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BIG WIN Baseball

BIG WIN Baseball for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Hothead Games located at 1555 West Pender Street Vancouver, BC V6G 2T1 Canada. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is the worst I always play with a person with gold cards and when I'm winning and the last inning in here. They either win or tie the game. Then we go to extra innings and they hit a solo homerun
Ok so a few issues #1. The game sometimes does not match the levels fairly. #2. Sometimes I lose to people on a way lower level Then me. but other then that it's a good game. I hope this helps you out with your decision to get it or not 😜
very very fun do recommend it the only reason why I deleted it was because my phone has no storage at all but I do recommend it's great the negative thing is that it takes a long time to build up your team but otherwise very nice.
It has too many teams with outstanding records that it is almost impossible to compete fairly. You should have teams with similar win ,loss records. Totally unfair. Bring more parity to the game.
Good game reminds me of the old big win mlb but come on pay to win thise happend to me with the hockey one too and the game doesnt match you fairly so sometime while you are level one your fighting a guy thats like level 100 its still a good game
Ok game. Pay to win. As of september, 2020, upon reinstalling, these guys are huge scam artists. You cant watch videos for coins anymore. More specifically, it will play the full ad, but then rather than payout the usual measly 300 coins, they just disconnect you from the server instead, and you reconnect in mere seconds, with no reward. This is my experience after trying about 10 or 15 times. I live in an urban area on a plan @300mbps via fibre optic and have a solid router.
These are the worst games that have ever been made!!!! First Of all A Few Reasons You Have 0 Control Of Playing The Baseball Games All The Boost Are Absolutely Useless! All You Can Do Is Boringly Watch The Game Play Itself These Games Are 0 Fun Cause Nobody Wants To Watch The Game Play For Them! I Really Hate All These Big Win Games Whoever Made These Extremely Terrible Games Must Get Fired Immediately! Deleted!
Trash game, too many hackers and people who pay a million dollars a year. Matchmaking is terrible since it pairs you up with hackers that get good players for free and just money wasters. VERY PAY TO PLAY
This game is like road to the show 20 rebuild but your are creating a twam well I think is a really good game keep the good work
This app was really fun and evrything was cool because you can make your own line up way bettet than other games #five stars
I remember playing this as a kid, and I wonder, did I have the brain capacity of a bean back then? Matchmaking is broken- if you're a new player, you get paired against level 20-40 teams with no chance to win.
I've always loved the concept of the Big Win games, but the way they match up the games is broken. Half the time you end up playing against a max level team with no chance of winning. There is no fair system to check this, and as you have no control of the players, so there is nothing to do but lose money, lose standing, and lose interest.
The game is just broken. Sometimes it is fair and other times it's rigged like when you get put with someone who's overall is 40 and below and you are 70+ you have all gold impact cards and they have no big impact cards and you somehow lose by 3. Like how is that even possible. Bottom point games are broken it's just luck.
Put 30 dollars into the game for platinum players, using 3 gold boosts, yet I'm still losing to teams rated 60 overall by randomly giving up 6 runs in the 7th inning. Game is rigged and I wish I could get a refund. Dont put any money into this game as it is a waste of time.
Good game but can't watch the game play through. The app closes before the first pitch, and if I skip the game it will close within 30 seconds.
This game is good. But the match making is atrocious. Ive lost 20 straight games against people who are lvl 1 and 100ovr team. Fix this please it doesnt make the game fun for anyone
The game is great, but i have a bad team and i play good teams, and it got stuck on the popularity screen
I love this game it is super fun and I can't stop playing it. If you love baseball this is the game for you.
Great game don't get me wrong but I wish they had backups seasons and more advancments. Also I hate playing against OP teams and having no chance please fix this in all the big win games I love them but they have been the same forever a little change won't hurt
I love this game and all the Big Win sport games but since coming back i lost my old team. Having to restart is hard. My 44 overall team has played 7 games against nothing lower than 80 overall. This feels alittle unfair and it sucks to just keep losing because other teams are stacked and there is ni balance system
This game is amazing. It is the best fantasy baseball game I could find and from research, most bad reviews are false. Tip to players: to get fair matchups join amateur tournaments to receive match making filters..*quick game has matchmaking filter* My ingame username is **Nova l Nacho PLEASE CLICK WETHER MY REVIEW WAS HELPFUL 😁😁
I am a 80 overall team with 3 impact cards an i just lost to a player with an 11 overall team, how does that make sense?
Hello! I just wanna give feeeback on this game. No offense but its kind of bad.. I can't go back to thr home page and theree no arrow in the top left corner of my screen. If you can fix that ill give you a better rating. Thank you, Bye.
Good game. 2 things different. 1) there should be rankings so you play people that are within 10 levels of you. This could be hard though because no one in our range could be playing at the time and you could have to wait for a while. 2) If you play the exact same cards as someone else and they have a worse team you should win. I've ran into this problem in events when i need to do well. Lets say your team is a 72 and you play a 67 with the same cards, you should win. But sometimes you end up losing. Otherwise, great game and lot's of fun.
Great game, been around for years. Just disappointing they gave up on all their big win games and never kept up with them. This game hasn't been updated in over a year. Theres no more in game events. Sad to see they gave up...
this game us terrible. filled with adds. the game says if u watch ur team they play better everytime i watch my team they lose to the worst teams in the game
dumbest game ever. you just watch a game whose outcome is based on baseball cards. you don't have to hit, throw, pitch or run bases.
I wish yall would fix the matchmaking system because I just started playing and Ive been going up against max lvl teams and losing every game its no fun to play because I cant earn any money to upgrade me team! I feel like Im being fored to buy IGC/ In-game currency. I dont like that at all! good thought process on game development though.
I want to call this a good game, but I can't. And the biggest reason is the matchmaking. It's terrible. I was a level 1 and paired with a level 93! How?! Please fix this Hothead. But, sometimes teams can make upsets, but it's rare.
I give this a five star because you can make your players names for example if your on some type of sports team you can put your players in their positions and try to make your team better
I wish I could enjoy this game but I can't. first of all there are ads after every single game that you can't skip. second of all the way the game determines who wins games doesn't make any sense. my 60 overall team has lost 5 games in a row to teams that are 40-45 overall teams. my last issue is that if you don't pay it takes ridiculously long to get a decent team. overall I don't think you have a chance in this game unless you pay.
This game is fun and simple,but hopefully they will make so where you have more acessories and to be able to know the pack odds
This game had the potential too be great turned out too be a disappointment played one Penant and won it but the rewards are too little and u have too watch too many ads too stay competitive ,
Would be one of the best ball games if you could control pitching, batting, and fielding. The layout is awesome with the top view but nobody wants to watch they want to play.
don't get it it's not worth it, you'll lose to teams worse than you even if you have better impact cards. the game is just bs you can't manage anything and you constantly lose. the only way you can win is just to buy big bucks to get the best players, the matchmaking is terrible you'll constantly play a team much better than you and lose and if you get a team worse or as good as you you'll still lose. the game is just terrible and will only make you very frustrated unless you spend money on it
I started off with a record of 3-42. my 2nd ever game, I lost 31-1 to a guy that had no cards. And I felt that alot of the time, I have a 3 or more run lead and every time my opponent comes back and win. The match ups are so unfair and you cant control what your team does.
This is a great game 1 thing i wish was on it is that u can customize your stadium. And can you also make a big win LaCrosse game. Please
Matchmaking needs to be worked on, new team going up against one thats 38+ levels higher is a total fail. The constant ads after any games is completely annoying.
Ok game for the most part but i just played a game. I played against a team where they were at level 3 and played no big impact cards and im at level 14 and i played 3 gold big impact cards. They won 12-0!!!!! I think that crazy.
This is not a game. You only can watch what the computer do and then pay the developers to improve the team you own but you cannot control. What a terrible game. Do not waste your time.
Hothead games it's a great game I have played it before and I want to play it again but the app is not working and I have a compitable phone, please solve whatever issue it's facing, the app keeps closing and does not work.
This game is really good just that respectfully i would like there to be a bullpen instead of putting your starter for full games. Also reduce the ads and when i play aganist teams lower than me, have me win them. Thanks
This game is fine aside from the fact that you can literally play a team with a rating of 20, and I have a 71 rated team, and get beat...
I have played nearly every baseball game in the store and I want to like Big Win I really do, however it just seems to be impossibly tedious to get a team to win at the beginning stages. it's as if your a little league team up against major leaguers every game. I just don't have the patience or want to sit and grind out hundreds of games to get a respectable team together. that and the fact that there seems to be lacking much strategy to begin with other than lineup choices and power up cards.
Can only connect with Facebook or guest. No option for Google Play. 1 star. Uninstalling app. Maybe reinstall when Google Play option is available.
I really like the challenges of facing other teams higher than me because now you know what to upgrade and save thing up
I remember this game being fun to play years ago, but since making it pay to play and having to start a new team and being slaughtered....its not even worth it. Such a downgrade from what the game used to be.
All around great game one complain though, when your watching a game I wish you could change the camera view and can hothead games add custom uniforms
i downloaded all of your apps amd i cant play any of them? it just loads forever. it only gives me the option to watch game i press it and it keep loading...?
I have 3 gold cards and lost against with 3 normal card who is lvl 3 player and i got 2-3 wins and 12-13 loss i hate the game big win baseball and no control so we loss against less level players
Does not Give u A full pitch Always treats because when you have a golden card in the other people just have original cards they went against you and they do not let you have a full three two pitch like in real baseball
I had problems loading the game and it kept saying the app closed so i uninstalled and reinstalled and have to restart after spending $30 on this game
the whole game is rigged you can have a 100 overall team with the best cards in the game and lose to a level 1 with no cards
this game is very fun. i only have a few ideas to make it better. instead of needing to randomly find uniforms, you should be able to make your own. another idea is having leagues. so if you are say, level 9, you would only play people level 5 to 10, to make games fair. nothing is wrong with anything elese, thoughs ideas would just make the game alot better than it is.
Unbalanced. Just installed this game and my second ball game I faced someone who has over 2,000 games played. Should have a ranking system. It's okay, which you can have more control over the game.
Very cheesy game. You don't have control over anything. Do yourself a favor, and uninstall the game. Get a Life !
Can yall make a big win boxing also why can't we play the game I dont want to watch pls make the game that the real people can play it every big win game make it so real life people can ply so nobody will be board cause they just watching ur team playing like I wanna play pls make the game so people wont have to watch the game I really want to play the game not watch it
The game is very fun it just comes with a colossal very steep curve. You could be a level 40 going up against a level 99. There's no filter for who you would be playing against and that can leave you losing dozens of games in a row. Almost as if it's expected that you should throw money at the game.
If your looking for a game that you can play at anytime and doesn't need much skill to play. This is perfect, you can complete in-app purchases, but aren't needed to be successful.