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Big Barn World Social Farming

Big Barn World Social Farming for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by airG located at 1200-89 W Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 0N8. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
my farm screen name is Catson, I am truly addicted! i have several farms and have been playing this game for over 8 yrs.
This GAME is all about Money, if you're a new player and don't want to subscribe to their VIP, you wont be able to keep up with other player and you will not be able to feel the Fun out of this Game if you're not a VIP Player.
I'm not much of a gamer but this one I have been playing for about ten years. It's addictive and you can make friends with the same addiction.
The game is ok. ive been playing the game for 7 years now and the game is still has the basic stuff but the game has so many problems.. such as the new problem with uploading your personal picture. There's alot of gamers including myself with doing so. There's segregation on the game and the administratives have not and do not want to correct these problems. Maybe is the game had alil more excitement within the game and fix the problems with this game it may bring more players to the game.
Awesome game just blows you can't get morphanator thru store anymore...was my favorite back in the day
Needs a lot of work. Glitches and such make it hard to keep it fun and entertaining. I liked the old version better. I may not keep my farm for long unless it somehow gets fixed. I hope they aren't done with the upgrades...smh. Keep them coming!! I started w 4 nice farms. Now i have none. Had to start ALLL OVER again. That stinks. So if the touchiness and glitches were fixed this game would be fun...well until then.... i'll farm one day at a time. See what happens. JUST BEWARE
It's very addicting for over 7yrs I've been playing this game, I really do love it made friends from the first time, still have them to this day. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!. 🤩😍 abrinkley70. Love the new additions, like farming and fishing tournaments
Nothing special just something to pass time. Often glitchy with poor support. Profits are usually negative so the addicted players $$$$pend their way through.
It's very addicting for over 7yrs I've been playing this game, I really do love it made friends from the first time, still have them to this day. Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!. 🤩😍 abrinkley70
I would like to have my auction fixed! When I bid on something it takes me back to the beginning of the auctions, and then I have to scroll through the whole thing again. MrsTeTe's farm! I would love it if someone would update my bling! I didn't get credit for some of the things I have done. please respond to my request!
I have been playing Big Barn world for many years its a fun farming game,I enjoy playing getting blings and new items in the game.
It is the worst app I have ever seen. I would rate it minus (-)10 if possible. Always showing the hog saying try again. Another aspect of it you are not providing substantial updates it requires. Poor handling of admins are always looking to gain money from users. Keep updating the app regularly so it moves smoothly. Not the silky smooth user interface.Interface is lagging all the time, needs to run smoothly like knife into butter.
I love this game and the new way to feed except it takes all my super feed when I got the real food to feed animals. Hugs, Slimmsgal
Hey guys I'm Mister_Franny85 fyi! Love this game. I've been playing this game for 10 plus years! Never have I play a farming game like this before! Highly recommend it to anyone who likes to put they imagination in play!
I personally love this game except for one flaw ....bullies that come and swear you on your farm using filthy vulgar language defaming your character because you refuse to entertain them should be banned permanently...you can block then good!! however the defamation happened.....remember children play this game and Airg should protect their patrons we should feel safe because both defamation and bullying is a CRIME
O got to have my email address and my password. But everything I do it it says that to me. Like today I tried and it say the same thing. Its been that way for months now.
Re-register twice it was frustrating I used my google email and different password and login would not get through maybe server has issues, if asked me for google access or google play it would work better. Game itself is tap boring there is no one available your age range, it sad way to make friends and further succeed branching out.
How in the world do you update your email when it want let you says ooops try refreshing page,did that 3 times I'm also connected with Facebook on it but you need a email for stamp and spins on this app been gone for awhile seems like the same problems on the app that it was about 8 years ago start fixing things on here and the farm itself
Addictive game,I have awsome farmers,If u love farming,This is the game 4 U,The creaters are quick to respond,Give it a go,You'll be addicted.
My farm is under WolfsLove.... This is an awesome game for pastime.... Challenging at times since I haven't been able to finish some badge's, still very fun and you meet some interesting friends along the way!! 😜
My daylie quests get stuck for exsample , kill 15 bugs in crops did not work so i had to use my daylie skip , grow 5 gmo ex, completed and stuck .ive spent a good few years playing and notice a few little tecnicle problems that are not a big deal.
it sucks right know I can not start a fishing team with crop coins I bought premium listings and can not use them either nobody will answer me back
I played this game for year with different emails. Now its saying my emails don't work. I requested password changes hoping to get an email and no emails were sent back to me. FYI don't log in with an email if you don't want your games lost. Will not play again until its fixed!
Awesome game,I've played it for years,But now for some reason I can't open it, Please fix this,TYVM,A loyal customer and addicted player
I love this game been on 8 years but if you dont start fixing up your app experience as apposed to gaming I will delete n not come back. I have to force close this app every time I sign on...if I can get the app to work, so that's why you get 1 star
You would think after nearly 10 years away the game would have changed but still a good game that's simple yet tricky to master The_Pumpkin_King Has Come........
I love this game. I play it when I'm bored or about to go to bed at night. I do wish they would keep selling the things you need to be able to complete you bling and make fishing easier but it's a over all good game to play.
I love this game , its just that i cant view ads from the app, i badly need crop coins haha, - LesahairaM
This game is very enjoyable, BUT I didnt receive my level up rewards and I cant even use the forum without being a level 5! If I do not receive my rewards, I will not be playing and I will have to give an update to make this a bad review. I enjoy playing, but I play to reach levels and get the rewards.
Good game to play in your pass time loading is a little slow but over all a great game to make friends on... Bigbaby9990 and babydee91
I Love this game played for 8 years had very bad accident took me almost 5 years to get in and list all I had with the 8 years. 💜
Played this game for over 9 years now they wanna cheat and lie. I havest I get no money are credit for the animals.fill one order do not get my coins. So I deleted the game. No hate this game point blank period.
I would like to have my auction fixed! When I bid on something it takes me back to the beginning of the auctions, and then I have to scroll through the whole thing again. MrsTeTe's farm! I would love it if someone would update my bling! I didn't get credit for some of the things I have done.
I'll give it a 1 star. Why? Because when there's a problem or error in the game, it takes ages before you fix it even if people playing are already annoyed with the problem or bug in the game.
Played since before this was an app. Spent a lot of rl money when it was just airg. Now, they make more real cash then ever, yet, these lazy producers take a week just to approve pictures, let alone verify purchases. Take my advice, post a picture, and buy something. See which comes first, them to take your cash, or to simply approve a picture. Get off your hands, do your job, and earn what I'm giving you. Approve pictures before you'll accept my cash, and maybe, maybe, we can call it even. 👎👎
This app sucks. Currently it's telling me that the app requires internet...waiting. This is with both wifi, which I'm using now, and 5G. When it does "work" or the server isn't under maintenance (🤔), there are serious bugs. When I attempt to purchase an item in the store or bid in the auction house, I have to tap on it several times before I can process it. Worst of all, the money hungry crooks that run the game make it virtually impossible to level up without spending money. This game sucks.
Been playing this game for 7+ years I love it so much. I've built many close relationships with people I've met on here. The only thing I would change is the political things they've chosen to add to the game.
Been playing for over 7yrs. Its a good game just hate how it lags all the time I have the fastest Wi-Fi you can get an its still slow. Overall give the game a chance you'll meet a lot of new people an friends. Farming is addictive!! My farm name is -yuuuup-
I still having crashing issues. When I'm playing it. It will crash. And if I leave the game it continues to give me a sign not sure what to call it. Its crashing. Can someone please on your end correct this. Thanks again
They just want your money. I have played for over 8 years. Today they falsely accused me of exploiting a system bug & banned me from the game on all of my farms. I just paid them 2 weeks ago for vip membership & a few days ago for extra game credits. Guess i just don't spend enough $ on their game. Multiple farms are only ok if each farm is enrolled in vip.
I love this game. Just wish vip was cheaper. Been playing since my youngest son was a baby. I love love love this game. This game is awesome
My farm name is spiritstrawberry. I love this game. I haven't been playing for long but my experience with the game so far has been awesome. I have met allot of awesome people.but what I like most is being able to customize my farm. I get alot of rare animal so that is what my focus is on my farm.
Terrible. I have played this many times over the years. Now I cannot get my old account. I cannot make a new one either. Good job air-g I spend a killing on my games and you're missing out! UNINSTALLING NOW!!!
Love the app 😃 but it still needs abit of work... Sometimes it keeps crashing and I have to log back in again 😏 This has happened a couple of times other then that I love it 😍👌 I'm under peaaches__ btw on BBW 😉
Great game. Something to pass the time. A bit pricey when it comes to certain blings, but you can slowly work your way through the not so expensive blings and earn credits that way. Fun game & you meet people at the same time too.
Not so great. I bought items and they never add up so my 'bling' or trophies are never acquired. There are major bugs and I just want my money back.
I have really enjoyed this game up until now i cant put my stuff up for auction and i have told them numerous time to please help and still nothing i have lost alot of money because i have to sell my stuff for $0 dollars its very frustrating but it does no good to ask for help it never comes
In my opinion, after all the money spent on this game including internet plans, you end up neither permanently banned or temporarily locked out, instead of making the game fun to play all rules created are nonsense so if you BBW run away each player you're the ones losing $ because many of my farm friends and those I invited also spent lots of 💰 and now they're all gone.
Trash. I used to play this a long time ago for years. Now it's buffering all the time. I can't even get past the starting point. NOT GOOD
Love this game but the errors n oops are maken it hard to log on n farm this is getting outa hand airg
My ninth-year playing I love this game and the friends I've met help me on my farm and in my life when ever I need them. It has definitely improved my quality of life I have, long time, friends all over the world that I consider to be family. It's not just a game to me it's fun yes. We help each other on our farms and in our lives and I'm thankful for that. Tyvm. BBW.. jojosworld59 ❤️
Love this game the politics are insane. I also met my husband of almost 10 years on the farm!!! Big fun, good people, bring your thinking cap and coveralls and meet us for a #BigBarnWorld bonfire!!! MsIknoMyPlace
The app sucks. It continues to freeze or when i hit a selection, I have to hit it 4-5 times before it takes. Playing a game shouldn't be this difficult.. Fix the app please
I joined this game 6 months after it started and many years later still addicted and play every day. (username unhappygirl)
Its a fun farm game to play ..meet lot farm friends..go to auctions..get to make gift baskets for the holidays..check it out an see what your missing out on..
sometimes its really hard to open the app. :( its always appears that i need to check my connections , though im connected on wifi :(
Spoke w/ Luke he's Awesome very Caring in Excellent Customer Service. Thank you for your help, for taking time to make it clear. I have spoken with Luke b4, Always a pleasure to get his help. I also wanted to let Airg as a whole, to know what Outstanding Employee they have. Luke I give him 10 plus Stars. Excellent, enjoy 🙂
Just fun relaxing and can be very competitive. This is my favorite game. Left for awhile due to a relationship conflict but I am back. The Big Barn World is a challenge and so much that you can do.
Been playing the game for about 10yrs on and off it has its ups and downs but I love it and have gotten a few friends into. One major suggestion would be to have maybe an event once or twice a year to bring back the old stuff so people can finish blings. -IceQueen8285
The only problem I have is, I have two farms but can only spin on one it will not let me stamp or cash in my helpers. Someone needs to fix it.
They gave you a pile of turd. A temporary or a permanent ban. i don't think using a double account is a kind of cheating. Perhaps It is a way to survive from the game and avoiding a stupid player who always gave you the wrong seeds dummy. After inserting real money they gave you a lot of turd
I like playing the game. Its fun and you can talk with people from all over the world. I have been playing for over 3 years now and still playing.😀
The game is fun to play, but be prepared to spend money, its hard to get what you need for blings,everything costs money and coins, certain things you cant get unless you're vip
i have been on here for over 5 years and have made some good acquaintances by just playing this game who some have become like friends .I have struggled to understand how to level up but i just enjoy visiting my farm friends and making new ones
Been play for 8yrs..game was great!!! But know it's all about money!! They change everything to were u have to spend $$ but u do come across some awesome ppl!! If it was'nt 4 that i would of stopped years ago!!
BBW player since the first year, using mobile java browser on flip phone. The Air-G BBW app is big leap from those days and more convenient. still not 100% awesome, but much improved. Jake-O, add for help with watering and bug swatting.
i have played since 2011. i love it and look forward to playing. having friends 5 yrs + all over the world is just one benifit being a billionaire another so many fun benifits still glad I downloaded this game 8 years ago I'm staying another 8 if possible. BBW rules! "jojosworld59's farm" (✷‿✷)
This game constantly has problems i just sold 5 sets of super pumpkins being 250 pumpkins in each set i look at my overall score before i sell every time well its ben doing this for awhile i got zero points added to my overall score i play for this but im cheated out my points
The problem is stalking from several farmers and this particular farmer has 30 something farms and we all know its the same farmer because he merges all of his farms on their main farm sending requests from all of them. Its not fun with this kind of behavior from that person. The game is fun but airg needs to show loyal customers for 9 yrs spending money, some kind care for that stalking behavior.
I have been on here for over 5 years and she has not once stopped by my farm Now it seems as if I just have to keep on spending money and I still don't understand the bling thing I guess that's y I'm not very far leveling up
Still a great app, I reviewed this app in 2019. I left and came back lost one of my accounts which sucked but still had my other account, it is still a great game! Love how they're always updating it and working on it! I've been a member for about 8 years now ♥️ though it does have some bad like the fwb plots and having to pay for more plots only for them to be open for as long as you pay and the memberships but other than that really good game!
ive been playing this game for over 5 years! its a social game where you can make friends. very addictive, very easy. my farm name is FARMERROBSWIFE
I love it but i think it would be better if you could earn privlidges and gifts through assigned challenges.
Simple and fun with easy and rewarding goals. To achieve.interesting to play with people from all over the world!!!
overall I do truly enjoy the game it fits my personality perfectly..I'm just a regular down home small-town guy with a big heart that enjoys helping people and meeting new people . and that's what this game is about for the most part.. I have mixed feelings about changes that have been made in the game.. here's a couple examples first of all you seem to have no problem making it easier for us to spend more money for items but then you take away items such as the ox plow, magic wands .