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BIG WIN Football 2019: Fantasy Sports Game

BIG WIN Football 2019: Fantasy Sports Game for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
At one time this might have been a fun experience, but currently it seems to be just an exercise in squeezing cash shop purchases and ad views out of the shrinking playerbase. With 65 to 80 games in a contract and 35 games per day in bowl games. You are likely to get 4 to 5 days out of a player before you have to replace them. Even if you win one of the bowl/tournaments every day you are not going to have enough currency without purchasing from the cash shop to maintain your team.
Kinda fun but... I spent a small amount of money to give myself a booster and all I seem to do is lose. Like I'm currently 4-16 with and 89 overall. Seems a bit steep of a curve
Too much tech not enough game...set up is tedious....reminds me of Joe Montana football on my genesis back in 91.i wish the set up didnt take so long ...multi player would be cool too
I REALLY want this game to be good. Alluring idea with huge issues. A bronze player is seemingly just as good as any all star player. It's incredibly frustrating to grind and upgrade your team only for it to make no noticable in game difference. The player AI also makes painfully dumb decision far too often: timeout use, when to punt, pathing on kick returns, and more. And no player will ever breakaway even if they have a 20 yard lead - everybody gets caught - always. PLEASE address this stuff
As critical as my rating is, I, for one, love the concept of simulation gameplay. One big negative I have about this game is that I completely lose progress of my game if I uninstall it. What separates this game from the rest is that you have the option to connect to Facebook, but doing so won't save your progress. Honestly, what is the point of connecting my game to Facebook if it won't save my progress. Plenty of games nowadays give you the option to save your progress via Facebook or Google.
it's a good game I have a good win loss record but I lose to people that have less wins and losses to me
I don't understand how I lose to a 35 rated team three times in a row with a 60 rated, but I win against a 108 rated team. Please fix this because it gets annoying.
Not a good game I'm 94 overall and I still lose to teams with ratings in the 50s or 60 overall it's just random if ur gonna win or not
i love how my team is a 102 rating overall only to lose to teams with a much lower rating....40,50,60 it dont matter. i mean im all for the occasional upset here and know but this game has become a joke with how many times you lose to a lower rated team. and whats more annoying is losing to a much worse team whos only using 1 or 2 boosts!!! why even rate the teams or have boost cards if they have know impact on the outcome of the game? im just bored thats why im reviewing this stupid game
This is a good but the injures should happen more offen they should be big hits and there should peneltys
Great concept, but your team's level and rating apparently don't mean a thing. Is this a ploy to get me to purchase bucks? According to some reviewers, not even that helps.
This is by far the best BIG WIN game. you can get coins and big bucks faster than any of the other big win games.
Make the game where I can call a run or pass play on ANY down, call a time out when I need to, replace players during the game and fix the game match up problem and you will have the best football game on the market and make a killing.
A fun game but one issue. sometimes the levels are no where close. For example: lvl 45 v.s lvl 95. but other then that it's a great game. 👍
I downloaded again in hopes they'd improved. They didn't. My team holds the other to fourth down and lines up to recieve the punt. They go for it. My team can't defend cause they're lined up in a punt formation! No team would ever make a mistake like that! Never! At least no team outside of this joke of an app...
This game was fun while it lasted but got boring real fast with not many ways to get new players and no controls at all...really you just build your team and watch them play. If you could call the plays that would make it 10X better. But like I said fun for the moment gets boring fast...as in I had the game for 2hrs then uninstalled.
Wish there was more seperation with high overall players vs low overall players. I shoudent be losing to pathetic teams with good team when my team is 100 overall. Wish QB's would run more when scrambling also. When scolling through certain things like boost items, add skills, contracts etc. There should be an "are you sure you want to complete this action feature" so that I dont select cards by mistake. While scolling I shouldent be able to accidentally select wrong cards with no turning back.
Not coming back till you update interface. Buying 1 pack at a time to get the common big win cards is repetitive. You should just have the option to single buy each. Also needs to show all 4 quarter result at end with final.
I agree with Julius u can be a 90 overall and lose to a 30 overall. I think they shoul change that. All in all not a very bad game but not a very good game just ok for now.
It's an ok game. I don't understand how lower ranked teams with a 46 rank can beat me all the time. When I play higher ranked teams they beat me majority of the time as well. My team is rated 106 loaded with super stars.
What a Turd!! Theres no rhyme or reason to it. I just lost to a team 20 pts below me and i used better cards. Whatever they use to determine plays is junk.
I like everything about the game except fpr the fact that my 99 team loses to 80 and below teams. Also i hate the fact that youcant control the football match.😤
This game simulates in a way that in real situations would never happen. Like doing an onside kick with 14:00 left in the 4th quarter. Also, the clock moves extremely fast and needs to be better calibrated so the real rules of football are enforced. Like making sure the 2nd half team actually receives the kickoff...happened to me twice where I didn't get the ball at halftime. Hire me to fix this game and it'll be the best simulated football game in the play store.
The stats of players dont matter. This game is just random, you could be 40 overall better then the other team and still lose by 20 points. This game needs major fixes. Not even worth the download
Game is good but customer service is a joke. I've sent 4 emails about the "free" big bucks offers. I've completed 2 of the hardest ones and haven't received any of the big bucks. I have screenshots but don't know how to show them. The other terrible part is I've done a lot for big win basketball as well and haven't received any payment. Don't play this unless u have money to spend. Their "free" offers aren't so free and don't pay out.
Ive spent over 50 on this game for upgds and plyr cards. I have a current Team Rank of 110. I routinely lose to teams 20-50 ranks below me. (I also dft teams rnkd above me a fair amount. But since the highest rank Ive come across is 129 ((NVDOGS(PC)) and have won vs team several times. Not significant. Only 19 ranks higher than me. The players skills seem to mean little to this game. Cards impact seems very inconsistent. The only way to get ahead is to spend money. Still, not consistent.!!!
this game is doodoo!! explain to me how I loose to a 30 overall team when I have a 70 ovarall team this game makes no sense. I consider you fix your damn game. you people have made me waste my time when with this.
This game is the absolute definition of Cancer.First of the matchmaking is just horrendous,like why is it that I start as a 40 overall and I'm just keep getting thrown to the slaughter house with these 90s to 100s overalls.Next the games just want to make me claw out my eyes.Say I'm a 90 overall, why is it I would lose to teams that are 40,50 or even 30 overalls like it's just a coin toss on who will win.Who ever is still playing this pls dont waste your time,you are wasting your time and money.
This game is really fun. There are a few things things that caught my guard, 1 is, sometimes a team that is a really low ranking, will beat a team with a really good ranking by 20 points. And that's pretty frustrating, Another thing is sometimes, if I win a game, I wont get the Big Bucks I was supposed to earn, or if I watch a ad for 2000 coins, sometimes it wont give me the coins. Please fix this, overall this game is great.
This game is good and all however the matchmaking is terrible. I put real money into this game to buy all star and platinum players and i was expecting to finally win a few games but then it doubles the other teams overall like i can never win. And even sometimes i will lose to a lower rated team. I don't understand, maybe this game should be called browns 2016 season simulator. Please fix it devs.
5 stars but I wish there was a newer version with new plays. I also wish there was balancing so if a team was 40 overall a 90 overall team would crush them under almost any circumstances. Ive played this game since 2019 I just wish you would come back and update it or even make a new one
Ive played this game since I was like 7, I am 13 now. It is one of the most consistent game ive ever played. All these other sports apps can get boring or repetitive. But, with Big Win Football, there is always something to do. You can make new teams,change names,change jerseys and customize to your liking. You can play against friends. You can even build two different teams and play them against eachother. Not to sound to cheesy, but Ive had this gane downloaded for most of my life,LOVE IT.
I love big win sports there just a great company and all the people and other companys who support this thanks for making this game possible
I like it but you should make it so you could watch the highlights like how you can in big win basketball.
a generally good game but its graphics aren't in its best state but other than that its cool. but the thing is that its luck based and not like just the dedication you put into the game such as making it where you have more items to get more packs , thats why i rated this 4 instead of 5 stars , but generally a fun game to play when you're bored
Tecmo Bowl with 2minute drill style football. Manage your account and use the right cards, your team will be competitive. could use some playoffs or bracketology.
I've completed TWO offers to earn in game money. Did them by the book, and was my first time using the apps. Nothing, no rewards. Wasted several hours working towards earning money for nothing.
This game has the potential to be a lot more fun if it felt more balanced and less like a toss-up as to who is going to win. I've been successful in some bowl games early on but it seems that the higher I've gotten in my overall rating, the more random the outcome and I'm generally worse off for it. I could pick up 3 All-Star players and just get demolished in a Mini Bowl like I got worse. I'd think this is a ploy to get me to spend real cash, but even that might not do me any good.
This is a very great game just wish they did updates to make it a little easier to get the legendary card or at least be able to use the coins to get the good card too!!!
I think it would be a good idea to give the user the option to call the plays like, on 4th and inches they punt it everytime, I would just like some more control of the game instead of just watching
I like this game a lot. I like the idea and the concept of this game. The worst thing is that the match simulating system doesn't make sense at all. Most of my victories are from the higher rated teams while my defeats are from the lower rated teams. I always play all of my all 3 of my Big Impact card slots. I think it doesn't make sense. Please revise the match simulating system and do something. Again, I like the concept a lot, but I can't stand this simulating system.
It is fun watching it, but I cant upgrade my team, it would be better if the game had a season's mode and free agency, but there is nothing to do except watch your team win or lose
Game is fun sometimes but it's all luck based. You almost never pull a legend from a 250 buck pack. And I have a suggestion. Could you put an option when opening packs to your preference of cards. Like when I'm opening big impact packs I want it to automatically sell all the cards I don't want instead of me having to select like 10 cards everytime by hand.
This game sucks. Doesn't balance who you are playing and it seems more like a pay to win game. Can't get good players unless you buy big bucks. Uninstall. I do not recommend this game at all.
The game itself is pretty good. There's some work needs to happen with the clock, namely that it's a touch too fast. Overall not bad. However! They're is no way to progress your team without spending money. It takes a minimum of 25 "Big Bucks" to get an upgrade to your default roster. And each time you do that, you get 3 random players. So to field a single roster upgrade takes a minimum of 8 of these packs, so 200 Big Bucks. Since you can get about 5 a day, be prepared to wait around for weeks to get your upgrade, unless you want to spend real money. There is a mechanism to earn Big Bucks for free, but it involves a lot of these "free sample" sites and such. The problem there is that even if you give the partner all your information, that partner's site may impossible to navigate, forcing you to back out. Doing so means that the partner got all your information and you get nothing. Very frustrating. Just put in a simple "watch a video get some Big Bucks" mechanism. Or make it so that we can use a single currency to buy all upgrades. Just make the upgrades more expensive. There are lots of ways to get around this challenge, and I hope the developers do something about it. Because as it stands, I can't recommend this game.
Do the team ratings have anything to do with winning and losing? I have played in 20 games today and I have lost every one of them. I have lost several times to a team with an overall rating 30 points lower than mine while playing all gold boosts. It would be great if I could win games where all of my players are rated higher than all of the other teams players. Extremely frustrating.
I really want to love this game, but how good your team is does NOT matter at all. I have a 94 overall team that loses to 100+ almost every game, rightfully so. But its about a 50/50 if im going to beat a 50 ovr which makes 0 sense whatsoever.
New formations and play calls on both offense and defense would be a cool addition to the gameplay. Other than that, I love the game.
Good game, but would be even better if you could customize cleat color like you can customize shoe color in Big Win Basketball. Some of the uniforms would be so much better with white cleats instead of black.
Great game! I recommend it, but it's completely based on luck, which is why my rating is 4 stars. It's very cool! I chromecast to my smart TV and watch the game and it's awesome! But also whenever I play, my screen gltiches and my screen goes black. 5 seconds later it pops up at the like 2:00 mark, then the game crashes. Please fix all of this and I will rate it 5 stars! 8.4/10
Been playing this for awhile..fun at first but there is no true simulation.30 rank teams constantly beat my 80 rank.its just all over the place .no strategies.its a money grab .all about getting high rank players then hope it goes your way..fun time killer
You don't even play you just watch. If you want to play, go to another game. Also it has issues, glitches to much. I would prefer you play another game.
There are so many times when i am doing good beating teams left to right, and then all of a sudden I play 125, 118+ rating teams out of nowhere and it messes up my stats and my record, i feel the matchmaking needs to be way more organized to where everyone plays fair matches
1 flaw the time goes to the 2 minute warning if you kick a extra point with 2:50 left not a 20 sec chip shot in matter what it'll take you to the minute warning
This game is starting to really suck. I've worked hard to get my team to rating 103 and no matter what I'll still lose to a team that's a 47 rating! other teams that's 125 never lose but I'm constantly losing to teams I know I should beat. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
Here is why I have them a 1 star. First when I got it I was happy but until it said no connection it got worst.And I had a level 8 team with some gold and sliver players and I lost to a level 2 team. my opinion is this game is the worst game ever.
Like I said it is a good game but the macth making and golds and plantiums Losing to A bronze Team! And the Qb is just a fraud like bronze.Right now am scrolling through tne playstore for a good game to find but I see some but money and I just want ya guys to make a good other big win sports game plz I beg of you to make an other like boxing or rugby or any thats good so plz read this I am sooooooooooooooooooo bored so plz.
Like the game, but the overall ratings dont mean nothing in the game. You can be 90overall , and loose to a 50,overall. also when buying packs you should be able to at least get 7-12 players in each pack. other than those things, the game is good.
I have to say, Im not a big fan after playing. Played a team that I was rated 30 points higher than, and also I was playing 2 offensive cards and a defensive line card and they played no cards what so ever and I get blown out? That doesn't even make since. Ive heard others complaining of the same thing. Pretty aggravating when you grind to build your team just to get beat by a team that has no player rated over 50.
I love that it's a whole football game that's playing itself with better and better charchters to unlock
It's a great time killer, and they made it less pay to win now, the ads pop up a bit much, but most the ads reward you with bucks. On top of that they give you ads for 2000 coins like every 5 games too. Managed to build a team pretty quick because of that.
Listen I've played the game before and never had a problem with it. Always worked fine never glitched on me but with me getting a new phone and trying to re-download the game it always freezes and never let's me create a new team. I don't remember my old team code to try and load that up because it's been a year since I've tried to reload that team. I would just like to play the game again without it freezing and not working.
Game is alright. Big Win Racing is still the top game so far. Giving 3 stars because of the music that plays in the background left over from an ad.
The game is addicting, but there isn't the best game it can be. It will be better, if you add the ability to run more. I have the hardest time winning with my team. when I make them focus on running. I will love this game if you fix that. It is also hard to get my friends to find out about the game. I just think that the game could have a better way of inviting 7our friends. It will be good if you can save you accounts. You have to put in a code.If you put a little more into this. It'll make it.
This game is really good but heres the thing. I know these suggestions might break the "Big win" franchise but if you gave us more choices and more control over ehat happens on the field this game would skyrocket in downloads. Maybe give us the option of throwing to who we want. Make the corner backs or wide receivers jump and dive so they can catch lead passes. Give us the option to go for the 4th down or punt. These are just suggestions but from a person that loves this game, they would help.
You lose to lower level teams or your paired with extremely higher level teams and lose too many times it's just NOT fun to lose. It be cool to actually win against teams with a 39 overall when your team is 64 overall. DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME YOU WILL DEFINITELY DELETE THIS APP WITHIN THE WEEK. P.S. events and completion of ads to get big bucks... they wont give you free big bucks. This game is broken.
extremely pay to win, matches are uneven, im a 50 rating and i keep getting matched with 100 ratings 80% of the time. other than that good game
Great concept and would be fun, however no matter your team rating, you still lose as if it's a coin flip. My team is rated at an 81 and I consistently beat teams at 100+ by a wide margin, but I also lose to teams rated <60 by 30+ points. The base system of ratings in this game is flawed thoroughly. Not worth any time or money.
Worst game ever I loved it at first and even got my team to a 64 overall but when your team is terrible u almost win all the time but when your team is amazing u almost lose all the time. Like when I faced a 33 overall team I got blown out 17 to 0 so this game is the worst do not install.
I like big win football. It's fun. I been playing it for a year. I play teams around the world daily. If they could add penalties in the game that would be great. Otherwise It's a 5 rating.
I have big win basketball and big win racing and I thought those games were good. I am a football fan so I was excited to see this game, but I was disappointed. The game itself is ok but there are no high lights so you either have to sit through the whole game or skip it. The graphics aren't as good (in my opinion) as the other ones. Not recommended by me but try one of the other big win sports games they are fun.
Great game, absolutely a really fun game to play with your spare time. Something easy and simple with no real time commitment. Only thing is the ads. Especially no option to disable them. You cant even pay to disable them.
My biggest problem in this game is how slow and boring it is. Honestly I get bored of each of my games scoring less than 10 points, and it's just whoever makes more field goals. Also I think you should increase the game time, and make the offensive players a little faster. And there are some cards that are a little to open, like strip it, where you fumble it 5-6 times a game, and it is frustrating when your team fumbles every game. Honestly this game was good back in like 2014, but now it's just boring and frustrating. Also pls get rid over then matching, where you only play teams that are as good as you, because now it is useless to build a great team if every other team you play is just as good as you.
Really dig this game. Easy, fun and with a bit of strategy. Only 2 wish list items: 1) more variety on kick and punt returns...they always just head to the outside/sideline and 2) a brief preview of your opponent to allow you to strategize instead of just doing it "blind".
Absolute random app. First 10 games in big bowl season modes I go 10-0 beating teams with 90 overall while I'm only 49. Last 6 games I go 0-6 against teams with 29 overall, with said teams using no big impact cards while I have 3 in use. Just seems a roll of the dice game with stats/overall having no bearing on the result of the games which makes you think, why should we even bother grinding out cards to make team better? Still searching for a GM game which is playable because this one isn't.
MARVELOUS GAME! I love playing this game along with the other Big Win games! I have only one suggestion about this game. On Offense, can you add 2 more formations like "Singleback" and "Shotgun"? No matter if that happens or not, I will still LOVE this game A LOT! :)
I really enjoy this game but what I really don't like about it is that it doesn't save your data through Google so anytime you install a new device or reinstall if you don't have the team code through the big wins server you have to start your team over every time.
I see there is still the issue of losing regularly to lower rated teams. It really ruins the fun of putting together a good team only to see them lose over and over again to lower rated teams. I regret spending any money on this game.
Literally nothing means anything in this game! You can be a level 100 and lose by 20 points to a leve 30 team. You can use all your "big impact" cards in a game and lose by 20 points to a level 50 that uses none. The out come of any game is basically a coin flip. Don't waste your time because you will wanna break your phone when you 98 level team loses to a 50 level team for the third straight time!
The game tricks you. You lose a lot in the beginning cus your team sucks. But even if you've build your team up to the point where you should be winning 9/10 games, your still losing to teams 40 overalls worse than you most of the time. My team is a 100 overall and I still lose most of the time, its like nothing has changed. I think the game needs to be up the odds of the better team winning instead of there being an upset 90% of the time.
The Game Is Super Fun Ist Just Sometimes Annoying Because U Can Have A Legendary Team And U Lose To A Rookie Team ._.
It's a good game, but overtime needs to be fixed. I lost two games that cost me first place in a bowl because I lost to an OT field goal on the first drive.
i love the game and played for months and never got a single qb. had an entire platnum team with a bronze qb
This was a fun game but it seems like the creators are becoming more and more greedy by decreasing the coin amount for ad views and removing the big bucks for ads that would pop up. This game has so much potential but it doesnt seem like the developers just pushed this app to the side and dont plan on making any changes. I really hope its get some attention and concerns of fans met until then it stays at 2/5 stars for me.
Game is okay, my team is a 86 overall and i keep losing to teams 60 or below. Not to mention all the "PC" hacker teams.. Game is filled with them. Impossible to get top 10 in events unless you spend money. Game isnt balanced well, as i played the same 124 rating team 12 times in event.. I know game has been out for awhile. Would have thought it would be fixed by now.
I love this game I restarted my team 3 times so I could rebuild you should release a version where its offline but you can move your character on the field. One thing can you make it so when I am play against a 50 and I am a 90 I don't get beat by 2 scores otherwise all you team building games are fun
Is this not supported anymore? Absolutely no payout from last weekend's event? Totally disappointed. I have played these games for years and now I don't want to launch another one. The only way to make your team better without paying real money is by placing decent in said Events and Bowls. The payouts are still advertised during the event but absolutely no payout was received.
Get jacked on rewards. Wrote to customer service and provided screen shots of increasing wins and they asked me for what videos didn't give me the rewards. I don't know because it would not load. So they want the customer to be the programmer to fix their game. 2 months of waiting and they won't even help with money invested. Will not recommend to anyone.
Great game but the bugs keep making me lose. I was about to win because I got a safety with 2:30 left on the clock and it put me up 12 to 10, then they did an onside safety punt, got it it gave it to them they got like the 20 yard they needed and got a field goal. Punts seem glitchy because earlier I got them to punt, they punted it and one of their players picked it up in the end zone. Instead of a touchback our team lined up 8 years in the end zone hiked it and got a safety, please fix your punts its infuriating to lose because of something like that.
Its an alright game, but, it needs better matchmaking. And have teams perform like they should. If my team is 80+ overall and is playing a team below 70, my team should win no contest.
Complete trash. Having a high overall team and using all 3 of your special card slots means absolutely nothing. Just redownloaded the game to use my old squad, and I lost 10 games in a row to a bunch of 30 overalls (When I'm a 95). Don't waste your time with this one.
Great game with great visuals, but a big flaw. Why are you paired with people who are pay to win? I'm (as of this post) ranked 66 and I was recently paired with a player who was ranked 125, 95, and 81. This is a huge issue for new players like myself. The fact that I've been paired with these player's has ruined many chances for me to win bowls and do well in the events. Please, fix this issue. It's hard to play when you deal with people who are pay to win.
Its a pretty fun game but i want to pick are plays you know and I want to controll the player like if the Qb passes the ball and the wr catches I want to run the ball with my Rb I wanna pick play and run with my player or pass the ball pick my play and catch it and run with my own player or run with my Qb you know like that if you agree with me plz like my post if you disagree don't like it I whould not be mad but trust me owner and editer and polisher PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZread this.