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Big Time Cash. Make Money Free

Big Time Cash. Make Money Free for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by WINR Games Inc located at 350 Adelaide St West, Suite 101 Toronto, ON M5V 1R5. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Gambling) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its been a week now why the bonus time is not w9rking anymore?? it ahould be nice game as i have widraw multiple times from this app pls fix this
Well i just started and i havent did a pay put so we will see if it pays but like the games to dad u cant adda chess game or risk i love strategy based games however the games you have your half bar fun I've already fed about three of them but they're really good I haven't been paid I haven't don't know what the payout is don't even know if there is a payout by saying you owe me money I just thought about a hundred different games of sorts and I never get paid but hope u guys will u keep stars
Haven't been on here long but is it just me or are the games glitchy, this causes me to lose or 'die' everytime I play a game, the games are challenging enough. It's very frustrating.
I can't play well because you can only get the ticket in short time playing and when you play longer time it just stop and not showing that you can play again or get the ticket you played in a long time
I give 4 stars because of the fact that it actually pays out. I was a little skeptical of this, but I actually received the payout to my Paypal account. It also has a good variety of games to play. I understand that money doesn't come easy, but trying to get 10000 tickets for just 0.1 cents is time consuming. Please consider something like 6000 to 7000 tickets for 0.1 cents.
Cannot play steadily keeps on cracking when playing especially galactic gateways when it cracks and then resumes you would have already crashed if you are close to an obstacle even in rover ranger i have this problem and why not make it straight forward how to get your cash you must get 10000 tickets just for $0.1 ? It doesnt make sense.
I love this game thats why its big time. There are many games in this game. When you complete your levels new games are automatically unlockes. I love this game and its graphics are very good. There are many easy game in big time. I really like this game.
Much better than other games.. Not so easy..not so hard..and this is what I like about it..interesting games and simple pattern of earning..still I got nothing but enjoying it..
A lot of great games and challenging games. Hope they will give me lots of tickets too so that i could win also. I'm a new user so lots of things to understand the app. Nice so far..
the games are interesting. Though some of them are too hard to accomplish. The contest also gives me chance of winning the prize or if not, the consolation prize.
I have 2 cash out pendings.. 1 is 10$ its been months now no news about it. The latest one is 10$ and its been 3 days now, this 14$ cashout vanished in my wallet processing section. At first it was there and labeled as "processing" now its not there. Not in cash out section too. Im starting to think this app is starting to scam people. that is alot of time wasted I preferred you to don't use this app and don't waste time on this app
The app is the best,i have ever come across, I like the setting and the delivery, although I have not done any cash out but it promises to be an awesome app. This is my first day on the app may be after some days, I will be able to rate app five star. I will recommend it to anybody to download. Awesome, I am excited about it
Full of fun, but there's a no sure win. Its tiring to watch the ads all day and you won't even get a thing. Played all day to try on winning but guess I wasn't that lucky (Kinda getting tired of it) I get one dollar and that's all (Can't even cash it out) I've been depositing tickets so that I can even save a little of 10 cents which will take a long way to go
So far i enjoy the games on this app. When you reached lvl 30+ that's the time you'll get more tickets. The ad is okay since you can still skip it after few seconds. I've been playing for 4 days and got $3.00. Let's see if they really pays.
Too many ads wasting your time i can't even enjoy a game 😠😠 it's almost for me to hate this game. Watching video to earn money is better than this because of those ads.
This is the best play and win game.Never seen it before ads shows at the appropriate time and tickets acquired quickly.Download and see.
no waY I can give u a great review when I am dissatisfied with this app I on offer wall never did any offers now I knw why .cause begin of may took offer play dragon legends until I get to level ten believe me that app it self drains I mean drains battery Luke u wouldn't believe stupid I went yet of course I completed it to receive bout 7thousand ticket of course still nothing I email both app publishers n mobile support n their app is all a joke big waist of time be unistallstaythtway
Games always freezes after watching an ad after every play. I tried waiting for more than 10 minutes hoping to get the tickets. But nothing happened. So to sum up, i wasted my time playing, wasted my time waiting and most importantly did not get the tickets I have earned. My internet connection is excellent. Watching an ad after every play was not a problem. What is going on? My patience is running thin with this app.
for now i love and enjoying it..good app..hope i can get cash on it..really badly needπŸ˜₯..but all in total this app is good..
Hello, guys this game is really awesome, I really love it. But I'm not sure wether they will give the payouts I'm gonna try myself and see if this works or not I'm now at $0.70 dollars and it's been only three days since I started playing this game. Hopefully hoping that this game will not be a scam like the other apps. If I get the payouts successfully I will rate it 5 star and recommend my friends and families too. πŸ‘β€οΈ
Good game many choices but its hard to reach 1million coin for the value of 10$ to have a payout..its takes a long time...very tiring..specially to your fingers its always moving..most of the games are hard..much better if the value of coin is higher..like 50k for 1$..very tiring on hands...for the value of .1$ for 10k coins..πŸ™„πŸ˜€...i will give a good review to this app and share to my friends if they improve the earning process...thats what everybody wanted...we play we watch ads to earnbeter
I'm still new in this game and it makes me thrill while playing this app. I hope that it will pay us without difficulty when we reach the level that we can already cash out the points accumulated.
It's nice, I haven't finished yet though, but I pray it pays, it has varities of games to play, πŸ‘πŸ»
Its a very good game best app for earn, i have earn from this app by playing games, recommend this app for all,but for the first time i get a probleme regarding payments in 2021 , I transfer 12 dollars to my paypal account now its been 10 days still shows processing please help,
Its really a very good app when i have enough time I spend it here to this app it's never been boring because it has so many games to play even though I don't earn cash I wish this app will make me win for their draw thank you 😊 😊 😊
This game is a total waste of time.it takes away your tickets,it often freeze up after winning certain amount of tickets so you dont get them.you have very little chance of winning any money.
I was having a great time playing the different games & getting tickets. That's the only reason this app got 2 stars. The pot was $3605 & I had over 10K N tickets. My plan was to keep all of them for the end of week pick. I came back the next day, probably 4th day after I had downloaded & all, YES ALL, my tickets were gone. I contacted support & never heard a word. It has been 2-3 weeks since I sent the email out, so I'm gonna try again. I'll keep ya all updated.
Would never allow me to login. I made new emails and still would never allow me to login. I have been trying for 2 weeks and still no progress.
I love this app, it easy to play and get some tickets 😭 but please fix some bug like The tickets suddenly disappeared 😞
thanks for paying me. ye are lost a lot of ads impression because she's stopped showing itself from time to time. i think it's because my phone version. i use galaxy j1 mini for case. I need to reload the app.
At first, the game was fine but after a day of playing, it became unplayable. It always freezes right after a game ended and the tickets were lost. I have fast internet. The only way I can get money now is by watching ads. Yet ads are limited.
Fun games, good graphics and really soothing soundtracks make the time fly fast, to top it all off, it pays. My only concern is 10000 tickets = 0:10 cents, atleast make it 0:30 cents.
Nice game. But I have encountered a problem. I accumulated 10k tickets and when I tried to exchange it to money, it suddenly goes down to 5k. Where does my another 5k tickets go???? It's so hard to earn tickets and yet you're going to take it just like that???
I would have rated it 5 star but everytime I scored really high tickets it suddenly lags and boom my points will not be counted. I've lost thousands of tickets coz it won't load everytime. Fix it and I will change it to 5 stars.
Ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads ads AAAAADDDDDSSSSSS REALLY? Are you sure this is game for fun AND not ADS CONSERT? EVRY 2 GAME ADS show up gooddammt not fun at all instead of playing games and have fun ads destroy it all GAME CREATOR YOUUU AREEE GREEEEDY BASTARDDDD FIIIXXXX IT NOW MAKES ADS SHOW UP EVERY 10 OR 20 GAMES ADS SHOW UP
This game is just the same as the other games that says you will win real money. Its a scam! Its not gonna pay out any single penny since there is high ceiling. If you dont reach certain amount, you cannot withdraw. Imagine 10000 tickets= 0.10cents of dollar? Its a total waste of data on your phone.
Developers of this app is so greedy, Imagine after you played 2 or 3 games ads are showing, 10 mins playing ads ads ads ads ads. Isn't a fun game,,its very annoying. Ads ads adssssssssssssssss I don't recommend to download this app.
This is a great app, great variety of games inside, and it links to other games outside the app by the same developer, all the games generate tickets for a weekly raffle, the winner gets a nice cash prize, waiting for my turn.
Now there are too many ads and they drive me crazy as there is so much trouble when they appear the screen freezes and you either have to start up again chewing up valuable battery time or leave it till later i wish your game had much more fluidity to it as it is draining to my mental stability it is so frustrting
Having a great time playing they even let you fast forward the adds so you dont have to watch them. And get back to playimg the fun games.
It's not working. The app freezes if I open it. Though I can play the Daring Descent, why can't I play the other apps?
it looks like this app is wrong I had 7,000 tickets and a few days as I looked at bqnk but nothing and it is now only 180 tickets here for me. I played a lot of your games at the same time suddenly disappearing please refund my 7,000+ tickets.
I love these games .. I've been playing theses for a long time now about 2013..I think is when I first started with BTC Bounce... and deposited my little winnings threw a play ..application... it was in Progress at the time... Wow how time Flies.... Thanks Again... Anonymously Anonymous....
Its a difcult game and I never expected you to take my points whenever there is a draw Yea the controls are awful for some of the games e.g. rover ranger, I have a near 10 million score in subway surfers so I know what i'm talking about. When I want to jump its not allowing me to, when I want to go right its not allowing me and so I lose the game, Please to fix it.
I have earn more than 30k tickets then I try to convert it into cash first attempt were ok then the second attempt it says my ticket were not enough to convert into .10. Pls fix this. Where my ticket goes?
It's okay to play but the slots has a problem. It says that if you get 3 bonus in any position, you will enter the bonus game. However, it doesnt get me into the bonus game. I hope you will fix this
Everytime I am trying to convert my points it is saying can't connect to server. Fix this then I will give you 5 stars.... Update it work guys my points were converted I hope I can cash out soon
I love daring descent, but in free the light game why can't I log in my acct in big time it says my email is registered in facebook, all I want is to sign in my acct and earn many tickets to cash out
It's a lovely app the games are very fun to play and what I love most is that there isn't any energy bars that runs out so you'd have to go and come back to play the game. I'm giving 4 stars because I've not cash out yet. If I do I'll change the rate.
Its amazing games.Everyone can enjoy here.There is also big cash prize for winners.I love itπŸ₯° and every one get paid for their scores as tickets, than convert tickets into real cash.So its very useful and easy to use.
Its a very good game and very easy to get tickets but you need to play a lot jist for one dollar. So thats why they put the raffle in so that every 3 days someone wins a lot of money
Very challenging games, I love it and I hope you will keep your promise and give us rewards for watching ads
When you download the apps they suggest to earn more tickets is not working what i mean is when you conpleted to download the app ,the tickets rewards wont appear,inshort NOTHING.
I love the app games but sometimes it hang. My effort playing. Please fix. I gave 4 stars because it needs to be fix. I will make it 5 stars when it fix. Update soon. Thank you!.
Garbage ...they took all my ticket without asking me ..give back all my ticket..and only ill chamge rating
Your game keeps stopping in the middle of the game it just stops and goes back to the home screen it says report or ok why does this happen all the time i have a lot of life on my battery so this is not the reason
I like the games on this app plus having said that you'll get reward as you earn point is really awesome. However what I hate is that everytime the automatic ads play after the games all the tickets that you earn from playing will not credit to your ticket balance then there's no way you can get back to the game unless you close the app and re-open it. Its pretty annoying,I understand that ads keeps the app running but please fix the issue regarding tickets earned not being credited after ads.
fantastic game and amazing game which is the one which you can earn my first time was hard but i did not give up it simpler and there game which are easy to play
Awesome game very fun I don't know if you really win money I never had for me and what else does it seems like but that's the money comes always coming anyways besides that real fun game definitely worth playing once you start you can't stop even if you don't want real money you should feel like you do.
I play these games everyday. Several times its not gave me the points I won. Today it took 2200 points rather it just didnt give me credit for them.
Very fun.😊😊😊 Hoping for cash out. But still i recommended this apps. I install all winr games.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ To make it fast get more chips.
Love to play but its said that I've reached level 36 several time so far and im watching the meter and it actually goes up and down..
This is the prettiest and most designed version for fun and for making money, it seems much easy but it is so made complicated in other ways because every time you have to make sure that you achieve your goal. It seems very nice, please make it more
I love ur games her in big-time I really make my self out of stress..it's really fun playing in enjoying it so much,,I would give my 5stars if I would receive my first cashout im waiting for it since it says I have to wait for my first cashout for 7workingdays..it's ok at least I would receive it,,and if I finally received it,,I would love to share and tell my friends that big-time is really a legit making money up..I'm really enjoying playing but of course making money at the same time..❀️❀️❀️
bad very bad my ticket are left outside it said my ticket can not enter the bank and my welcome bonus suddenly disappear just like that for no reason , what happened to my information because i want to unsubscribe iam no more interested iam really angry
It is very entertaining though I didn't win yet but all games are superb especially total recall, I have downloaded 3 games to increase tickets but it doesn't give me single ticket after downloading games, so don't try to download the other games to increase number of tickets it's just waste of time, data, and memory of your phone
I Like the app so far with all the different games and such so for that I'm giving a 5 star for now. Dont really know much about the cash out/ payout methods quite yet but I will review them in time.. will be back with my final review of the app shortly
Such an addictive games!! Everything about this app is excellent. But, I'm giving only 3 star because they use to take away all our hard earned tickets for a draw just at once, which is actually not fair! Other than that, the games are simple and addictiveπŸ™Œβœ¨
its been a week now why the bonus time is not w9rking anymore?? it ahould be nice game as i have widraw multiple times from this app pls fix this ill be back to 5 star when u fixed the bugs no bunos time anymore hard to save tickets with the bonus and now even harder :(
Challenging and enjoyed playing it! Lesson I've learned here is that, not to bet all the tickets you have in your bank. Just bet the required tickets so that if you not win, you'll not go to zero and regret. Convert tickets to dollars as much as possible. I've not experienced to withdraw yet at Paypal. I'll update this comment once I did.. UPDATE: Already withdrawn cash, this app is really legit❀❀❀ and first time only here.. Thank you to the developer of winner games!! Mabuhay kau!!!
Good app! I like this), code for money and tickets 1 2 X A 4 write in menu - profile. If you want to have money without investment - play games, watch videos. Games is very interesting, play and get rewards for it. The money earned can be easily and quickly withdrawn to Pay Pal. I really like everything, advise you to install it and earn money anywhere and anytime. Welcome to world of games. Tickets can change to real dollars or take part in competition. Good luck and big money.
I have requested a payment of $11 it was in processing status for days and now it is gone and I haven't received my payment. It looks like a fake app that waste our valuable time.
The games are addicting with nice flat graphics. The character multipliers are not working though. That's the reason for the 3/5
I don't know if want to continue playing game. This review is from Branson Tay and some of us know who is Branson he is a legendary marketerer. At first it was fun to play but every 0.10$ you need to collect 10k tickets that's too tiring. I already has 30k tickets waymore to go but i'm tired playing just for 10$ you 100,000 tickets it sucks. Hardwork but dont pay enough. UNINSTALL πŸ™„πŸ‘ŽπŸ»
Lots of ads.. unfortunately no way to review rules after the first try. Very frustrating makes you not want play all the games. 1sec Fail, 3sec fail, ad, 2sec fail, 1sec fail, ad... ugh
I haven't won any money yet but the game is very interesting a lot of games won't let you cash out I don't know about this one but I'm trying it and I'll let you know so far it's pretty good but it's taking forever just to even get a dollar I've been playing this game a while and I don't even have a dollar it's taking a long time to get the cash to cash out we'll see what happens
Everytime I play, there's a 30 sec ad. It would be better if you'll lessen the ad cuz it feels like 10% game 90% ad πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
hi there! I tried to put my tickets in the bank but it says servers seems busy? What's wrong? || edit review I can say this is pretty legit! after the update there is no bugs anymore! I really do recommend this app
Fun games. Lots of chances to earn tickets. Ads are skippable πŸ˜πŸ‘ Cant win unless you have profile pic! @bigwin: how do i add a profile pic???
I enjoy playing the different games, but you still need to earn millions of tickets first in ordr for you to withdraw $10. But that's really how it should be in real life yeah, you need to work hard in order for you to have a money.
Apps of wnr games freezes. Got 2 ph9nes and each games that i installed with the sake account froze. Very dissatisfied
Nice game!!!!! Hard to get 10,000 tickets to get 1$ ,referral rewards is prank.hhehehehe..i hope i get 10$ and widraw ...
Fun games!but still waiting for my pending cash out!I would change my rating when my cash out will arrive..update:able to cash out!!!thanks!
After one day all tickets are gone automaticly for lottery. I try to contact CS by their website but the email is returned because their email is no longer active. Btw their star icon is like "s*t*nic goat", well just be careful.
Only two stars, it freezes and gets laggy all the time, what happened to the games i downloaded? The friends i invited? Where's the reward tickets?? Nothing, i didn't receive anything, so please don't install, just gonna waste your time. I'm gonna give this 5 stars if Big time already fixed the bugs
It would be ok in case why the 5000 tickets were given back and then after the game he wondered sometimes my level was delayed and my ticket was lost οΏΌ
I changed my rating from 5 stars to 1. The processing $10 went missing and I emailed them but they are not answering but still I played and is able to cash out $10 again but it also went missing after days of waiting.
Great game. Am enjoying it & i have already withdrawn my first $10 in 15days playing this game. But the badly thing is you have to invest more time for you to make money
Amazing.. It actually works.. Takes time to accumulate coins but they actually do pay out as promised.
I had so much confidence in this app when I started converting points to dollars but right now am very dissapointed for the fact that some points are swallowed doe a reason I cant tell. I lost 8000 points which is not easy to get.very dissapointed. To add I dont find the 0.1 dollars for referrals why should some apps take people for fools. thtats very bad
I have played beaming boxes for many times but I have not earned anything so I think I wouldn't advise my friends to play this game because it's a big and huge lie to waste people's Times thinking they will earn money which is really false. So biased with my time I have wasted on it. At the end I have earned anything. Every time you want to convert tickets it's shoes errors with the internet. So really need help if it's a real game for money.
Five star for now fun games Big time cash by WINR, so many games inside you can choice if want I'm back soon for final review but anyway I recommend to all of you guys because WINR for me is legit the cash out minimum you need to reach about $10.00 USD I have $1.00 bunos today hehe if I'm reach $10 dollars I try to cash out using my PayPal and I update my review about this Big-time cash, thank you to all developers of WINR. GOD BLESS MABUHAY!
Fun and addictive, 4 star for now I will rate five star if it is legit and can redeem reward. I will edit my review after I redeem a reward. Thanks developer!
Its very enjoyable to play and there is more option for games that you can play. I do not reach the amount to cash out but so far good they dont have a lot of video to watch unlike some other apps.
I really love this game..I played almost 3 days to gain 1 million tickets for 10$ and after almost 10 days i received already my pay out..this game worth ur time and effort...
Different fun games. When you play the games you earn tickets. The more tickets you enter into the drawing every 2 days, the higher the chance to win. Bank some of your tickets daily to someday either convert to cash, or re-enter into a specifoc drawing giving your increased amount of tickets = higher chance to win that drawing vs. the average tickets entered... I'LL GIVE THIS APP 5* AND BETTER PRAISE WHEN I WIN A DRAWING. :)
There's so many games to play and there fun also challenging. I like to win so I'm right at home abs being able to win things is a great addition to my time trying to beat everyone's high scores I'm so happy I found this app!
Given you 4 star because I'm still trying to know how it works... my ticket disappeared I don't know why...it says tabulating tickets.. please let me know what happened.
I enjoyed playing all the games here, very challenging and can hone you brain like the gamd total recall. It's one of my favorite games. I do hope that you will add more fun and brain teaser gsmes here.
Game often freeze right after it ended, got no choice except force close it and reopen it. Then of course the tickets from the last game was lost, idk if this is intentional just to make us gain less ticket or an actual techical issue because this problem also occurs to my friends too. It is totally unacceptable especially when im using booster and getting a high score. Please fix.
Hope you pay me for the time so that I will continue play this game..and to tell my friends that this game is legit and paying app.. I will change my rating into 5 stars if you gave may pay out.. tomorrow is the last day of your transaction to give my pay out here if I didn't receive money from your app .. believe me karma is real.. don't be a scammer !!!! The lord is always watching on us and yoU know what I mean..
So far I like my experience I just hope that it actually get to win real money on it cuz then my experience will be 5 Stars instead of four.
I give you only3 star but if you update to50000=1$i will give you 5 star. Because now I spend a lot of time to play it and difficult to find ticket.
It is food and fun to play but the minimum to redraw is the problem so if you will lower the minimum to redraw i think people will play the game very much
Play their slots game for a while. Everytime you get the bonus you get the same two amounts and I've hit the bonus many time giving either 50-100 tickets. You will never get more than this because the game is rigged. If this changes this game will receive good reviews from the 468 people who work for my company. No change? They will write bad reviews. They're due for a raise in salary so itll be worth while discredit frauds who get paid to make people watch ads. The winners dont exist.
4 stars just wish was games or tournaments that offered cash rewards if that was added I'd give 5 starts well that was until it just stops giving money and other games let you redeem this games gets boring quick and unless you win the draw you get nothing I will give it 2 stars but that's just me being nice
Too much data consumption for ADS. Fix the rover ranger game, the controller has bugs. Reduce star to 2. I wish i could give 0 star, the tickets all gone! What the heckkk????? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ too many scams that apps provide cash.
Very tough to earn. Played a lot of games & whated to much ads every single time Can't wait for requirement of atleast 10 $. I want to withdraw my 2.4$ on urgent basis. As 10$ almost impossible to collect from these games.
Enjoyable games and it is fantastic app,I have fun and love it so much specially this one ,can't wait to go home from work to play i am sooo hooked
This is a good app. I have been working in this app since yesterday. Now, I have earned 12$ during one day.
Useless, in the first it works then when I open it the next day it asked again the first step I did when I first installed it, all the coins I collected were gone,tsk.
I don't know what i say its nice game for paly but cash out I don't know because I get 10 dollars and put fot withdraw in my PayPal account almost 7 days still not come in my PayPal account my money but let's see wait little more then I will up date here about it
Ist time to join? It will make me keep on playing :) the music and the game? Will make your brain sharp... I Love it...
Hello. I have a problem . I have 9.90$ and It won't let me to conver another tickets so I can take the 10 $ . an error appears about my internet connection,I've been trying and trying and nothing ,the same error. what's going on ? Why is not working . I lost already a month to play this game. Hello UPDATE! Problem solved ,now It's working. Thanks a lot ❀
So far I have been enjoying the games. They are different and interesting. Not sure about money yet. You have to win a raffle to get any. We will see. I like the games though.
Still new..hope to win and actually gain something for playing...lots of promise app waste time to play but all false fake...disappoint...why they still allow this fraud app to appear..
Ive been playing for over 1 month and all of a sudden when i open it all of my savings of 7 dollars is gone already , so i need to start again ! .. what a waste!!! Of time !!
Funniest game I've played so far if u get tired of one you have others to choose from and they are all based off of older games I've already played I like them all! Good job!
Well I like the app but I finally reached the $10 and cashed out to my PayPal account and I received the money but then a couple days later it was removed 😲 I've emailed a few times but no response!!! I just reached another $10 and again cashed out πŸ€” let's see what happens this time I might be deleting soon but if it works out I will give a higher rating but I would like ALL my earned money...
Good app and I enjoy playing beam boxes, where I can gather more tickets. I usually use to keep the required tickets only for the draw and balance tickets are converted to dollars. In the beginning it was very difficult to earn the required tickets. But later level up & use Player Phil from free stuff area through whom I can double the tickets I earned. To earn 10000 tickets, it will take maximum 30 mins. Update: I received my first payment today (22.10.2020). Really it is very genuine.
First experience got worst, when I attempted sign up it popped that mentioned email already exists and When I tried logging in it showed that the email is not correct. Can you please sort the glitch out??
I cashed out for almost 2 weeks of processing but when I lost the processing, nothing went to my cash out, nothing went into my paypal
Hi. It's a nice app. But , installed some of your apps from free stuff . But i did not receive any awards. It says i should receive 5000 tickets in one app installed from free stuff. I hope to get my reward . Tnx..
It's a scam. I made the minimum withdrawal (10$) and then i withdraw them. After some hours it disappeared from pending. After some days i couldn't log into my account using facebook. Don't download this app and don't waist your time.
It is very entertaining, easy to access, I enjoy playing the games and i love the graphics of this application. This is the kind of application that can give the people to relax and to avoiding mental health problem because of the pandemic. I hope this application is legit and paying 101 percent.
Can,t log in after I accidentally logged out. Although I entered the correct password, it says no internet connection but I have a good internet connection. When I requested for password reset nothing was sent in my email.
Your apps are amazing. DoubleDouble (win'r games) is my favorite game so I thought I would download this app and I was very surprised to see such a wide wonderful variety of games. I just want to play a game...and got so many!
I can't convert my tickets to money for last 2 days...... plz help me out. It's really disturbing as whenever we go to convert tickets it says try better connection even though we use good Wi-Fi networks. Kindly fix this issue
I installed this app yesterday and I'm learning how to play this game although it is very good. I will definitely give this app 5stars when I get money that's it.
Very excellent game I totally like it and it's very challenging yet Fun, My applause to the owner of this game, you've made a lot of people very happy❀️
Fake app I open my old I'd there was $2.8 but now it's become zero. Payment history has prove to I was have$ 2 .8 . It's totally fake app pleas don't waste time here
Most of the games on these kind of apps don't allow you to play a game that you played before. Most of the games you putting in here or all games that I have played long before they became cash games or anything like this so you leave me limited on what I can choose what I can choose to get three tickets at a time and for the game to repeat the same screen over and over again is a little defeating I don't want to make money for you I'd like to make some for myself and with your app I can't
Just started. I will submit my views once I complete several levels. Anyways it seems to be a nice game. I can recommend this game to anyone who wishes to play.