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Big Fish Casino - Social Slots

Big Fish Casino - Social Slots for PC and MAC

Is a Casino game developed by Big Fish Games located at 906 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98104 United States of America. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casino game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
When it's working it's fine but god help you if you need to reinstall on a new or reset device, it's a nightmare
If I could give zero stars I would. To go with all the zero spins on this game! I given up trying to win anything on RR. That game is a waste of time & coins!!!! Just like your non playable slots!!! I really dont know how you expect us to make crowns for our club. When cant win a dam thing!!!!!! Still the same!!! No fun here! If u want to loose on every spin? This is the game for "You".
They take your money fastest as they can. Since churchill downs sold it to the Australians. This site has went to hell. I bought $86 in chips last night and they took them all. playing for 50k they took 6.4 million chips in less than 23 minutes. Goggle doesn't do anything about this crooked company.
Each month you were giving a monthly bonus which is included with the pay when you buy chips the more chips you buy the bigger than monthly bonus. This month I did not receive my bonus therefore the purchase I made was not fully crazy to me because they banned my account I told them I want my money back cuz I wasn't able to receive what I paid for and they have not responded to me at all it's not okay guys be careful they don't care about you
Starts off fun and later you'll regret installing it.So if you're looking for a fun game to play look elsewhere, or you'll end up having to go to a specialist for depression ask anyone who plays the game they'll tell you the same.
Game was fun but now I'm constantly getting booted out to the main screen on my tablet and cant even play I've lowered my rating until this problem is fixed
The app is good, games are fun but I would like to report a possible scammer player, I have seen ArcticEclair pop up on the other players at the top of the screen on a few games, has no profile to click on and puts "send code to (email address) for free chips" when I see it I type "free chip scam" under it. Please get rid of this player.
Sept 2020 update - I had a year off and logged on and nothing has changed. You can't play without purchasing coins and the slots are so tight, it's not worth it. I'm amazed BF still have regular players. Fun game with good graphics but payouts are far too few and far between. It is impossible to level up after a while and even a so called big win, is never more than 3.5 times the original bet. The slots need to be loosened to enable players to actually play the games.
Nice site, games, but I played for months without buying anything, doing great. Then one day I bought a pack and from then on, it wipes me out faster, much faster.
Worst game to play now, if you download this game, don't buy chips they take them faster than they do the free chips you get. This game used to be the best and most fun to play but during covid they take advantage of people to try and get them to buy.more chips. Best advice.....Stay away from this ga.e, I know buy chips and most people don't win much.
a lot of fun! I keep trying to load a casino that I like better but I can't find one. Best graphics, easiest to navigate, and best selection of games.
No matter what you do if you're free or if you pay to play...you're always broke...win 57 million... yet you're down 25 million that's not winning
The games are nice and the UI is simple. The odds or algorithms they have in place are a little distorted. You would honestly have better luck at a real casino. When they decide you lose, you lose on every machine no matter the bet. I used to think people were just blowing smoke about this game. But it's true...you will start winning and doubting then like a switch you can't win to save your life no matter the machine or bet. Uninstalling after a month ish.
This is my 2nd favorite casino app. One thing that really frustrates me is the amount of real money I have to spend to buy a decent amount of chips. (which has no real value. For entertainment purposes only.) It sucks that I am only on tier 4 of VIP. I have spent over 300 on chips?? I dont see the "benefits" of 400k max daily spin and a collection multiplier of 27Γ—. How much do I have to spend to reach tier 11? I am considering uninstalling this app and start playing pop slots again!!
HUGE scam! Way too expensive chips. And no winning AT ALL in the end. Trust me i have spend more than 500 usd never even saw more than 200m chips which day take away in a day :) Even if you decide to download this game, just dont give them any money... they definetly not deserve it.
Have been unable to win at ANY game within the last two maybe three months! Win a jackpot at the small level has been few and far between! This game is just not fun at all anymore!!! Before the takeover was able to win major jackpots at least once a month! Surely don't buy chips anymore because the minute you do they're gone so fast you don't get to enjoy the games! Just not worth the hassle or the time or your money!
If you love to lose, this is the perfect slot app for you! I also recommend it to gambling addicts hoping to kick the habit. Also great for women who like creepy, disgusting men hitting on them and sending dick pics. Coin packages are crazy expensive, too. I'm only keeping the app because of the class action suit. Even if I only get pennies, I will love screwing each penny out of these guys.
Played 3 days with your new update oct 7th. 4th day, can not load the game for the First time in 4 years. Love the game and the people but do I lose it all?? Still getting notifocations for the game
Used to be a great app..until Aristocrat decided to spoil everything. All about money making and fun is long gone. Sorry...not even worth downloading or playing.
This is the worse paying game l have played. No wins, no free spins, no jackpots and no fun. All they want you to do is spend your money. I would OT give it 1 star if l could
Amazing!! You get to play in tournaments for free 2x a day collect bonuses 3x a day join a club, mine is amazing, our club members rock and there are lots of games you can gamble on with fake coins you can buy coins if you wish to i wait until my fish is big and fat first
Shame on Big fish for taking advantage of players who spend $1000s of dollars on their app and make them hit 0s most of the time also skipping our vip monthly rewards... How will we be compensated? 1 star until this is fixed also i will have my friends switch to another app if you guys do not start playing fair this is how you guys make money... Make us lose so we continue to pay for more and more coins... Smh
I play the BF casino game and Love it! A Diversity of games, big wins, a variety of ways to " LOL- GET FREE MONEY"!! Entertainment , especially during this time of " lack of interaction" between ppl! I have made many good, new frds in my Club!! Love BF+ JM CASINO APPS!πŸ‘πŸ»
It's like the other players said, this game used to be fun. Its all about the money here. Its a total ripoff. The developers can set the win rate and 85% of the time it is set to their advantage. I am up to level 11 which means I have spent thousands of dollars. There are times when I don't hit anything with 200 spins in a row. I actually counted it, unreal. You have got to be kidding me. That ratio is ridiculous. We play here for fun but it cost way too much. They are too greedy. Smh..😬
This game has been good for years , but now i win chest but i won't let me collect those winnings???? Why ? Maybe it's time to put in the trash now !
The game is rigged period. I have tried everything to win...you cant win. Even when you spend money dont waste it on this game. It's not worth it trust me!
Addicting! Big Fish has a couple of entertaining slot games. Lots of slot options. Free chips and bonuses daily and every 30 min. You will find yourself checking your game app often for freebies. You can interact with other players join clubs and play together. Fun games can't stop playing!
I really enjoy this game, it has clubs, daily bonuses etc - I used to play a lot then I lost my tablet. The team was so supportive in trying to get my account back and luckily they managed to connect the old one to my newest one. So glad!
I've been playing this slot game for a few years now. I have been up and down spent a few coins to keep playing. Played a lot of these slots, but its becoming boring no more excitement even collecting free coins is boring. Had lots of fun and now it's time to move on to newer slot apps with bigger wins. Can't and don't remember ever winning a jackpot. It's hard to even win up to a billion coins. Also there is a class action lawsuit against them as well.
Dont waste your timeJust a big rip off! Takes all your chips and gives back maybe 10% of what you spend..in one day I lost over 30 million chips ...and always..ALWAYS the third free spin magically jumps off the screen..and the stupid treasure system is a complete joke..they start you out getting all kinds of rewards..then its almost impossible to get all the points you need to get anything worthwhile without blowing all your chips..if you wanna get pissed off on a daily basis , download this app
Never buy chips. The more you buy the more you lose. Stick with free. People I know who do that have a lot more fun
Edit: it was not BFC app, turns out Android crashed. Issue Has been resolved. I really love this game!! 5 stars. *Keep having to reinstall, crashes on loading. Please Fix This!! I'm losing my bonuses and am a Co-Leader of my team.
If I could give less than 1 star, I would. Their rate of return is criminal (hence the lawsuits), seriously though, it's definitely less than 80% required by gaming regulations in real casino's. BFC is just a game, but constantly loosing coupled with the berating harassment of other players over your bets, it's not worth the download. There are much better casino games out there!
Very bad game to play dose pay bad out you cant play long or big he want you to buy more coins all the time it is now a ritch man game.
Played this app for an offer in WOTV. Nothing much to say about the app, I mean its a casino with no payout for the players. I never understand why these exist. As for the offer, it took me 3 days to reach level 40. Not too bad to do.
Great fun if you hit and run. They have reprogrammed all slots and made it hard to get wins now and they reduced the win amounts in the reel rivals so if you are in a club you earn less crowns unless you hit a jackpot and good luck with that.Also have now reduced win amounts on slots so most spins are not even matching your bet.It pays more not to play, and how much fun is that?
I have been playing this game for a little over a year now and I still play it faithfully everyday! I'm on a great team and we enjoy playing together. I go through time where I hit big and times where I just dont hit anything. But even when I dont hit I still enjoy real rivals with the teamies!
Haven't been able to collect facebook freebies for days. Also rarely hit chests no matter how long I play. Thinking of removing this app from my phone.
One of my favorite card games has been removed. Burn 3. Used to play ALL the time. Finally got a new phone that could run Big Fish, and looky looky no Burn3.???????? Would have got 5
For the most part it's a fun game but it does have some glitches where coins aren't added, screen jumps, not enough big payouts. If you're a serious, competitive person this might not be for you unless you want to pay to play.
App will not load. It constantly says check internet connection. Have Uninstalled and reinstalled MULTIPLE times, checked and allowed permissions and still no luck. This used to be one of my favorite games.
The games and set up are great .This game used to be an absolute blast . 5 star even . Now don't waste your time or your money . You NEVER win . Not even with real money . I have been playing for over 3 years I'm I'm considering deleting it . πŸ˜”
Absolutely poor! Constant hacking through table jumping, min bet players always winning, majority avatar pics. Not a casino, even the smallest people win jackpots. 10 years ago had more jackpots, now it's just lose, lose lose. Hackers and system setup. Oh always happened when I bought chips the most, so fraud also comes to mind.
Will double and triple charge your accounts and not refund. Make sure to delete your payment information from anywhere they may have access. This happens frequently! Beware
Been playing for 6 years now. It was good game slot. Now it's money sucking scheme to me not a game. Payoff are so bad that you just want to throw slot in ocean . They keep on sucking chips without payouts. Last night spin 60 milion for a burst still didn't get it. Moreover customer care is very rude and unprofessional. They just want babble up some answers and not listen to the matter and shut down query on you. New owner has made game worst. Soon it's going to be on sale again. Don't buy.
I'd like to give 0 stars, the odds of winning are terrible and don't buy chips unless you just want to waste your money
I love playing it but you lose all your money so fast and you have to pay real money to open some fish with money of yours that you earned
Slot payouts seem to be less than ever now. I guess they think it will make their chip packages with miniscule chip amounts seem more appealing. This game is only realistically worth 5 or 10 or maybe 20 dollars max, yet i believe u would have to spend 3-5 thousand dollars just to reach the top tier which is only tier 15, seeing how i have only just reached tier 4 and would have to buy the $250 package to reach tier 5 and the amount of points needed to level up increases with each tier.
This game keeps dropping out. It says that I lost my internet connection but I have a strong wifi connection.
156 spins and I have nothing now so much fun I even spent real money on this game and get nothing back no fun only misery if I was going to spend any money again I would go to a real casino that way you can cash out your winnings if your lucky Once you have 6 chip they then throw insult at you with a gift of 100 chip that's one spin and they say keep spinning you would have more fun hitting yourself in the head with a brick than playing this game
Terrible the peole on this game site are so rude and disrespectful you never win anything. The one time u do win its so small and the game takes it right back within minutes. The creators of big fish casino should be sued because of the stress and emotional trama this awful game site puts u through
Fun game, but the links for free coins that they post on FB and send via email never work. Have tried contacting customer service with no response...
Great games, great graphics, great layout but NO PAYOUT. Its no wonder this company was getting sued for their lack of fairness. Don't waste your hard-earned money here. BOOOOOOOOOO
Want a game that takes up loads of space and memory? Do you enjoy your battery being half what it could be? Do you enjoy never winning? Well this is the game for you!
This is the most awful game. When you ein if you win just takes it back. Do not get hooked on this game. You have to buy chips for free play. Not goid.
Customer service is awful. They never take care of problems. False advertising on chips and free spin packages. Then they argue with you by email and provide nothing to prove their point. Don't spend money on this app.
If you dont constantly buy chips you wont play for long. They will throw you a token win once in awhile. They do have a daily bonus and bonuses thru out the day but its not much unless you reach a very high level and the only way to get there in your life time is to spend a whole lot of money. I will say the games are pretty well designed and are fun. All in all its a rip off.
Have had this app for a few months but just recently it seems you don't win at all and all they want is for you to spend money buying more coins. Ruined the fun and enjoyment factor.
A lot of fun playing variety slots. No matter what you doing you will find your favorite slot & plays with friends. I like BFC it's *extremely addiction* thank you for every thing that you provide for us and community.
They can and will delete an account you have spent money on and not give any explanation, even if you have played for years without breaking the rules. Even if you ask for an explanation you will not get one.
Useless. Aristocrap. Not a single win for weeks now. Funny..in other games I sit on billions. Carry on ignoring customers. And maybe start clearing the people you still think is in game. I know of at least a few people still showing up as "offline"..they gone. Deleted app and moved on. Like many people are doing due to the bad payouts.
Why does your 23 Megabyte game take up over 3.74 GIGABYTES on my phone??? What are you storing on my phone??? You really should fix your app to NOT DO THIS! Only reason it is still there is my wife likes it. U NEVER WIN ANYMORE! Been playin since 2002 AND πŸ‘ USED TO WIN. 😑 WOW...UPDATING SERVERS RIGHT WHEN TOURNAMENT STARTS...HOW SAD...πŸ₯🐀🐣🐀πŸ₯🐀🐣🐀πŸ₯...Oh well, ya saved more chips that you don't wanna pay out anyway. 😀
When you first start playing you'll win a lot but then higher your level the less likely to win big pots! They want you to buy chips to continue to play don't get reeled in!! I'm trying to loose everything but always just win a bit. Wish i could win a colossal amount just to know how it feels to have that much to be able to play and have fun.
After 10 years daily, & all the money Ive spent, Im still on the same level trying to get to Tier 11 is out of the question. I caught the dishonesty and when I ask for help so many times, I was completely removed from the app until I was told to give them my real name, address, phone number & date of birth, or they would never put me back into the app so I gave them a government & federal doc of proof of my real identity. Now everyone knows all my personal info n Im in danger in real lifeπŸ˜₯
Like many others, I've been playing this game for a few years. It use to be fun and enjoyable but not here lately. Can't win hardly anything, and I refuse to spend my money on a game like this, just to keep losing. I'll download it and spin a few losses from the daily credits but end up uninstalling it again. It's sad really but I use to enjoy playing but "use to" says it all.
I love this game...its fun and it keeps me busy...ive looked around for more games like this but couldnt find any. Thanks bigfish and keep up the good work
Terrible casino game ever made, they want you to buy all your chips then take them all, then do it all over again. You rarely ever win. I wouldn't recommend playing this to anyone. Update: Came back to this game when i left in 2018 and it's still the same maybe even worse tried spending 2 days to play and lost both days. They want to force you to pay to play. Never winning.
I enjoy the games but you cannot turn off push notifications no matter what you do in the settings. If they stop sending push notifications even after turning off all notifications in settings I may download again.
Not what it used to be, quite challenging to even hold a balance, its just for fun, but those that want to pay in , so be it. There are plenty of other apps to choose from...heading for deletion on this one..
If you've got the time and money to spend, and you don't care that you will never get it back...but love socializing, making new friends, and competing with other teams...you'll love Big Fish Casino!
I have cut way back on playing this game due to the odds being ridiculously skewed. It seems about 3 months ago, they made it 10x worse. I'm begging you, play for free if you like, but DO NOT spend real money! You will immediately regret it when it's gone nearly instantly.
This game is boring! I cannot remember the last time l actually won anything on it. Don't bother downloading the game as they only want you to spend. I would rate no stars if l could
If you love spinning 00000000 all the time,Then this game is the game for you. Big fish has been trying to use every tactic to keep you broke so you keep buying chips. Good luck. This game is no fun after new owners took over. Bugfish do not deserve a star at all.
Used to be fun.. Big fish games used to be fun.. Now they just want to take and give you a pity win once in a while.. A great while.. My second rating.. First was 5 stars.. Great slots.. But you dont get much spin time.. Shame really..
Game is a total let down. You will win for a day. Then you can't get a decent win for weeks. Its all to make you spend money. Do yourself a favor. Have low expectations and don't waste money. Once you spend money the game will work against you to make you spend more. I get it. Its a business. But the business preys on gambling addicts. And even when you win, the value is zero. You not only lose imaginary game money, but alsp hours of valuable time you could be doing something better.
Fun in the beginning but a pain later on. Not enough rewards to keep playing without spending. Basically waiting for the garbage man but he doesn't empty all the cans every week so you wait for next week, super sad.
Lose alot of the time but the longer you keep playing you get used to it. Free chips on FB daily. Every day you log into app, you get free coins (points) that build up. Your level advances by coins won in slot machines. Personally, to me, its the most realistic casino game ive ever played. Ive been playing for more than 10 years.
Rating lowered again today, 12-04-20. Big Fish Casino isn't what it used to be. Wins are hard to come by in the slots. Played yesterday and won 10Mil, but stayed at 1Mil. Big Fish definitely takes what they let you win. πŸ˜” What is going on? What caused this once exciting game to become such a frustrating and hated one?
This app is just a money trap. Whatever you win, you loose it right away. After any wins, zeros start in every slot games. Even if you spin more thn 100 you still get only ZEROS. How could that be possible?
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!!!!! All they care about is taking your money. Odds are 1000 times worse than the real casino. If you dont buy chips youll never be able to play long enough to have any fun and if you do buy chips the odds are even worse because they just want you to buy more. Ive complained to their support team and always get the same cookie cutter scripted response. Level 11 vip means nothing to them. Throws u off a table that u might actually be winning at. Shameful! 0 stars
Used to be a fun app, but owners lost a lawsuit and made it impossible to win. Doubt me? Download and join any club, ask any spinner, how well this POS game pays. I only keep the app to screw over the developers in the class action suit.
This used to be one of my faves, but it seems it requires you to put money into it to be worthwhile. I'm surprised they don't give more credits to its players as a way of bringing them back. Looking at the most recent ratings though I can see I'm not the only one who is looking for another ap for entertainment.
SAVE YOURSELF ALOT OF HEARTACHE & $$$ bY Not Downloading! I Have Recorded All mY Spins Lately just to show how rigged it is. If You Get 2 Spins, You'll Get The Other 1 On the Next Spin When It Means Nothing. Same Goes For Triggers. This App Used To Be Fun like 5 Years Ago. Don't Be Fooled bY the 10M, Most Of Us Want Some Of Our $$$ Back from the Class Action Lawsuit. I've Spent Too Much $$$ On Nothing. Tears, Probably. They Take From The Little People & Let Players Keep Hundred of Billions.
This game is a total ripoff now! It used to be fun but now they've rigged the wheels to spin in their favor! It's now frustrating to play the game as you get all zeros 😒 very sad because I used to enjoy it and it used to be fun fun fun but it is definitely no fun!
This game is like real life it sucks playing 15k chips per spin with 1.5Million in account and gets you 1 free game ??? ? It is supposed to be fun to play dont waste data or your time playing this its a 1000% waste
Does not load (Google pixel 3aXL). Edit: After a month, tried again. Loads, but does not include games advertised on Google Play. Good thing there are 1000s of other better apps.
App is complete trash. BFC takes money from players and releases bugged games which they are aware of. Rather than fix it they start events for the bugged games to entice you to play and when called out on the bugs they give you a 'convenience' payout that doesn't add up to the chips you were not awarded. Most new games are re-skins of old game with no new mechanics. Chip packages cost more for far less chips than similar games. $249.99 for 300m...you can get 250m for $9.99 in Pop Slots.
Been playing for years. Gold and wins are harder than ever. The game gets stingier and it's downright disappointingly cruel.
Straight up THEFT!! Spent real money and they took it all back in zeros!!!!!! Don't even bother with email because they are too lazy to do their jobs!! Every single time. 🀬 Tier 14 here and they take my chips in a flash!! Then they ignore your emails when the game is messed up!! Sounds like theft to me!!!PATHETIC
Great game but I went to buy a 10$vip lvl 4 pack and it charged me twice what can I do about this to try and get a refund on the pack I did not purchase
I advise you don't spend any chips on this game it's a rip-off I've been playing almost 13+ 10 to 15 thousand maybe even more. November 29 my account Big Fish Casino blocked the day before getting the monthly bonus chip package so that was an extra thousand lost did they care no requested a refund they blocked me from emailing it hurts lost my friends,money etc. I am taking legal action. 0 rating its bugged and they cheat
UPDATE: I Sent through a message as they requested & still absolutely no difference. I'm more upset about the situation then i was before!!! Still no clarity at all and just one text book response. I deserve more than this. Maybe compensation for investing in a monthly bonus il never receive 😫 MY ACCOUNT WAS DISABLED FOR NO REASON!!! ViP Tier 12, thousands of dollars invested, no communication and no clarity at all. I feel so defeated. Don't do it, don't get sucked in. So heartless & so cruel.
BF use to be awesome. But now that conventional integrity has been compromised, along with any shred of moral principle, greed has made itself quite at home. I've also noticed how BF really doesn't concern itselve with addressing bad reviews, only the fake a** 5 star reviews you prob had to pay for. I do have a question tho. In what world does it make any sense that players who pay, get stuck with the losing algorithm, ?? Ppl give u money, and u give them nothing in return. But that's not enough
Too unbelievable to even explain but I have spent a lot of money on this game and now after achieving level 6 I my account has been disabled for accidentally entering the wrong age and it looks like I will have to create a new account and profile and completely start over or look elsewhere for a comparable experience which I say was for the most part entertaining BF sucks Big Dick
Fun game. I would like to see more interaction and better characters. Lacks excitement but overall a good game.
Removed my post, but I will say again. Greediest app ever. It USED to be fun. Put on a weekly bonus program where they no longer answer my tickets even though I spent thousands on it.
Worst casino game out there. After losing a class action lawsuit you would think they would change. I've had 2 accts for the 8 yrs. Both acts. Glitches, the reelz freeze up, slow spin, and sometimes keep spinning. The games full of fake acts, multi acts will block you, you then lose everything, bots or multiple are all linked together so you lose. My bank act full of transactions and do I have anything to show for it? He|| No! If you join a club you'll lose! Don't waste! CS blames us 4 glitches
Waste of time. Spin zeros every day. 2yrs of it. Game is clearly rigged. Got an email from google stating there was a class action lawsuit against bf and was sent email cuz my google acct was associated to bigfish. I cant imagine why they have a lawsuit. Insert eye roll! At the same time, the people suing them are the idiots for buying fake chips in a fake casino game with zero return.
Honestly, it's one of the better designed casino/slot apps. It's definitely different than any of the other 25 or so I've checked out & deleted after the promo coins are gone. I was able to play this one for over an hour, with some left over for later (min. bets) but it didn't seem to add level up rewards as I was playing. In many of the others I was busted within 15 minutes (min. bets). As is w/ good, there is bad, don't spend real $$, They lost $155 mill. Class action suit to their customers.
Not able to win but small wins under bets .no payouts just spin and takes what little you have also payed coins takes it in a few spins makes it hard to continue to play i will not buy any more coins till games starts to pay to keep playing .bought coins and no wins you just took 3 buys with 0 wins or no bonuses , cant play these slots broke .
**Horrible App** I'm having the same experience as other's. BigFish has changed it to where you can't hardly win at all. They know it too! They did it on purpose so you would have to buy chips from them. That's their business strategy. Greed! Just like the real casino's. I hate to say it, but they are NOT listening our "negative" comments about them...they only respond to the "nice" little 5 star comments about them. What's that tell you? Haha!
App used to be sooo much fun. Now it's bad and no fun. The more you buy the more you lose. Stressfull app and will not recommend it to anyone . Big Fish casino only take. They do not care enough for VIP players. Only good thing about them is the customers support .
One of if not the best casino on the net the slots have great graphics and fair spining, theres are black jack and poker takles rowlett wheels even a racw track to bet the hotses bonises are. Good treasures to be earned, yiu have to see and plsy to knw just what im talking about. Come play with us join in on our fun with freindly players and one awsome ssport team. That helps when problems apear. They realy do there job with proffetional actions and freindly attitude. Its Bigfun playing Bigfish
Originally liked the game, DON'T Install!! After having the game for 10 yrs, they lost the app, my profile, and ALL my points!! I was at 130something! Now everything is gone!
This game used to be fun. I've been playing (and spending money) for over 10 years. It has changed hands a few times. But now? It doesn't matter how much money you spend, you don't win, you feel mocked for being stupid. The support I'm supposed to have is now non-existent. My guess is they lost the lawsuit so they recoup by locking down win opportunity and take money from the addicted people like me and then they may as well spit in my face. You can't keep paying customers like that. No stars
You say it's free. It is. How much you bet is up to yourself. If someone gents s out of line ignore, throw a pie or report. Fun game no complaint
App sux for chips. Spin millions to win nothing. Buy chips for about 5 mins of spin time to lose it all!! Don't buy chips!!! Waste of $!!
A money hungry app that'll bleed you dry , notice all of the negative posts as of late , this used to be a descent game until the developers became too MFen greedy
This is a horrible app! The graphics are good, but other than that there are no redeeming qualities. The odds are stacked WAY against you. If you do buy chips (and they push them on you constantly), and you win..you win chips that are not worth anything. You will eventually ALWAYS lose though. Stay away from this site, fair warning.
This game was fun, but sucks you in to try and spend your money.. waste of time.... I've seen people spend thousands of dollars yep I'm done not getting my money!
App is absolutely amazing more fun than the other ones. But I can't get a good size jackpot no matter how much I try almost non existent but I don't give up one of these days I'm going to get a colossal size jackpot. I recommend getting the app .for anyone who doesn't have it yet 5 stars for this big fish casino app from big fish games on Google play store I purchased 50 dollars worth of chips the other day and didn't win anything that was a little depressing and I was hoping that I would win .
Been into this app 4 yrs now. It has glitches and has a problem with letting me know when things change as in maintence ahead of time Reels are jumpy and eats you chips very few pay outs lots of zeros. Why i stay.. Because of the people in my club. But im not married to it.
Never Played an App with so many ZERO'S πŸ–• Graphics are Great, that's about it. Would not bother spending $1.00 on this App.
around the outside edge of your profile pic you have a level up meter and if your profile pic is a clock you will see at certain points on the clock you get a blue hand which gives a big win upto 100x but usually about 30x if you wrote down at what point on the clock you got that win you will see it repeats at the same spot about 4/5 times a lvl almost every level. the only real game big fish has no hand in the outcome is poker as you are playing other poker players all in all bf don't care πŸ˜₯😭
Save yourself the heartache and money. This is a pay to win game for sure and you still can't win! It's statistically impossible how often you lose or the game will "glitch" and you won't get paid. This game sucks.
Update: As of my last review, things have stabilized. People who are betting lower, will have decent amounts of wins at the slot machines, plus leveling up to receive chips. Once you start betting higher, it increases your odds of gaining wins by a remarkable ratio, on top of unlocking higher jackpots on different machines which are otherwise locked if you bet low. Classic strategy to get people to spend a little money to get out of the lower ranks and win some money.
Love it, only bad thing, you dont win as much as in the beginning, but its very real and realistic as in a real life casino
Rating lowered since I first started playing. Big Fish Casino isn't what it used to be. Wins are hard to come by in the slots. Even dishing out money does NO good. All they do now is take, take, take. πŸ˜” What happened? What caused this once exciting game to become such a frustrating and hated one?
I absolutely love this game.I got a new phone and lost my account.I contacted support and they went above and beyond to help recover my account and get me back on track.Wins aren't always great but if they were it would be boring.Great job Big Fish.Thank you for helping me through my frustrations and getting me back spinning with my club.Love your games.
Played it for free gems in Herp Wars. Second time a big fish game didn't honor my reward for finishing level 40. Won't waste money or time on this company ever again.
TERRIBLE payouts on this game. The game is supposed to be fun, but instead is the worst "casino" game out there!
Just like every other slot game...they give little wins and steal it right back. Chips are way over priced. Big fish is a company that developes very poor quality games and really cant believe they make money at it...God knows they dont deserve...blows my mind but what ever. As a whole this game is absolute junk I wouldnt waste your time.
I agree with the previous comments... games are not as prosperous as they used to be. FUN for us is WINNING... not PAYING. Get your priorities right BF....it's simple we win ...you win... only way it works.
I purchased a new phone. When I transferred my apps my username was gone, I was short $5 million and I busted back to level 1! If I got to start all over, I WILL NOT PLAY!
The worst game ever. Bf won't let you win no matter how much you spend. Chips are ridiculously expensive and after a year of playing I'm sick and tired. UPDATE. I didn't win anything in weeks, I can't even gain crowns for my club. Last time I bought chips they were gone in a few minutes. SHAME ON YOU GREEDY BF
Trash. They don't want you to win. They'll give you a jackpot, then when you raise the bets to gain crowns for your club they wont give you anything. You'll end up getting 15+ spins in a row where you dont win a cent. Poor odds bc the apps made by scumbags. Dont put real money into this like they want you to. Take your money and go to a real casino. Probably have better odds.
U know when u hit big win, free game, those jackpot mean wonderful in slot game but! Well in these slot game all those mean nothing, u bet 12k u get "big win" for 10k seriously that less than u bet. Great u hit free spin! Most of time u win less than 100k(is nothing in these game) Dont waste in these game, the amount lf bet and the amount u win is egg vs rock. Look else where for better entertainment
It's good but useless when I try to set my pic it doesn't let me but it does everyone else's that I see n I'm doing it right too so what's the problem?
It has. Changed used to be a lot better .games are really tight now .payouts not even with. Costs .sometimes you can spend millions and never see a win
A cheating game that treats people unfairly and kicks them out of the game when they speak up for themselves. My advice is the game ain't worth the time or the money you would have to waste on it
Great experience with game but game called Triple Fortune Bowls ate my 160 180 million chips and all 3 bowls are full want chips credited back please.
This game isn't bad but it definitely needs to be balanced a little better. Also, I think backgammon would be an excellent addition.
I enjoy this game it's good if you're looking to kill some time depending on what you're using.mines Android tablet my original tablet Prestige elite 10, was stolen & it was set up rdy 2 go,I got that from Amazon & that got stolen also..So I was in a hurry to get my acct it's the leader of the club onto other device where it's used for BFC & I like to use it to read my piano music.The only acct.that loads up,on any device is hers.my tablet has' BFC Icon says Not Installed.fatory reset againπŸ†˜???
Worse game I have ever played. All you do is lose and never win. Run if you can dont play this one. They only want your money it's not really free.
Not pleased with the game it froze I'm between hands and it would start up on it's own even when I was not playing also I could not choose to hit or stay most hands do not play this game of I could I would give 0 stars
bulls##t slot ever! don't deserve any star or rate.pay for lose.greedy app in play store.they never listen.deaf! if u like to lose this suit for you.more slot better than this.
Take take take don't win enough to have fun with! I play this just to pass by time but it takes everything within 5 to 10 spins! Cash frenzy is more loose than these slots are so you get more gmae time and play time in. The only thing I like about this game is you can chat with others.