classic. Isnt there more after that?? It's getting boring
Pretty good game. It needs to be easier to get free tickets and power ups, or they need to be cheaper to buy (cheapest ticket package is $2.00, cheapest power ups are $5.00. I go hours without being able to play, or only being able to play once because the tickets to play are a lot. Other than that though, I really enjoy this app and can't wait to see how it develops. *The customer support is *exceptional* - They've been very nice, prompt, and helpful with the (minor) issues that I've had.
it's pretty fun so far. different kind of bingos is nice change. getting better every time I play. the character's are so cute! It's getting better as I play. loading can take a bit. but it's worth it so far!LOVE ALL THE CHANGES, recent updates are awesome! keep it up guys! this game is a blast! Keeps getting better! Great job guys! Keep up the great work!
So messed up. Over n over in the middle of game it just stops n u have to quit n start again. It doesn't give you your coins back n just does it again. It's true in the beginning it was like that. Now it has improved n I no longer have an issue with this.
I have a few problems with this game,winnings that I haven't received I just finished the chapter, now waiting for the Sapphire chest to open, which it hasn't I have spent money on this game and I expect for to get what I won I will be uninstalling this app
☆Re-Edit☆ Last 4 tourneys I used appx 2000 tickets & 50 powerups. Only got back appx 300 tickets & 10 powerups at most. I never got above the top 20% in rank even tho I had 4 cards played in all but 2-3 rounds!!! This game is not worth playing if the Payout is not made more fair!!! Fix it and get the stars back. Don't fix it & I will uninstall & inform everyone I know not to bother downloading it!!! I love the game's graphics & characters. But thats not enough to get ripped off!!!!!!!
Played it for a few minutes, but every time I leveled up it would freeze up & wouldn't give me my stuff from the level up chest. Uninstalled when it happened & reinstalled to see if it was a glitch, but NO. NEVER got anything from those chests. Uninstalling for good !!!
i absolutely love love love this game!!! when i first started playing it, i wasn't all that in to it, almost uninstalled it. BUT, they have made changes to it, worked out most of the issues and i think that it is now my favorite game to play. the rooms are absolutely adorable. my only issue is that i keep playing out all of my credits!!! i don't know the word "moderation", i tell myself that I'm only going to play one round so I'll have credits for later but i just can't!!!! great game guys!!!
I'm a first timer wi the game it's confusing for me rite now. But I'm learning as I move ahead. Most likely come back once I get the hang of this
Problem fixed ty. I do like this game alot. Although i have ran into a couple of games where i did what i was supposed to for a 'chest'(ie 2 bingos in the crab room) and i didnt receive it. But other than that. I do like this game Alot. It is nice that it has something different then same ole same ole.
So messed up. Over n over in the middle of game it just stops n u have to quit n start again. It doesn't give you your coins back n just does it again
dont recommend at all. payouts low to nonexisting due to glitches. credits not enough to play. wont load correctly. daubing is frozen on some buttons. cant shuffle between 4 cards. only support you'll get is "give us your email and phone number so you can get ""free"" tickets'?? who asks your phone number?!? plus advices like deinstall and reinstall wont help shawty developing. dont tell me to contact your "support team" who can only tell me to reinstall. hire better developers. thanks but nope.
I really enjoy the game, but why does the panda stop & wait? I don't know what to do. The extra numbers load, then stop---?? Please tell me what panda wants me to do. I keep having to quit. Otherwise, it's fun, adorable, and something I look forward to playing. Thanks in advance for instructions so I'm not stuck. Cheers!
I really like this game but it takes too long to get more tickets and stuff unless you pay $$ for it. I think you should be able to get more tickets and energy quicker and the quests not b so unrealistic to where it takes longer to win them.
Again the app has not opened an over a week so I'm going to uninstall you until you figure it out let me know can't play the game anyway
You guys have THE BEST reply/repair times of any game I play or have ever played! ONLY reason 4 star is the fact that I despise 24 hour wait times for daily bonuses! I guess also because the daily bonuses are not that significant and I have not seen an increase in the time I have been playing (I believe almost 6 months). I play daily, or close to, so the only reason I can think is to encourage in app purchases which annoy me!! Please add level ups and daily bonus increases based on levels?!!
fun. Better than most other Bingo games that force you to buy tickets. This game is fair, and gives away enough tickets to earn to keep playing. Other Bingo games I tried, constantly force you to buy tickets, because they don't give away enough, even when you win. Good Game.
fun to play with different methods for strategy, and customer service are the best !! answers are expedient unlike most other encountered who never acknowledge customers at all. looking forward to new construction games :-)
Love the game but now it wont open I have been trying to play all night and I have made severel purchesses lately that I never recived or I would get booted out the game and then when I got back in they were gone and I lost them hopefully these issues get fixed soon or I will have to be deleting the game
It would be a more enjoyable game if the power charges weren't so high. This is mainly $$ driven. In order to finish in the top you have to either pay money or store your tickets and power for several days without playing.
Only issue i have is the app crashing to update phone number or email address other wise would have given 6 stars
5 stars!!! The best Bingo game available, and the support staff are awesome. I had a problem with the game installing, they heard my issue and worked very hard to fix it. Thanks Christina and all the staff at Bingo Bloon for an amazing game. Love the graphics too!
awesome game to play!!! always waiting for my next bonus!!! The new look of the game as well as the new layout keeps me coming back for more!!! Thank you for doing such a great job with removing the bugs this game once had
This game has way to many bugs it never gives you the right chest it freezes in the middle of games. I have to contact support everytime I played it. In the beginning they answered me and fixed the mistake now they ignore me and everytime you turn in your items to get your chest you have to screen shot it before you turn it in because EVERYTIME IT GIVES YOU THE WRONG CHEST AND YOU HAVE TO CONTACT SUPPORT. Plus you hardly get any tickets or boosters to play so the chest are important UNISTALLED..
great graphics however problems on getting kick out in middle of games contine put new fix in and played 7 games got kicked out of 5 games lost credits time etc. i really love these games and wish you could fix the problem yesterday saw 2 other interesting sites to play on. still have long waiting times to download.
it's too difficult/unreliable, and/or takes way too long to aquire tickets to continue playing for any extent of time. Need to make it easier to get tickets or make the cards cheaper like take a zero off the price of them or give more tickets AND POWERUPS, and make it easier to level up.
love this game! i recomend it to all bingo lovers of all age that is tired of boring ol games that dont give you enough to play. its fun, alot of details , cute characters, fun challenges , nice graphics and i love that i can play all 4 cards on same screen without having to switch back and fourth. all different game modes unique daubers and cute costumes to dress your character. the grab is my fav!!<3
On the first mission i finished it all but it didnt mark the 4 in the mission as done. With out that mark it will not let me get yhe prize or balloon and with out that i cant go to mission 2 plz fix for me other wise i like this bingo game alot
I've played just about every bingo app available & this is my favorite one so far. I love that i don't have to switch between cards and that bingo is called automatically. If I were able to actually win tickets to keep playing, by winning bingo on my cards, then i wouldn't hesitate to rate this 5 star, easy!! But just like any other amazing app, if i want to keep playing, i can't do so by just playing & winning... I have to spend my actual money to buy tickets that give me the ability to play!!
Purchases have taken 48 hours or more to be credited to my account. Poor customer service and response time.
this bingo game is fun but bloon it is 4/5/ 2021 at 8:00 am intil 10:45 pm I try to play the game and it will not let me in it book says maintenance please come back that's all it is said all day isn't stuck and then once in awhile it will let me in and show me everything and then it won't they won't go away and keep saying maintenance please come back again so something wrong with your game I hope not
I have loved playing this game for a long time but i am going to have to uninstall. It started giving me error messages last week and i emailed the devs. Got an email back that i would be contacted within 24 hours, which would have been monday. It is now thurs and i have heard nothing.
I have played this game since it started. Use to be a lot of fun and if there were issues they were dealt with promptly. Now they've changed the game, you're lucky if you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Getting an issue resolved is like pulling teeth from a rabid dog! I'm done with this game. You will not see another dime of my money! Going to delete it now.
App opens but never allows me to play the game. It stays in the option to pick a bingo number of cards to play and that's all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app still nothing I really enjoy playing this game... However, something has changed where the opportunity is no longer there or available on my phones.
I enjoy playing the game but there just isn't enough tickets to continue playing. And I can't afford to pay for tickets. So if you offered tickets for each bingo or for however many points i win I received tickets would be amazing. Once I get the tickets for the ad and play twice that's it you can't play anymore. And if you can't remedy this I'm just going to have to delete this game because it won't be worth my time!
I like the idea of a balloon the caller needs to be fixed i,m having fun thank you for a awesome game
its a lot better now that they give you more power up. But they need to make it where you get more tickets to play the bingo cards if you hit a bingo . cause you use all your tickets to play and then you have to wait for a couple hours before you can get any more
Not a fan. Love bingo, but not this bingo app. The caller only calls about 1/2 the numbers, then if you miss a "silent" number, they dock you on points. There is no foreseeable way to win powerups or tickets and the minimum 4 card game costs 40 tickets! I don't pay "real" money to win fake bingo. The game also keeps locking up. I have cleared my cache twice still with no change. When it locks up, the screen freezes and you can'tdaub numbers. When it finally starts to work again, the game is over.
I gave it 3 stars for the app setup alone , I didn't make it to the gameplay. Much too pushy for your personal info... It's bingo
ireally like the game & do enjoy playing, i just wish we could add Facebook friends, as well as other players as friends, & i would also like to have a better understanding of how everything works, but overall great game
Great bingo game! There are lots of bingo games out for android and iphone but this one is by far the most interesting. There are missions, power ups and you can even buy tickets with cash you earn on the game! Every single bingo game I have ever played has always given you no choice but to purchase more tickets/gems etc. for being able to continue playing the game.. unless you just stopped playing it for the day (which nobody wants to do). Highly recommended!!!! :D
Cute game but it sucks I downloaded the game and started to play. I wanted more tickets to play and the game promised free tickets for adding my phone number and my email. they send you a confirmation number and you enter it in the space provided..... Then you get no free tickets. They LIE