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Bingo™ for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Storm8 Studios located at 901 Mariners Island Blvd, Suite 300 San Mateo, CA 94404. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Would give a half star if possible. Played for 3 hours and never came close to a bingo. How is that fun?
Good game but suddenly ruined by too many ads. I know game writers like to earn with ads and I have no problems with the option to watch an ad but what I object to is the number of long ads, some 40 seconds, in between almost every game. If you have to interrupt playing by boring us with ads for products I would dream of buying or games that even a dead slug wouldn't play then at least have the decency to keep them a lot shorter so they don't drain my phone battery. Too many ads =many uninstalls
This is truly the best bingo game ever. Hours of play without spending money and very few ads. Highly recommended.
Ridiculous. I played this game a few years ago and it was glitchy so I uninstalled. Never thought I'd come back to find it was WORSE. I was playing to do one of the achievements, and despite getting multiple bingos, when I pressed "bingo" it gave me a bad bingo penalty instead. I'm sorry but this game has been around for a while. There's no excuse for so many basic glitches. Uninstalling for good.
I don't do any social media. So why is the only way you can log in to most games is with Facebook??? I don't live in social media. But I do enjoy playing a game from time to time. Why can I not sign in on google play??? And this is just not for this game. But still love this game.
It's the best game ever because you can get a bingo but every time when i try to find the number it just end's.
I haven't been playing for very long. I like it so far it has a verity of games to pick and play. I have fun when I'm playing.
fun and addictive. Main problem is that it is glitchy. Lose connection to internet quite often that cause you to lose coins.
Scam Artists! Apparently storm 8 cares more about ads then whether their game works correctly or not. This Bingo and Bingo tycoon both have this same bug and storm 8 refuses to fix the bug. I've contacted them 3 times in the last 10 days and they just ignore me and have the same response, watch for an update in the app store, of course it's an update that isn't coming. I've wasted 1000's of dice between the Bingo and tycoon. Storm 8 are cons and scam artists!
Have to wait hours to play practically one game and tickets are ridiculously pricey. Do they not know there are hundreds of bingo apps? This one the worst one
I stop playing because of the ads but I guess downloading again because the game is really good otherwise I believe very fair with collectibles.
The Graphics are great. it's at speed I can handel. The one thing I get mad about is when daubs up at the same time I press the bingo button I'm locked out and no bingo.
I uninstalled because of too many ads but I do like the game other than that and I like especially how you are very generous with the bingo bucks and the daub hint.
Get these videos working Immediately, they have not worked in 6 days, fix these videos right now. Thank you.
as with Clue and Monopoly Bingo, this game randomly gives Bad Bingo penalties and eats up credits. Its not worth the stress when there are better, less glitchy Bingo games available. Uninstalled
Yo, still my fave. Still download every new phone I get. Do wish they would quit asking me THIS though, every new time. Or at least giving me some tickets.
would be alot more fun if it didn't always stall between tournament rounds. its frustrating to have to exit out of app and clear just to go back in to have it do it again after the next round. only happens during tournament rounds. please fix.
Well I like the game, but the game doesn't give you gems for downloading their other games like it says, I've downloaded 3 so far and everytime I go back into the game it tells me a different game to download and I don't get the gems. You guys owe me 60 gems!
Fix!!. Videos arent working again.. 5 days now.. Going to fix?? 7 days now... Videos seem to work fine when they are interrupting the game. How about fixing it so they work towards something good..
surprisingly addictive game! The levels w/light colored cards, essentially cancel out the app's "tips" (lighting up the particular number square that's just been called - when playing 3, or more, cards at once.
Old, needing an update, cant tell if I'm playing against bots or real humans. Rigged to not give you bingos.
My absolutely favorite bingo game. I spend time and money on this game and I'm proud to say that! Peace. Keep up the great work!
Please fix the letter style adds. When they come up, the screen gets so big you can't see what Bingo ball's are coming.
The game is great, but.....the ads are so repetitive...omg, I wouldnt play Toon Blast if you paid me. That fingernail, every other ad. I think I might start having nightmares about it. Enough already.
love playing.....when it decides to load. it will go to 97% and just idle anywhere from 20 minutes to Ifinally have to exit..
Tickets are far too expensive. I managed to play only 2 games before I ran out and it costs 20 gems to get just 5 tickets
This is a well put together game, challenging, enjoyable, relaxing. However I have dropped my rating even more due to the insertion of 40 sec ads between each set of cards, making it very slow and cumbersome. New 2 sec go around for users of tablets. LOL Also inserting ads in middle of countdown which just says 'processing', or half loading ads, requiring closing the game and restarting over and over is a pain. Found the tech support on this game has been quick and friendly.
This game sucks. When you have 4 cards and you hit the numbers to change from 1&2 to 3&4 it doesn't do anything. I'm going to uninstall it. It doesn't even deserve the 1 star, but it wont let me post my review without at least giving one star
Challenge this week. To complete the passport you have to use 700 gems, costing $20., to win (175+40) 215 gems....why bother. Now I am supposed to get 12000 coins to win 45 tickets and I have used 288 tickets to win 150 coins. Looking like a long day.
This new update is horrible you stop giving us gems for watching and replace with 40 tickets yet don't compensate on you need gems for everything or lower the amount. 3 balls for 10 gems is crazy! auto daub you also need gems. Poor decision on developers end.
It's fun, but so many pop-ups to close before you can actually play. Another annoying thing is that when the last ball is called, they don't give you any time at all to go through your cards to dab. So, you watch a video to get 3 free balls, but on the 3rd ball you don't get to dab anything because they close everything. So you don't get 3 balls. If you only have 1 or 2 cards you MIGHT have time, but not if you have 6 to 8 like most of us do. One bingo game I play puts a timer for the last ball.
Really love this game, but am really disappointed that the game doesn't sync when you get a new phone. All the rest of my games have moved across with games launcher etc, but this hasn't. I now either have to keep my old phone just for this game, or lose all of my previous data, with hours and hours of game play, and start again. I already had to start again about 4 years ago when I changed from apple to Samsung, but this time round I have only upgraded to a newer Samsung :(
second best bingo game I've ever played, only drawback is you can't get more than one bingo on a card like my other game, that and it goes too fast, I like to relax and play, but all in all its no. 2 out of at least a dozen I've tried!
Used to be a really good game. I still enjoy it but I am fed up of having to watch an advert after EVERY round of bingo I play, and it's always the same videos being played as well. Also the game wont let me play using my mobile data, it only works when connected to an actual internet server, my boyfriend doesn't seem to have this problem though.
Wish they'd fix the stupid dial to go between cards 1-4 and 5-8 (and 9-12). The dial sucks and freezes multiple times during a game. Get rid of the dial. Also, there are a ton of ads.
I really like to play bingo and don't always have money to play and with this gamegameI cancan play with thier coins
Haven't been able to load the game for about 3 weeks. Tried reinstalling it about 4 times and still won't load.
I love this game but the last few months i haven't been able to watch any videos even with an internet connection. Please help
this bingo game is DIFFERENT!! its a MUST PLAY! There are MANY different boards to play, tourneys, classic and they're all just plain FUN!! i totally recommed!
This is a great Bingo Gaming App, it's fun to o play and so far, I'm really having a good time playing it.....
I love playing this bingo app, but whenever I install and play the suggested game I never get my 30 gems. Everything else works fine except for that feature. But, it's still a great way to pass the time
I've been playing for close to a year, but this new update is ridiculous. I've been able to overlook the glitches like not getting gems for downloading games and getting kicked out right when you start a round, causing the game to crash and you lose your tickets. Now this new update, you cant watch ads for more gems, and you almost always have to use them if you want to win. Once mine are gone, I'll be deleting the game unless it's fixed.
There are a ridiculous amount of ads. It takes forever to even start playing because of so many add everytime you open the app. Then expect an ad to play after every other game for awhile before it calms down. But that all starts over if you close out the app.
I have a blast until ads start, can b taking over.. It can b very distracking... Otherwise, I love it!!
I loved how you could play bingo with anyone at any time and the different levels with different themes, I gave it 4 stars because it could glitch and kick you off from time to time.
Good at first, then limited me to 21 tickets a day (which is roughly 7 cards in the first level - later levels are more expensive. Roughly 5 cards in the second level). 24 hours to play 5 or less cards? Are you joking?
when I played years ago. I got a bingo 75% or more of the time with 2 or less cards. Now it's much more difficult to get bingo. You can get more tickets to watch ads though. The in game play ads are too repetitive though. The game keeps freezing during tournaments so I deducted a star. Had I not had such great experience in the past with this app it might be 4 *, but I have. Okay game. Storm8 has and can do better
I honestly cannot tell you how annoying it is to be bombarded with adverts all the time for rewards, and then you DO download the other game and DO NOT get your reward. Ugh.
Not very exciting, don't really like the 3 levels of boosters either. Didn't play long enough to have to deal with the ads.
I miss playing bingo with my mom .... I like playing on here because I don't have to go to the places we used to go as it's to painful still.
I love this game and been playing for a few years but it has recently started either crashing or freezing on my Samsung Tablet. 've uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. Very frustrating.
Whenever I watch the letter style videos to get more moves or free moves, it messes up the game board. Then you can't see the whole game board. If it plays landscape videos, you can see the whole board. I have re-installed and same thing. I have also restarted my tablet and same thing. This just started about a week ago. Love this game and want it fixed.
you'd think that if you got a new device and you logged into your storm8 account that you'd be able to continue where you left off in bingo, right? well, you can't continue where you left off, because the bingo data from your other device won't sync over to your new device for some unknown reason. so, that means you'd basically have to start over. hopefully storm8 fixes this issue.
I loved this game in the beginning! Now my videos to watch for a free game, free auto-daub, 3 extra numbers, etc don't work anymore. Yet their videos still work. Guess I'll move on to another Bingo game. Any suggestions?
used play this so much more than I do now as ADs just ruin this game now no one wants play a game bingo then suffer 30 seconds of ads its ridiculous puts me off now dont look at ads not interested in them bingo blitz dont have ads so can have games with out ads just way make money well am done not playing this anymore
Despite of having a fast internet connection(wifi), the game keeps saying that I'm not connected to the internet. Bullsh*t app.
never won...pretty boring....could have some attachments like some small little games that you could play to get more tickets or somethin'....because other than that its meh in my opinion...but thanks for the opportunity to play the game(sorry if i spelled something wrong😅) have a great day or night✌ and dont forget to smile!😁🌹
X-rated ads shouldn't be watched or played by children!!!!!! Challenging, enjoyable, relaxing. However I have dropped my rating even more due to the insertion of 40 sec ads between each set of cards, slow and cumbersome. New 2 sec go around for users of tablets. LOL Also inserting ads in middle of countdown which just says 'processing', or half loading ads, requiring closing the game and restarting over and over is a pain. Found the tech support on this game has been quick and friendly.
Played tournament, selected 8 cards, used gems for "auto daubs" and guess what? NOT A SINGLE BINGO (I recorded it for proof). On top of that, I clicked to watch a video for 3 extra balls and the game froze then crashed. When I went back, not only did I lose tickets and gems, I had a tournament score of 0. Downloaded other games DID NOT reward gems like it says. THIS BINGO GAME SUX!!!! I'M UNINSTALLING FOR GOOD. WISH I COULD GIVE 0 STARS.
I love this game I've been playing for months and all the sudden it's won't let be play because it needs to be updated except there's no update available. Will rate 5 stars if it's fixed but until then just 1
I also dislike that I have to reinstall it whenever I break a phone and than have to start all over 😥 wish it had a sign in option so when you download it to another device you could log-in to where you left off!
Bonus gift feature stopped working. Used to be able to view videos to get bonus tickets, gems etc now all of a sudden the videos are not loading. I have written to tech support who closed my ticket within minutes telling me to update the app, which is the most recent version anyway. Now I can hardly play the game at all with just the daily bonus.
UPDATE: Today is 1-22-20 n still nothing has changed! Unable to install any of the STORYgames. Pls respond or fix the issue pls? 1 word = horrible!! I have been trying for the past couple of days to.download this game but keeps showing as "waiting to download. I tried other games n they downloaded just fine so I know it's not my service. Now with all.of that being said, are u guys having issues.at this time?
It's costly, and these games are greedy, and want you to invest all your money, and I'm not for that, so if that's why you'll want me to play you'll game is for my money, them is not for me to play, just as simple as that sorry. Gotta go. Fun game, but not for my money 🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.
Still waiting for the game to load. Still need internet connection, and yet the rating I gave wasn't displayed and no one has responded to my rating, so now I have gone from 3 stars to 1 star as I cannot load the game.....which is a shame because this bingo game I got lost in.....hours and hours of playing....
Generally a good game, however it freezes at the end of a game, only when you are about to win lots of gems or points in a tournament. I have raised this issue several times and have been ignored. Other games respond immediately giving back what has been lost. STORM8 DOES NOTHING
wow! this game is cheap and good value for money, unlike some rubbish bingo games on this store to buy extra duabs or tickets is highly pricy for me, but this game dont do that to me, but i musnt try and spend too much cause thats how these greedy devs make money out of us.
loved it, then a week later I was unable to watch videos for prizes or rewards. nothing is wrong on my end as far as internet goes so no idea what's going on. uninstalling now