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Billionaire Clicker

Billionaire Clicker for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Achopijo Apps located at CL ALAMEDA CAPUCHINOS, 19 30002 MURCIA, SPAIN. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is what the developer said to this game "Bicton billionare was cool... LETS COMPLETELY RIP IT OFF YEAH" this should be taken of the play store
I would give it a five star if the suit case did something besides give u adds. And also I stopped getting the messages at about 1,hour of the game .if there is a way to fix this bug please let me know
There is only one reason I am giving this a 4 stars is because what girls want to play this game when you even change how the person looks fix the problem then I'll rate 4 stars
I only downloaded this because I couldn't get the real game. Now that I have it, I have no reason to play it anymore.
If you are one of those people who love clicker/tapping games (I know I am) this is a great app for you!you get to tap and tap or just buy investors to get the money for you. I love this app it passes the time smoothly and is a lot of fun!
Bitcoin billionaire rip off. These developers must have literally copy and pasted the coding and put no effort into making this game. Just money hungry people.
I like this game and it's awesome! .. and also can you guys add more items like hoilday type and add character editing and more places! Also can you fix where you watch ad for gems and then when you click on the x it plays he ad again.. Thanks!
This game is a rip off to bitcoin billionaire and the developer would of said this "bitcoin billonaire was cool But LETS RIP OFF THAT GAME" this game should never be made in the internet
This is worth -5 stars. It's terribly made. It is a terrible rip off of bitcoin billionaire. This is something I would make when I am extremely drunk. 🖕
Much prefer BCBill over this clicker, which feels rushed & rough in comparison. Also don't like the blatant BCB idea ripoff, the constant losses in what I earned, nor the constant pestering for ad clicks. But I may give it another go in future, if they polish it up a bit and make it more interesting to the players.
I WOULD RATE ZERO STARS IF I COULD. First of all it is a complete rip-off of bitcoin billionaire, and if you copy a game don't put in app purchases. Second, the game takes so long to complete, and the it impossible to get all of the achievements because you have to do to many things to complete the any of the achievements. One of achievements is like complete the game in less than TWO HOURS, and I said the game takes hours to complete so its basically impossible to complete all of them.
I don't know where the negative reviews are coming from. When I got bored of Bitcoin billionaire I started playing this and it is quite fun. Only problem is that game sometimes randomly reopens.
This piece of trash is a clear rip of Bitcoin Billionaire, and they aren't even trying to hide it. However, this is not copyright. It is not stolen. Billionaire clicker is an EDITED VERSION. Ergo, it isn't copyright.
When I wanted to download it i thought it was going to be EPIC i mean it is but its kind of a copy of bitcoin billionare...and if they copied you you guys did excellent! And if not please make it original thx ;D
As long as its fun its good okay? So,no more people saying this is a ripoff of bitcoin billionare okay? Cant we all just get along? *cricket noises * oh yeah....this is the internet................................................... ......rrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhht
"Whats that, Bill? A new game, called Bitcoin Billionaire is making tons of money? I think I have an idea, Bill. How about, instead of making our own original game, we just copy that game and hope no one notices?"
This game basically stole everything it is from Bitcoin Billionaire. Except where this game is a sloppy, buggy, pile of trash, the game it took Everything from Including The Logo, the Real, Original game Bitcoin Billionaire is polished and amazingly fun and addictive with layers of strategy, complexity, and replayabilty. Plus the Original that this game ripped off, Bitcoin Billionaire has a major content update coming out very soon for Android and iOS to be released for each platform at the same time.
A complete copy of bitcoi billionare. I downloaded this after opening it once a I immediately put this hate comment on it.
Same exact game as BcBill, even up to the logo of the game with a guy throwing three coins in the air. This game is a crappy fake.
ID GIVE THIS A -1.you cant do anything in this game do not get this its a waste of time.(im serious do not download this app)
Thieves you guys keep taking my money like large amount of my money is taken plus this game is a copycat of bitcoin billianor you guys are SUUUCK WHATEVER WHO MADE THIS GAME UR A COPYCAT STOP TAKEING OTHER PEPOLS IDEAS AND CREAT YOUR OWN
This is a total copy of Bitcoin Billionaire which is far better than this excuse of a game. It should be deleted just because of the fact that this is a sham and a total rip off to play.
This is an absolute ripoff, bootlegged, version of bitminer billionaire. Down to the LOGO! Really? You can't even mix it up? Not even a little???
I mean seriously /Copy-Paste Bitcoin billionaire! I mean srsly why does this all have in app purchases, apchopijo should be giving out coins and diamonds since this app gets no reviews without them saying, "Ripoff of bitcoin billionaire. okay So Just Stop Cloning Other Games And Think Of Something Original!
Before the update i would have said this is the best game on my phone i love it and have beat it twice already. Now i say the update ruined it. It goes soo slow to have to click 2000 times takes forever now and before i could go through it in a few mins. I dont know what you tried to change in the update but i assume making it go super slow was not in your intentions. Please fix!
I mean it was just bitcoin billionaire, But I kinda found it useful, because my tablet can't download bitcoin billionaire, but over all meh.
This game is a total rip off of bitcon billionaire its like they put no work into it and copy and pasted bitcon billionaire!!!!!
Rip of you have copied bitcoin billionaire because you cant think of a game so you copy you are a NUT SCRACHER 😫😛
Game keeps crashing on start. I been trying to play this game for awhile and haven't able to load it since I got it on my Galaxy A10e. Please fix!
OK! who ever made this really needs to delete it because this is the worst, I repeat the worst rip off, or in the creator's case, since you think it's a game, this is the worst game I've ever played and it's probably the worst game anyone ever play. Okay I have been doing there and for what I'm about to say is one who really loves that game would agree with one of the right to say: you might have just ruined Bitcoin Billionaire for me! Good job you little fother mucker
Everything except the bugs and weird glitches is a rip off of bit coin billionaire even the logo u just changed the sprite
If the game had mor updates it would be better I could imagine you should have put the whole number cuz some ppl don't know there numbers that well like k mean thousand and b mean billion but other than that AWESOME GAME
Absolute copyright, stollen property. Developer copy pasted this game, don't let him profit from this. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS ILLEGAL COPY!