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Bigfoot Hunting

Bigfoot Hunting for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by nanoByte located at Lahore Pakistan. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was the best game I played in my life It is the best game ever including you can put down cameras and watch the cameras And see if Bigfoot comes and put down traps on the cameras
Ok for a second, too easy. Just wait outside your shelter. The only consistent way to win is standing by your shelter, Bigfoot is like a ninja so he sneaks up behind you making no noise at all until it is too late and does more than half your hp. But Bigfoot is really weak. You can kill Bigfoot with a pistol faster than a scoped sniper rifle, in fact the rifle is pointless because you never know where he is unless he is running at you. Pistol does half his hp if you get almost all of your shots.
the game is very good but it's just a little bit scary bigfoot he's just a little bit early cuz he is very big and you just can't make one with another ok this is my name by the way Ben πŸ’“πŸ€”πŸ€™πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„πŸ€¬πŸ˜°β˜ΉοΈπŸ˜¨πŸ€ πŸ€–πŸ‘½πŸ˜»
Tgis game is still on develpment stage 1 the map isnt finished the graphics are in th trash and controls suck the bigfoot looks like he is the child of golum and a gorilla and can kill you without even being near youπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
First you die in 2 hits and you can't put the traps down where you want them they're automatically set down for you if you click the button.
I fate it 4 stars and I have 2 questions about the game 1. I don't like the graphics 2. I can't Find BigFoot
I love this but there are some problems 1.beartraps dont really do anything 2. He moves faster than the flash 3. If you put meat he will take it and then run away. 4. You die in 2 hits. Its good though Your better off with the multiplater version
Its decent the pictures are kinda difrent but quality is ok so its a decent game and big foot gives you jump scares i freak out when it makes a noise behind me
1. Hes flippin the speed of light and theres this huge glitch with a giant him in the house 2. When you place meat down after a bit he eats it and is gone at the speed of light and the traps have no effect to 3. If you a bit away from the house he attacks and it takes like 2 hits and your dead
As I now started to play I got the shotgun and ran outside bigfoot ran up behind me and took half of my heath and why did u put easy level as hard I cant even touch him this is the worst game ever
i wish the meat and traps would stay and you could see out the camera,s it would be a very good game if you ad muteplary and make Bigfoot. slower you can,t even see him
Here is what I think, you're other bigfoot game was better here is why. When you pick up med-kit you use it Its hard to control and bigfoot is stronger than the other game. Work on the other game more. I would give 1 star but this game has potential.
i hate this game its glitches you can not see big foot he takes you hp from 100 to10❀ in one hit one you can't find a way to see in the πŸ“· this is not cool please no more 😣 and i can't even shoot πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ˜£πŸ”«πŸΉπŸ›‘ sooo unstalling
this game is amazing but i have some suggestions for future updates first put some animals and make cameras work also put some audio ques and a flare gun but tis is the best bigfoot game I've ever played
it scared me and its a good game just like the controls and some stuff is kinda missing like cameras and flashlights day cycles and other stuff but so far its a really cool game
sorry to say but this game needs a little bit more work for starters. an ad is in my face as soon as i press start and i cant even place the camera sorry but one star rateing sofar it was legit and didint scam me
Control sucks, the buttons get in the way of other buttons, being far too big. I liked the idea of the game, would gladly play it if the two were better.
it super sucks and super garbage!your game is a copycat!when i placed a trap it disappears!delete this or ill report you and prison you!
1. You can't hear Bigfoot until it is literally on top of you?! Ridiculous! 2. There is no way to track it, including while you're still inside the bldg, such as with radar, with a high-tower & a spotlight, etc. & that is stupid. 3. Bigfoot, evidently, knows exactly where you are & attacks you very quickly after you leave the bldg; makes no sense! At all. 4. Play-control is very poor! Made far worse bc Bigfoot kills you with 2, 3 hits, max; stupid! This game is not worth the time or the effort.
he kills you in 2 hits, you can't see through the camras, he moves to fast so you don't have time to run, it's hard to see through the scope, and he comes in for a 2 hit not long after the first, and could it kill you to add some better graphics I mean Bigfoot literally Glides across the floor.
I love it it's actually very cool where you place traps and set up cameras and hunt down bigfoot! Well it's kinda hard to play on a tablet like I have and uh yeah its really cool so we'll can you create an update soon? It can be anything!
Whenever you have the camera put it down never reach green but I took down the Bigfoot and it was so fun do easy mode so easy
The traps don't work, the graphics are awful, the images provided make the game look way better than it is, the cameras do very little, the pistol is the only gun you need, and yet it is not a bad game. I won on hard but I only killed 2 of them, the other one just died by itself
I hate to give 1 star reviews but this is the worst phone game I have tried so far . The controls are terrible actually unusable. Big foot sprints up behind you every time hits you and sprints away you can sometimes catch a brief glimpse of his back before he is back in the woods . I feel bad about it but this game is hopeless
so Bigfoot is a ghost now apparently he randomly pops up out of nowhere and disappears without you even seeing him very very lame
I tried it in just EASY mode. First, the controls are horrible and cannot be customized. Second, the bait disappears in 5 seconds. Third, when the Bigfoot shows up, it is on top of you in less than a second so there is no time to defend yourself nor attack. Fourth, you can't quit the game without watching a 30 second ad. As a result of a game that cannot be played correctly, I am uninstalling. Good try.
Not very good kinda mediocre. I like the weapon choices and the ability to jump but it feels like it's not finished. If you'd like a good bigfoot hunting game try out Bigfoot monster hunter.
I loved this game. And I was wondering if maybe you could one just like it. But instead of Bigfoot, you're going after the Yeti
The game is well made the graphics are amazing the weapons are good but the traps don't stay and when big foot hits you it takes away 50% heal but over all it's a good game
So one thing that would be good for the game is that your person can regain health but other than that it's a really good game.GG to the creater of this game
Alright, let me start by saying this. This is a working app, most people say the cameras don't work, they do just not in the way you think. The cameras and an area to the mini map in the corner that'll "motion sense," bigfoot as a red dot when hes near one. what doesn't work are the bait and traps. They'll despawn after a few second of being initially placed. If you keep working on this app, add multiplayer, and maybe some fun tools like flashlights, flares, and working beartraps. Finally if you added controller support Id literally try getting anyone I could to play a few rounds of this game with me.
The game is fine is just I don't like where the jump is if it was somewhere else then I will please I'm not saying that I don't like playing it I love playing this game awesome that's why I gave you the four stars but everything else is fine love the weapons I love crossbows tell me what your favorite weapon is
Great game I g ave it a 4 star because I can't buy the "no ads" it wouldn't let me I have enough money To pay it just doesn't let me
I want AM Andrew did not play this game a failure scares if you're scared of very scary stuff don't get this game it is there I wear are in if it down just came I want Hunt you down and you will bass away say because you download this game I'm to down pass by them are pretty fast word you buyers And oh Basque words or whatever you say possibly be thisAHHHHHHHHHHHHZ Tried that light down this game in you you will die
I won one round and the cameras do nothing but I think it was fun and good work making the cameras work. I think maybe you should make the player have dialogue also make the person's face be seen when on the cameras.
This game is tooooooo hard ...... I am trying to hunt it out !! When I see the cams, the back option is toooooo hard to see... So pls fix the bugs.
The reason for 4 stars is you cant see bigfoot on the cameras and only way to find is is to go outside
This game is incredible! I get scared every time bigfoot comes at me. All I would say is that the bait does not last the longest. I guess the graphics could be better, and the looking around is a bit slow. Also, they should add a RUNNING button to go faster, but overall this game is a 10 star!
The person the critical review and the 5 star reviews both reviews were written by idiots big foot is over powered also the guy who said suck ape balls his review became a joke between me and my friends and I pissed myself from how funny it was so the game develor Can suck Ape balls also the guy who said this is the best big foot game he had ever played play finding big foot instead end of review
Hello this hame is good but i think its scary a little and my little sister rated this app too well she rated 2 star and i also rated 2 star to see if i can meet other players bye!
wut the heck shot the thing 3 times and one of the times he ran away then i shot him again and rhe he turned around and killed me then i turned my phone off cause it sucked so much.
It's amazing scary and cool, but the pictures are different than the real game though.pretty good all together!
No point in exploring or proper hunting just stay next to camp on a ledge (so he can't attack from behind) and wait for him with the sniper it does most damage just don't use the scope and boom you win every time it doesn't matter if he hits you there's a medkit in the camp, it's pretty ok imo just not a hunting game and the traps are useless and the cameras too
this game is super scary like right when i was settihg up my first bear trap bigfoot straight up scard me and I LOST THE BEAR TRAP right before bigfoot came, made me lose heath and scard me. I just uninstalled bigfoot hunting and i hope this helps you cause it would help me.
This game is good but.. im really scared and i rate this 2 star to see if we can meet other players pls fix some of the controls and other stuff my sister also rated this app 3 or 2 star you can see bye!
I have played this once when i was littler and it wasnt great 1. it wasnt easy to use controls 2.there wasnt multiplayer like there was on youtube 3. big foot litteraly came into the house and killed me when i first joined the game and 4. i spawned in house when i thought i would spawn at the atual camp. it was 1 year ago so im kinda exited to see how the game changed. also, i hope you can make a x-box disc for it because it would be a lot easier to play and people will buy/get the gam
Its fine and all just add more space extra guns and Please add Multiplayer Duo or Squad it would be a big hit
This is the best bigfoot game I have ever played! Its has a bit of ads but you can get rid for 3 DOLLARS! Most games get rid off ads but when you click on it it's like 15 dollars or something. This game says it's for 16 year olds but I'm 8 and it's not scary at all. Not like most games the only thing you can buy with real money is get rid of ads. 5 out of 5 good game just maybe make a mode where bigfoot is a yeti and it's a snowy map? That would be really cool.
This is an awesome game absolutely thrilling but the thing is that there is no warning that bigfoot is coming and also I think it needs a crouch button and maybe night vision goggles on the next update.
Very fun game I've seen the bigfoot and the hut but could u make so that there's tracking bullets so that u can catch him easier and 1 more thing could you make bigfoot weaker like 3 hit kill how about 10 hit kill for us ya just a suggestion tho not actually needed tho
I like this game because its free to play and you can play it anywhere whenever you want and it gives you that virtual reality experience and its like you are hunting big foot irl
This game is pretty good but I do have some suggestions, can you make it so you have to do something to spawn bigfoot and maybe make so he is harder to find and pls make the graphics better and maybe change up the bigfoot model, he looks like a yeti overall 9/10
yes I gave it 5 stars but the Camera is a little broken because the camera can be pretty good distance away but you can still grab it and also the traps don't even stay where you put them they just disappear also the cameras are just for show you can't even use them so why even bother putting them in the game.
its good just it needs somethin to make people see bigfoot more cuz he comes and kills me from random directions its just so annoying and pls make the modes easy cuz medium has 2 bigfoots hard has 3 pls fix that at least make bigfoot a little stronger in mode 2 and 3
This game is fun,besides people just think it's that the camera will not work but the way the camera actually does work is a red Will pop up whenever you see the Bigfoot and the only thing I got to say bad is the graphics are sort of loose and won't really work and the meat traps just go away after like 5 seconds but I'd say my sisters and brothers are very scared of this game but everytime I see the Bigfoot I jump because of how gullible i am and i sorta think its real but i give this🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Don't download this game.. It said to be multiplayer and playing with friends but there is nothing like that 😑😠😠 don't play this game Time waste game Worst game..........😠😠😑
Yeah you know what this game is terrible game makers I'm sorry but the old virsion was way better bc like u put a pease of meat on the trap boom 3 second it's gone Im giving it one star just I can't play a game in that condition πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜žπŸ˜ž
This game is to boring not that boring it's fun to place cams and hunt bigfoot but when you whant to look at the map the map doesn't open it all up but the game is still good.
1 the ads are 1 YEAR LONG 2 while I was placing cameras I COULDENT PULL OUT MY GUN 3 he just runs up and I only hear him when he is a millimeter away so in conclusion this app has some potential it could use with some textering, better animations, and some fixing with all the problems I have listed
screamed and threw my phone. husband had his friend try it, was hooked up to Bluetooth in his Jeep, his friend jumped. definitely wish there was some warning when he'd come or some different levels or something.
Omg its so stupid its fun i keep jumping everytime it appears but I don't like how its how as u go up the line of difficulties theres more then 1 just put the hp higher and the cameras dont work
I think the best game no levels and you can do 2 player and no there isn't hard mode or easy mode but there's cooler thinhs
this game is a lie when you see the pictures it looks amazing but when you play its just horrible the mouse sencitivity is too sensetive and im sorry to say but you should not install this game
Its terrible, u can't here Bigfoot until he's 5 ft away from u, there are to many ads , sometimes ur gun doesn't even want to shoot
good update sugeshgtugn moov a bit faster cameras work big foot noises wen he is close less foggy thanks do this it will be the best and again thanks it mite be hard but you can do it .
Great game! Very scary, i had to go the out on the edge of the map to find the guts to take him down! 6 suggestions though, please allow cameras to stick to trees. And also please allow the ability to have a run button and the meat should last longer and be able to attract bigfoot. And bigfoot is way to coordinated, he always knows where you are. Not only that, he deals way too much damage. 3 hits kills you. The damage i deal is perfect. But yea all in one i really think this game needs a radar!
Great game and I killed bigfoot 3 times each difficulty. The trick is I camp on a giant rock and put some traps and cams. When a bigfoot is approaching you, you need two shots to hit the bigfoot then he will run away.
It sucks because i cant see thru the camera also there are no flares you can use and the bait and traps wont be permanent
Its a good game! It needs more lighting and more sound because you can only hear him when is close to you! Also you cannot go far from.the hut because there is no way you will survive very far! He take chunks of life in one single hit! Better graphics (a little bit more will help) and also if it had a multiplayer version it would be more fun to play with friends! It needs more ammo in the guns so you dont have to go back always to the hut! And a better map if possible!
He always comes from the way you aren't looking. Traps stay for about 30 seconds, graphics aren't very good. I haven't killed him yet, don't download