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BIG WIN Hockey

BIG WIN Hockey for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game was very fun. Just like the other games i gave you guys 5 stars and i really think you guys should make BIG WIN OLYMPIC, you should be able to switch between sports, basically what I'm trying to say is you guys should put all Big Win Games into one big one
I found this game by playing Big win NHL (another HotHead game that got taken down a while ago and I hope returns). This game is really fun and Is a good time killer. I 100 percent recommend.
PACKS ARE GARBAGE Won 1st in the big win bowl and got 75 big bucks and opened 8 gold packs i got 2 big boosters and 12 uniforms NO PLAYERS
Team starts off with a mid 40's rating but you are constantly matched against teams with ratings anywhere from high 60's to low 90's. Only way to gain any traction is lose over and over until you have enough free to play currency to start winning (literally thousands of losses needed) or to start dumping real money into the game. The game itself is good but is unplayable without deep pockets.
without warning, forced update on old ipad.. old ios cannot support new version, so how am I supposed to get my team password to transfer to another device??
Its a really good game just the macth making system Keep making more like "Big win Boxing"!! Id be exicted for that it would be asome!!
This game is good for entertainment purposes and good time killer but it is really difficult for beginners because they are paired up with better players who are a lot more experienced and way higher level other than that though it is a pretty decent game... best of the BIG WIN series by far
Its a great game but theres 1 proplem. The match making is the worst. I am at level 4 and i just played against someone at level 189!!!! I cant believe that.
You win your first game, then they match you up with teams hundreds of levels higher than you. Like, seriously? Who wants to win one game then lose all the other games? I do not like this game at all.
2nd match and I'm playing someone that's level 105 when you start out rated 38? Quickest uninstall I have ever done
Very fun game. It actually feels like you are managing a team. Although it does lack some more intricate things such as line changes, in a way, by managing the contracts and injuries of your players you end up forming these "lines" that you switch in and out out depending on what the next game will be. Although I have minor complaints such as adds cutting out music that I am listening to or and some questionable AI here and there, this is an extremely enjoyable game and I highly recommend it.
This game was very fun. Just like the other games i gave you guys 5 stars and i really think you guys should make BIG WIN OLYMPIC, you should be able to switch between sports, basically 2hat I'm trying to say is you guys should put all Big Win Games into one big one
Pretty good, Sometimes on certain situations a goal always happens no matter the ratings of the players, but yeah. 4/5
Game is a complete joke. Extremely pay to win and unbalanced matchmaking. You can be just starting out and you'll be placed against rank 90s almost every time. Dont waste your time on this garbage
This is beyond frustrating. being matched against impossible odds. matchmaking needs major work fast.
i love this game butt to make it better if your in overtime it should be 3 on 3 and if its still tied they should be shootouts that would be fun and cool and they should be REAL TEAMS and if a team is winning in the 3 periad the other team shoud pull out there golley
After today's update the game has broke. The screen in gray and crashes when you want to watch the games you play.
Good game.....but not for a new player I have just started and can't get a win as I always come up against over level 100 so I have no chance of winning matchmaking needs to be fairer
Most offers don't work and matchmaking is idiotic. Why am I being matched with people rated in the 90s with thousands of games played when I've played fewer than 20 games? I think my record is 2-15-2 now because I'm always given impossible matches. I'm out.
Game is good and addicting but it needs a better match making system because at a low level i get matched up with people over lvl.100 but the game is good and i think something cool that you should add is fighting because i thought it would be cool to see both teams get in to a hockey fight and see who wins another thing you should add is a button to change the perspective of the camera so you could change the view to fan view like on tv, overall the game is pretty good
I like this app a lot, I just never liked the fact you always lose when you start out and in tournaments or big win events, I always play level 200 players
the matchmaking is so retarded just fix it and it will be a much better game big win nhl was good cuz evey time.u got a win u got 10 bucks if u decide to check out a website make this game like that and it will he much better.
Love it! so much because when i started play i got 80 bucks connecting facebook. when i buy gold pack i get a players!! almost my team get chemistry๐Ÿ˜‡but now im level 6 hehe.. my brother is jealous๐Ÿ˜›
Love yalls games and I would hope to see more. Only thing I can complain about is how grindy it is in the beginning. But overall it is fun.
I love this game but the problem is that I'm a level 2 and I going against a level 157, that doesn't seem fair, you should only be going agaisnt your own level.
Great game but sometimes the lvl Are not close. Example: lvl 48 to Lvl 73. But other then that it's a great game
Absolutely terrible! You start off as a lvl 1 and get immediately matched with someone that may be a level 90+ please don't waste your time on this game. Good luck even trying to score a single goal. It's all pay to win!
great game but come on the ads can be so long. it's faster to exit the game and reload it then sit through a stupid yahtzee ad. wheres the option to pay to stop ads. or at least keep them to 10 to 15 seconds.
This game is very frustrating. Games are NOT evenly matched. After finally building my team to a decent rating, I lose a bunch of games to far lower rated teams. Moving on.
Terrible, I haven't won a game (even the tutorial). I'm not up for spending money at all starting on beginner. Fix the matchmaking and you'll have a better game.
Uneven matches. like youd think youd be matched with people with somewhat same skill level. nope. starting out you get matched with crazy high level people that have been either playing forever or people that have paid to win. would be alot more fun and competitive if we were matched with other people that just got the game as well and not people that have been playing forever having hockey players that can skate circles around yours. ill see if it gets any better but will probably just delete
A terrible game. Terrible matchups, and terrible graphics. This game is garbage. Do not play, it will be a waste of your time.
Fun game love it. Can you add, offsides, icing and Fighting into the game? Also can you coordinate the Penalty Clock Timer Circle More Accuratley In speed of the game clock. Thanks.
This game is pathetic. It doesnt matter what your cards are or what your team ranking is. You can outrank a team by 15 points and use all goalie cards and still lose 7-3 consistently. It's basically a random sim that you have no control over while trying to suck money out of you for things that make no difference
Prepare to lose regardless of your team. The algorithm is pathetic and you'll see by your opponents records too. Nobody wins at this game. A lvl 14 who worked hard and got the player rating up to 60 will face a lvl 3 with a rating of 70 or so? Doh'kay. This game is ridiculous and will frustrate you. Dont bother playing.
The idea of the game is good but a game where you start off by continuously losing is not fun. I don't feel like grinding on losing matches.
has to be one of the worst simulation games ive ever played. absolutely no methods to match making or winning/losing a game. in fact is catered to make sure you lose, to get you to buy into the cards. problem is you don't keep anything permanently. every players time eventually expires meaning you'll be rebuilding the team in a matter of days. If the match making and probabilities of winning a game based on stats were improved would be much better. But don't waste your time. Definite P2W game.
Game is pretty unbalanced. Just started so my team is rated pretty low. Can't get a win because I'm constantly put against teams that are rated way above.me.
I love this game but please make it fair i,m not that high of a level you make me play against 1000 level players please change that
This game is amazing but it's so so so so hard to get 1 just 1 Superstar player I spent 5$ on this game no Superstar player 420 big bucks 0 Superstar player like it says a chance but not how good it is don't want your money it's rip off๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ž
Fun team builder. Sort of realistic as far as a starting GMs record would be like...being u always lose. Hard to win but a good challenge...
I just downloaded the game and I'm lvl 2 going up against lvl 90 and 100 how am I supposed to stand a chance with all the good stuff they have compared to me if this doesn't get fixed in deleting the game
This game is amazing ๐Ÿ˜€The only thing is,that I realized that there is a lot of fake teams, they all have 5 platinum players and beat you 75% of the time,I will give 5 stars when there's no more fake teams.
It's pretty good I have every big win match making like it is but it should be more easier for lvl 100 to beat a 1. I have some suggestions but they dont need to be added very fun I think there should be a couple times where you can play but overall good game.
An amazing game just like all of the other BIG WIN games! Great job to you guys it does get somewhat repititive and boring at times because it is basically the same thing every week I think they should do different events and stuff maybe where you get like different players for completing tasks or something would be cool! But yeah great game definetelly worth downloading if you are a hockey fan!
game sucks ass, being placed against high players not allowing me to level up, need leagues to balance players and FIX your game developers, if you want people to purchase your game, at least make it playable. Otherwise, you all are retarded and that's hilarious
I can't even play because I haft to watch play and it takes long to load.and I wish there was a practice map.
While the game is fun. My opinion of it is lower because I played the old game big win NHL and it was so much more fun to play using actual players and to have a season mode.
Terrible multiplayer matching. No way to improve. Stuck off the get go. Should have a single player grind or something.
if your looking for a hockey game not this one you just watch the game and pick your team name and your people
Please put back the nhl big win game it was very good and jam very confused on why you took it out if it's still on the app store but I just cang find it please tell me the name cause it was my favourite game
Absolutely disappointed. Have played these games for years. Payouts no longer supported? Received absolutely no payout from last weekends event. Only way to make decent progress without spending reap money are said events. Payouts are still advertised during event but no payout received.
I rate the game a 5 because its a fun game but if you could add line changes and strategies it would be better
I have downloaded four of your games. The games themselves are FUN...BUT YOUR SERVER CRASHES CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!!! That's what gets the one star.
It's a good game, except there are a few not so good things: 1. You have to be patient. You just have to keep playing to get better. 2. Big bucks (a powerful currency) is rare. You need it to get better stuff but the bucks are too rare. The only way to get enough for around a week is to pay. 3. The match ups are horrible. A level 3 team may play a level 89 team. That's not right
this game sucks you cant even play the game you have to watch the game. do not download save your space.
Lvl 1 vs lvl 100. Completely unbalanced matching system. Nice premise, but there's no fun in being matched up with teams that completely overmatched.
hockey is the best ice Game ever in the world cup and the United states is the world championship game and Jerry has a good chance of winning the world series!
I used to play this game alot but I tried to play again and it was my second game and I got matched with a team that has full platinum and played like 1000 games. Of course im going to lose every time smh
19 out of 20 games lost even after adding a couple gold players. I guess when i created a account it gave me terrible players. Ads forced you to watch at the end of most games or when they want to randomly play one. I had absolutely no fun
There's literally no conpetition anymore. You're always getting pinned with Lv. 100s and Overall 99s no matter what you pick. Scrounging up coins for packs is near impossible thanks to the broken matchmaking. Was a better game before ads.
Matchmaking: Broken Card Packs: Rigged against you "Big Win" cards: useless Your team: I could beat a 99 overall team with a 50 overall in NHL before the first team you get wins one. A.I: trash Everything in this game works against you. You have no reason to play this and even less of a reason to pay real money in this. If you have paid for cards in this, you're part of the reason EA's ultimate team card games won't go away. Hothead can't make a good game to save their lives.
Love / Hate relationship for the game. Though I haven't played many (manager) style games because those aren't my preference style of sports games, I came to like this one. I understand there's such thing as an underdog but I'm a 94 overall with gold cards getting beat by 40 , 74 , 67 with no cards and injured players even an 84 game should be closer than it is sometimes. I dont like to pay for games and I took a leap with you guys . please give me my money's worth or at least true "game time"!
between forced ads that you are forced to watch and the tournament seeding not working, the game is not really worth spending time on.
Matchmaking is flawed. The only way you can compete is by paying money to get a better team but if you want to play it without using money it will take you a year of watching adds to ice a good team.
I like how the app is based but there are a lot (I mean a LOT) of ads on this app. 90% of the time after an ad I try to push X but it freezes. Other times it win say it lost connection right before i open a pack or a game. Weird to lose to 30 overall teams when your a 90!!! I have spent hard work and time into this and lost to teams who are 10x worse then me!
It's fun, however, everything is revolved around ads. After every simulation, an ad pops up. In order to get coins to by upgrades, you have to watch hours of ads. There are ads on top of ads. Ads break up the "action" and make it really... tedious. If there were an ad-free version, I'd upgrade to that...
There is no organization in the matchmaking. When uou start off you will have to play high level people with really good teams. It is a pay to win game
Nothing better than playing teams ranked 70 levels over ur team and catching a beating every game,much enjoyment.
I wish they had a good matchmaking system. I like the game, I just wish that, as a level 2, I could play against level 1-3's. I don't want to play a 105 rated team, which is a level 500+.
good game. good way to stay fresh on the off season. made it to game 7 with the boys getting BIG WINS. ROLL๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿ‹
super easy game to play. even enjoy watching the games occasionally. The frustrating part is when you start losing to teams that are leveled way lower than you and are not using any boosts.