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Memory verses from the Bible Game - KJV

Memory verses from the Bible Game - KJV for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Wealth forum online located at North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great way to memorize God's true word, the KJV. There are too many fake versions out there, like the New Illuminati Version (NIV) etc.
Great learning tool this! Was able to memorize a six lined verse within seconds! Luv the whole exercise for Spiritual upliftment and growth.
I like this app it helps you to sustain your memory of scriptures however it needs more scriptures to memorize it only gives you one a gay I would like to see more Bible trivia or games it would keep me motivated and challenged thanks
I am enjoying this beautiful, scripture Memorization app. I am intrigued with remembering bible verses, in such a short time. The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful memory. I Love it. The Lord Yeshua is Good.
I like this app. It really does help you learn scriptures. I had some trouble with the app where it kept freezing. I think the fill in the blank should go first. I also wished that one you finished the fill or scramble that the screen would ask if you want to play again, go back to the scripture or play another game. Otherwise, it does help with learning the scriptures. The purpose is fulfilled.
Good concept, but I like to add my own verses for the quiz, puzzles etc. I need a tool to assist my effort to memorize God's words. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
Instead of wasting precious time fiddling on your phone, you can now learn God's word. I love the way that you can fill in the missing words and you get your score. It is a challenge and it helps me to concentrate. That way God's word does grow in your heart. Thank you!!
You have to tap it athosand tlmes for each button ☹ it would be a good game if you didnt have to tap it so many times😀 I mean the button to just to play the game
When I'm tense, I work this app. Then I am calmed. It has one verse (for memorization) that you do varied games with. So I'm learning the verse by heart while getting calm from God's word. A few minor glitches. But the benefits far out weigh any glitch!
it appears i cant choose the chapters and verses i personally want to memorize. i dont like that. please either tell me how to do that or add it to the app. also it would be good to have instructions as to all functions.
It worked well for the first 3 days... it's been one scripture for over 3days now. It's quite annoying. Otherwise it would have been a great app.
:( eeeh , it honestly could be better.. easier. Cause isn't the goal to memorize the verses? Maybe more games would help. That's my opinion...
I think it would be really awesome if you added additional Bibles. Such as the King James Version, as well as others, based on their preferences of adaptions/interpretations.
This apps is amazing for help us to memorize the bible day by day. Everyday you learn more about the word of God thats why everyday i fell so bless😍
This is a great app! I have been looking online for many years, trying to find a way to accurately memorise King James Bible verses word for word. It is difficult to find something that really works but finally, here it is! This really, really works! I love it! It would be great if it also had a complete King James Bible also built in the app, so that you could choose which verses you would personally want to memorise and which verses you wanted to use in the puzzle or to fill in with missing words. If you update this app, please add the complete King James Bible in the app and it would be perfect. But so far it is the best Bible Memorization app I have ever come across! I love it, l love it, l love it!!!! Oh yeah, by the way, did l mention that l love it? If not, l am telling you now, "I love it"!!!!!! Thank you for this great app! God bless you! I am sure that the devil has a headache when people download this app!
So I downloaded it. Open it. Try to click on yesterday's verse- Nothing, try to click on the menu thing (Top Left) -Nothing. It seems locked up. So I restarted it. Tried again. Same experience. Sad, because I really like this app. The fact that it can be used Offline is even better. Please fix this. This was used and tried on a new Samsung Galaxy S10+ phone
I open the app, screen froze and they asked me to rate app. What rating do you actually think your getting 🤔 make it better !! Had to delete it. Would not open without freezing.
Good for practicing daily verse memorization, I just wish the app would prompt you to remember yesterday's verse before allowing going forward. this would make it more challenging for you to repeat verses until they're nailed. i can't remember anything i learned before.
It would be helpful if it let you pick which verses to memorize. However there is no option. Just a random verse of the day. Update 1/12/20 one year later. Nothing has changed concerning picking which verses to memorize. The app does not respond at all. Sorry, but this is a complete fail. I removed a star.
I was beginning to love it, but discovered that the scriptures books and verses dont match correctly. People who dont know the word will be mislead and thats too big of a chance to take. Who ever is responsible for these great mistakes need to double check their work.... Mz. V.
The app is nice.. But the game play is not nice at all you will get the game it will show zero as the score even when its supposed to be 100%
this app needs updated. I have gotten word perfect several times and it says less than 100% and even to punctuations too
I'm not playing this game every day it's really challenging in a good way and I like the puzzle to put the verses into the right order. And I listen in order on YouTube nearly every day a whole Book of the KJV.
Wow!! I suffer from short term memory loss, and I really, REALLY want to memorize scripture, this app is so helpful, effortless and fun!! Thank you so much. I appreciate the fact that you only get one verse a day it improves your memory so much more by not getting an overload of verses for people like me. Many blessings to you!!
The app gives me joy. Helps me to read at least a verse of the bible with interest on dail6 basis no matter how busy i get
This is an awesome app. It really helped me memorized verses. I will share this app to help teach my grandchildren about Our Savor and get to know him for themselves.
Love this app! Play it offline as often as I can. My only complaint is if I miss a day, I do not get yesterdays verse. It shows me the last verse I actually did.
Love this but... We need more time to learn it, it's need to be on a certain scripture for a least two days, and if you think you can't do it due to the fact that it would be boring to the consumers,then please consider having pop test throughout the week, so we have the scripture fully set our hearts and minds.
blessed and a wonderful way to memorize Bible Scriptures. I love it and I am using it to teach my children about God's Word along with our Bible Challenge Game
An easier translation would be easier to learn the verses. This should be an option of what version you can choose to memorize with. Bronwynn
Praise the lord !!! I loved this app very much It helped me to memorize the bible verses . All thank to Jesus Christ...
My short term memory is challenging but this app is helping me remember ,small steps first then big steps all glory to our Lord and Savior,Jesus Christ
I want the ability to choose a range of verses and topics of verses. I want choose my own collection of verses and I want to remove any symbols off on the app I don't think are appropriate. I want to be able to choose what bible version I want to memorize. You really didn't address my concerns or give me links to the specific apps.
Apparently the crashing issue hasn't been completely fixed. . . Is there an update that I've missed? Sorry, I've reinstalled this program twice - it still does nothing. I'm sure it's a great program, but no luck here. Open to suggestions.
It is not that helpful since It only gives the verse and filling in the missing words... The puzzle does not work and it would be much better with the Bible or at least the chapter andaccess to yesterday's verse! That's y I am uninstalling this able.
Searching for a good app to memorize bible verses. I am satisfied with this app. Thank you for creating such an app to memorize the word of God. Praise the Lord
Praise Jesus Everyone... Very good useful app, which help to memorize the word of God very easily... By puzzle option it makes us easier to Know the word easily... Thankyou... Shalom...