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Big Time Chess - Make Money Free

Big Time Chess - Make Money Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by WINR Games Inc located at 350 Adelaide St West, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
removal of the chessboard too quickly was Victory or defeat no chance to assess it and eliminating the game because of repetitive moves that is a chess tactic in itself also you always say this money is available to win I don't believe you how you don't even tell us how to do it which leads me to assume your crooked
At advanced level the enemy run cross over my line with runner, where stand my "Bauer" ... Forget this.
I've seen lots of low ratings because people don't seem to understand how to make money in these apps. Here's how it works...you collect tickets and either keep them in the game to count toward the daily drawing or put them in the bank vault available on the home screen which saves them. When you want to convert them to cash, you withdraw them from the bank vault and go to the wallet and there you can convert 10,000 tickets into $0.10. you can cash out of your wallet to PayPal once you reach $5.
Finally(after 2 months) I have earned 10$ Cad given for payout but not done properly, PayPal rejected it, then I have have sent lot of mails but no reply from them, and they didn't payed, so I recommend all of you to not to play these games, it's waste of time, I so disappointed by this
Very Fantastic App ever seen, I am playing chess since 40 years becauz I am very fond of playing chess, This app has very nice graphics and good developer, very challenging & awesome thanking you Big Time Chess WINR games for encouraging players, very soon I will WIN a Big Prize and solve all my financial problems and pay all my debts.
I want to preface, this isn't how I really feel but I need the devs to notice hopefully, cause I'm having a ton of fun, but I noticed (for fact at least) while I was playing master, the computer had put my king into check with a knight, which I simply needed to capture with 1 of 2 pawns nearby. But it game overed me, saying checkmate. I had 2 pawns! What the heck man.... I think the problem is that if the king can't move out of check, and nothing can block check, the game doesn't check any furth
This game is not fair, snd tricky, if you are nearing to win againts your opponent, your castle become your enemy and the system freeze or loading automatically forever, even your internet connection is good, so you have to press X button and you lose. Payment? The system will do everything to make you get nothing.
Don't download if u wana earn payble money. Starts good but when u reached the paybale amount it's irritate like other cash game time wasting game. We watch add by this they earn too much money but they never gives anything to us I think developer have too much time to waist our time
Before playing this game, I didnt know how to play chess but have always wanted to. It's very easy to catch on and onlyv2 days in and I'm winning games.
It's too easy and the reward tickets is too low, that's why it's hard to earn money. I also recommend to make multiplayer, I'll rate it 5 stars if there's a multiplayer.
No point to the avatars. Tickets dont mean anything. I could have a million tickets and still not win. Point system makes no sense and very inconsistent.it doesn't tell you how the point system works. Peices get stuck in place and have to restart app (usually when I'm winning). I've even had one of my peices transformed into the opponent's peice and used against me. Very buggy game. I love chess but this app doesn't make it enjoyable.
The app is inconsistent. In fact, the developer that made such an app is a fool and should be treated as a practical joker... Or perhaps a coward... Don't trust this app...!! The developer is a CHEATER... I'm a professional Chess player.. when I put your ugly ass in check... You stall my next turn and cheat your way through my pieces to you're advantage a check mate me... You are such a fake...kiss my ass!!!!
good game i love chess and this game is very fast and has alot of graphic. i really enjoy it. it also gives tikets when u when. i guess eventually u will get some kind of reward. i guess will continue to play it till i gey that special reward whenever that will be . i haven't won anything u but i just started playing the game so god knows when that will be. and i guess after this hame ill probably keep dowm loading games till i get that reward that they are talking about. i don't really trust it
This game is full of mess when I am about to win or get ahead of it it won't allow me to take the peace off the board aad it still takes me tickets I will no longer play this game
ilove the chess game its verygood app forleasure and the same time earn cash,thanks winner for your all app game,the best developer.
AI of player sometimes eat own piece and sometimes you can not move your piece to capture enemy. It's hard to collect many tickets. Please show other players level not the score that is 455 which is impossible to obtain. I lost 10k tickets when I want to convert into cash.
Its just fun to play, but not only play you can also to win a money, the more you play and get a ticket, the more you get money, try it now................
I suspect some algorithm error while game play. Some legal moves are unable to make. Asthetic effects and sounds good. Overall interface nice. Really nice to play and if you're lucky you can win real money in thousands. Hope, they check the algorithm flaw and fix it in next version. Recommended for entertainment and earning your luck!
This game is not fair, and tricky, if you are nearing to win againts your opponent, your castle become your enemy and the system freeze or loading automatically forever, even your internet connection is good, so you have to press X button and you lose. Payment? The game creator team will do everything through procedure system (10,000 point=$0,01) to make you get only little money or get nothing of money.
I download a app from tgus application for tickets...But aftet download i dont get any tickets for that..please solve
I found it exciting to play Big Time Chess. It"s also rewarding. You can try to play it. it collects tickets and get dollars from it.
If I was eligible to give minus stars than I would feel more better u hardly earn money on this app , I also earn money by watching ads and playing silly games , then I withdrawal it but even after 7 days they are saying your payment is in processing how fake app like other but very hatable
This app is fake after you earn money the app starts reset then it ask to log in again if we enter a correct password it shows wrong and we cant recover your id in game.google check and remove this app from play store its really fake
Nice game. But i m not understand that where is money.and how withdraw it..but this game is also depend on mind Power..
it's cheating by game.... some moves not allowd....our some players hide at winning movement... its errror or cheat by app
this apps really nice and great..i love playing chess, really enjoy and have fun..like it😍😍😍
I've seeen a lots of negative ratings. Never mind! This is the third times i reinstall because i am interesting it. A few months ago, i removed from my phone as it took so long time to make a money. Yes it's true. Also, there are some graphic and control issues. I hope the developers will make more friendly use soon.
while playing one of my castles was taken over and ate my own pieces. rediculous. that should never happen. ,will not remove 1 star until glitch is fixed and will not play again.
I give u 5 star for the good graphics and this game is so very realistic, im injoying this, yeahh great very nice
I tried to cash out and i put in my PayPal info. At first it said pending then it all disappeared. The whole $10 gone. still shows my conversions from 10000 tickets to 0.10. but the cash out never happened and I'm so disappointed. It could have at least gave me back my money to the app but nope. I got squat far as I can tell all the money you earn is a fake and the app is a lie. Les they fix this i will never trust a money making app again.
The best app till now πŸ˜ƒπŸ€—, I recently came across this app as i was fond of playing chess and few days back i won a draw worth $3515 CAD. I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness . Thankyou Big time Chess WINR games. Keep playing friends. May you also won some day πŸŽ‰
I lost my time and money here.. Earned 20 dollar but when I cash out this money that money invisible... I don't know why... No help and support options there... So I decided to Uninstall this game
I love this game because if you have any tickets you have won in the game you can just put most or all of them in the bank where they will be safe, and the more tickets you earn, the more tickets you can put in the bank where they will be safe.There is even a daily boans where you can chosse your prise.I even got the 1,000 tickets once before .And I have won many times before.Any way, thank you for hearing about my review.I am going to go back to my game. Good bye and see you next time.
Had to watch an ad and take a hit for resigning just so i didnt have to go through the instructions when i already know how to play chess. I only downloaded this game to get points for another game but i never actually got them. This developer sucks!
Ticket Holder bank having Many bug. i'm daily tiredlessly Watching 1-3 hours Videos To earn free Tickets. Even We added Some tickets for Security It will reduced after some timeπŸ˜“ it is daily Happening with me !i'm frustatedπŸ˜–πŸ˜© Does This app really Pay us Through 'PayPal' ? a Big Question mark πŸ˜β“β“ They say they Will Pay us Through 'paypal' ,Have They Taken Our PayPal account details ??πŸ˜‘ What is Guarentee then? DEVELOPERS ANSWER THIS??
Thank you for the $10 CAD I just received. I will tell the good news about your app to everyone I know that uses game apps.
Haven't played chess in a long time, really enjoy the games. Not in it for any money cause those never work out for me. Got rid of all the get rich games that were to give cash and then had me do surveys, deals (that always had something wrong so never got the money, was owed $1000 PayPal (haha))
Just reporting a glitch in the game. There is a glitch regarding na "en passant" move that causes the captured pawn to be "visually" there for the rest of the game and future games but there isnt any pawn placed there. I can only remove the said pawn if I restart the app. I hope you can fix this. thank you. But still, awesome app
Bruh.. Where's the 0 star button.. This app doesnt even recognize en passant... It actually kept the same "taken" pawn on the same square for every future match after the game.. Just truly ridiculous.. Then it only lets u sign up through Facebook and has the nerve to lock the points you gain and give no clear explanation of how to earn them. This app is absolute trash and i mean that with all my heart. Wow guys. Great developing.
To be fair and honest, this app claims you can win money, ok, show me the money, the pieces stick when the move really counts causing you to lose, and there's to many videos, i've been playing chess for fifty years, and as for free money for playing games, you can get 5000 coins for each downloaded app theres not enough room in my phone to download enough to get $5 you can do the math, theres nothing free here you pay one way or the other!
This is the best app between winner games. Cause you can win 200 to 400 tickets per game and without any advertising..!
Needy and I don't like it how I'm constantly being asked to review this app. I've only just started using it and in 2 hours I've been bugged by your asking for a good review.
Game keeps freezing and then doesn't give me tickets I earned... playing your game for nothing, fix this!
Really Amazing app for Chess Players..........I am playing from nearly Six Months and waiting for my lucky day to win Dollars...continuosly participating in Draw..Thank u BIG TIMES....for Encouraging Players who r in a need of Money...by solving Financial Problems...Tq..
I like chess...postal chess, 3d(tri levels) chess, mental chess, using chess notation, I always have at least two games set up. My best bud and I learned how to play by reading the encyclopedia. I was about 9 and my friend was 12 or so. Those magical days were 60 years ago. Bobby Fisher.is inspirational and I like him almost as much as I like the game. We lost Mr. Fisher a few years back.I like your game for all the right reasons. Thanks and sorry about my long windedness, but when my passion is
Like other Chess games but gets you a chance to win money but removes feature of playing with others online or in person... If you really don't want an in person battle to count you don't need it to. At least have it available so I don't have to install another chess app. But that's just a minor thing I would like to have. Also online quick matches are prefered over robots.
I have a question, it says that in order to be eligible to win you must submit a picture of yourself smiling but I don't see any way to do this. Can someone help me?
Really Amazing app for Chess Players..........I am playing from nearly Six Months and waiting for my lucky day to win Dollars...continuosly participating in Draw..Thank u BIG TIMES....for Encouraging Players who r in a need of Money...by solving Financial Problems...Thanking you....RAJU KUMAR PIPPALLA......INDIA.....
It is a great game set(all of Big time Games) I absolutely love chess, but it has been glitching on my tickets. I have lost or missed almost 15k tickets ... (I have a 3x or 4x booster on and got to the hundred ticket marker(which should have awarded me 2500 tickets times my multiplier) and I only got 100 each time
In expert mode. There is bug. When AI makes wrong move. My rook in H1 Tried to strike H8 Next move by me is not allowed. My rook killed killed my knight 1g and bishop in 1h and made my game. Lose. I note that when ever AI make. A wrong move. My next intented move is blocked. Hello could you resolve this. Otherwise player will lose faith on your design considering it was intentionally created to block player from winning the game.
Very nice app. But need more option like clock and bad moves, right moves seen indicate after opponent moves.
Master mood too crazy. My boat playing against me. Also checkmate. Advance mood also crazy. Pc site soldier, elephant, minister skip my soldier. How it possible.
The game is good, you can learn the basic moves of the chess game and at the same time earning real money, thanks to Big Time!..
there are some bugs in the game, the game allows you to play en passant but doesnt remove the opponents pawn that was captured, also on the expert difficulty the computer used my queen to capture my own bishop then I couldn't move my queen the rest of the game. other than that it's been a fun app.
Ok but when my own pieces started attacking me I knew something was wrong lol. Please fix these bugs.
It is a fun game, but I think there is a malfunction that the CPU is controlling my own chess piece against me. For example, I move my white queen to protect my white rook, instead the CPU use my white queen to knock my white rook. I find that funny 🀣. The CPU is suppose to control the black pieces.
Above all, this is very great game. Nice to handle, easy to access and simple way to earn. Oh! earning gonna be a great journey, although it takes many days to complete the day-to-day task. Never give up. Still trying to invest my valuable time and space 'cause there's a great return in the end.
While the graphics and the controls are fine, there is a huge problem with the AI. During one game, the enemy AI took control of one of my castles, effectively having 3 towers and decimating the whole back line. Additionally, it was able to jump over pawns. Also, some moves that are perfectly legal in chess, are not available here ... sometimes. All in all extremely inconsistent. One additional star for the idea. Due to the bugs it is sometimes impossible to win, though.
Anybody who knows how to play chess would tell you that a freaking bishop on black can't take a pawn on a white square in front of it and then after that it was a quick game over by supposed check I didn't even get a chance to see if I had a way out. And there is no way to. Contact the developer about this bug. It's sad cuz the other games I like
Too many adverts, this game it's not really good. No matter how many games you will win, nothing will happen and ally tickets has gone for no reason. Its just a fake game like the owner, or whoever made this .