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BIG WIN Soccer: World Football 18

BIG WIN Soccer: World Football 18 for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
for me it makes no sense, an 85 ovr team with all gold cards losing to a 51 ovr all team with the beginner cards? Heck no
I really like this game that's why I'm giving it 5 stars. one thing that I would absolutely love to see is a BIG WIN Volleyball
just done a task for 371bucks. downloaded pirate kings and completed task, to be given no bucks poor show
I think that this is a great game for those who enjoy a team management sim more. Myself, i prefer being more in touch wih the fame, but it is an overall pretty good game.
"The gameplay, customizations, and online matches are what makes this game addictive to many soccer and gamer lovers."
it's a good game in general but I hate the 1 strike your out. Also even with the best players your team is still so slow
i am having problems with entering the trophies it just keeps saying trophy seeding faild please can you fix this as i really love this game and i just want to have fun playing it
Too many ads, you seriously cant be that desperate for ad revenue when you have 5 other games that present the same thing. Thats why its a 1 star, and another reason, the logic in soccer, what are the chances for a 40 rating team to draw with lets say a 94 rated team? 10-0 or 9-1 if they're extremely lucky. Fix this.
I think that this game is impossible to win can someone please explain to me why when your only on level 3 they making you face level 30s to 100s or even up to level 200s it makes it impossible to win in order to make your team better
Terrible game due to constant annoying popups like kip. No way to get rid of it and freezes app to the point of having to reload after almost every sim game. Hot head used to be good,the popups weren't so bad but you guys had to sell yourself out to those annoying popups.I do not recommend don't waste your data or phone space on this garbage
Bullcrap.... Straight bull, I'm a 65 overall, and lose 0-5 to a 56 overall, with no cards, when I had safe hands and the reactor gold cards and my goalie is a 75 overall... How?!? Game is bull
I am always playing higher levels like a level 16 or 20 and I am only on level 1, I can't play any level same as me, and I am losing 10-2 or 4-0, Worst soccer game I have ever played.
Broken! This game makes no sense. I have platinum players, Gold boost cards, and 100% chemistry, but STILL get non stop beaten by lower level teams using NO boost cards, that have NO chemistry. I got beaten 6-0 by a team that scored 6 penalties. I had 3 penalties in the same game and did not score any with an 81 rated forward with a super shot boost card. No formation changes, no subs, no control. It is just totally random.
I Love The Chemistry Thing, The Auto Play, and Just Managing The Team. Still Needs More IMPROVEMENT. Don't Leave The Game. and More UPDATES
No one should down load any big win game! When I want to watch match it is very slow. Really, and the graphics are crazily not good.
Emailed them countless times about making a purchase and not receiving the ingame currency and no response. Wow.
Well, I like the game but when I are about to face For example a team that has 99 chemistry for passing shooting and slides, like me I lost a freaking 10 to 1 against a team who had 100 team spit.
I played this game and the graphics and tthe gameplay are amazing but for a level 5 going up against levels that are like 50 than that's messed up
Well I don't really like the way you put the games like when you do quick match you literally spawn in with a hell of a good player and I don't really like the graphics to the game I will tell you two things I liked the way you can name your team and your players
Your ads suck. That's why you lose so many players. And the match results are stupid as hell. Ive now lost against 70 rated times 5 times ina row, and im 92 rated.
To start, I think these games that Hothead Games have made are really great, but there are some things that I would love to see in-game; -The players and the gameplay being more realistic (graphics), -Maybe a system where you could trade between players, -And so that match ups are better (not having a 90 ovr team lose to a 60 ovr team).
hi i just did a few thing to get the big bucks for free,like coinmaster and chattee but i never recieve.would be great i i could receive it.my name is Dynamite
The only issue that I have is that every time I'm at My Team Screen I tap on a player and it feeezes and boots me off and I have to re-enter the game. Please fix this, Otherwise it's a great and addictive game
I think it is a really good game, I see people complaining about graphics and stuff its probably there crappy devices
I am a 98 rated team and to many times get beat by much lower ranked teams. Very disappointing and when the game wants to show an ad you always lose a game before it 🤷‍♂️🤔
im level 3 and it keeps putting me vs level 50 and 35s and even 100. so many people have commented on this but yet thy havent fixed it.
The game in general is good, but... how do I say this... NO ONE SAYS "RIGHT STRIKER" OR "CENTRE DEFENDER". Centre/left/right back and striker are the more... common knowledge-ey terms. Also WHY CANT YOU CHANGE FORMATION?!?! Thanks.
why does my 90 overall team consistently lose to teams rated 70 overall. I put money into this game and it was a waste of time.
The gameplay is good but there is so many adverts all they want is money money money and when i'm placed with a noob it says "big win connection" then when i'm placed with a good player it doesn't say it. I think all they want is money please fix the random connection issues and remove ads.
I love the game but i could not rate it 5 because they dont follow some football rules like extra time,yellow and red cards and so on. including formation setting and substitution
While the game had a good concept, the matchmaking is dumb like many football games out there. I have a 95 rated team and I lose to teams that are rated 66 or 74 so often, and using big impact cards doesn't effect it
I personal like the big win games, but their is just not enough of them, im always downloading them and then deleting because of nothing new. I would love to see them make like golf, dodgeball, and lacrosse if thats how you spell it. I believe those games would be really fun to play and add a lot more content for big win games. I hope this helps!
I love this game I is great how it is not a pay to win because you can play to get bucks and coins to get you team
It's stupid.The first match they will make you play against some team which is in level 350 whilst you are in level 1. Do not download.👎
game is full of adds im level 8 and get put against level 50+ and when I get a lower team than me I somehow still loose even tho I have full gold cards boost cards and full chemistry while there just bronze and no boosts and win by scoring 3 pens
Oh it's not a bad game it's very good but only one problem we are lvl 1 and opponents are lvl 102 impossible please fix it send back reviews
Pretty bad honestly, the design is good and how it feels is good but the passing in the game is horrendous. 1 on 1 with the keeper and he will pass 100 percent of the time. Not to mention all the other terrible choices. There needs to be game plan tactics you can apply to your team to fix this
Hey Big Win Sports I am kindly asking for an update for Big Win soccer you need to say big win soccer 21 because we're in the year of 2021 and I want to see some new features like new graphics and stuff and real life career mode and you can use real players so if you guys updated and do that it would mean the world to me cuz this game is my favorite game of all-time I love this game so much that it brought me so much joy when I downloaded it keep up the good work with this game. Thanks 😎👍
The game is fun indeed yet when I play I notice how unfair matches are. I was a Level 2 going against a Level 149. How does Hothead do it? How are these fair matchmakings? It doesn't let you progress if you can't play people that are your level! Please fix this!
Game matchmaking is terrible haven't even played 10 games yet they keep putting me up against players that are higher level then me so I can't even win a game. do not download even if it's free
Is fun for awhile but just starts to not be as dun with the unfair match making. You guys should maybe add some new updates, or maybe a new sport
This is a very unique game to say the least. In the first few weeks of the game though, you have loads of big bucks (money) to spend on players, but when you open the packs, you usually get some trash contract extension. Good idea for the game too, but after 7 years it's getting very outdated with very rare updates (probably once a year). Please update the game soon Hothead!
You dont get put with people your skill level at all. I went against level 30s while I was only level 2. It's also a pay to win game you can't get anything unless you have the cash. I thought this game would be fun but I was very wrong. They only want money and nothing else.
Amazing, please update the game and add different formations and better cards like informs and all sort, 5star
This game is great and fun but the match up is a mess. I'm only start and at level 1 but in quick play and event I got match up with level 100 or 50, please do something about this.