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Big Bash Cricket

Big Bash Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Nextwave Multimedia located at Nextwave Multimedia Royapettah, Chennai - 14. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The best ever cricket game I have played in my life. I enjoyed this game. It is a great game to to some time pass. Please try this game once. If you will play you will play it again and again. I loved this game. Try this game. You all will love this game. Regards Vihaan Malik
It is good game the some features are that they have to work on it and after winning the there are not any reward like man of the match etc and not the caps that players got in ipl that all are things that i dont like it but it is a good game
Great game The reason for a four star rating is because of lack of three things. 1. No DRS (Decision Review System) 2. No caught behind not much to do for the wicket-keeper. 3. Lack of fielding quality, sometimes players take unbelievable catches but sometimes they perform misfield in simple moments. Otherwise it is better than WCC 3.
Good game most realistic mobile cricket experience. Realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses take you closer to the action than ever before.Play with my friends and enjoyed.
I should say well done great game for any ages but some options need to be fix like updating the status (example) as player scores 100 it never shows up so please and by the way this game is amazing and don't you'll guy's like to create the IPL or nation wice with this same format with all the brilliant grahpics that you'll put up to so far it nothing else we could for it would be stunning thanks keep up the great stuff going. Really looking forward to
I liked this game so much. The graphics are awesome and wonderful. But I want by Nexwave Multimedia that squads should be updated and an game with Indian players should release and graphics should be made same like this game and players stats should increase by our playing .
It is a fantastic game. Really like to see these types of games coming. The batsman and fielders do great catching and batsman play very nice. Just see to put one thing . After the match just please put man of the match award. Then the game will be perfect. Thank you.
Excellent game. But I think that it needs to be updated, like : autoplay, saving highlights,DRS and some more . Hope you will update. That's why I have given you 4 stars 🌟.
You bowl anywhere, with any pace with any variation you will get hit for a six! What the hell? Improve this. I played 3 matches, I tried every type of bowling and every ball was hit for a six. This does not even happen in EA Cricket 07 Hard level of playing. I hate this game for this only reason
Hi πŸ‘‹ Nextwave this is a wonderful game which I have ever played . I have played many cricket game's but this is the best . High level graphic and few things should be add I think πŸ€” 1) AUCTION OF BBL 2) DRS 3) MY REDUCE GOLD RATE OF MY 11 THANK YOU 😊
Very Nice game I like it so mutch it is so much fun to play such a stylish game on Android but it's hard mode is very difficult to play as wickets fall very easily after playing good kinds of shots also
The was super hanging.my friends are already tell this.but i didn't hear.it is very very bad experience game.you will fix lagging problem once i install game.you will didn't fix i don't install how many years.correctly the bowler throw the ball at the time hanged.otherwise not hanging.please fix this.
Best game for Australia league but now you can update the game as new players had came and new modes like coach practices and auction Pls you do upcoming the game will be awesome.
A real big bash cricket game. The graphics are so well designed that the players who are not in form, he/she cannot score well and the player who is really in form, they can play really well. Really nice game. It's a real Australian cricket
Many bugs after last update the game stucked in tournament mode and six of my ultimate 11 players are disappeared without refunding the gold .so i changed my review from 5 stars to 2 stars.and also the real league's season changed and players were changed bout you won't updated it.
This is a very very good game i have ever played but please fix the option for drs so it will be easy to play because it not show that impact in line, pitching outside vegera so please fix it and the graphics is outstanding and when i play this game mostly i won the matches only 1 to 2 matches i have lose and i love a team of sudeny players amazing team and there is a great playing flat six i like that six and when i lose my all ruppes then i go for a mini over matches to earn money it is good
This game is excellent. I loved this game. The only thing i did not like in this game is the decisions for LBW. Pls update this feature. That is the only thing i have given four stara. But this game is best for me .
Amazing game.. good graphics.. just need one feature that is Auto play.. then I'll surely give 5 start... But i love the gameplay so much... If possible then plzzz add test matches and international cricket teams too Love u keep it up..
It's not fun anymore. Bowling is a nightmare. Random chances of winning when trying to select the swing/spin on the ball. Hitting bowlers out of the park is also more of a lucky get away than actually hitting them for a six/four.
This game is good enough to called a vest game for cricket. The main reason for it's failure is this game doesn't have many mode to play if they make some this game can or may be called a good game as a copy of wcc
Good morning , Nextwave multimedia This is best game of cricket . Its animation is awsome . But add these featurs to make the game best : 1) BBL auction - Please add bbl auction where we can buy our favourte players in bbl . 2) Highlights - please add highlights mode where we can see our prformnce in short . 3) Man of the match cermony - please add this feature to your game where we can see which player is chosn Man of match for its brilliant prformnce . Thanks
I hated this game when i played it first but later i realised it was my mistakes which leaded me to hate this game but now i really enjoy playing this and but some features needed to be added to the game. Like man of the match award... New bowling actions for seamers etc it will be simply best if these features were added to the game.
A very bad game just I want to abuse to much it When you play hard level game against system After some days u find that if you try to hit some shot then u are not able to hit that shot yes u hit shot but not that shot and opposition team can hit easily when I try to hit in powerplay in hard ge then I got 4 , 5 , 6 wickets injust 4 over and when opposition do this he hit 80 run in power play it is not just a time it is consecutive 10 times then I deleted it
This is a fantastic game. But I have given it a 4 star because there is just one problem. I think the players should be allowed to change the field while bowling. Put all those field restrictions, but please allow the players to change the field while bowling.
What a fabulous game 😍😍 love it's graphics and facility but one thing to be noted that there is lack of players in servers we need to wait for a long time for getting a match but by the way love this game if fantasy with crickets spice.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
It is a good game to play with friends and relatives.I enjoy playing this game because of 2 reasons.One is high graphics and the next one is that every ball if perfectly timed goes for sixes.There needs to be some changes to be made like the ultra edge or hotpot vision.Not taking those things into consideration then it is a fantastic game.
The graphics is good, this game is looking good, but the new players will be added the player information are not changing this is minor bux u is putting default scores of the player
Great Game....Got a Good cricket game after so long....since WWC2..wonderful controls and great graphics..would become the best popular cricket game on mobile...if you make an IPL version......especially now when the IPL craze is going on. Also....great if some changes are made like DRS system, man of the match, match higlights , etc.
This is a great game for all .you also enjoy this game so much.But l give 4 star because the field is no monumial setting .So users suffer a lot for it.by the way it is a great game and my favourite game
This is a very good game. Like Sukhman preet Singh said you have to add 1) bbl auction 2)add drs system for lbw and edges 3)add man of the match 4)add highlights. This is exactly like the wcc2 and the next wave multimedia is fantastic company in making cricket games. Thanks for this fantastic game
This game is just stupid. Even if you score a 144 in 5 overs batting first, no matter how you ball the other team would also shot you for sixes(in medium and hard mode). There are no special balls to bowl like a googly etc. On whooping wicket to wicket yorker at 150k speed ball the opponent or urself will still manage to shot a six. M gave two stars for graphics.. make it a little realistic..
Game good nice, but there is one point I have to tell that - in mini super over mode, they says to hit 3 fours, but each ball means each and every ball i Hit gone for six, and challenge remains failed. That's huge error I have to point out
This game is very impressible but some changes are there the 1.mannual option to change the feilding like wcc2 wcc3 and 2.remove hackers some hackers get my all coin if this mistakes of change so the game is the no.1 game
I am giving this as a worst game in sports, whenever i Bowl and however i Bowl against AI it goes for a six, and when i buy people in my 11 he vanishes off after some days
I didnt have space so I deleted it, and now it has many technical issues and it's not downloading. I even deleted some games still it says the games not working. You guys the developers should fix the game. However Chris Lynn plays good in this game, he plays brilliant t20 cricket in real life as well, but I'd like you to fix this problem ASAP.πŸ‘
What happened to the previous GUI of the game. I mean the Big bash game that was a year ago. It was good but now I only see WCC graphics. Couldn't you have just developed the existing graphics without stripping off every bit of the previous GUI. Please do it. This was the best cricket game as it was a good time pass not with loads of tutorials and events.
Massive and good features and a lot of joy and exciting game ever , I have played. The best thing I seen in this game is that its effects after hitting a sixer or a shot. Well done. Keep it up.
Thw worst game experience i ever had matter how good u ball the opposite team will smash you and in batting u don't have enough options. The worst cricket game i ever played. Not at all recommended.
I love Australia what a graphics but match fees should be 100 instead of 800 and I want to say nextwave multimedia that please make improvement in wcc3 and I love the helicopter shot very much All the best for your upcoming games
YES definitely, it's a good game but still needs much work on it.... once I scored a 175 runs of 10 overs and I was bowling very nice but there were needed 51 runs of 2 overs so they just scored it.... DDDDIIISSSGGUUSSTTIINNGG..... PLS CHANGE IT.
- It was a nice touch game to mobile . - It is a offline game . - Graphic design is very good . - It's like a real gaming . - When we play BBC in the phone it's Look like we are watching BBC as Live in mobile . - My rating is 5/4.7 . - It was a Awesome to play in mobile . - Please try it experience in ur mobile .
The game earlier used to be a lot fun but as you play more games the game will always in anyway make you lose I am hitting the ball somewhere else then also it's going in the wrong direction the timing is perfect then also it seems like the game doesn't want me to win
It's a good game but the reason behind 3 stars are many. Such as :1) There no option for DRS review . 2) There is no option for manual field. 3) Tournaments should be free to open after 3 quick matches completes . 4) There should be Big Bash League auction for tournaments .
This game is awesome good but In the level medium i have played it right if i pick the loft shot and and tried it means the bar shows perfect then too the fielders catch the bowl everytime in a same manner in bolwing whatever bowling i have bowled the batter keeps on hitting 6s and whatever i try it gonna be a boundary and this game is good .but not in the levels and i have tried it for several times to hit the ball for 4 or 6 but sometimes it goes but most of the time it been out
Yeah really easy last time in 20 overs match I scored 999 and u can play new shots like helicopter shot and paddle sweep so it is really easy but there is one problem for multi-player in real cricket the multi player is really good can u people make ur multi-player better than the real cricket
This cricket game is definitely better than all the cricket games I have played. But the company needs to make some changes in this game e.g. DRS system, celebratiting, man of the match celebrating, international ODI series, world cup matches.etc. I hope the company will make the above changes in this game as soon as possible.
The game truely awesome but there are some problems...by profession i am also a tester so i guess these request might made by someone else but i have 2 features to request. 1) while batting u need to click on LOFT button every time to play a shot...but i want to play a ground shot i have to click the loft button twice. 2)want automatic shot play option as well...thanks and regards to make the game better.....
This game is broken. If the system put that this ball going to be a six! Then it have to be a six. And almost every single ball they going for a six. Its quite impossible and makes no sense. This games need much more improvement.
This game is amazing. The graphics of the game is very realistic. Some players are very similar to thier faces some of them are Aron Finch, Chris Lyen and many more. But there should be an option of DRS because when we see action replay of LBW the player is out but umpire didn't say out and we donot have the option of DRS so please work on it. Otherwise great game. I love the game ❀️❀️❀️. #positivity:)
Very very very very very super game the graphics are so perfect,but there is one problem there is no DRS(Decision review system)so that i gave four stars please fix that,if there is no DRS the game will be boring.Instead of this all controls and settings is so good.(please fix that DRS)Thank you!!!!
Very very nice game. Good batting performance. I am very happy by playing this. Batting is good. One incident was happened when I got target of 55 runs in 2 overs. And after I needed 33 runs in 5 balls. I had hitted 22 runs in 4 balls but then also I needed 11 runs in 1 ball . In last ball I hitted six . By luck that ball was no ball and I got the chance to win match . Last ball was reverse swing and I hitted six in that ball and I win match by 9 wickets and remain in 1st position in tournament
This was a much better game when it was not part of Nextwave media. Please revisit to that version and see the smoothness and ease of control. This version is not at all what the gameplay used to be earlier. Disappointed!
wat a game the one of the best games i have played .it is awesome .it is georgous .its bwacuse of its real like players .all the players are hitting sixesnicely and the celebration is great among all.its like wcc2 but not beter but same as it .it should be editor choice
This is a good game but giving 3 stars because sometimes when I hit a shot automatically the bowl turns and I become out,You should keep DRS in this game and sometimes when my opponent hits six it shows four. Fix these issues then I'll give you 5 stars
Things to be improved ... 1_ Custom fielding option should be included in the game. 2_ Match graphic should be improved. 3_ Pitch conditions optional, like green,hard,dead and so on ... 4_ Game music adjustment needs like while playing the match, a tunes always beats which make sometime headich so music tune will adjust soon. 5_ Game camera angles should interdoced in the game like batting cerama,bowling camera and spider cam option as well which make the game more interesting.
Add bbl session 10 . Add new rules such as power search ,etc. Improve some bowling action. Your design is good , improve it and keep it up. Maxwell , Finch , Lynn and some other players are accurate and keep this for ever. You need to improve new things in fielding . Add somes features like playing the original matches which may happened in previous years of bbl. This is my wish . I am waiting for reply from nextwave multimedia and cricket australia.
This is very very very very very very good game I had played ever. But there are some problems e.g., DRS is not.
I really enjoyed this game, played a lot and spent some money to build an ultimate team, that today disappeared. Was on the brink of leaving a very positive review, that is definitely not going to happen now.
Stupid app!! Hard mode in this game is basically not worth playing because the AI can barely be defeated no matter what score is made. AI can go at a crazy run rate of 30 per over and every ball is hittable for a six for AI. Further, AI also knows where the ball is landing but in hard mode as a player we don't know where the ball shall be. Not worth the time and effort. Also, offside shots are unplayable because players keep stepping down the pitch to play any offside shot or down the ground.
Few things I would like to recommend in order to stick to this game and rate this game wonderful:- 1) After purchasing 2 players using 500 gold bars for Ultimate 11, both the players automatically disappeared even after I drafted both the players to my Ultimate team without any refund of those gold bars; 2) Option for manual change in fielding; 3) Keeping stats for tournament mode such as M.O.M.,M.O.S.,most runs,most wickets,etc; 4) Decision Review System (DRS) and wagon wheel after each over
Graphics is good.. a terrific game to play but its not like old bbl 2017 edition of giving our personal info about total runs, sixes etc ....come up with info about runs scored and wickets taken by me of an individual player...no drs method?? ...if player is lbw but the umpire says no even the ball in the line of hitting the stumps ..no man of the match award???....then it would be a great game to play..consider this review....
I played this game long hours just to purchase and build the ultimate 11 over a period. All that time spent was a total waste as one day I woke up to see all the purchased players disappear. How can this be so disgusting. Players were bought through hard earned gold bars and suddenly they disappear..Pathetic experience!
It is a good game when I play this game then I love to play this game because the animation and grahics of the game is very good and when I can bat then I can hit 6 sixes in over. I can hit 10 sixes in a row when the match is 5 overs then I can win the match in just 2.3 overs this game is very easy to play and I love to play the game.
Actually I like this game very much. But my experience of last few days was not good. I bought few players from combo deals for my ultimate 11. But unfortunately they are missing from my team without any intimation. I don't know where they disappear after 3 days of purchase. Kindly resolve my problem.
There is a good graphics in this game but there is a little problem in sliding the ball and making it's perfect position. I hope you will fix this...
Gaming experience is absolutely mind blowing but i have problem when i buy players in my ultimate 11 After 2 to 3 days all players get disappeared. This not first time it happens with every time . So please solve my problem soon . I hope you will help me .
This game is so nice...! It's really very very nice cricket game...i like this game.. no problem any more.... I rate 5 star really... but one nedded lbw is umpire call... but batting use review... but big bash cricket system there not this.. so I hop it's update..
Outstanding Game Expression Please make same Game as per big bash cricket on IPLT20 and International Cricket league and tournaments to play With Online and Offline mode to play . And with update teams squad as per April 2021
1. Inappropriate ads. The game is full of them. 2. The Bowling is just ridiculous. Nothing in the game for bowlers like variations, etc. Not only for the AI, but also for me. Adam Zampa hit 6 sixes off Rashid Khan!! 3. Too basic. I don't think it matters if the batsman is a tailender or an opener. Also lacks any variation in bowling
Fun to play. But wait! The least realistic cricket game , especially hard mode. In hard mode bowling is impossible , even if I score 150 runs I came lose. Once I scored 120 in 10 overs in hard(very bad Usualy u must score 180) Now I was bowling excellently and oppenent's run rate was 8 and last over 34 runs were needed . The opponent scored 36 runs ,HOWWWW!!!!! no matter what ibowl it was a six , it's a good game but please improve hard AI
Good game but the opponents hit the ball no matter where you pitch the ball after you scored a big . Please fix the problem. Then I would give five stars. And give review option for the batter that he should challenge the empire's decision.
i have complain against the creators of this game My complain is that if i play the game for one time and then when i exit the game its closed but when i want to play again this game shows error by saying game asset is remaining because i use cleaner and the game can't be open i don't understand this problem please fix it i like this game so much..
It's such a amazing game I have ever played In my whole life. Very good graphics , every player is real, the best thing is that in the game you hardly can hit six all needs of timing after playing this game you are going to be master in playing shot every shot is perfect .
I used to love this game. I'm hitting the ball so often when it's directly infront of the wickets and I'll do a directly straight loft shot back towards the bowler and the batsman will just miss it completely and there I am bowled out. It's ridiculous. Timing is also off when it says "perfect" and I'm either hitting fours or being caught in the outfield. Still playing the game for the fun but it's not the same anymore.
I like this game but when we play quickplay matches AI hitting an average of 3 to 5 sixes in an over please maintain it when six runs required then only AI can hit otherwise the game fun will be lost.thanks
Nice game but something in this game much be add graphic and gameplay is very good but it here review option should add because some time you got out by the umpire like lbw( bowl stayed on outside leg) . Nice shots u smash in this game and also nice bowling stylish........ Battting style in this game pleased me very much. In this game the best shot according to me is square dive
Sensational exceptional and realistic experience. The game featured brilliant atmosphere, ambiance was super. The music third umpire was spot on. The grounds were authentic and the bucket on top of umpire head was indeed funny in free hit delievery. An impressive game indeed. If the developers come up with a universal game. It would be ultimate. And the only missing factor was the review system and there is not much lbw dismissals. Apart from that it is awesome.
It's the best one I have played so far. But couldn't rate it 5 as I wished there was a gauge for stamina, better diving in outfield, more info like spider web, better sound as its low.
Tha reason for giving 3 stars is 1.we cant set our own name in game 2.We cant set manual field in game 3.There is no DRS review in this game. And you can also set middle of game raining like things and odi and test series. If you set this properties in this game. This game will be more popularity than wwc 2 . Thank You.
Very good game good control But some of the things are required 1 Drs 2 manual Fielding 3 different commentary options 4 world's best leagues as IPL PSL CPL etc and rename as wcl world cricket league and it would be great if you ad test cricket odi WC and many more Why there is no edge on it as Australia pitches are dealing with edges
What can I say about this game u can just put efforts to see computer hitting sixes on u. That's this game is all about. Very poor game I recommend not to waste ur time in these garbage.
What a game it is. It is designed with high graphics in low mb. I loved it very much. It is 100000 times better than rc20. It is brilliant and I love the graphics and animations in it
Not even worth 1 star, i installed it so that i can play it on local multiplayer using hotspot but tried many times still not getting connected, always just showing 1 room id, which is not working worthless game, u developer should stop giving much hopes and then turning it on disappointment
It's a very nice game. It's a very easy to play different & stylish shots like swip or reverse swip or helicopter 🚁 etc. Last time, I had scored 332 runs in just 60 balls. I played shots in every region in ground. Both openers had scored 100 runs in just 17 ball. I'm not joking. It's true. I love this game very much.There should be added more features like real commentetor, every player's stats or auction etc.
It may be one of the worst game of cricket. Worst umpiring. Sometimes when batsman hit a six. The umpire signals as four. Many such shots which can never be played by the batsman of my team but can be played by the batsman of opponent team. Main thing I want to say is about the fielding performance. Maybe one of the worst fielding performance compared to the opponent team. Lot of drop catches, when the fielders run to prevent the boundary, it seems like they are just walking not evengrabdebal.
This is the best game ever i have played but one problem that is the caption and wicketkeeper are not changing and after when match is over you have to show the highlights of match this so i humble request to please solve this problem as soon as possible because i like this game so much and i am waiting for highlights mode that's why i am giving 4 stars when you will do it then i will give full star. Thank you.
Realistic animations, intuitive controls, and improved player likenesses take you closer to the action than ever before. Authentic visuals mean you’ll really want to celebrate that slogged six or well-worked wicket. Choose between a quick play contest, a complete season or take on the unique challenge of a Super Over, all for in-game gold. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Super game but you can keep under 100 MB and 2020 bbl squard should be kept and in game catches,feield setup and and field should be manual like in wcc3,wcc2 and in sachin saga champions please change this points and keep like this another game of ipl 2021.Ok after this changes they will be wonderful games games in world. Nice game..
It is best cricket game i'd played till now, everything is like I wanted, I recommend this game if you want a less mb cricket game with many features and also I got real bowling style of Daniel Sams and Dale Steyn , but in my 11 team mode player buying price is very very high it would be of 130 gold bars. Thank you for such a amazing game
Wow! A nice game, thanks for developed the game. But one thing that I want to suggest you that you should post 3D screenhots in place of 2D screenshots. Because me also not install this as I think that it is a 2D game. By doing this more people will install this. Thanks.
What a gaming experience! It's totally a new algorithm which is flexible and much like real cricket. Fielders are taking catches with great efforts, they dance when a wicket fall and they even dive to save boundaries. You got to play this. BBL❀ One drawback is that batting is much easier even though you are playing in hard mode thats where it takes the addiction away.
The game is superb but these is drs option and same way if you make IPL then your game will be top position. This bbl is awesome to play in the same way the IPL will be downloaded many members. So please make it
This is a best game of cricket . Its animation is awesome . But add these features to make the game best : 1) BBL auction - Please update bbl auction where we can buz our favourite players in bbl . 2) Highlights - please add highlights mode where we can see our performance in short . 3) Man of the match ceremony - please add this feature to your game where we can see which player is chosen Man of match for its brilliant performance . PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURES TO YOUR GAME .
Nice game, but you have need to add some things like as UDRS system, improve fielders, full-toss Ball and manual Field set-up. Although it's good...
The game play is awesome!!!!!! Just mind-blowing.... Its better than any cricket game app ever... But it doesn't contain the 'auction mode', I would request the developer to add the 'auction mode' in it so that this app can become the best cricket game app ever...
Best cricket game ever i recommend it to every cricket / bbl lover ✨🏏 but i think some important things are missing like ( high lights ) and ( man of the match ceremony ) and some other little bit of improvement other wise best game ever i had played ✨β™₯️🏏
One year ago it was best Cricket game to play I enjoyed to playing the game but now it's look like wcc2 . Please change it . I am waiting for old game.
This is a nice game but some feature add .Example 1.man of the match ceremony .2. Some players miss the all sqad.3.players celebration.4.few shots.5.players riverly
The quick match is very good. But i am disappointed with the multiplayer cricket section. Pls make the view of the camera in multiplayer as it is in quick match. Then it becomes easy to bat. Pls do it. Pls. Pls.
Early one was excellent but this thing looks like WCC 2 since the developer next wave multimedia and I am not much satisfied as the earlier one was good, with different method of playing the game that makes game unique one not like this one which looks similar to wcc2
Very good game. Very realistic game. Good animations and music. But the only thing is that the feilders of opponent teams take better catches than our feilders, and some feilders also drop some very easy catches πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Or else, the game is good!!
Greetings, Nextwave Multimedia This game big bash league is just awesome and the graphics are good and also gameplay is good too, But also add BBL Auction mode where all my fav players can play in my fav team pls add this and also add man of match ceremony and lastly add highlights of the match where we can enjoy our best gameplay again, Hope you add these features too, Thanks
Outstanding work from the developers. Excellent graphics and smooth gameplay. It will be more interesting if some change is done with batting controls, now it is very simple even in hard mode. Look better if Scorecard include six & fours, strike rate and also six meter.....
Its a really good game but there are one issue ,please make a DRS option. One suggestion for you that the team consists of four bowlers not five,four batsmens include wicket keeper and three all rounders then I will give five stars.
Very exellent game . Only 1problem i have that you should give 3 drs to every team for lbw and caught behind. Otherwise game is game is very good. please solve this problem . That is why i am given 4 stars. please solve that problem....
The difficulty in this game is stupid!!! If u play on any difficulty other than easy and ball to the computer, each and every ball goes for six. No matter what type of ball u deliver or how much score you put up on the board, the computer just hits everything for six!!! It's just stupid!
Decent game but with few flaws. We can't play powerful shots without lofting. Fielding on the leg side is really poor. Also many catches are not registered as wickets. Ultimate 11 squad players are not removed from original team.
Nice game but there should be a changes like add hindi commentry,drs system,changing cloth,make our own team with current player etc plz update a new version and in new version this all facilities are also avilable plz it' a humble request by the way game is so intresting graphics also so good sound system also good and etc.
Excellent gaming exceperience, but there is a little bit glitch and game stop working bug error...while we are playing "LOCAL MULTIPLAYER MODE"...only this issue is making me and my friends upset...πŸ˜”πŸ˜” So, kindly request...plzz solve this bug issue.
The placement of 'Loft', 'Run', 'Cancel Run'ms other buttons on the screen makes it very difficult to hit them accurately in my pixel 5 with gesture navigation enabled. This hinders the gameplay.
The game is very good and I loved it until they changed the bowling action in an update. The previous fully manual bowling action was the best so plzz plzz bring it back, if not just please bring back an option so we could choose to how we want to bowl but please bring that back. Regards.
I see its improved than before.But I gave 4 stars because I feel that the game should give me the chance to play the quick play without entry fee.This is the only Achilles's heel I spotted in the game. Rest the game is really interesting and graphics are really good. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈβœ΄οΈ. And its tougher then before😌
Great game, the graphics are excellent and captivates a player interest automatically. But there's too much bias in terms of the player setting an almost improbable target but the team batting second scores too easily. Its like you almost don't know what best length you must bowl to contain the batters. Could this be fixed? Could you please allow the player against the computer some slacks when bowling? It seems that whatever length you bowl it gets wacked. This can't be cool. Please fix.
Nice game but there is a drawback in this game. When you enter the tournament, it costs 60k coins per game. It is pretty awful. You have to buy the coin packs to play the tournament. That's why I rated 3/5.
This game is nice to play but there are some problem . I gave only 3 stars because in game. We cant take review only the umpire takes the decision i think there is no third umpire and the fielding is worst if the ball goes near the player's leg he wont catch the ball .so change this
When I hit the ball it's a 4 or a wicket and when pc hits it it's a six. I really don't want to use abusive language to describe this game. But who ever updates this game is a freaking noob who doesn't know how mobile cricket games work. It's too biased towards pc. Learn how to code a game. Looks like the programmers failed in gaming ethics