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BIG WIN Racing

BIG WIN Racing for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok so I thought I was like what are the upgrades do and I was like oh do he's actually help really much big Grand racing show this with everybody download this it's so fun it's so fun I played all day it's it's the time of its really good games to download it yes it's a really good game I love this game so much
1.Pretty Darn Good Game I Just wish there was no "Contract" thing on your parts I had three Scott parts and now I have one 2. AND CAN QUINTIN QUICK STOP WINING EVERY SINGLE RACE IN THE OVERCHARGED BATTERIES CUP I now he has full platinum team but still
I have no clue why some rate this rubbish highly.U have 0 control during a race its pot luck, can't speed up or slow down your car u just sit & watch it go round & round.The boost cards u play make hardly any difference as if your set to do badly they make no difference at all. U can have a complete gold standard crew & they make more mistakes than a bronze team. No events even tho advertised in game just says no events currently. U get mis matched in multi player massively & 1 player is a joke
The game is great but after a few yrs of playin I'd like to see something new mayb add a few more cars to the race or new cards this game hasn't change since it came out...
This game has potential to be awesome. However its like the real world. If you want to win you have to spend alot of money. And if you dont, you simply get knocked to the back of the pack consistently. And no matter what you do your pit crew will lose many many races for you.... Unless, yep you guessed it. You have to spend real money. And not just a couple bucks.
The game needs to be updated , love the game just needs less uncaused wrecks , and better team members
wow hebat game ni wlpn tngktp rs cam best😊😊😊. cuma knp tk de beza track die wlpn tempat lainπŸ˜•πŸ˜•.
Good Game But You Can't Choose Your Gender So It'll Randomly Pick Your Gender Which Is Sometimes Annoying Beacuse For Almost My Whole Gamer Experience I Was The Opposite Gender Please Fix This
Great card game and love watching the racing aspect of it only need is to be able to steer and control the car
It's a very good game in my opinion, the reason I put four stars is because when I reinstalled after getting a new phone, none of the sponsors show on the cars anymore. Where sponsors would be one the good, is just a giant black square. Not just for my car either, it's all of the cars. Please fix
The game itself is a lot of fun. However, there are issues with it. Its extremely difficult to enter tournaments or anything because its almost guaranteed you will not win. Especially as a low level. This game is without a doubt a pay to win game. Its really sad to say, but its true. If you dont pay, expect to play this for a long while before being able to actually have a GOOD team.
BIG WIN Racing is good but there's one proplem on any track you race on.You will make it to first on the final lap but then the other cars make you crash and finish in last.
this game use to be really good now when i pick a card to prevent something from happening it happens. when i choose to take the pole i end up between 2-5 never 1st. this game is broken.
I completed 6 surveys for the free bucks feature and did not receive any. I was transferred to 6 different sites and now receive junk email from all these site. Do not download or play Big Win games!!!
Lame, boring and makes no sense. You crash every race or some how end up at the bottom of the race no matter what. Nothing to do with actual racing.
Very nice ! and enjoyable to race . . .so many player to challenge . . .so very great!owesome. . . wonderful. . . amazing!
I would give it 5 stars but its just way too hard so dont even try to win a race it would be a suprise u could even! Please fix this and atleast make a better chance to win other than that i love the game
I might as well uninstall this game because it is so annoying ans is the worst game I ever played. Not happy. There are way better games than this trash. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
If you dont drop $$$, and take it just for casual fun, its amazing. Forced ads are uneccesaary though, given the current model of the game. Lost a star for that. Don't expect to carry this over to another phone. There is no account save here. Lose your phone, lose the game.
Two days ago I purchased 400 BigBugs but instead of receiving the item just error window appeared saying due to some error I couldn't received any. I contact support center, until now no answer at all, money was taken :) so guys, enjoy the game but don't buy anything
So close to being a great game.*update, the longer you play, the ads become more intrusive(blocking and preventing gameplay) and some forced on you when you click a button for something in game. (Dev's, your stars going down faster than your racing, $$will do the same soon enough)!
The game is really good. Maybe you should make a Lacrosse Big Win since lacrosse is an upcoming sport. Please work on that.... thanks!
This game is unbelievably pay-to-win. It's a little fun at first, and choosing how much of the race to watch is nice, but the strong presence of "pay-to-win" really turned me away from the game. 2 stars for content/idea otherwise.
do not play this game the first cup is easy but the second one you need a level car 70 to win and you go to the second cup with 30 to 50 car level
Another game that needs real money to win. You'll do well at the start, but later you can't win if you can't buy the BIG cards. πŸ‘Žβ˜ΉοΈ
Your game is rigged I ran 30 races where I front-ran the whole game and then got bottom 3 on the last lap. I even took a break only for the same thing to happen twice.
If you don't like games where you have to get energy back don't get this game not to mention it says something about the cards will do something but they don't they don't at all my first race I ended in the last place that should be a practice race but whatever crappy game don't get it
I really like these types of games. But this game in particular is unfair. Whatever you do, you still lose in the end. It's completely luck based, and like a slot machine, you either win or lose. The closest I can get is 2nd place in the championship and that's it.
This games so unfair stupid and ridiculous I constantly keep coming in 5th place also if you don't wanna get last place every race I'm also the last racer to get out of the pitts like my whole pit crew stinks you can't go fast or slow the boost cards do absolutely nothing it's impossible to get 1st place I can't even get 1st place this game is the most unfair and stupid game ever made wish I rate 0 stars but I can't don't download this game it's hardly fun at all.
I've been playing this game 6 years on and off, I'm not sure what's going on but I just spent 260 big bucks on gold packs and I didn't get a single crew, driver, or part
Im addicted to the game , it was so fun to play , BUT ! , i already spent $18.96 sgd to the game but the game just show me transaction in progress and i never received the BIG BUCKS , i try to uninstall and reinstall the game but still the same , my money have already deducted but i didn't get the BIG BUCKS that i have already spent , please respond to this review THANKS !
Another fun game from Big Win...fun, easy and with some strategy involved. But a couple of wish list items: 1) track variety please, and 2) maybe a multiple car pass now and then to mix it up.
Good game if you like coming in last all the time no matter how much you upgrade the pit crew still takes 20 seconds for pit stop I start on the pole position with in 2 laps I'm in last and that's how I finish every time its ridiculous and stupid I almost broke my phone playing this game who ever built this game needs to be fired. I would give it 5 stars for most stupid game ever made
I like this game and i like these sponsors but now i cant see what sponsor i have there's no logo i tried instaling this app 3 times and still no logos for sponsors can you fix thos problem please
you know why bc is said it have a pli. is the wrost dont download is tue wrong game no is not a nacar game ugly game
I must admit, this game royally sucks. You have to pay to play if you want any chance to be decent at this game. There's a better chance of President Chump getting honest with the world and resigning than of this game being worth it. If this game wasn't free to download, I would have definitely demanded a refund. So bad, it doesn't even deserve two thumbs down.
So I recently started bowling IRL, and was wondering if it would be possible for you guys to make a Big Win Pba Bowling game. So u would basically create a bowling team, consisting of either 4 or 5 team members, if you guys could make this game I would play it non stop promise, I love bowling that much
The game is so fun the controls are awesome and the graphics are good it is the number one racing games to me and you'll like it a lot if you like racing so that's why it is a five star games
Was a very good and well made game. Makes you sometimes get really into it and competitive even though you are just watching haha. I would totally recommend this game to anyone out there that likes racing or cars.
Very fun would give 5 stars but your teams pitstop is always slower then other teams even with alot of upgrades and it is soo hard to win, my last 7 races I've been last or 2 last
I Love this game! Its good to just to watch rather than playing it, nice pixy graphics and animations. Keep it up Hothead games!
this game sucks because ur pit crew takes forever and makes u last place and I never won a race. I hope nobody else will download this game if so ur doing the wrong thing
Worst game from these guys. Race results make no sense. Good luck getting car parts when you buy cars.
Its fun, but my team is sooo bad!!!! My team is so bad!! I want to replace my team but idk how!!!! I hate my team! They are so bad I want to be the driver. I want to be the driver to show my bad team how you do it. And add a practice mode plz Its so hard to win. I want to take control of the driver. I want to show my skills to my bad team!
I used to love the bigwin serise but now it sucks when i first got my tablet i would always play this now on my phone it sucks idk what you did ir why you did it but i dont like it anymore it makes me sad that a game i used to love sucks so bad now 😞😞
This is really brings me back memories. I played this game like 3 or 4 years ago I think and my Older brother and my friends
hello Google what's going on with my games I'm losing my life ain't got one game working what's going on give me a hand help me out here please
So first of all I think this is a good game. But I only won 2 races. It's too difficult and I wish you could dictate how good you finish. There is some stupid lag that I wish they would fix. Other than that it's decent but it's lucky I'm giving it a 3 star rating πŸ˜’πŸ˜•. If anybody has a way to find the game makers make them fix this game. Because it needs a HUGE update.
The game is great now, but the graphic amd game style is pretty outdated, i wish you improve the game or create a sequel to this with modern nascar and better graphic
used to love this game just got the wilkinson platinum parts increased my rating by 10 points and now I'm not winning as much doesn't seem right
I love this game so much I've been playing this game for a couple of years now and it's still good. Please keep updating it and making it better. This is my favorite big win game out of all of them.
The gameplay itself is great. really love it. But when I do the offers for Big Bucks, I never receive them. I have done one for 15 then 100. Also, during a race, whenever I have the ON RAILS card, why does my car still spin out? If I could get the bucks I did for, and maybe fix that issue, then It could get 5 stars.
It's great game i played it after a few years not much has changed but it is still really fun it i won a lot of races and did really great and earned in game cash i would say play it it's great
Good concept...but aggravating. Have to spend $ to win.. have raced 4 or 5 seasons.. have only won 1 race, usually finish 4 or 5. Will use 3 cards will finish last. Took FOREVER to upgrade 1 pit crew person. Not sure what point of sponsorship is. In real racing they give u money.
When I first saw this game, I thought its just one of those classic nascar games that I'm going to get bored of but when I play it I realize its made by the same people who made big win soccer so it got to be a good game and I was right. (In my opinion) Also check out big win soccer if you like football, its a good game.
This game is a class example of pay to win. It doesn't matter if you make progress, your team won't get any better by continuously playing. This game is also fake, the track map is always the same shaped tri-oval in every race. These creators are too lazy to make other tracks such as short tracks and road courses. Don't recommend downloading this game.
Used to be a 5. Now a 1. This game sucks. It's filled with ads. I used to be really good and win almost every race. I've changed nothing and my driver crashed in almost every race. Don't download.
The reason it's 2 star is that its a commitment game where you have to pay REAL money to get things yo1u expect free I expected a lot more from this game
This game is awsome! Theres one feature id like you to add, which is optional. Allow us to actually CONTROL our car. And i have one question, can we change the car, if not, also add that. This is to all to the negative commments about this game: C'MON YALL. It's a good game, try sending positive comments and reviews for once in your life!
why does it keep kicking me off the game when i click watch race then it will be loading for two minutes then kick you. pls fix this
Good, but for some reason, whenever I open a Big Team pack, it only gives me a jackman or a gas man. Is anyone else experiencing this?
The game needs help great concept poorly executed the boost cards and such are one time use everything in the game is disposable for an 7 lap race I've never seen so much crashing and position changes....meh not for me.
It an addicting game and really cool but it really annoys me sometimes ill be in first place or 2nd and I will spin out on multiple races and I have the card that won't let me spin out in the race .
Super hard gold big impact cards don't help worth a crapp every time you go to pass your engine blowes up.or you spin out need to make it easier PPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE
Really fun. I enjoy raicng pepole with amazing crashes pls make free roam mode where you can drive the car and switch cameras and also add more then 99 numbers I know nascar limit is 99 but I want my car to be 160 or something else thanks pls read this and give reply to this!
This game is the pure heart of stupid. Basic pay to play get afraid of the final lap. Everytime you first a the last lap you get dragged back and lose. Stupid game.
The game is not great! It is so hard to get any crew people or racers. It's even harder to get parts for your car. All the packs do are give you cards. This game is a pay to play type game. I would not recommend thus game to anyone.
Ok first, why is it so hard to win a race, I came in second place and was about to win, This game is clearly impossible to beat. I would give it a 5 stars but no. Also you should add multiplayer where u can actually drive on your own with the gas button and the brake button. You also do where you can do visual upgrades for a uptate. This game is not too bad but its ok πŸ‘Œ
every time i open a pack i never get a better character and its rigged. u lose like every time and u are always getting injured its not fun. i would give this zero stars if i could
I put £5 in the game and and got 400 bucks then I opened the 400 bucks pack and gave me 2 gold cards 😑 I could have opened 40 gold packets to get more cards than that!
It is the worst game ever and it is so unfair and a lot of the race cards are useless most of them don't even make a difference to the race and there is such a low amount of ai and they are too good that it is near impossible to win a race so I won't be playing this again
It's a good game, don't get me wrong...but it has a couple of problems, getting a good team is reaaaaaaaally hard and winning is even harder, also you can just loose 20 times in a row and just win one, I've bought a lot of gold packs and it's just big impact cards, the only thing I got for my team was a motor, and that only
Can you please make a racing game where you can control your car instead of just watching your driver? That would be a real fun game to play.
I did about 6 races, and when I did, I noticed that this game is a pay to win game. It is also very hard to win and upgrade. This game seemed good, but after the races I did, this was not a great game.
just wish u cud control da cars but the whole point of the big win series is to watch ur team so der never gon have that. :(
Horrible game after every race there is an error pit stops are 20 seconds long and you always finish last no matter how experinced you are. Ive only had this game for two days and ive already deleted it. Don't install
Definite pay to play, doesn't matter what your level is much lower levels will beat you. Growth is slow and 40 overalls will beat 60 overalls normally.
I've been playin this game for over a yr I never spent any $$ and I've won lots of trophys. This is definitely one of the best racing game out there. Does need and update with new stuff but overall still a great game
GAME BALANCE is horrible no matter what power ups and tweaks i do car always gets move to the back of the line I'll be leading and all of a sudden I'm knocked back to last
Just straight up horrible game. It's not even pay to win cause no matter what u do you will NOT win. Dont waste money I warn everyone. This game is rigged that bad and especially dont spend money on dev's that wont even bother replying. Shows they dont give a damn but they'll sure take ur money. Deleting. Glad I read reviews
Don't waste your time.Pay to play. Just starting out if u don't have real money u r gonna hat the game. It matches u up with other players that r way out of ur reach. Not balanced by any means.
The game has a bug that makes the race track just disappear and it doesn't show the driver's names. Another thing, it shouldn't use wifi because you aren't even racing real people. Other than that it's a great game.