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Pool Billiards offline

Pool Billiards offline for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Ball games. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š .... I absolutely LOVE the billiards app..!! πŸ₯°. It teaches me patience and helps calm my anxiety!!
This game is lots of fun to play, as well as, sharpens your skills for the actual game on a pool table.
Very entertaining and user friendly game ads are also very few and reasonable . Thanks for creating soooo entertaining game .
Its fun but not easy and the pool stick, just sets its self in an ood position,which makes it hard to hit the ball.
The game is good but we need credits and levels and to be able to make changes in the table eg balls,pitch as well as sticks.
White ball is BIGGER than the rest of the balls which gives a deception/greater challenge on angled shots. White ball is "forced" to fall in pocket (scratch) even when it's not supposed to. Movement of cue stick is (sticky) quite difficult to manage. Wish this could also be a paying app for every good shot or just even playing/using the app. Maybe the developers could add a "challenge round" giving a DOable task of making a particular shot with a bonus pay. Just a thought...
Good realistic game but there should be more options like changing colours of balls and table. If balls were numbered then there could be option of sinking in order. Could be a 'call shot option where you touch the pocket that u are aiming for before each shot.
Its cool but i think it can be better if yall give it a better up grade make it more fun because its to hard to aim the balls so im giving it 2 stars till its better and more fun.ps Thank You.
It's a great game i would really recommend that you add more setting, level and upgrades so for that am giving it three stars
I have a steady game with a friend of mine. It's a rivalry between us. I enjoy your game immensely.it is very realistic. great game thanks.mike levine
My experience with this game is good but no levels in this game that is disappointing me, everytime same goal same level. I request you to add some levels so that it would interesting.
I find that the controls work a lot better than most of pool games. I love the game. Someone got it right.
only problem is when you set up a shot and then it decides to alter the angle just on the strike. Otherwise a good ap
If you see it at first, you think that it is an easy game but when you try to play you release that it is complicated game any way it is an enjoyable that every body can play because it let you from boring.
Way too much ads from the very start. Right out from the start game wants to sell you game cash for real money. Not going to happen, uninstalled.
It's easy to use and so interesting but the rules are not complete and I see no option to play with another player online
Its a good game i realy enjoy it when am free.the play is very easy.there is one thing thpugh if u could improve on.add some competitive levels to make da game more intresting and fun.thank u.otherwise its a good game.
My experience with this game has been good. I like playing pool. I Iike that i can pull it up and play any time and i dont have to be on line.
Like this game it's good fun especially playing against the computer plus no ads to interrupt play very addictive thanks.
I absolutely love this game because it's very interesting and it takes away boredom, but how I wish you could change on that thing of the CPU having more chances than the human, treat us equally
I understand why is it only me playing all the ball. Its all the same playing with one player or two players its all the same. Why why why ?????????????
Enjoy the game very much. Play it continuous. I like the graphics.. It's a great way to shelter in My home & pas many, many hours.
I love the game and I can't stop playing it, when I'm bored. Makes it challenging alone or with whoever I want to play with it. I have no other words, but I really enjoy it.
Fun game that can be played on or offline. My only complaint is that the game declared a draw when the computer player scratched while shooting for the eight ball.
I wish there stages and levels where one could progress... It is boring playing the same thing over and over and over
Nice game but too much iritating . When we play with C.P.U it always wins and hid ball always at the correct hole and if we put at the right situtatoin it does't scores .. so much iritating app
Love to play pool. Its with you alway. Love to use side angles and all kinds of ways to practice shot to play at clubs and do it very well. Its having away of teaching your self to be good at playing pool.
I would give all five stars to this app...One of the best offline game app....I had downloaded it about an year back..I use to play at least one game each day, which shows how attractive this game is..Really awesome..!!
I don't no much about Billiard,i just see people playing,even i don't know how to play. But when i come accross it on my phone i started playing despite the fact that i dont know how toplay. Later i started playing with the maching from there i started learning. Very intresting.
The negative reviews this game gets are from people who just get impatient with it. I happen to like this one. I was looking for a fun pool app on Google play store, and there was a bunch like this with IN APP PURCHASES. Plus, some useless swimming pool water park apps i didn't want right now.
This game is so much fun I can play just the single one and have a great time making great shots and I played a friend who loves the game too and had a great time playing 😊😁
Good game! In low memory. But there is little bid problem in graphics they need to make it better. If this happens then it is similar as 8 ball pool
Very easy to use the Pool Cue. It's very straight forward and Realistic Pool Table, makes it very Fun and Challenging to play. Loads of Fun. You guys did an excellent job in making this App. Keep up the Good Work. Cheers
It consumes most my leasure time simple to use but difficult in attaining high score despite the added advantage that you use it even if you have no MBS
Great game bro excellent control power bar side, plus minus control(without in fUll screen) pocket size difficult level everything is excellent I really like the gameπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Excellent CPU Pro level. Truly a challenge for me after 3 loses I nearly Won one and finally Won the 4th game. Best play smart and not miss a shot. I commend the the creator
I love and enjoy playing this game.i would reccomend pool lovers to download it but the only problem with this game its that it does not add the no.of balls after every score
Lot of fun but had to learn this apps version of 8 ball. I've always played by a set of rules that say pocketing the cueball after sinking the 8 ball is a scratch and loss of game. Not so with this app.
Is a very nice littile app, I liked this app because it takes only very little space of your phone and is also very easy to understand and play the game, the aiming is very nice and we can play the game offline as well as online... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘.
Nice game i like it very much So good very good game to spend time with you and this game maximum number of people and many students are Playing the game for fresh her mind
It's a nice application. It gives you the feeling that you are playing the real thing. The experience would be greater if it bad the function that makes the stick move slowly for more accurate shots.
This one is the best so far to me. Learn or practice on this one and you will be a shark for sure.πŸ‘ Guys..
Best pool game, better than those 100mb plus ones too. Love it. Just wish there was some pool stick/table design to chose from maybe. ^_^ best wishes to the devs
Decent but basic. No English options. Pool cue has a hair trigger that shoots when I'm not ready, at least on my device.
Not the best pool game, no control over the white ball, and when lining up a shot it sometimes makes you shoot instead....3 stars only.
I love this app it's great playing pool on The computer ive never seen it before. Its cute it fit's the screen ferfectly It works just great. Thanks for such a great idea playing pool in your hand Gerald Lee Stroud.
The music is digusting,my ears will bleed. The balls sre just different colours. I think in every way shape or form 8ball pool is better than this. When the balls hit each other I just want to vomit.
its just so easy not really brain cracking....u can port the balls from any angle...just 1player or two players or u and computer...its a NO for me
I love this game it is really good lt keeps you occupied and it is really a game you would enjoy playing and Billard free game is one of the games that is highly rated you should try and play it and see how much fun it is
Billiard game is indeed one of its kind, a single day never passes by without playing it. It keeps me accompany when less busy or lonely. I encourage andriod users to download the app and enjoy it.
Very nice, but aim-positioning on low-to-medium smart phone screen can be tedious activity. On high definition screen is it as sheer pleasure to play.
Great game. The touch for the cue power gets picked up when trying to adjust the shot. That needs to be fixed.
The aim and power is so off in my perspective the thought that needs to be put into it is quite crazy but I love the game overwise. It's good
I find it hard to aim for the ball, its not easy to adjust the cue. But the game against the cpu is good. I hope you can improve the game especially when choosing what ball to strike.
This app is really sharpening my skills for the real game. It gives you a good perspective on angles. I like the fact that you can change the PowerPoint from left to right. it's convenient that you can play alone, with computer and others. You need to improve sound quality to real life sounds.
The game is just fantastic that makes me one to play even more. One more enjoyable thing about it is that it is a fair play game that makes it seems like you and your friend is playing.
This game is tremendous looked so easy but a very difficult game.It improvesy playing skill of Billirad.It is a great and mind sharping game.
I like it because of its aiming precision. It is easy to miss a shot when you don't take the time to line up the cue, the ball and the pocket and the power of the shot needs minding. Even the other more sophisticated pool games mostly allow sloppiness to creep in. This one not so.
It was almost 3 stars until last update. Instead of improving gameplay this update only push longer ads. So now I give only 2 stars.
Sometimes when the cue is placed over the 'power lever' (also a cue) the game thinks I'm selecting power rather than trying to aim. Otherwise I am happy enough with the game. I think on 'normal' the computer player does miss a bit much on some of the easy plays to pot a ball.
All areas of gameplay and graphics are brilliant. Definitely best choice for a BILLIARD GAME. Thanks for the hard work put into this game
The good for those who enjoyed it.for learners keep you would like as time goes and as you sharpen the skills with time.
The human part is quick and smooth but hard to pocket the balls. The computers part appears to be like hanging or malfunctioning: too slow and can't wait to take the shot.
All the things are nicely devoleped by the devolopers. But the hard mode is too difficult. But i think this is yhe best billiard game . Thank you.
It's good game however there's difficulty controlling the cue stick in aiming and when you go to shoot it's difficult to control the amount of power of the drive of the ball and the game doesn't have different angles in which you can aim the ball to make the game better these things need to happen
Best for knowing your skills your self when you are playing, with a computer and having comfortable settings in this app to do not make it bore to play much more time. It will make you a challenge to others. This is one of the best app which was I'm playing till now... Thank to you... Plz comment your favorite app which is best for everyone ...!!!
A good game. Why folk complain that playing the computer is hard is ridiculous...play better and you CAN beat it.!!
Real sounds on contact. Accuracy is spot on. Though I feel the hard is a bit simple. Nice focus game to relax with. Cheers....SD
The game is cool but it lack certain features: touch to aim features and option to select a different board disgn... We need variety of boards with different colors and designs
Brilliant game . Good animation . That too that balls look cute.if you want to play hard then, human- computer-------->hard-------->no aiming line with small pocket . Its simply awesome . I loved it.
Billiard game is the best for relaxation. I love it. It's so relaxing and it keeps me engaged mostly.
The game is awesome sometimes i find my self concentrating in my phone My wife and i used to compete with the computer and each other
It's not to bad to play. A little hard to aim the que. I would like to see other games so I can change it up.
Good for novice and beginners ... And for people who wanted to practice γ€Š8ball pool game》; Plus it is a lite app. Β€Β€Β€Β€Β€Β€Β€Β€Β€γ€ŠMore or less 4 Megabytes only...》 Try to download and play this game. To know how great this is.
Amazing the luck the computer has making shots or having the cueball park right behind their balls so i can't have a shot. I call horseshit. This game is barely a diversion as far as accuracy
great game to practice no aim lines. the other games are average but no aim lined make you better. love it. not as easy as you'd think. keep this one maybe add real opponents.
This game is the best so far. Ive tried the others. Has great challenge. The easy, normal and hard. I like the hard option best. At first the cpu use to beat me. Now I worked out how to beat the cpu. Great challenging game. Thanks to the developers.
I think its great. Only play at hard level. Its a little hard to aim your cue, but other than that i like it a lot!
Great Game . with this you can play any Billiards or snooker . this gives the predication to make sure what need to be decided even though we are nowhere. Thumbs up ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppuppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp up
Lovely precision engineering especially on two player mode only wish there were more tools added to it but so far best realistic pool game available on the Android and IOS market.
Passes time plus it's like playing real pool, I do enjoy it. Thank you to who ever made this.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
This game is so cool, it has no probs once you get the hang of it. Im satisfied with the service, besides its only less than 5MBs so whats not to like😻😻
game is basic but good.. though id like to be able to do more with the white ball , like putting side or top spin or screw back... the computer opponent seems to be able to...
I have played this game for some time and with due experience i can do it more better , the game in short words its so perfect because of freedom in it when one is playing ..
A nice billard game if you want to kill some time . Level 3 is where the cheating starts,if you know what I mean.
An ultimate billiard game I've encountered so far. No nonsense whatsoever. Download and keep the balls rolling. Awesome
You can maneuver the ball whichever way, i just love this game. Most times am relaxing i play this game more so the hard option against the computer and because computer fails in certain moves! I always come out victoriousπŸ’ͺ.
Power bar is ridiculously over powered. You can send the cue ball back and fourth across the table 8 times. This spoils play as its impossible to place the shot to stop where you want it for the follow up shot... Silly error in programme
I can't believe the realism this game offers despite its VERY SMALL size (only 2.2MB). It doesn't require hi-spec devices and it's absolutely run smoothly in any device. The ball physics were mostly accurate, with realistic rebounds. The only flaw I have with this game is the sound effect
Loud takes a great deal of self-control to avoid slamming the most delicate shots. Seems all bullish no calming affect as in the real sport. A fun game nonetheless 🎱
This is a great beginning pool game. If your looking for a fun game of pool and you don't play pool on a regular basis, this is a fun game. Yeah there are a few glitches but I found it was my fault in where the cue was, too close to the pull back cue. I've had hours of glitch free play now. Give this game a try. Easy, relaxing, and fun!
its a very cool game and really keeps me busy when i'm less busy because i don't like being idol....but the hard level should just be called impossible....its too difficult thanks anyway for this cool idea
the game is fantastic and I like the game soo much but one thing is you Will easily win until you are in normal mode l,.you would win if you play hard mode that's all.
really like not having to deal with the coins/rewards like some of the pool apps i tried before finding this. just shoot some pool by myself or against computer without all the extra BS.
A real good game but becomes difficult when aiming lines are removed but however try and see but me I give it three stars
I like billiard game from school age but could not get chance to play on lavish wooden table, now I am sixty three years enjoying on android. -- Thanks
I have become a champion in home competition not because I knew to play pool but because of the experience I get from this. Well done to the developers.
It is very nice and perfect game with low memory required to run easily. very good very good effort. I congrates to the team of. this game, who provided the best game in a positive manner to gain joy easily. I thank you again.
its really challinging only that it lucks if i havr potted teo colour once at a breaking time, its me to continue and the option is mine to decide not the cpu okay......thanks for the services, it takes away boredom
super but why when you play with android you cant win no mattre how you try and if a person throw the dice it will go quikly but android if you throw fuul of enegy it just hit slowly..you need balance it
Shooting speed in this game is too slow or too fast . Just cannot get the actuate speed to sink balls. Nice game when I am waiting for someone on my lunch break. I don't like other pool games that are too FANCY ...not what I look for. This game could be better
It is so boring game for me .it is very simple and there is no level in it .please add some level to make it interesting and crazey
Very Impressive Pool Game! However, it would be more strategic if the opponet could control their own English during the Pool Game. It is the coolest 8-Ball Game on the Planet! Plus stuff not popping all over the screen disturbing you during the game! Other than that - Its a pretty good setup!