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BIG WIN Basketball

BIG WIN Basketball for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a good game, but it should have some more updates every now and than. Thats why I give it four stars
Big Win producers can we please fix the game because you have tattoos and other accessories on the players that we don't have in the game and can we please fix the pairing up with other teams because I'm like a 34 overall going against a 60
This game is stupid u know what because first thing first ur level u are level 1 or 4 your opponent is level 100+ or 20+ please fix that
this game sucks I lose everytime. you can't win anything in this game. That's why I'm going to uninstall it
Nice game, but the only thing I hate in this game is when I play the game it always says can't connect to servers, so please respond me and thank you developers.
All round, this game is very fun. I only have one issue. my current roster has 2 platinums and 3 golds. every tournament game I play is against a team with less than 15 games played, full platinum team, their shooting guard and small forward are out of position, and they have a generic name. why is that? I've played 40+ teams with that information over the past few days. still though, this is a very good game. probably one of the best basketball games out there.
had potential to be a good game then messed it up. Even if you have a great team, you still lose against people who are much lower then you are. It needs to flow more smoothly and more accurately.
Joe young has a point about playing level 55 and the losing to level ones because I'm a 93 overall losing to 40 overall teams but my record is great and the game to me is all about grinding
Good game but the simulation thing is kinda bs. How and some one 10 points overall with no cards to help them boost there players beat me
This was my favorite game for years and had climbed to the top 20 most wins of all time but i could not deal with having a team that won 20 plus thousand games with a team rating 97 and play in the weekly big tournament and lose to multiple teams that shouldnt even have come close to beating my team. This happened so many times i removed the game and never looked back.
I played big win soccer years ago and loved it, was hoping the same with this, but impossible to get started now. They need some kind of beginner bump that gets them up to a rank close to current players because it sucks just losing until you earn enough gold or just pay to catch up.
I love this game, but the only problem in this game is every time I play in trophies it always says can't connect to servers, please respond and my suggestion is team uniform editor and team logo editor.
This game is good, like really good. I suggest having different equipment pr gear like knee guards, leggings, shoulder brace, and the like, to improve the game and creativity of the players. But so far this game is really good.
This game is the most RNG I have ever seen. Tell he how I have a 89 ovr team, with boost applied, a full healthy line up, as well as a proficient record and I lose to a team that is a 60 ovr with no boost at all and no chemistry. Then the next game I stomp a team that is 100+ ovr with superstar players? Literally makes no sense.
Waste of time and waste of money..too many ads and the game is not balance..i lost many time to a low rating team with no skill card...this game sucks..
You can watch them play in real time. Outside of that it's trash. Graphics are bad, fake players and uses energy and card packs that gacha games use...
Make it Offline Please please make it offline it took me so long to find a basketball games like this please make it offline please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!offline please
This game is perfect . If you make a 2018 or 2019 version you should be able to name your arena and make a logo for your team or take a picture for your logo.
I have had a wonderful time playing, but suddenly I couldn't play a game with getting a "there has been an error" it would kick me out of the game before I even play, so I try uninstalling and reinstalling, now it won't even find my team, I have chemistry with all gold and 1 105 overall purple, game pissed me off, hot head games has to fix this
Well the game is great but it needs more stuff like design your court add more big impact cards and they should add more skills to the player like fake thats all i have to say to this game.
Good Game, have a lot of potentials but the developers stop updating. Please update and add more stuff like more team and player editing. Fix the unfair pvp ratings.
It needs better graphics to be easier to control and easier to earn big bucks and less ads and update that allows u to play cards in certain situations
this game is dodo who wants to play this it just straight up pisses you off what is the point when you just watch the freaking game they don't have the same level one example is I had a all bronze team playing against a team with golds and big impacts players why should you play this game the only reason some people like this is because they want to watch a stupid game and if they have a good team so those are just the lucky people they probably took there parents credit card and spend the cash
the game would he better if you let the person control the players on the court and you should put more effort into the game instead of doin a rematch win the same game played over and over plz make the person control the team manually
I've been playing this game for a year now, I hope the creator could make a new updates to bring more excitement and fun. Hope you guys can add more options, new hairstyles, can exchange players online, add big impact strategy or play cards (Pick n roll, Man to Man defense, etc) that we can use in game. I'll give 4 starts for now but overall this is a good game.
Ugh. Full of adds, matchmaking sucks, card packs mostly have uniforms and tactics cards, hardly any players... The ability to watch the match is cool, especially cause it is so well done... But it's suuuuper long, so I never wanted to watch.
I love this game but I think there should be customizable or unlockable plays that you could call. Then their would be more control.
This game was good at first.Then you lose every game no matter what.Thats rigged.It forces you to use your coins to by packs which you can't because you don't get coins from losing.
U can stupidly watch not to control the characters in the game, it pretty suck lol make us control the characters and we will 5 star rate it. Who ever made this your so boring... -_-
Lol I wish you could actually play the game like I bet alot of more people would agree cause the game wouldn't be of dumb luck like it be about skill that way u lose its kinda ur fault. Plus pls do ranking like you can only go against people in your overall like put 70's with 70's make the game a whole lot better
No matter how much effort you put into your team, a 95 rated team will fall to a 30 rated team 50% of the time. It's all random, with the illusion that you can make your team better. The gameplay makes you have to buy packs to even win against these lower players. There are no explanations as to what the stats for the players mean. The energy seems frivolous considering you are full up in 30 minutes. There are ads all the time... I will be uninstalling this game, it's really not worth it.
The experience is sort of so so, my team has a 90 overall and my gripes are much the same as the rest and back when I emailed them to complain about broken game I got such a shocking response. Although true and can be seen in any sport anywhere in the world "any team can beat any team on the day" the cards are busted big time rainmaker turns your opponents into a team of Steph Curry's and the steal ability cards turn them into a team of Shawn Kemp's almost like card boosts your opponents!
Was once a good game, its really a shame. First of all the AI which decides whether you win or lose is complete trash, you will end up losing most of your games even if you're team has a higher rating than the opponent, no matter what. Next it is littered with ads, between every few games an ad comes up. I got three ads within 5 minutes. I would not reccomend this game anymore to anyone.
I like it, but I hope there are more customizations like more accessories (arm band, etc.), more hairstyles, and different height.
Good game but everytime I try to watch the game it bugs out sending me out the game so please fix that and I will rate It 5 stars.
The only thing bad about this app is that I think that in Quick game you should be matched up with people that have the same rating as you do. Other than that it's a good game.
good game, worst part is everytime there is an add(basically after every game) you cant skip the add you have to sit through it while it plays
nice game but im not satisfied because of its bugs and sometimes a hang occurs when you played the game
by far one of the most rigged game ever, there is no correlation whatsoever between the level of your team and the number of games you are gonna win. don't put your money into it, it's a waste. never been that disappointed in my life with a basketball game. ***TO AVOID***
This game is amazing but I wish that I can play it instead of watching and make it easier to get good players. Every time I open up a gold pack I don,t get gold players. But that Is just what I think should happen. Otherwise this is one of the best free games
This is a very good game because when im making the team that I like raptors it lets me do the players name without telling that the player name is wron and I even get to chill out watching the game its a very good game alot of pepole will play the game hopefully, I agree with most reviews.
Very fun game,I do wish I had just a bit more control over my team like calling time outs and just overall strategy.I also really hate when afwul teams with no cards beat my team with gold cards and higher team overall. I understand an upset but come on. This game is still very fun even with these things, highly suggest.
Very Poor "LOADING SPEED"!!! I am calling the attention of the Developers of this game to please make it a worthy Online Game.
I like this game because I'm a real basketball player for the Detroit pistons,this google play name that says jeremiah guy is my brothers name
It's a good game but you guys need to make a lot of improvements. Like can we start off with better players instead of 35-40 overalls? And then having to go against teams that are wayyyyy better than you and making your record bad. And can we have a mode where we can actually okay instead of watching the game? Like it's annoying watching your team lose and you can do nothing about it. And also, throw in a mode where you can create and have your own season against teams and stuff.
Hey,Please make a playoffs mode just like nba to be more addicting and one more thing and sleeves and any things like nba a black mask
From 3 to 1 star no improvement and worst you remove the ads that give bucks that is the only reason i watch ads so why remove it and there more ads you put in this game and you just giving gold coins? I write my review 3 or 2 years ago and no improvement at all :(
Very bad game, full of ads. it's one of those pay to win game, even if you pay you still going to lose to a team that is full of bronze players with no cards while you got a full gold team and gold cards, which makes zero sense. oh and did i mention that it's full of ads? Uninstalled!
The game is good, but it just keeps freezing sometimes and when that happens I have to exit out, go back in. I love the game, but please fix
Its an overall great game! I wish they would make more customizable coaching options though. For example, they could have made playbooks that you are able to pull from packs . Very addicting game !
please update the matchmaking to make it fair because its not fun if we don't play alot and then when we do were playing against a level 400 team. but general I really love the game
I've been playing for six years I never understood why you all took out mlb big stars and why the same thing with NHL but you can't play the game nostalgia but annoying completely
ill give one star im very disappointed about this kind of game i have 2 superstar and platinum player and still losses in a consecutive game with a low ranking team!!! @$#!!!!Im not recommended this application,.UNINSTALL
Thumbs down! Why do player and team stats seems to be useless, instead game results are based about the cards. PLEASE FIX IT ALSO MATCHMAKING IS WORSE!
I started and was like 1-5 so I spent $2 and all of my in game bucks on better players and still lose everytime. my team has a 57 overall and I lose by almost 30 to 35 overall teams lmao, my record is like 6-17 and I am finally giving up. i have perfect 5/5 chemistry with 57 overall and lose to a team without chemistry and 39 overall by 20 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this game is retarded. one game I played the other team (like 30 some overall) shot 17-17 on 3s. this game a flat out joke only install to lose.
Fun game it would be cooler if we could be the actual coach and do some substitution for put in back ups
I've always kept returning to this game thinking "This time I will surely do well!" but it always ends up the same, me deleting it. This game is very Pay 2 Win which sucks because the premise is so good. The cards suck because they're mostly OP and if you're playing a guy with Golden Cards, RIP. You don't really play this game as much as you just the games and the A.I on both teams is so WTH because they make such dumb decisions. The graphics are ok. Overall this game has unused potential. 1.5/5
ill give one star im very disappointed about this kind of game i have 2 superstar and platinum players and still losses in a consecutive game with a low ranking team!!!even you play with a game impact but still losses with the team with no game impact this game is the game of unfairness All team in amateur trophy is fraud no chance of winning$$??#"/ @$#!!!!Im not recommended this application.
Its been very glitchy these past few days. I recently purchased big bucks, but now i cant even get in to the game and log in, always stuck on the opening and loading
Their should be manual mode for we can control aware players because the AI decides weather you lose or not and even if you have the better team you can still lose
I don't understand how this game works. I had 77 rating. Full energy. And 3 gold cards used. Focused pick pocket and breaking angles. My opponent has 51 rating. No cards used. Still he won the match. What does this mean. If this is the case. There is no point of improving your team and using cards..
Alright game. My biggest issue is you can have a 99 rated team and you'll lose to a 40 rated team and that's not rare. Got me any team above 70 rating I lose 80% of the time and my team is rated 94. They need to improve that it's very stupid and frustrating
Great game but when a player gets hurt you should be able too substitute. Add another attribute to the game it will be better than EA basketball game
This is a really cool basketball game. Do you think you could make it to where you could control the players, the dribbling/movement, passing, and shooting? Also, player movement could be better, but other than that is, its good. Great game!
Don't even bother. It does not matter how much time and money and time you spend on this game, you will lose 9 times in a row against 42 overall team with 88 overall. Total RNG, time wasted on this game does not even matter. Disaster of a game.
It is a great game but every time I play the basketball game I always lose. But the first game you play your team wins. So that's why I gave this game a 3 star rating ⭐. So please fix the game and I will give a 5 star rating
This is good game but when in the start you win it give overpowered teams to play and lose it STILL PUTS YOU AGAINST BETTER TEAMS EVEN IF YOU STILL GOING THROUGH TUTORIALS FOR YOUR TEAM
The game is good but the matchmaking is very very bad. It must be new players vs new players. Imagine my standing is just 0-1 and my opponent is 48k-18k not that close HAHAHAHAHA. Must fix this one so it won't affect player's excitement.
This game is really cool you could sign different characters and create your own team but the only problem is the quick game you should make it so you play against people your overall my team is 40 and im going against people in the 50,60,70,80,and 90!! How am i supposed to win you need to make it so people go up against other people around there rank
The only good about this game is the fact you can play with friends. My 92 overall team just lost 3 or 4 games against teams that were below 65 overall. This game doesn't make any sense. I should've been in the top 250 for this damn event this weekend, but Noooo. This game wants to be the most idiotic game in history πŸ˜’
made a purchase and did not get my account credited for the purchase. my bank was billed and will work with Google to get a refund. I contacted your team twice with no response.
While the concept of the game is exceptional, the bad thing about it is, every time I play a quick game, I'm put up against higher levels. The last game I played he was a level 18 and I'm only a level 2. The closest it's ever been is, I was a level 2 and they were an 11. Where's the fun in that?
One of the best game ive played without any lags or glitches, and its very easy to pick up for any age.
At one point I had downloaded all the big win sports games but recently I have found it less motivating to play Big Win Sports and have been playing other games where are you can control the action most notably Retro bowl yall need to have a feature or to where you can control some of what happens during the game so people especially younger kids wouldn't lose interest in it
I like the fact that either you win or lose situation from the big win cards, but the match making is horrible. A level 2 vs a level 35 are you kidding me!!!!! πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I like the game, but Y do U watch it instead of playing? and,I hope there will be legend cards, mohawks, new skill boosts. Big Win football has that, but that is not fair. Why do they make the game different? It just sucks cheese. They should make stuff special for the holidays. U know what I'm sayin'. Why is it so hard to get"l"cards? I only got l card in hockey. Just don't get it.mistake I ment superstar.
I like the game, but Y do U watch it instead of playing? and,I hope there will be legend cards, mohawks, new skill boosts. Big Win football has that, but that is not fair. Why do they make the game different? It just sucks cheese. They should make stuff special for the holidays. U know what I'm sayin'.
This game is alright. The only problem I have with it is the currency in the game. Could you update it to where its like big win football 2019 that way it be easier for me and the community. Not many of us have credit cards or other ways to get the in game currency.
Whatever you do DON'T FEEL OUT registrations for this game to get bucks...I filled out about 3 and took like 12 survey's and have yet to receive any BUCKS...even emailed the help and they pretty much told me to go f*** myself...it sucks because this is pretty much the only game of it's kind and it's actually fun
Love this team, player builder game. I a totally feel like a GM watching my team play on the court, with no control over the players, you can give gold game cards, only input there then icing a team. Team and player builder. Very enjoyable.
It's fun but it's really bad in terms of matchmaking. I'm a 47 rated team and always go against a team in the range of 80 or 87, that's why I'm going 2 - 9
It's damn near impossible to get add skill cards, but you'll have no trouble at all getting pink and brown uniform cards also, I just started playing why in the HELL is my lvl 5 team pitted against lvl 55 teams? This makes no got damn sense my guys are getting blown out CONSTENTLY. If your doing, so I'll spend money on this app don't hold your breathe. Update: I'm lvl 73 now can someone please explain to me why I'M LOSING TO LEVEL [email protected]#$ING 1 TEAMS?
It's ok, but I wish we had more control over games. It's basically trial and error. ONLY FOR PLATFORMERS.
terrible game. It's quite difficult to get in game currency and when you finally get enough to get a good team you're either paired up with teams with less rating than you who somehow beat you or teams way better than you who also beat you. It's just ridiculous
Ive been playing this game since my sophomore year of highschool. Im 24 now and i still love this game. Ill admit that having access to money will improve your experience but that doesnt change the fact that i enjoy competing against teams from across the world. Never know who youll face n how good theyll be and thats great. Every weekend events are hosted and its nice to see how you stack up against thousands of teams. Suggestion: let us call plays, and add new play animations. P&r gets boring
This game is wonderful but i think there should be a feature to where you can play as your team instead of watch them
Awesome game but needs to be updated i play it like last year and its still the same no improvement from the developers please update this game and make more moves talents etc.. like other basketball fantasy stuff anyway this game is great and i love to play it
Its cool its just when your players miss a wide open shot its a lil frustrating but kee p up the great work and the macthmaking system.
Fun but you lose like every game and on highlights you always see the enemy team and if u watch the full game we always score under 20 so screw this game at least big win football is here🀣
I Love The Game, But There Is A Bug That When I Sell My 40 To 50 Ovr The Game Just Stopped And I Don't Get My Money On The Game, Can You Please Stop This Bug? Thank You.
This game had me to download a game app to get free buck I complete a 10 level game in 3 days when I finish I didn't receive my free buck never again I will download this game u ppl are money greedy that's all this game about
ill give one star im very disappointed about this kind of game i have 2 superstar and platinum players and still losses in a consecutive game with a low ranking team!!!even you play with a game impact but still losses with the team with no game impact this game is the game of unfairness @$#!!!!Im not recommended this application.
you should make at more like Big win football. It should be easier to get the big bucks and to get better players easier. The graphics could be a little more better. Bring down the prices.
The best game EVER! I love how it's just like basketball πŸ€ Download now!But I do wish they could wear wrist bands and you could have a roster and you could pull and put players in and take them out mid game.thats all I want for this to be the best game [email protected] I know it's cray I'm level 16 I lose by 20 to level1 but Chill.Im sorry But I had to flag you review as inappropriate.Plus your Phone,laptop is probably just not liking the app.
The Play Store is to blame for games like this one. They allow in-app purchases on games they advertise as "free", when there is no benefit given. It's too bad a good lawyer doesn't sue Hothead Games and/or The Play Store for Malicious Intent to gain profit by allowing games like this to profit for doing nothing for it.
Big Win more like Big Loss, so it started off ok built a team using the cards as described to get the chemistry bonus and an overall team rating of about 60-63 in 24 hours from 39 overall seems good then ofcourse comes the absolute trash results. Losing to teams with 0 big boost cards active and no chemistry and 39-50 overall, it almost defies logic that they make a game that makes use of boosts to then lose like that, or other bs cards that seem overpowered if i could write 1000 words i would
it's good but would you pair the match fairly because even my team is better than my opponent I still lost what the heck men it's so unfair but when it comes to the game there is no problem it's just unfair but I I'll give it 5 star
It's damn near impossible to get add skill cards, but you'll have no trouble at all getting pink and brown uniform cards also, I just started playing why in the HELL is my lvl 5 team pitted against lvl 55 teams? This makes no got damn sense my guys are getting blown out CONSTENTLY. If your doing, so I'll spend money on this app don't hold your breathe.
I love this game, but the only problem with the game is every time I play in trophies it always says can't connect to servers, please respond and my suggestion is team uniform editor and team logo editor.