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Is a Casino game developed by Saga Fun,Slots,Casino,Slot Machines,Bingo,Poker! located at 388 Ju Cui Street,CD,SC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
awesome game! finally a bingo game that doesn't force you to spend money to win. Actually based off of your skills. ive hit 3 jackpots today! i have almost $2000 worth of the fruit you use to buy cards!
Good points Game plays offline, use cherries instead of coins, lots of levels to play, etc... Bad points Repeats numbers already called even when u buy extra 20seconds it repeats the numbers which is aware of my coins and HOW can u win more coins on a triple bingo and less on a mega bingo? That's dumb, however I persevere and carry on cos I love Bingo.
I don't like that they will call a number more than once during a game. It's not right that if u hit a wrong number it takes time away from u, and waiting 4 hours to get more chips sucks.
Kind of a cool concept and I love being able to play offline. However, the game timers are WAY too fast! If you aren't able to hear, find, and daub each called number INSTANTLY (which no human can do) you will find this game stressful and incredibly anxiety-inducing. That is the opposite of what a bingo game should be.
So unfair,,okay lang ung time,,the problem for me,is what if you won at the last call??i hope you a 5 seconds before the round over..
I noticed that in a game same numbers are being called especially when I paid coins to extend the time.
I want to know I don't like about the slot machine basically is no matter how much money you try to keep putting in and you still going to wind up being broke with it so I don't know I'm about to hold off on my anymore side for a while
I was not impressed with the games on this app. It takes forever to get to each level & the prizes are not much. Don't waste your time!
This is the funniest bingo game i have come across!!! Love the challenge it gives! i am most definitely stuck on this game!! :)
Rubbish game, calling is slow and time is wasted by having to tap for next number to be shown. Will uninstall
I used to like playing this but then I notice They're calling same numbers not only twice, 😣 that's why didn't have chance to get triple bingo 😟
The game is fun but there's a few things in my opinion that definitely need attention. Fun is good but not the best. I've been cheated out of 5 bingos today and don't understand why. I push the bingo bar but even tho it's in time allotted it doesn't register. And there's absolutely not even a nano second if you get a # that's the last one called to hit the bingo bar. It's definitely on a fine line of honesty. I'm looking to relax when playing this fun game, but that's not being accomplished here yet. Keep up the good work as the game is full of Best potential. πŸŽƒ
I love the graphics and the payouts I love playing bingo and this game is very fun I'm going to tell all my friends and family to play. this bingo game!!!
Nothing free about it. Unless you purchase credits to play more, you'll never win a bonus or advance in a reasonable time. Be warned.
It work fine in the beginning but now crashes to many times and make me lose all my chips even during the game when I finally got a good card and I about to win big the app crashes and I lose automatically. please fix, these already cost me a lot of chips
I like the game but I hope there's an option to have cherries. Sometimes there's an option to watch an ad but oftentimes there is none. You have to wait for the free cherries every 4 hours(?)
Like this game lots of fun everything happens when it should happen not like other games with lots of ad's before playing the game, still playing ur phone freez,no with Bingo I enjoy playing an playing.
At first it was interesting but as the game goes on, I noticed many numbers are being repeated that is making it difficult to bingo.
I really like this game, but I get annoyed when it knocks 3 seconds off the time if you press the wrong button πŸ˜– but otherwise great
Great game. Needs a few improvements. First of all, why do numbers repeat? Numbers shouldn't repeat in bingo. Secondly, when you amass so many chips or coins(I hit over 1,000,000. Level 4768) and it just gives me negative numbers? then when I want to buy 10 or 20 seconds more it wont let me. Thirdly, when I'm close to mega bingo's on more than one card at a time the game freezes and kicks me out of current game.
i noticed that the same number will called twice to make your 1 minute time will up and you will not win because you lose your time. crazy bingo game, uninstalled app
good not great... i love that you can move to the next ball when you don't have it.. but when the game is it of balls it shuts down completely not allowing the last ball or even bingo to be called if it is not prior to gameover... it is very frustrating i have missed out on numerous bingos...
Its a great game. I would like to see bout having a chart for all numbera called. but is very fun anyways.
Absolutely love this game, it's my favorite bingo game yet. I play it every free minute I can. That is as long as my cherries last which isn't usually long even leveling up u don't seem to get nearly enough.
I find this game pretty unfair. You have to really be fast to select numbers drawn, plus enter your daubs yourself and hit the button for next ball and be very quick to see if you won BINGO and hit BINGO too!! If you play 2 or cards, forget it!! There is NO time to do all this and see if maybe you won.
this game cheats i have never heard of any bingo game that calls the same number numerous times in one round a number is only supposed to be called once in a round.
I won the jackpot in Australia yet the app then did not respond and I clicked wait but after 5 seconds it automatically closed then when I enter the app again it did not reflect my prize! please fix this!!! I'll change My rating once this is fixed!!
The game itself is good, however the leveling up to different sections is unrealistic. You want entirely too much per card to play. The free credits are too small and you cant move forward without purchasing to get credits and boosts. I have tried collecting the free bonuses and building them up but I have given up. There's not incentive to continue.
I love this game, but bingo isnt supposed to repeat the numbers. This game repeats the same number, there is less chance to win repeating the same number on the time limit. And we should be able to get the last number in even if the time runs out, or be able to hit bingo if there is a bingo.
Love this game it you just ly in your bed and play😊😊😊😊 You dont have to spend money to go and play the real game and plus you dont need to go out you can just stay home were is nice and warm and play the free game
No way, more than two cards can be easily played in a sitting. Also, only a few balls are called per game. I 16 the final number called, gave me a BINGO. Before I could even mark it, the game was closed. Unless, I pay 1000 coins for 6 more seconds. Ya know, in the real world, this BINGO hall would be "Shut Down"
now I remember why I uninstalled this game the first time, it freezes all the time and usually just as you get a mega bingo.