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Bid Whist Plus

Bid Whist Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Zynga located at 699 8th Street, San Francisco. CA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the interaction between players However, lately I am having difficulty purchasing coins to play. I keep getting error messages. I checked with my bank and they find no fault on their end. Please advise.
Its not a fair game it want let u get free coins i been trying for the last3 days no coins keep saying its an error and u get the same 2 trump every game even when trump changes
Per your request to goto spadesplus, I tried going to the page you suggested in your response and it never opened. Clearly the game needs to be updated as there arr many reviewing it for theft and being rife with bugs. I am seeking action from Google Play Games.
I've been playing for a while but now when I try to play in login in it keeps saying login failed help. I couldn't login to do so this is what it keeps doing when I try to login
This game cheats. It doesn't provide an opportunity to get free coins everyday, so when you lose your coins, you are forced to buy coins to keep playing. The administrators blame the player when you send them messages when something goes wrong with the game. It's a scam.
Great app I love playing this app all the time but I have a couple of issues that I would like to address one I feel the tables should be rated that way you have the inexperienced players that won't play with the experience players where sometimes they might make an ineffort in bed and realize that they're not going to get the bed and then they leave the table and the skill sets of some of these players are not up to par with some experience players so I feel that it should be rated tables that
There has been an error occurring every time I try to collect the coins for the past few days. Are you aware of this? Love the game, I feel the computer might be bias, lol jkjk.
It's a good game! But the friends text each other what they have and that's how you lose! So if you see then waiting? you will get it and lose big time they got each other phone number and when they take a long time to play they are telling each other what they got!!!
I get really mad because I've been playing this game for a long time I also been investing my money and I never get a good hand I never win the cards are dealt with me it sucks all the time
It keep saying login failed. Try again later. I would like to play AGAIN without using my wifi. Im not always home nor do i be places to use wifi sometimes. NEED FIXING
This game is the only one that is mIst like reality, but I hate that you can ONLY play over wifi. It has NOT always been that way. PLEASE go back to the old way of being able to play using phone data. Being able to use either way works better.
Don't like how the same cards are repeated over and over. The game should be random dealing. Also, players talk to their partners tell them they dont have anything. I wish you could not communicate with others!
Love the game but wish it was progressive bidding. A 4 low should not take out a 4 high. You should have to go to 5 low or a no trump bid.
I don't know what bots only mean? but people will block you for some crazy reasons! and then you can't play at that table all because of one person blocking you!
I just got a new phone and I can't seem to access anything without wifi. Used to work perfectly. Please help
Still lots of glitches and sometimes i play a card and computer picks it up and throws another one in place of it automatically. So aggravating. Concept is good though.
This is the best app for serious skilled bid whist players I have played several Games where the winning bid was 6 the graphics are great it feels like You are sitting around a table playing a real game terrific game
The bid whist app is installed. I want someone to tell me how to start a game. I do not see what to click to begin a game. Also, there was $30 left in my account when the game was on Facebook. Sure hate FB stopped it. Is my $30 still available? The same message is repeated...the app will be applied to my electronic device real soon. This message has been going on forever.
This app flashes the word "Trump" in the upper left hand of the screen and immediately disappear. This is not appropriate. It's like a subliminal message!!!!
UPDATE!!!! Per bidwhist plus support team a lot of the people having problems are like me, T-Mobile customers, so I was told to turn on wifi and turn off data and now I can get on the site, never had to do this before, and T-Mobile couldn't explain why
Can't play the game unless I have my home wifi. A great game for hardcore players, however the past few months people have been having issues with the app. Until these things get fixed, I'm unsubscribing.
Game is a set up. It also steals the coins you have. You will notice that you get a lot of bad hands dealt to you, then you may get a few good hands all designed to get you to buy more coins. Not the developer's fault but you will also run into some really nasty people who just can't understand that this is just a game.
i love the game it would be a five star but it tends to glitch quite often when it comes to playing cards i didnt click other than that its my fav game
What app? I've played this game on my laptop and now it has disappeared. I DON'T play games on my phone. My phone is for two things...phone calls and text messages. What happened to this game? Who is the idiot that decided it would no longer be available on a laptop or PC?
Love the game, but I had purchased some coins for 20dollars and was never credited. I contacted the developers and they said there was no proof so basically I was out of the money and coins via email communication. Plus some of the people I had as "friends " are hard for me to find because the change in setup. I also liked when then had little bonuses on the tables around the holidays. Why make the changes on something that was already good? The Spades game is horrific!
I love playing but you are cheating players out of there money with the bots. That cheating. Real players should only be playing on this platform when you are selling coins.
😔 I'm sorry I do love the game but it Won't let me log in on my Facebook account so I give it one star...hope you get this!
Great game but most people on this site don't know how to play a no. They don't know to get out of their partner's way so they can run their suits. And if they bid a no they play all their aces first and leave holes in their hand.
I I believe I have been banned I hope they let me back in because I really enjoy playing this game and if I said anything or done anything that they didn't appreciate ask them to forgive me and allow me to play again I just spoke to how I felt if I was wrong please forgive me i cant get back in i have been playing for a long long time.
I hate all of their games if something goes wrong with your fb you lose all your money and progress and their is no way to recover your account
I just love playing cards amethyst game I've learned how to play a little bit better because you're applying different people
I love the game.Been playing since I was 10yrs old.Some of the players are great.Then we have the sore losers.The bidders that bid & then discover that they will be Set & exit in the middle of the game.Then we have the ones that use Profanity which is the worse one for me. I could say more but the bottom line is I love the game.
Overall all I enjoy playing this game. It's a little slow to load. I no longer have a Facebook account and don't want one either so it would be nice if I could load my profile without a Facebook account.
I am giving back my 5 star rating. There was an unfortunate issue with my payment method but after a few administrative contacts the issue was resolved. PLAYERS BEWARE!!!! Make sure your payment method is on verification mode. Do NOT use one touch pay.!!! Stingy when it comes to coins.... Treasure Hunt is stingy... Should at least let the emojies be free... Stingy... Administration....
I have not been able to play ever since the upgrade. Smh I cannot even get into the application to request support.
I love playing this game but for over a month I can't collect my coins for watching ads and that's something I enjoyed it allowed me to earn more coins. Also I can't respond back to inbox messages it won't allow me to type in that field. Ugh
On 12-4-2020 i gave a review of disappointment in this game that i really loved at the beginning because as i play continously i began to understand some things about this game. But after the orginal review i continue to play the game to see if some of my concerns were address and i can say as of this date 12-15-2020. Yes i am seeing an improvement in the game operation i can now give a better rating I hope this improvement last I really like the challenging of the mind in this game thank you
just like all the other Zynga games. Unless you spend money you will never win. Scam!!!! I tested the theory...of course they respond with the same cookie cutter answer. Yeah the algorithm works well lol....you will for sure get dealt good hands everytime you spend money. I love bid whist but these apps are ridiculous sometimes.
why when I open the app want come up I have millions on this game me and my husband and now we can play what wrong please tell me
This game kinda sucks... ppl are cheating communicating with each other... And there are ppl who purposely sabotage you... The rules seem to change at times... and you get continuous streams of terrible hand... I might have to uninstall because I never have enough coins to play anyway...
I lost too much of your money with out being being replace. When that happens you need to replace our money I appreciate you wanting to know how we fill.thank you
I love the game but it has to many connection problems. I have been in the hospital for the last 2 days trying to play the game and cant connect. Just when im really relying on you guys. I have deleted and reinstalled 3 times already...😥😥.
Like how I spent my money to get coins and yall just made me lose all of them back to back. Dont have to worry about me ever doing it again.
Absolutely love the game of Bid Whist! There are really only two major complaints I have. First, the A.I(computer) is atrocious. I mean absolutely horrible. Their logic is unexplainable most times. I definitely get that they don't want them to be unfair but the moves they make at times are baffling. It just doesn't make any sense. My second issue is that you can't see everyone's bid when it's your time to bid. Changing this would be a major improvement. Other than that I love everything else.
How can you put on the game "need more coin watch 4 videos for 5000" and then when you tey to watch the videos there are none available? why even give me that option if "videos are unavailable "
Been playing for years and know the app will not open on this phone and i played ten years ago been back for two years my w the app will not open it was playing cards for me even if I tried and passing when I bid something is wrong with app or phone but I've been playing
Gets a big 5 star from me. The game is played out nice, I had a minor problem joining a friend, but with a simple email, it got fixed. So the customer support actually cares about your game experience.
great game, players not afraid to bid like in other games. had a problem connecting for a few days but I think its back now.
the only problem I'm having atm is that Facebook login is failing and has been doing so since yesterday.
Can't play without Wi-Fi. It's been months and it's still not working. My partner wrote a review to which you said to make contact via the app which we did. Your "solutions" were very basic: clear cache, update app, blah blah blah. A waste of time and you guys know it! Just say you no longer offer that as an option. There are so many reviews saying the same thing. Be honorable and honest.
Do anyone know why your information kicked out and you got to put it all back in to start playing again? This is the only app that do this?
I've had some good to great hands. The game has started to play my hands for several plays causing me to lose. After getting in contact with Zynga. They quickly resolved my issues. Thank you so much
Cannot log in when I'm away from my home wifi, contacted zynga, was told to check with my phone carrier my phone carrier did a reset and my internet works fine and it works on other games but when logging on here is saying login failed from facebook and as a guest if I'm away from home, so frustrated can't play my favorite game
This app sucks it use to be my favorite game not anymore. It steals your coins and now it want even let me play
Purchased coins and now the game will not open to allow me to play. It just says try again later. Contact support and no resolution
I had 400 credits and you all took them. I will not spend anymore money on this game if I don't get my credits i paid for and I took 170 I bought up to 500 and I had over 400 when you took my credits.
I been getting a error message everytime I try to collect the coins this has been going on for a week now.
I really liked the game, I gave it 3 stars, to many ppl get upset, they curse you out, call you names I've never been disrespected but I've seen other players that have been so I just stop playing I play for fun, there is no money involved even if it was it really is some mean players on this site, so would suggest friendly site
The computer is not recognizing that i am playing. It is playing my hand. The cards are dealt one-sided. You cant compete with nothing to play with.
I enjoy this app, cheating is rampant in Vip though. All games use algorithms, this one simply isn't well written. Check the win % of your opponents, that will help you steer clear of the cheats.
my cell was updated now I cant play anymore. it want allow me log in. I had 3mill coins. I'm very upset. I really enjoyed the game.
The game and level of competition is great. The problem I have is most of the time the game won't load on my Android. Works fine on my iPhone. I'm not particular about the scoring either. Some bets the game only goes to 4 in or 4 on; Other bets the game is over at 5. I'm accustomed to playing until someone is 7 on or in. I also do not like that I cannot see what others have bid when it's my turn to bid. If I look away and miss the bids, I don't know if Im taking my partner's bid out or not
it sucks 😞 the computer play your hand,when you throw a card out the computer put it back in your hand and play another card that you were not going to play . it really does sucks.
keep getting pop up. error try later when I try to send a message to a friend. and it only happens with one person
Love dis game.when their is no one to play with in cards then bid wisk plus is always there even if i have to play by mysef.thnx for dis APP.
I played Bid Whist Plus on my desktop everyday for several years, till Jan 2021. A stress buster for me. I am not going to use all my cell phone space to play and it is too small! Not understanding why FB cannot leave it like it was. During this pandemic, it helps so many people cope and de-stress !! What a bummer !!!
Every since I received a new phone, the game will not open. I installed it and uninstalled it, restarted my phone, and installed it again. I completed this action several times and it still will not open. I love this game. It's to bad it won't open. I contacted customer service through email and it still doesn't work. PLEASE FIX! Thanks Today is 2/20/21 and I am still having a problem with it saying login failed. I have continued to uninstall/install. I will keep 1 star until this is fixed.
The game was perfectly fine until the new update now I cant play unless I connect to wifi....this is crazy.. I've uninstalled twice and still no change...please fix this problem asap
They give me someone with good ratings that can not play at all. I'm constantly trying to catch up getting coins, when I do here is the people that don't know how to play at all. I can n never stay ahead. They lie to me tell if I get friends to play with I'll get 5000 2.5 have not gotten yet. REALLY I'm just defeating the purpose.
*8/15/19 UPDATE*- still failing to load. Zynga has been very gracious (and quick, might I add) to respond, yet they have no solution. Once they were out of ideas, the replies stopped. The technical glitches know no bounds at this point. UNINSTALLED WITH NO RESOLUTION. The game has failed to load for like a month straight now. As soon as u try to log in it just says it's having technical issues & to try again later. Uninstalled & re-installed numerous times.
i think you guys should give a life if make it to treasure box cause so many partners bid just because with nothing... on that note when you stop playing the treasure hunt and you go back the treasure boxes leave as i have screenshot several times at nothing has happened no good customer service
I Have Lost A Lot of Money when I am Signed in And Then For Some Reason It will log me out but when I try to reconnect it Fails
I've been playing this game for a very long time and out of nowhere i cant login ..sucks ..Hopefully this can get fix ..is anyone else having trouble logging in ?
For some time now I haven't been able to collect coins and now the game won't open or connect at all, a month later still won't connect.
I have about 20 million coins, and suddenly my game doesn't load. My husband plays on his phone and logs on with no problem, but I'm unable to get into the game and my money and coins are just sitting. I am beyond frustrated!!! I've uninstalled and reinstalled this app several times, with the same problem!!! I want my money back!
ive played bid my whole life playing with real cards. anywherd from 1 to 3 hands i get a hand that i can bid on. this game gives you middle cards 8 out of ten hands. if you win a bid(rarely) the kitty rarely helps. same on single player ... got an a response, yet it was computer generated because ive seen the same response given to those who gave them a 1 star rate before i even thought about rating them..there's other bid wist apps that dont have the AI controling everything their not as popular
I love playing the game I wish that all the games were mute because some people are very rude and nasty mouth on the game when losing . At this point i can't get on the game. I don't know what happen.
Tell me how did I go from 880,000 to 3,000 and I did not even play today?? Explanation needed asap for me to continue playing My apologies, I signed into facebook trying to change my profile; as a result, that points did not carry over. Does this mean i cannot play signed into facebook and my balance will not carry over; I am still signed in as a guest.
I enjoy playing. I just get upset when my phone's connection is slow or goes out and people get upset
Take to long go win money back. always close when i try to get money. The nasty people a useing profanity calling people nigge.. Leaving games in the middle. The preson that is still there should win both pots
Hours of fun. Only issue is if you try and multitask (opening another app while playing) when you come back to the vid whist app you may have problems
I would have rated 5 stars 4 days ago when I was able to play. For the past 4 days a message keeps coming up: Login to Bid Whist Plus is failed. Please try again later. Okay. What's up with that?
It's a good game! But the friends text each other what they have and that's how you lose! So if you see then waiting you will get it and lose big time they got each other phone number
Been playing this game for a while, I thought it was really cool but for some reason I have been unable to login and the only way I can play is as a guest. I tried to troubleshoot the game but there was no troubleshooting help online. This bug needs to be fixed.
Know how to play Bid Whist then, this's 4 U. Four different rooms to choose, there's no info (bid, score) between them, so Play by Trial and Error to decide. No apparent, Convenient instructions; it would be nice to check your history, statistics, advancement. Benefits could really increase play, e.g. bonuses for winning, each increase in proficiency levels (10's, 20's, 50's). Online Poker players win $$$ at home, qualify more. Match level 1-5,4--8, 7-11,10-40,20-50,....
I like the game, i just don't like that I always have trouble logging on to it. I am only able to log on 25% of the times I wanna play.
Why for the last 3 weeks when I go to get video bonus does it say. Error occured. Looks deliberate. Happening to long. I have contacted you with no results. I notice other people having same problem. Get no help from Zanga. Still 3 weeks after contacting u getting error occurring. I think it is deliberate by Bid Whist. Have no intention of fixing it.
Every since I received a new phone, the game will not open. I installed it and uninstalled it, restarted my phone, and installed it again. I completed this action several times and it still will not open. I love this game. It's to bad it won't open. I contacted customer service through email and it still doesn't work. PLEASE FIX! Thanks
Helps strengthen your strategies while you enjoy playing with people from across the globe. I love this game!
Steals your coins it has happened twice 2000000 each time and algorithms is a bunch of hogwash I'm experienced at this game and I've seen to much bad play to believe that. Word to the wise do not purchase coins just hope to have fun. I received a response from provider and its sounds like collateral damage. Totally rigged there I was harrassed today because they have been exposed as a fraud please do not spend your money play for free. Very scandalous game. Do not put real money in this game.
It's Great !! I love it. But I hit rank 100 at 103 now , haven't had a good hand. It's been awful. I'm optimistic though.
I have not been able to log in for 2 day. "Login failed". I have uninstalled & reinstalled 3 times.. this happens every few months
This App doesn't ever allow me to play. The message states "Bid Whist login has failed ". I just don't get it. It allows me to play on another phone I have but it kicks me out. Why you guys at Zynga decided to disallow playing on laptops perplexes me. Zynga lost a player.
great game in classic mode. jus like I used to play on the yard in prison. you just have to find the right partner. bcuz I cannot just play with anyone.
Can't login to Bid Whist Plus I played the game yesterday now I can't login again today This is terrible You please fix this this is terrible
The game itself is great. be better if i could win sometimes and stop the invites it would be better !! friends should only be able to invite friends. plus stop the cursing and racist remarks !! be nice to win some lost a bundle
wicked wicked wicked fixed. not only are many hands predetermined, but they even dare to blantantly give a hand you won to your opponent. you are lying shitbags. just be honest, the game is rigged. its so obviously rigged that it makes you look incredibly stupid denying it.
I used to play this game everyday on my laptop. I do not have an ipad and I am not going to use all my data on my cell phone to play. plus it is too small for me to play. Wish they could put this back on facebook like spades plus did. Now all I play is spades.
I play this game everyday. Now I can't get in to play 😭 although it's downloaded but I can't open it so I can play. PLEASE help me.
Once you get established, the game only wants you to buy. I'm not buying anything. It's a damn game with no winnings. Can't change the crappy cards the game gives you. It would be more fun if it were just random like a real game. Well I finally had to delete this app because the videos you are supposed to watch in order to get coins stopped playing. Not worth the aggravation.
I dont understand why i can only play this game if im connected to WI-FI. Ive even spent money on this game and still cant play unless im on WI-FI. Ive tried uninstall and re install but same issue fix and ill change my rating
never had to login before Don't know if update software is from you or what but can't get into game fix pls
This is a wonderful game! I love it!!! Lately, however, the chat doesnt work. I have to look at chat to see what everybody is saying, after each hand. I went to try to report the problem on the game and that doesn't work either. Hence, I am here REPORTING A PROBLEM. Please fix this. I love the game. Has fantastic daily funds. 😊
love the option of picking and adding friends to build and replay with. Other apps that I enjoy don't give me that, and I end up with just anybody.... I enjoy the game also.
11/1 No change app has been deleted again. I have spent my money buying coins AND CANT FREAKING PLAY! REALLY. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN? Once again issues with the app! I have sent 3 emails TODAY. 3/29/2020, TO ZYNGA ABOUT THIS REPEATING ISSUE! WHY! YOU WANT US TO PLAY YOUR GAME. BUY MORE COINS BUT YOU CAN'T PROVIDE BETTER
horrible game is one sided....only time they ask you to rate the site is when u lose. hands are very one sided. so they get a 1 from me.
I use to play this game every day until I figured out that I was targeted by the company in a negative way. I use to win all of the time. Not necessarily a substantial amount, however, it was enough to keep me playing. Now, all of a sudden, I can't get my bonus money, nor will the app allow me to update to the most recent version. I would probably buy coins sometimes if I felt that I could trust the program not take all of my coins. Hence, I just play with the coins that I win.
Love the way the game is setup however, i wish the tournaments were better. Winning 12 out of 15 games is nearly impossible without spending real money.
One of the greatest games of my lifetime. I get to play with people from all places and various levels
Unlike but the people are nasty when things dont go there way , some people are just trying to learn the game too but they dont know it's just a game they take it to seriously, calling name and using foul language I like the game but some people hate to lose
It's entertaining, but I'm more and more frustrated the longer I play. Game after game in the Whist room, I'll receive the Jack - Ace of trump from the previous hand with no trump for the current hand and then when there is a hand with no trump I will not receive a face card in any suit for seven to ten matches in a row. Hopefully, the response to this review isn't their same old 'random algorithm preventing them of interfering with the game' of which their bots definitely benefit from.