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Bingo at Home

Bingo at Home for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CAB Magazine Online SL. The game is suitable for Teen (Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
love this app but... what is the purpose of points? I want to be sure I'm not doing something that in anyway rings the balls called. help!
Great app! But I have a question....does it matter if I change the settings from 30/70 to 50/50 ? How does it effect the game? Do all the numbers still have the same chance to win with both? Or more with one or the other?
It would be nice if we can get this app in different themes and colors and voices but love this app for my bingos
Best bingo caller app. Clear spoken real English voice with warmth (not text to speech robot). Good full screen layout for casting to a screen. Responsive call button for line and house. Also displays last called numbers and grid of numbers so players can check.
In the settings menu what influence does the bingo and line adjustable bar do to the game? Because you can put bingo at 100 percent and line at 0 or vice versa explain how that manipulates the game?
You guys need to modify the pattern like put a search bottom that way we can find the full card faster
2 of the exact phone's ... Both are Samsung S10 ... 1 downloaded the voice and 1 doesn't ... What a piece of GARBAGE .... Don't waste your time with this app
Great app, Just one thing to say, could have a repeat Button, for the last number called. Otherwise a great André helpfull app.
fantastic, app, really is, just 1 thing during a game of bingo my phone will turn off, having to start the game all over again, is there a way I can fix this
Easy to use! However a drop down would be far more effective (I would pay) than clicking that stupid button to find a card. It's a total pain and takes way too long... PLEASE consider a paid version with a drop down to choose card.
To switch games it's never in order. I would he clicking for 5 minutes to get full card once but I would get somthing else multiple times. If the games came in order or gave us an option to choose what bored we wanted I'd give more stars.
This is in my opinion, one of the best apps I've come across. It's very easy to set up and use. The voices are very clear. My family had great fun with this today. My only small criticism is, not being able to just have numbers called without all the rhymes. Keep up the good work guys. Is there or will there be anyway of adding my own voice for the ball numbers?
Love the app. We use it only as a bingo caller but we make up our own games. I wish there was another English voice to use.
I hope a future update will happen soon so you can choose the pattern you wanna play, sometimes it takes awhile to find the right one can be challenging
excellent app. does what it says. for people thay are saying it doesnt call the numbers, in setting make sure there is a voice in for the caller. click on downlaod voice and select a voice. brilliant
i love the app. but have a question. does the pattern you choose influence the balls called or is it just random number always?
I love everything about this bingo caller You don't need an internet connection once you had downloaded the bingo caller app which is good where a internet connection is not available How you can adjust the speed of the balls, pause the game then continue from where it was paused, When a line or house is called but it's a bad call and you press wrong then continue the game and the points system calculates the payouts between a line and house as I live in the UK I convert the points into £££'s Also I like how you can download bingo cards from your website or you can download the free app and play on your phone or tablet Keep up the good work
Sometimes the same winning numbers repeat themselves and I also heard that allegedly, there's a cheat kit for this game
My only gripe is... It would be helpful if the app would allow you to chose the card you want to use. Trying to find a particular card you want can be challenging.
Ok but can't alter velocity it's stuck on 4 seconds I would also like the balls called to be a different colour to make it easier to differentiate between what's been called and what hasn't other than that great bingo caller app.
Customer Service is trash, I have yet to get a response to my email, but the app is pretty good outside of having to click through boards Im still looking for clarification on difference between the boards and purpose of points, and its affect on the game. No info anywhere.
I would've gave a five star rating. Please make a setting to change the cards instead of clicking change 50 times to get to the card in need
If I knows how do some of games & bingo I can't get how to get in to sign in or delete any of word search.
Very easy to use, great it has a pause button for numbers ( especially for older people hard of hearing who keep interrupting the caller saying " What was that number !! " Haha... Also printable or app tickets available too !! Fab app I'm keeping. Many thanks, Highly recommend.
You should have a drop down menu to select the game you want. Alwayd takes along time to find full card
Excellent app. Everyonevon social media is using it. Wish I could create my own amount of bingo balls instead of just using 75 or 90 balls. Overall it's still a great bingo game counter.
I love the app. I wish it had a drop down option for the cards because I love playing with a certain card type.
Does the setting Line and Bingo make a differnece if changed? If its set 50%line 50%bingo or 70%line %30bingo does it'll change the way the balls are called?
wel first.....it doesnt call numbers...and it daubs by itself. whats the point of this game? i dont get it....
The worst game ever i domt know what she is saying hard i cant play the worst game dont download it tye worst game tou cant play it😡😡😡😠😠😠
Great app but needs a recall button to recall a number if it is misheard. I love using this app in care homes.
Would like to know more about options. Also I want to be able to actually play the patterns you offer on screen. Needs a couple more options. But over all a great app.
Won't let me download voices in English. When I click a voice to download it doesn't do anything but idle!
Hello yes can you please fix the game so that people cant cheat, because right now if you open up two phones at the same time you can sync the app, please.
Was a fantastic app until I was shown you can sync devices and cheat at the game which is too bad because until then it was great!
very good, just what I was looking for. voice calling numbers can be added. Also option of manual frequency of random ball selection.
Can you please tell me what the point and ball distribution is used for. And does it make a difference on how the balls fall because i want to k ow if i change the default settings will it change the way the balls fall please answer.
Love this app, does exactly what I need it to do. just wish I could choose card instead of sitting for 5 min. Like a drop down menu. What is the card and the points for? Does it affect the way the balls are called?
brilliant had this on my phone for quite a while nar, no adds at all it doez exactly wat it says calls bingo, only thing that wud be nice is to be able to change voices.
It would be 5 starts if we wouldn't have to push the change button every single time to change the type of game to what game we want Please make it to where we can pick from list please and thank you so much🙏🙏🙏🙏
Really nice app, would be useful to be able to turn off the points function, and scroll back through the called numbers. Also possibly see the next number before it is called.
If they would make the pattern easier to set than having to click it so many times to get to the full cards or any other card I'd give the app 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
If you would change the board to select the one you want to play instead of scrolling through them I would give this 5 stars. I find it annoying because it takes forever to find the one to play..and maybe give the option to create boards as well.
Think it's a good app but should flash when a line is filled so that u no some one has won rather then keep track of 15 lines at a time also should be aloud to have less number lines or more if needed
There needs to be a drop down to change boards have to click forever to find full board. Different voices to choose from would be great.