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Big6 Hockey Manager

Big6 Hockey Manager for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by BIG6 LIMITED located at LEVEL 09, 4 HING YIP STREET, KWUN TONG, KOWLOON HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good in-depth ice hockey game principles and allows strategies, training, expanding stadium etc. None pop up ads but only when selected to earn tokens which is nice. Only problem for me, although there are help assistance when joining, and most aspects is logical, I battled to figure out how the academy worked. There are also email feedback and when I used it I got feedback the same day which was great. Game for long term playing, patience and developing of your team, which is what I was looking
Pretty weak simulation game. 99% goals scored by centers, assists are pretty rare. Defensemen never get points. Academy is wayyyyyy too slow when you wait 200+ hours to get a crappy lvl 28-29 players. Internet connection problem for about a week that ruins the gameplay, fix your servers were in 2020.
HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO CONNECT FOR DAYS. Game says it cannot connect to server, but I have no issues with any other app. During playoffs no less. This was a good game, but it's useless right now.
Good game could be a little better but fun to play. Since update I now can't connect to the server, ready disappointed will have uninstall.
Update: The game servers has been updated, bugs fixed, and the game is now running good. Still some bugs, and it freezes sometimes, even very rarely. Very good job! Soon a 5*! Great game but the app has extreme problems. It freezes, it changes the team colors duri g games, it has to be rebooted constantly. If I didn't like hockey that much, and were desperately looking for a hockey game, I would laugh at the crashing app and uninstall. Now I'm sad. Please fix all problems. Then it's a 4 or 5.
The best, simply the best Hockey management game, and ive played a few.... You build a team and a hockey complex that supports winning. Its so much fun to continue to build a polished product, (the team) and a hockey complex that supports it, with a lot of tough competition. If you want to own and manage your own hockey franchise, as part of your favorite virtual hockey league, you can, (mine's the NHL).
Great game but is super glitchy and extremely slow after the update. Have to restart constantly and dont know what will load and what won't...need to fix asap
So-so. Great concept and fun to play. However, game is grossly buggy with weird things happening the norm, and not refreshing info standard. It is like a bad beta version for me. Alsona data hog - especially with all the reloading and restarting required. Finally, you can absolutely play for free and ads are not too intrusive. But a few levels in, you will suck unless you pay. (And pay you will. Prices are insane). Overall: Fun but very flawed.
Was more fun in the beginning, now all I see are teams that have bought all their legend players for hundreds of Euros and even if I have better stats than them I still loose. And there are no better players available for in game cash. Biggest P2W game available.
Love the ability to change lines during break. Like the full team managment. And glad legends cost so much makes it harder to pay to win
Will upgrade my review. They game is far less glitchy and runs very smoothly now. Though there are some issue with balancing between teams at time ..really like this game.
Not really that exciting of a game. If you have the time to mindlessly look through a bunch of stats while waiting hours for upgrades to complete the I guess this is for you. Let down.
The game seems oblivious about the rules of hockey during games - the puck goes from player to player, regardless of zone. If you can tell the difference between the 'great save' animation and the 'goal' one, you have a better eye than I do. If its objective is for the player to fill the GM role, the individual game perspective is irrelevant. If the objective is somewhere between GM and head coach, not being able to make adjustments within a game is sadly lacking.
Pretty good sim game that takes time. I hope they keep improving it, add more scenes in the gameplay for shots and goals and other plays. Also the store is rather expensive if you want to boost your team instead of playing for free.
Game has potential, but the creators are out of their minds... anything in the store is real money and not for cheap. Building money is next to impossible unless you grind like you have a cheese fetish at an Italian restaurant. But outside of that, the gameplay is fair and the events seem to be skill based over who pays the most. I guess it just depends on how patient you are.
Since the update gameplay has been terrible. Game freezes, blank screens where there shouldn't be. Very difficult to play now. Ive spent a fair bit of money on this game and now im starting to regret it.
Very expensive but you can go at your own pace to play free. Finding most games are won or lost on penalties but after a week of playing still enjoying the game hardest challenge is getting money and keeping the budget. 5 star needs to be 1.sort the expensive packs as £75 is not cheap. 2. A few more animations for in game maybe unlock hidden videos of current nhl players doing an amazing goal. 3. Player happiness with ice time and contract would be nice. I have a few more but run outta space 😂
Developer have lack of communication with the customers. If you have job you will not win cuz unemployed players are winning cuz the play all day everyday to improve their team to win. It's unfair system. Store players are rip off cuz it slow you team building down in next season. Then u will reach to the point say waste of time n money. The game is slow to keep u from earning money fast.
The matchmaking and winning criteria is ridiculous. One good top line center and one good goalie and you will win each time. When you out level the guy you're playing by almost 20 and you lose that tells me there is something fundamentally wrong with the scoring archetype for the game. I'm officially done with this game now. Lost 6 games against people I way outmatched because they have 2 good players. Not right at all. 2 good vs 15 that out match their players and I end up on the losing side.
Great game to play when you can get it to work. Game keeps freezing and some times you struggle to get connected
Bugs have not been fixed. Love this game but it freezes every time I play it. Sometimes more than two or three times in just one game. I don't think I've ever been on and not had it freeze. If you expect people to spend $95 on a top-notch player you could at least get the game to work properly. I still enjoy playing it but there's so much that needs to be fixed.
Nice game but since the playoffs have ended I'm waiting for 3 days for the new season to start... What's up here? Animations can get upgrades Thanks for the reply. Still some bugs to kill though, cant change tactics during the game since there is no break?? Last games don't end unless I restart the game, so no overview or chance to get extra rewards.
This is less about managing a hockey team, and more about waiting for upgrades and auctions to finish. Would happily pay for a complete game that doesn't waste my time and demand microtransactions. Not for me. I have found HLM 20 much more enjoyable.
Great game but timers after season are long and while selling your talent you lose quite a bit of the money while you have to pay full price while buying from game I sold 2 players after the last season one for 420k and got 290ish out of it and sold one for 326 and got 219 that's a huge amount to be taken and it slows your progress
Deleted first comment, I'm now 3 weeks in and the games ingame currency profit earners are scaling pretty evenly with the in game currency needed to purchase better players needed to stay competitive, one major easy fix I came across is when a junior league player is finished training the 2 options which I assume mean "sign" or "not sign" are in russian language still, thankfully the color of the 2 options allow you to use common sense and pick the right option, simple coding fix
Yet another game ruined by microtransactions. Cool concept, but execution relies on purchases. Shame this seems to be the way of the trade.
I changed the previous review, since it was solved. This review is about the game in general. The game has great potential. I like the way the league and the challenges are designed. It would be great to have more stats from the past games and as well of the opposite teams. At this moment is kind of a guess how much each ststus of the player can help out and on which strategies. As well as what kind if strategies the opposite team is using.
Pretty fun. I enjoy games where you get to build your own team. Been playing for about a month and a half. Only reason I'm giving it 3 stars is because as of the last week I'm not earning any profit from playing games, and only getting money from daily logins or watching ads after a game
Its good. I wish there was a faster way to earn money though. U spend alot on just making an "ok" team and by then your kinda broke and still don't have a cup contending team really. Other than that though its a really fun game and I enjoy it alot.
Good game when it works. It has never been the fastest running but lately it won't even open. Just sits there loading forever. Edit 2020-04-27: New server has made the game load and run much faster than it ever did before. Thank you devs!
Infraction (penalties) signals could be improved. Every call signal is the same ... no matter the infraction. There needs to be "statistics" for games that are not league game ... It would that nice (better) if you could create your own tactics ... But, if short ... this game is still fun to play ....
Ultra Mega Grindy, but entertaining. Its P2w for Rich People. Normal Joe will have to grind. Prices to purchase players(legends) are out of this world. specials would be nice. Issue with purchased jersey. The once you buy and design with your colors does NOT look the same during game play. Please fix this. Why did I buy it, if it doesn't look like what I paid for?
Great potential for a really good game. Please fix the bug that only the C scores. Additionally, would be nice to see some more comprehensive statistics. Overall, I am happy with the game.