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Big Boss TV Tycoon

Big Boss TV Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Rottz Games located at 5825 Sunset Drive, Suite 302 South Miami, FL, USA 33143. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I understand the trainee part of the game. But there should be a way to work up to manager without having to buy it... it's a fun game, needs more levels and goals to really get into this. The ads aren't really a problem. It's a fun game, just wish you could enjoy more of it without spending money.. granted I know it's at a low price, but it's the principle of the matter.... With that being said, fun game
Amazing concept. The whole office building setting seems so pointless. I spend most my time watching John move from floor to floor. Maybe a TV station control room would be a simple setting. The game is fun and the idea is awesome but I find myself getting bored quickly due to watching John go from floor to floor.
Still addictive. Not sure when last updated but still need to develop depth. Making own programmes chance to buy tapes off other players etc. Is the game still being managed!
Great game like the concept and how its laid out. Like how you in control of everything from scheduling the movies and adds to buying the news. Some improvements could be added. Like speed up the game while you changing floors that drags abit. Make gameplay smoother. Perhaps build your own news centre. Build floors, place rooms, hire and fire people.
This is just a remake of a classic DOS game... Nothing really new at all, here... In fact, it's actually MISSING a bunch of features... Original programming with scripts, terrorist bombings, winning over the heart of the head girl by airing a significant amount of cultural programming and gift giving, etc. Visually not as good, either. Needs work.
FAR too many haters on here giving bad reviews on a GOOD game. If you don't like the game, Uninstall it n stfu.I n plenty of others enjoy though. Good job developers! ;)
It does not have a save option. I have lost my progress too many times without even noticing, I would give 5 stars if the exit button wouldnt actually delete the whole game, but apart from that, it's.great game. Please fix ty
I like it quite a bit but there should be a fast forward or skip button. It's annoying waiting through the day or pacing to speed it up.
I like the fame but I buy a movie and I dont know where to go to air the movie if this was fixed I would give 5 but
Let me tell you first, If you make a TV network make sure have name of TV NETWORK: NEWS, TV SERIES, GAME SHOW, TALENT SHOW AND COMEDY SHOW.. and this is the worst I ever seen
Really love the game but I think it would be better to have an option to play without goals. Just keep going rising up the ranks until your the boss and more choice on films and programs other than that I love it
Very easy to play but a challenge. Was surprisingly compelling and addictive. Great work. Any chance of a free form update rather than it always cutting off. Would love to see how high I could get(in the manner of kairosoft games)
Extremely hard to get ratings, without a lot of money. Graphics good be better, and text is small not great for larger fingers or small screens.
Its ok but has alot of flaws. You can't change the avatar. You cant fast forward, you have to pay for a better job and more
You are John. You run John TV even though you are a lowly new hire. You cannot change this to names you like better. Cannot change gender. Cannot change colour. --- UI isn't great. Highly limited scheduling period. --- Seems like good concept but needs more work to be a good game.
you will need much time to understand the game. It is very difficult. But very interesting. Can't stop from playing the game. But the game is too short want more level.
Would be a good game but has a few problems that make it annoying. Like the first hour of the day is usually gone before you can even do anything. So if you havent set up the progamming the day before you dont have a chance. Also searching for movies and ads is way too slow with having to go through them one at a time, which would be fine if the clock stopped but it doesnt. If these sorts of things were fixed would rate 5 stars.
i give 4 star becoz some graphics are low and character needs some improvement and more its a time killer. it sufficiently need some update to game . story line was waiting for the better experience in it
The game is good...I certainly enjoyed it however....just as u get into the game and get the hang of it you need to pay for more levels....it isn't free and is a bit of a waste of time if u don't have the funds to pay.
Nice game very old game enjoyed took me a day to work it out I could only play the first part if only I could carry on playing l would have given it 5 stars l would not call it managing
This game is fantastic, it takes a bit of time to get to grips with how it works, but once you do it's great fun and incredibly addictive. There are a few things that could be added to improve the overall experience but this is still an all round awesome game.
I don't spend money on app games but after playing both maps available for free I am seriously considering spending the $0.99 to buy the game outright and play longer. This is the first tycoon game I've found worth playing my hope is that the next levels will be more competitive with the other stations. There is a bug in the game; in the levels you keep your job. As long as you don't get fired on the 1st day somehow you win at the start of the next shift. A waste of time really.
It's a pretty good, but could use a few improvements; like a free play mode, and some foreign movies that match their countries.
This game has potential, but hits some major flaws. Right off the bat, the graphics are very off-putting. It seems like a small game and the developer should have opted for a minimalistic style that would have made their life much easier and is very successful with players today. The second big problem is having to walk around the building. Walking around the building is not what's fun about a tycoon game like this and becomes annoying. Some other factors, but not enough time to go through them here.
This game is must play for management game lovers its too good to manage ur channel but some things must have to be changed from the devolopers that if we can put our name to the channel and self name rather than John. Hope devolopers look into it and pls add more movies in Cheap movies section
How do you base an app on a game from almost 30 years ago and make it worse? The pathing was so horrible you have no real chance. An integrated setting works. The animation may seem necessary but it is game breaking here. Also twice I had ads which spawned new tabs and the game kept running. I have no issue with paying for a good game and those who do need to realize content creation is not easy, however this game does not merit payment at this point . Good luck.
Bought manager mode to unlock extra cities, and for some reason they show a win after the first day. Entry levels were pretty fun though.
Its a good game. Simple - buy films sell ad slots. Dont know why so many have trouble getting that. However there are a few problems; Director mode is a pay only mode - but game experience is poorer with room timeouts which dont so much make it harder as more annoying.
I think it is very good concepts for me to play the game. By the way it is so enjoyable for me. But,I could be happy if the graphics may be little better. But it is a fine game.
Let me tell you first, If you make a TV network make sure have name of TV NETWORK: NEWS, TV SERIES, GAME SHOW, TALENT SHOW AND COMEDY SHOW, CONCERT TOUR, MOVIE FILM and this is the worst I ever seen
I wish there was a way you could play for longer than 30 days or once you complete the challenge. I also wish there was a fast forward button. That being said, I love this game and it is now my new addiction. It is definitely one of the best simulation games in the play store.
This game is great, i have been looking for a challenging but fun game for a while and now im happy to say i have found it, i am addicted to this game and definitely suggest downloading it and giving it a go, :)
Wish it wasn't such a short game. Each time you get a new phone you have to purchase again. So I stopped buying the full game. If it wasn't for that I would give 5 stars
So far, this is the most fun game I ever played. Never get bored! Good job! Please improve the graphic.
The concept of this game is absolutely fantastic and has so much potencial. But running around that building? Seriously?...
...but the implimentation needs improvement. You spend too much time waiting for your caracter to move around, time keeps ticking on when buying movies and ads, there are no time advance feature to jump to the next ad showing. Nice game, but can easily made great with one update.
Prettyuch a port of the old PC game MadTV. Really well done but not much if any improvement over MadTV apart from in smoother running, updated movie/show names etc. I'm not very far into it but from what I have seen it could do with having the ability to make your own productions, hire directors and actors etc. Theres another game on here which does this (just search for tv tycoon game and its one of the top hits) but that game is pretty much an idle game based around a real world schedule (its barely a game due to this). Basically combine the two elements and you will have a phenomenal game. Also even though you are trying to stay as true to MadTV as possible, maybe extend the playable day so you have more time to browse the library.
This is on par with the old computer games! Am only on the 2ND city after the tutorials, so I'll update my rating then....however, so far, so good. I would like to see a female avatar option, but that's not truly a factor for me. Am looking forward to finding out more on the game.