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Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Christian Games located at 19 Whittle house CAMBRIDGE CB29AP United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It covers even the most basic of information. Believe me, I didn't even know that they clothed Jesus with a purple garment. I believe God spoke to me through this app to say even the smallest bit of information in the bible is essential. Everything thing, from the least-, to the most important, God has created for a purpose.
I am thoroughly enjoying this app. It's challenging my memory and knowledge of God's Word and that's always a good thing. I'm going to suggest that a "pause" button be added. You can't always take time for a game without interruptions. Also, I'm asking them to check on a couple of questions are cut off before completion.
It helps me read and understand the Bible more. And helps with our studies as we go through the Bible.
I write this review just to say, the bible is like a book trying to mimic alien like. Its not realistic and natural. I hate christian especially that Matthew guy and the t dude. Fun fact: Bible has been modified more time like 10 times already. Atleast Islam and judaism have never modified it holy book and just stick with the translation lol.
Very helpfull to know the word of God. It would be additional benefit, if it had a platform for competetion with friend. May the Lord richly bless the developers and owners.
this is a relatively easy puzzle. it i$ungoes at a good pace, andntertaining, fun. it is alsosomewhat,, smoother than some others i have tried... and deleted. As a quiz game, of a sort,, it is a bunch if fun. As for realistic; realistic, in what sense? My answer is No. Realism is not in this game. Just a huge amount of fun.
There is a Question in this app as follows.. ' who fell to the ground because he didn't eat or drink for three days?' This question is incorrect. The answer is "Paul/Saul". But this wasn't the reason why he fell to the ground..
In order to truthfully play this Bible trivia game, one has to read the terms and accept. There is no way that people are going to read your terms because they are way too long. So instantly they're lying when they say that they agree with your terms and click the yes box. That doesn't say much for people who played Bible trivia if they're not honest.
A lot to learn from the Bible. There are Bible references along with the answers so you can check the accuracy for yourselves. Love that the questions challenge you. They are not all easy!
Infact, if this app isn't the best Bible Quiz app, then I can say is among the best. Thanks to the developer. BUT you should update the questions. Anyway, I recommend this app to all Adventists who want to increase their Bible knowledge.
Was trying to do some research for a screen play so I was trying to brush up on trivia. THE ADS are so obviously the goal of this app it is a heartless cash grab. Controls are ridiculous and do not bother
I enjoy that I am learning God's word as I play. I like the challenge of beating others scores. Lots of fun.
Awesome!! Great game. If you get wrong it shows you in the Bible the correction. Very educational & a great refresher.
Very unique way of learning the word & reference verses if you missed the question Giving you plenty of time to answer each question plenty of competition great way to pass time
Its a nice game that feeds spiritually though the questions are repeated so much! Atleast re echo it twice or thrice not more than that
I am truly loving this app! I would definitely recommend this one to others, with NO HESITATION! AWESOME!!!
Excellent. I love the fact that when an answer is incorrect, the apps shows you the scripture it's from. I love this app.
Lovely game that challenges one's memory, and provides Biblical text where one can find the correct answer in case one fails to answer correctly. Good for practice before Christmas comes around and Trivia quizes in your local church commence! ;)
I like the idea and challenges that this game offers which is a 4. Yet for scriptural error, I give it a 3.
The game is wonderfull. It has deffenately allowed me to know how much I still have to learn, and has open my eyes to many things in the Word. Greatly appreciate the game and the chllenge.
It's fun and challenging (not too hard), and it keeps your mind healthy. It can trick you sometimes, so read carefully. I really appreciate the reference verses they give so when I mess up I can check and remember. I don't care for the picture questions, but there aren't many. I know more than I thought in some areas and less than I thought in others. I like knowing that so I know where I can use more study.
Great app I learn and have fun at the same time and most importantly it's about the Bible but mainly God.
Infact, if this app isn't the best Bible Quiz app, then I can say is among the best. Thanks to the developer. I recommend this app to all Adventists who want to increase their Bible knowledge.
Love love love this game even if you read your Bible often this keeps you remembering instead of just reading you remember the question and answers .. Great for kids who may not he able to understand the Bible as a whole just yet.
Very good app, great spread of questions, love the references when you get answers wrong. Awesome spending time learning the Word of God.
Love the challenge after 40 years i still dont know much about OT , but my knowleged mostly in NT , it never hurts to learn more about God's Word . Thanks ! πŸ‘πŸ˜‡πŸ‘πŸ™ πŸ“―πŸ“―πŸ“― .
Love this app because not only does it teach you it also is very rewarding to go back and learn what you didn't know.
"My back button doesn't work in the app; having trouble signing up." But now it's all good. I hope there will be a choice of King James Bible in future version.
Very nice app that improves our Bible knowledge. Forgot password option will be useful while installing on new device. Otherwise we have to create new account. God bless you. Thanks
To those who think they know the bible come test your knowledge.. This app is cool to test your knowledge of the word of God even though the true knowledge of God's word is in the deed. But still a nice app. I won't use this app to challenge other christians because in God there is no level of stage one can reach.. Because without God we are nothing..
It's quite helpful and challenges your knowledge of the Bible. The scriotural verses provided for the answers are awesome and helpful. I encourage every Christian to get it.
I read love this because it tests your knowledge in the bible and you can actually learn some stuff that you didn't know about the bible.
This app is awsome it helps my knowledge of what I dont know in the bible. But I learn what I dont know from the bible it's like a quiz to me. It acknowledges my sense of the Bible but I love God so much❀ but I study the bible to learn how to acknowledge my brain to study the Bible like I said earlier It's like a quiz to me But i Just want to say i give 5 stars to this game and I love it❀ But this game is nice if I could I would have given 5000000000000 stars
Excellent game to feed your spirit with God's truth. When you answer wrong I appreciate the feature to search in the scriptures the correct answers. I don't play online games but this is an exception for me.
I really love this app. It is really good. There are some questions i have never even come across before and that made me learn new things. Keep up the good work.
So happy to have downloaded this Bible game app. The challenge is exciting and brain sharpening. Thanks so much.
Its awesome! You can have your own account. And there is also guess the word and true or false!!!😍πŸ₯°πŸ€©πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
Love it! Also. It's not a simple, easy one. It is on a more advanced level, which is why I love it so much! I play it almost daily.
The anal retentive tiny details that don't matter enough to remember? That's what the questions are on. It's a pedantic game, and that makes it no fun.
I lost this game once on my phone and couldn't believe that I have found it again. It's so fun and challenging and actually helps you learn a ton of facts from the Bible. Great game overall!
Very educational. I was embarrassed because I thought I knew the answers and I sucked. So thank you for this knowledgeable app about the Bible. I'm happy to learn more now. 🀟
Good interface and even the quiz also so unique and well made apps. God bless you maker, developer and apps users.
It's a good app. Although, it would be better if they provided more detail on the answers, especially giving the right answer so you can learn as you play.
The game itself is good. But I keep getting ads talking about offensive things. You can't have that kind of stuff on a bible app.
I truly enjoy BUT I wish it gave either the correct answer OR scripture address as well as time to take note. Thank you
Great game! I find myself mostly playing the Basic Questions mode, because it seems really intimidating to sit down and go through, I think, 1090 questions in a row?? A functional and fun way to review information in the Bible - the sheep is a lil creepy, tho ❀ overall, gudgud!
Great app. It really raises your level of understanding details in the Bible. There are several different platforms from which to select (fill in the word, true/false, word choice, etc.). Challenges are about people, places, verses, books, and occurrences. The game keeps me coming back for more.
I love this game so much, keeps your mind refreshed. I am only new to reading the bible so I get a lot of questions wrong but its awesome!
The game is fabulous. However, the coin required for revealing or removing letters where too much. 20 and 10 would be better that 100 and 50. The Truth is some of us may never consider buying the coins β€” bear with us. So, I reserve the last star for that resolution. God bless your good work. Thanks.
I really like to do Bible Trivia because you learn so much from this app while having fun. It is a really good app. You will have a smile on your face and surprise yourself all while playing Bible Trivia when you find out how much you have learned. 😊 Happy Learning!!!
Very nice question. Learnt so much from this app. There are so many questions from this app that might help you to improve your knowledge of the Bible.
Just discovered that i don't know many things of the bible. I was like wondering some of the things in the bible. Thanks so much for this wonderful app. I enjoyed myself and think it draws me to want to play more and more especially if I get 1 answer correct.
Questions are asked backwards so therefore what they claim to be a question is actually a false question and letters that are necessary to spell words like obey are not available the why was missing this game is not properly created
Don't purchase coins from this game app; you will not receive them. They don't provide any way to get in touch with them. Maybe they are a scammer that hides behind the Bible. I purchased some coins and they never showed up and no way to get in touch with the company.
Love this, especially when I posted this on my wasap group, we had alot of fun and challenges ,until we got to a question that say( how old was Jesus when he start his father's work) everyone responded 12yrs old ,but the app says 30. I was stuck. Nevertheless, I had to keep 1* for myself for the doubt until a member of this game will correct our doubts. Thank you ⚘
My only concern is that all answers are correct...only one where I was correct the game said it was false...thats all...it was a fun game overall
This is very educating. Thank you. I need a bible game that i can play with multiple players online. Thank you
This game would be better if after the answer was given, that the bible verse in which it was found was given. I believe that this would help people to learn the reason for the answer. Otherwise this game is fun and makes you think.
I thought this game is just a quiz for kids but it turns out that I was wrong. I really love this game because it has challenging question, And whenever my answers are wrong, I am encouraged to study the Bible again and understand the stories and word of wisdom in it.
I am not sure what version of the Bible this app is using, but there are some errors with some of the questions. There needs to be a way to report errors so that, we can provide book chapter, and verse to show the errors on this app. 3 stars for having errors and spreading wrong information.
The questions are really good. What would make the game outstanding is to add scripture after answering the questions to show where it's found in the Bible.
Great and very interesting, educative cheering app. Will enhance one's knowledge of the bible. 😘😘😘😘