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Bhop GO for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Shockapp located at Kronverkskaya 5 Saint-Petersburg Leningradskaya oblast 197101 RUSSIA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fun exciting to see how long it takes you to finish the corse! Its not difficult to use the steps are simple,By the was its glitchy at times but most of all its a good game!
The one star is for gameplay only. It's fun but keeps exiting me out of the game. I tried purchasing stop ads because they stop you right in the middle and it gets annoying! I tried purchasing no ads but it exited me out about 7 times before the purchase went through and then I tried to play it hoping for less lag now and there were still ads. I need a refund or something! This will just not due. Almost as if it's a scam. I wonder if this happens to everyone who tries to purchase things?
It wasn't horrible but the lag was insane it's not even my phone either I have a galaxy 10. I tried to turn down the quality but it didn't do anything the graphics were the same and it wouldn't stop lagging but it seems like it would be a good game without lag
It's just so good u can join with other players so i give this a five star with u luck with ur other games
A pretty good bhopping game, but i have a problem. The controls are so rough that you have to constantly slide your fingers. I wish you added a free roam Bhop map that lets you just race, well not a free roam bhop map but it is free roam with obstacles still, there is 1 tho. Its the Atom map, and thats just it.
Well this better but why dose working on simply control plss back a simple control why that suck on at starting map and i guess that bug or idk why simple control cant move otherwise joystick only working plsd fix this now why am rated this five because i love this game plss i fix that And singleplayer/multiplayer dose working on simply control
This game sucks, everytime when I don't jump it literally makes me jump. And when I jump it doesn't even work, I'm just using the button so I can move but it makes me jump. Fix your game and do a better job, boring ๐Ÿ˜‘.
The graphics are not to good and the levels get repetative but the game is very fun and the auto run and jump is super usefull i reccomend this game to pass time and to have fun.
It's a great game and all i have finished all the maps ..but the VIP maps are way to expensive, and there should be an update with new FREE!!! maps :)) but yeah like i said i love the game tho..i will change it too 5 stars if there are new FREE!! maps
Overall its a good game its just irritating when im listening to music and playing because there is always an ad i get you have to have ads for money but can you atleast put a mute button???
The game was pretty fun at first it was fun till they added that button to do your weapons animation and it was on the way of the jump button so it was harder to play.
Please, add a option to change where the buttons are. The jump button seems a little off to me and id like to change it :)
Great game lots of fun but theres just no way i can give it five stars there are alot of HUGE issues that im sure they will get around to fixing but im gonna maks a list of the issues 1. You are never connected to the server no matter what so you cant buy good crates or play online 2. Sometimes you lag hard and will just spawn across the map or get turned around and fall 3. All the maps from easy to hard are the same diffaculty in my opinion
The graphics are decent some of the levels I believe u can't do them without a slo mo and when I've used My free ones then I can't do the level but overall it's a fun game and u can join the same map as your brother wich is fun
Amazing game, controls are ok, the graphics are decent for a mobile games related to these kind of games, and it is fun.
Really fun past time but recently all my high scores got wiped and the simple joystick control scheme no longer works. My character just stands in place and when i try to move the joystick or jump nothing happens. Not sure if it has to do with the new update but it has made the game unplayable.
Its fun if you like parkour games but has bad graphics but that doesn't matter to me just giving you a heads up
I absolutely love this game, hard working, gets you thinking, and time killer! 10/10 stars, seen it all over @tiktok!
This is a very good game the songs are perfect But there's only one problem. The jump sound is not Very well matched with the song it kinda Annoys some people and the songs volume is like lower Then the jump sound so if you read this please on the Next update please remove the jump sound
Good but pls bring back multiplayer and also add voice chat, thatll be fun to play with my friend pls pls bring back ;(
It's fun so far, although I think the characters should be a little bit faster then it originally Is.
This game is so much fun. The atmosphere, Music and skins. This game is alot of fun however I'd consider adding more cases which you can get for coins.
This is an amazing game but my problem is when i lose 3 times ads pop up and sometimes they're such annoying me it's trying to ruin my experience playing this game plss fix those annoying ads plss it would help i will gave it 5 stars so fix it thank you very much.......
I like it its just i think theres a little bit to many ads bc i can make a surf game with no ads and it would be fine
I love these type of Parkour games and this is the best game in FPS mode. But there only a problem when we jump it teleports us on the ground
This game is really cool and fun, what i really like about this game is about players who like spending money on the game and ppl who are free to play you can get free crates free knive's and free guns and you can buy them if you want to and i love how balanced it is with players who like spending money in the game and free to plays 20/10 would recommend playing this game.
Great game but the levels are limited if there was a map creator i would give 5 stars also there should be a button where you can swing up knife with
Yeah this game is good but im getting mad from time to time because 1.i cant play because of teleporting 2.tgere is no checkpoint Yeah i can take the teleporting just make some checkpoint bute there is no checkpoint plus teleporting
The game is really fun when you dont lose fps while moving your camera please i love this game but it needs polishing and also sometimes when i leave a match it says connecting but never loads so i have to close it and re-open it. Please fix these and also add skating to the then it will be bhop mobile istead of a flawed copy
This is a pretty good game I guess the only downfall for me is that the character is quite slow, I suggest skins that aren't like an army man especially girls im not a huge fan of it, I also recommend more I guess hand held items like the knives and guns they have, maybe like wands and things, either way tho it's still a pretty good game I guess. Thanks for reading :)
Game is great but there are some glitches in the map motionless where everything goes invisible,hope you would fix this.
It was a great game at first but now with ads having to be used a lot more to play its been difficult to have a good time playing to the point where every time I get an ad the frames drop and drop till they become unplayable.
Well, I would rate higher but fix some of these maps. Especially the ones with moving obstacles because it glitches and makes me fall off. It glitches me to the position of where tf ever it wants. It pisses me off so much knowing I'd be able to do it, but the game glitches me back. No it's not for everything. everything is fine except for the moving obstacles. FIX
this is my favorite game because it's from to talk, take talk from tick tock, and I love it because it's room to talk, which tick tock is the best thing in the world, but this will help you do stories, if you're trying to do a story for it to dock, you can screen record, so yeah, have fun and enjoy the
Amazing and lots of competitive playing I love this game and i am familiar with all the bunny hop maps but I think they should add a replay system
Fun the reason I give it 3 stars is because my game always freezes then it makes me die and I'm laggy even tho my network is perfect
This game doesn't look the best, but it still has really good gameplay! I even turned on airplane mode and there wasn't any ads surprisingly! Bhop Go is good to kill time too. If you like racing to the end, you'll love this game! One thing I'd like to see changed is the hitbox on the jump button, but overall it's a great game.
This game is really good but you should fix the running animation and the jumping and the graphics but this game is hard and easy at the same time and this game calms me down when I'm having a bad day
I enjoyed it until it kept freezing I had to close it when it kept freezing pls fix it and I'll download it again
You should give an option to make the buttons bigger and change their position. And also add some texture and also give an option to chat with people
Pretty fun but on a few of the maps I dont get as many frames The maps that have moving parts also make me lag quite a bit
I think this game is very fun and its get harder if you do want a challenge so I like that ab it. But I can't do much with the money that I have and it annoys me so much. The boxes cost money like a why no one is goong to waste there money on a knife box make it so you can buy it with rhe in game money that you get. Another thing is when you complete a levle you get a lucky box that you could open. But more than one time i had one box and it oped three or 2 for no reason i dont get the prizes!!!
Best Parkour game u could ever find out there good graphics also good running game , there's lots of different maps for you can do Parkour on. Also when you complete a map you can get 100bc coins and a crate. One thing they need to do is add a bit more maps but overall really great โญโญโญโญโญ
-Things to add; โ€ขBetter graphics โ€ขCustomizeable controls like size, position, and opacity โ€ขMore buttons. Like knifing animations, Inspect animations button โ€ขDiscord/Other social media to get the community together - The following are just good concepts. โ€ขPrivate lobby's โ€ขFriends list โ€ขIn game chat
Really grainy graphics, the speed is cool but the "VIP" Is a scam tbh. People use this app for tik toks but it's this is actually just a rip off of csgo on the computer/PC. And don't get csgo on mobile, it's just an app with the same name on a phone play store. So don't get this game
Not bad of game ๐Ÿ‘Œ when you first start play it is very addictive but just a couple months later it gets a bit boring,but over all not bad of a game.
As a csgo player and counter strike1.6 player I always enjoy bhop on my pc .then when I found this I was more happy because I could play it when am away from my pc . Well... the enjoyment wasnt there every time look somewhere for example to my right I would turn backwards for no reason this game also included way to much ads which is so annoying. Also all of the maps in this game are all copied you clearly have some csgo maps copied because they look exactly the same but with your dumb design.
Ok so the game is overall fun but every time i go to sign into my acc it says cant sign in right now try again later
One of the best game ive ever played, i like the free skin in other map i really like it but pls fix when you jump twice in the moving obstacles it teleports you in a certain location that you jump because alot of your maps is moving obstacles so its hard for as to played it but the rest i dont have a problem. Thats all
this game was so much more fun before this update. Its really laggy, the jump button was moved, and there are now a there is a limited amount of attempts on each level. This makes the game next to impossible to play. If everything reverts back to how it was before the game would be 1000x better
In all its a nice game and works well only a few ads here and there but everytime I try to enter the game it freezes ans kicks me out multiple times and just won't work how it did when I first downloaded it. I dont recommend the game unless you just want straight lag and freezing threw put your whole experience.
Super fun game, but After a certain point, the game won't load correctly and will just end up closing out and giving me a notification that it keeps stopping. Please fix this
Im on the hard map then i ran out of attempts i watched ads then the game bugged out and i cant respawn my attepts is not working then i watched ads again and it is still bugged. At some of medium map i cant even see other platforms are black all out even if i restart
Near perfect Just that the uk is missing from the flags and the auto jump and auto run buttons are hard to hit
it is great but whats with the sound effect when your jumping the "hump" I allways hearing but its still good game (ยฐUยฐ)
This game is awesome ๐Ÿ‘Œ ๐Ÿ‘ its really good for a mobile game the graphics are on spot and just yeah overall its a good game
So yesterday i bought remove ads and it was working fine. But when i logged on today i was getting ads again, why? I'm not spending 2$ for something i already paid for.
Really fun game, I just really wish you could buy more levels with the in-game currency instead of buying the VIP.
It's good but a slight problem if I were to put both thumbs on the screen in which case we all do there will be a slight chance it will spas out and look everywhere.
Reminds me of CS:GO for sure and this game has many unique things that CS:GO doesn't have, but it also doesn't have the unique bigger maps but overall great game I play almost everyday
I like the unique game mechanics of the momentum but I am giving the game 4 star because of the guns. There is no purpose to the guns but can I suggest a petition for the guns to be able to kill other players if you want or a certain game mode can allow the players to use the guns
Everything is super expensive, I always time out, too many ads, videos for prizes never load, fun maps and game mechanics are alright
Hands down the best game to play just one thing I wish for you too make a party and a friends list where your in the main screen with your friend then you can all get into the same game plz and thank you one last thing if you move onto the next level with different settings can that stay the way it is thanks and also can you make another game where its slide go and with that and this game can you make your own maps please and thank you
Pls add better graphics and also there is a bug when i change to 3rd person mode sometimes it makes some stuff you have to jump on disappear/invisible This is the bhop app you want if you cant get CS:GO
I have played the game before and it isnt bad but it wont load on my phone, i can play other games or open it but it suts on connecting
Great game with the update but can you make the guns shoot when you tap them it will be great if can do that ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅ‡
I really love this game, the graphics is awesome, there are large variety of cool skins, I also love the detailed maps. Salute to the maker of them. Though its a bit challenginf but i get used to it. I got 38th place on one map and im happy on it. So i recommend this to all of you guys.
Good game, but the jump button must have the biggest clickbox ever. Half of the time I'm just trying to move the camera and it makes me jump and then I die. Fix this please.
I could give this game a 4 or 5 stars the reason i gave it a 3 was because the graphics the ads and the way you see other players jump. The graphics are not very good its almost like its not rendered at all. Next the ads you get an add like every two times you fall there is way to many I cant handle them. The other thing is when u hop into an online match the way the other players jump and run are terible its clearly a free model of the run and jump.
It's really fun and the parkcore gets harder and harder but I like multiplayer because I can join my friends game a pla6 with them
I like that i rage quit and stuff. But one thing, can you like get 30% of the ads, it's just annoying. Over all it's fun and playable, very fun game. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I find this game very exciting and unique I am glad I found it one(not problem) discomfort I have found is the ads not the video ads but the permanent ads please change this and please reply
Love the game but the reason I give it 2 stars is well, the newest update didn't really change anything other than the fact that you have 5 chances before you have to watch an ad for another 5 chances. I don't want to watch an ad every 5 minutes so please just get rid of the ads.
Its an awesome game, but doesnt work for all platforms properly. Aka the game is glitchy and slow but yet still works. Ill give it 5 stars tho because i love the game.
I would rate 1/2 a star if i could i literally download the game get on and it says i need a connection to play online like hello downloaded it 5secs. Ago Fix the bugs and it might have potential
This is a really good game but the problem is to many adds but I don't care its really fun ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜„ 8
Fun game lots of maps but there's so many ads that it makes it hard to play like instead of every five deaths you get a ad make it every 10
This game has potential but the other map is so stupid and sometimes its getting buggy the platform suddenly disappear and sometimes you cant reach platform because its required 12 speed in the raindbow map so stupid
The game is beutiful and enjoy but the problem is when i exit the map that i play in multiplayer its only connecting never running the pink moving its log fix the game please
This game is pretty fun but its all glitchy and when I try to press the slowmo button it doesn't work it glitches out so if that can get fixed it would make things 100x better
Originally downloaded this game as a joke, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Three complaints, number one is that the hand and forearm look really bad. Number two is that when you have a bunch of crates in your inventory, when you open one of them two or three just disappear. Lastly, there is no way I currently know of to play with friends, add one please!
The game is really good, the only problem I have is that people cant create their own maps! Please add a feature where people can create their own maps!
This game has the most ads I've ever seen. The game is fun and addicting as hell, but its like every other death is another 30 second ad.
This is the best game i have yet. It is good to make a commentary video on tiktok and i can play with alot of people but the reason i gave it four star is because of the ads, but yet so far, it is awesome
This is a very good game, but it's hard to turn the screen while jumping. Everything else is great and I suggest you install this game.
It is a good game but just improve controls, upgrade graphics and remove spectate because it is useless. Also add new modes like surf :)
For some reason i had my friend also try but android phones would always say we was not connected to internet when we where and when we checked a apple phone it worked
Overall great game, but please fix the online bug. I can try to connect my google play account but it will stay on a infinite loading screen, I can even disconnect and reconnect and i wont be connected. Plz fix and i will rate 5 stars, thank you.
great game, though theres a glitch where my camera would glitch out 360 or move to far to the right or left. Please fix that
Love this game but once it gets into the "hard" levels, it's like more than hard...Or maybe I just suck at the game.Sometime it lags but that could be my phone.And it even says I have no wifi so I'd have to play offline when I actually have full bars. But it's ok, overall I love the game, would recommend just not if you rage a lot ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜…
This game will make you rage but when you pull off the thing that you were raging about, it makes you satisfied and proud of yourself.
This game is really fun when you want to pass time play this game and if you don't have any wi-fi you can play off line I love this game I tern airplane mode on I get no ads so get this game I think you'll love it to 5/5 please get this game you might love it as much as I do
I recently opened up the game to find all my progress and inventory wiped, i was connected to google play so therefore my account shoould have been saved, could you please look into this issue, my username is lolernator
This game is a fun, time wasting game. It has many levels and customization options. I had this game for quite a while but it gets just a little bit repetitive making it boring for SOME people. If you enjoy csgo like bhop games this game will be very very worth your while
I love this game its very addictive and fun to play but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because the jump button is to high and I want custom controls so I can get it lower so please can you make custom controls? That way I can enjoy playing.
Not bad, but for whatever reason whenever I load the game it tells me I have no connection so I can't use certain features. Is there somewhere I could get this resolved? Thanks?
Ok so my main problem is the glitching causing people to lose. I was close to the end of the map floating island and I was ontop of the last spinning corn looking thing and it glitches and kicked me off the spinning corn thing. Fix this and its 5 stars. Oh and what made this worse was that floating islands doesn't have a checkpoint Edit: I was on singleplayer mode and I got the map n name wrong. Its flying islands.
I think the game is awesome but for some reason it always tells me im offline and can't connect even though it connects my account to google play please fix that.And it would be good if you could make that you can see the sleeves of your skin in first person and not just the characters bare arms.
fun for some levels, but, ANY moving platform will completely bug out the game and make it harder to play AND Some levels are COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE due to them having extreme fps drops (going down to 0-10 for up to 10 seconds in my experience) causimg you to usually lose control and fall off the map.
Hey it's me can you fix the game a little bit please like for EXAMPLE:why can't you see your gloves on your character when you are in third person mode can you fix that please second:why can't you see your shert like for example critical ops you can see your gloves in the right and you can see your shirt right so why can't you see you shirt in the game like the character you pick like gold why can't you see the gold shirt??why and third: can you make the game look realistic not that realisticok
I'm so sad that I just gave it one star and I it's just my connection is low but my connection is on my Wi-Fi is on and it just says play offline like glittery it's not funny
The graphics are not the best, but it's a really good game the main 2 problems are not realistic, and bugs
Bro i like this game because the fact how every level unlocked and every time you die you don't get ads alot
These game is so fun and you don't need to bay to play there is some vip or something but the game need money to update i think no one going to bay if there is no vip maps and nothing
This game is amazing it might be a few bugs and glitches and other things but can you please add surf parkour I don't wanna jump on things like it's fun in all but that can get boring ya know
Its a lot of fun but often you get a conection error when joining servers and then you have to leave the game and come back to be able to play, theres also another bug where sometimes you continue running forward even after youve let go of the controls
Good game but when i go to start the lvl immeditatly it lags the entire lvl but in my opinion its a great game would recommend if u like parkour games
I think it's a really fun parkour game and it's pretty fun but I just want them to add more maps but other than that the game is amazing ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
It is a really fun game but im giving it 3 stars because it recently has started kicking me out of the game when im on the loading screen, if you can fix this i will give a higher rating:)
I give it 5 stars.Now the recent updat is so bad obsolutly hate it,ithe screen glitches,ads show up at the bottom of the screen,and too much glitchingness.Maybe you should try adding new maps instead of ads.Other than that love the game
the game isn't bad but the camera tilt angle option always goes to 0 instead of where I wants it to be plz fix it
The game is absolutely horrible. The maps suck and there are like no players ever online. The entire game is cs:go surf but even worse. 1 out of 5 stars would not reccomend.
I came here because my favourite youtuber took a time to play it, and I thought of it that it looks fun. I downloaded, and I never regret it. Amazing graphics, cool skins, detailed maps, challenging..and most importantly giving me CS:GO Vibes. I recommend this to everyone if your a Counter Strike fan. Trust me, it's fun yet challenging. But of course you will get used to it. Jumping through a gap within 1-2 blocks is my first experience, now I'm jumping within 1-3-4 gaps. Good luck jumpin'
love this game, it's a great time killer.some things i'd like to see are more feminine skins, so far we only really have pretty masculine army dudes. also maybe an option to add people and play with friends? overall really good tho.
I rated this 2 stars because the jump button is so high! I keep missing the button when I play. There should at least be a setting where you can adjust the buttons. And is there really a need for an inspect button? Does it even do anything? I used to play this game a lot but now it's not enjoyable.
It keeps showing me ads, keeps jumping even though I didn't press jump and just the game in general is not that good. I would not recommend to anyone who gets mad really easy.๐Ÿ‘Ž
I installed this game a few days ago (about 4-5) and it stopped working just now, I don't know if it'll start to work anytime soon but if it does, I'll delete my review and write a 5star one, currently as I open the game, it instantly crashes.
It is amazing! I found no glitches or anything on it, not even lag! It's fun to play and I recommend it to people all around the world.
The games good overall, but one MAJOR thing about it is the fps drops, you could have the best device yet still have a major fps drop and make ur jumping mess up, honestly its horrendous the fps drops. Please fix
I bought 2 lootboxes and opened one, after opening one the 2nd one disappeared and I've lost the coins I spent on it
It is bad bc levels are nearly imposible and only hackers can complete them in low seconds. Some hames are good and some are really bad.
This an amazing game me and my children could play it all day! Some times the app can be glitchy but otherwise 10/10
This game is a scam. I bought the no ads a couple weeks ago and now it is removed and when I try to restore my purchases, it says that it will do that for me but it never restored it.
This game is amazing. I downloaded it about a week ago and I already love it. I like the variety of maps, and all the cool, awesome different guns and melee weapons you can get. Another thing I love doing in this game is completing loads of maps and opening all of my collected cases and spending all the coins I have gained.
The new update has made most of the game unplayable. Even when I land on the platforms the game counts it as a death time after time. Really aggravating as Bhop has become a real fun pastime and now it's not even worth booting up. Plus, who's idea was it to move the jump button? Because of this I'm constantly missing my jump as my muscle memory is all screwed up. Please fix all these bugs ASAP. โ€” zed
The only problem I ran into is moving objects dislocated you and make you go to another place after jumping on them twice other than that its really good I'm waiting for new maps
The game is on multiple platforms the only bad thing to it is that you have to pay money for crates other than that it runs really smooth and i really enjoy the game
I love the game it Is so fun, but the game would be 1000 times better if you could kill other players ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜
Ok, so it might not LOOK the best, but it actually has really good gameplay. I recommend you get this game, if you're just looking for fun, or you want a challenge. Both are done super well in this game. If I could add anything to this game, it would be a level creator. It would be SO cool to be able a build and upload levels for friends or strangers to play alike. Anyway I've rambled on for long enough now, get this game. It will NOT disappoint you.
Its just badly made altogether it would be 2 if the run button was closer to the side of the screen the bhop pro game is ALOT better.
I really upset that the checkpoint is limited and you have to watch ads after you use up all of your checkpoint passes
Its really good no wifi needed and not ads and it gives us options if we wanna play offline or online
You have way to many adds. I would get in game adds like "buy this gun" or something but there are so many. Then the turning sensitivity is either to high or to low
I love the game even though I raged so much to get 100% complete on every level from easy medium and hard also beginner but the one thing I hate is VIP just why I was so happy feeling like I beat it then I realized 10 more need to finish so I'm just upset that i gotta buy it even though i just wanna beat it
Fun game but I got rid of the ads because I had an offer for it for 99 cents and I went to play it and it had ads so I wish to have my ads removeed or get a refund
I love this game, but for some reason it does not let me go online even though I ha e good internet connection.Also sometimes as you are moving your screen turns to another deriction, but over all this game is Great
Ya know I really love this game, but forcing us to watch ads to get more attempts at playing, Like the hell we get enough ads already you people just want more money don't ya.
If you die 5 times it will make you watch an ad, the game is laggy so you end up dying a lot so your stuck in a cycle of dying and watching ads.
One of the best games I've played I can post commentary videos and have fun too! I really recommend it for people that like parkour on mobile!
This game is amazing oml but the problem is when I equip something there is two of me can you fix that ๐Ÿ™
This app is really good! I would give It 5 stars if only it wasn't for the fact that the game doesn't open most of the time.
I love this game. And i completed all of the maps, but i ran into a problem. When you use the slow motion effect the fov goes super high and i wish there would be an option to disable that, thanks. Overall great game!
Cool game, but why not add a knife mode, and also do something about the jump sound, cause jump sound should also include the sound of boots hitting the floor along with the voice, and also increase the graphics, cause some maps look horrible!, Why not add some events with unique maps to get rare supplies, these things can make the game excel,Thanks!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Wouldn't let me connect to multi-player even tho I'm connected to my wifi. Trash game wouldn't recommend
Game is great, i just wish it was much easier to get coins, cases, and more skins for your player, weapons, etc. If should give about 250 coins if you beat a level in a certain amount of time and it gives less everytime you don't win in the amount of time. Basically all this game needs is new skins for weapons, player skins and gloves, aswell as being able to get coins a lot easier. New multiplayer game modes will be nice as well, but I know that could take a while.
I think its a good game just that when it says "connecting" I doubt it actually is. Why I say this is because I have a strong wifi connection and it seems to never connect.
Love it some levels are hard but the only thing I dislike is when u jump on a moving object it really weird.
Good and bad you can play offline and online i like that you can join people but i am convised some of the levles are imposible but I have been saving up all my coins for the black mamba skin so I brought it but now its saying I have not got the skin and has taken all my coins :(
I love this game but i have a major problem i need fixing. So i was playing and a add poped up and showed me a awp skin for like 3 dollars so i bought it and everywhing was confirmed except for thw fact the game was non stop connecting i waited for 3 hrs and still connecting plz give me the skin thank you
I love this app because I love the physics and the levels, but it's not perfect because alot of the levels have fake world records that are 8 seconds in a 30 second map but I still love this game and I love all the knife animations and the ads aren't bad you only get 1 ad every 3-6 deaths.
Fun on the possible levels, but some levels aren't possible to beat unless you purchase slow mo with your coins... I would rather not have to purchase things in order to win a level. I thought this was going to be fun but it turned into a pay to win game...
I LOST EVERYTHING I have played this game for a while and got almost all items and i made sure to save it to my google account and today i went on and i was still logged into the google account and everything is gone my months of working on getting things all of it gone ive managed to get very few things back but im so close to uninstalling this game so all i ask is to get a few thousand coins if possible to get even just a few things back
This is a trash game when I get to the other levels with the moving platform it teleports me and the timer is broken I was 4 seconds late and it said 42 get it right
The game is good you can collect cool knife,guns and skins i love my rainbow pistol and rainbow knife and rainbow gloves and gold skin anyways let me get to the point I'm making this review to say can you make like a pvp or pve mode you can use your knife and guns and high levels guns and knife to more damage and maybe a death run
Its an ok game its just one of those games that you would play for the satisfaction than actually being proud of the levels your achieving. Overall I enjoyed this game but it would be 'tossed aside' as of the limit of things you can do.
Totally This Game is Awsome in first....but I saw bugs and glitches in game...first of all some records in maps are. Fake I see one player have 16.20 time in one map...it's impossible he finish the map in that time!!(maybe a cheater)and sometimes this game is crashing and some maps turn into black (why?).... please Devs fix this problems it's so annoying...
To many adds and it auto jumps when I turn it off . But thank you otherwise. Hope you fix this problems. Sorry I have to delete it. Hope your game gets successful. Have a nice day
Plz make more maps i love it and i will give it a 5 star and also plz put surfing and speedrun those r the part of bhop games so keep up the good work man!!!
Oml.... Okay first it literally makes u jump randomly, and randomly move... THIS GAME IS SO HARD, like fr bro๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿคš if u want to make a good game with a good review don't make ppl randomly jump and move like fr ๐Ÿ™„ AND IT GLITCHED ME I COULD NOT GET ON MY PHONE FOR A WHOLE DAY ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ DON'T INSTALL ๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ(until it gets fixed maybe)
So it was fine the first couple of days I installed it but it started to get a little laggy and I had perfect wifi and network so what happened there and that's why I give it 1 star it is fun tho,anyways bye
Good game but can you please remove the random pop up ads that's covers up the game and I cant see anything
The game is good but the only problem for me is that sometimes trying to turn in any direction is choppy. It happen like every 5 minutes. It's frustrating and I have to restart the app and the my progress on the level. That's all though.
Pretty fun game and concept, Who knew bunnyhopping would spark games that use that strat and make an entire game about it (Quake, Half-life, Counter strike, Portal 1 + HL2 with their ABH and AFH and probably Titanfall 2 would be proud) Also, where's the air strafing to gain speed?
Overall a good game it is easy to get glove and knife skins but I have only had the game for a week and I already finished all the levels. I also decided to delete the game and when I re-download it my Google play didn't not retrieve my account so I lost all of my skins.
Most Fun game Bhop game but their is a glitch when you jump twice on the moving blocks Can you please fix it... but the game is so fun. And please add more stuff to the game like skins and all that but the game is fun Thank You๐Ÿ˜
This game is really fun and i love it so much its really great and im getting better at it.Here are some things i think would make it better. 1.Add a friends list so people can race each other and talk. 2.add custom skins like a custom skin option to build your own skin. 3.add a create thing like people can make parkour maps and other people can play it. 4.Add A competitive mode where like there is a point system and people race to the finish line, And there are different leagues.
Best game but fix the problems cause I what to play online it does not let me it's says connection not reach when my is full plz fixs that
It was okay, I have. A couple problems, the inventory is way too small, and you can't discard the original items you spawn with, some levels are physically impossible like colour cubes because of the light level. Would play again. Please fix bugs
this game is a really fun game to play while just wasting time! if you dont have it, its only a small 114-144 mb's, so get it for free NOW!
I saw the ad thinking it was to good to be true so I downloaded it and wow... this is one of the last good mobile games out there. Would reccomend