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Bhai The Gangster

Bhai The Gangster for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FirePack Studio located at Sigma Tech Park Whitefield Bangalore 560066. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is very nice game but there is no mission of ambulance and we can't drive police jeep why? And there is no way to find kancha Bihari made its updated soon after you update it I will give 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The game already went viral and many popular youtubers have made videos on it but the devlopers are not doing anything you just get stuck in the game and it is almost a year the developer has not put any update . I advise not to download it as you will just waste your time unless there is a new version
Good game need some improvement for this game like open a showrooms of Lamborghini, Bugatti, farrari ect and also to open the map. Thanks.
The ads are downright annoying! Ads every 2 minutes, you barely get to play the game! I'd happily pay 10 Rupee to purchase the game and support the dev but not with the ads even if it's free! Controls are aweful, graphics is also not great.
This game is very good but when i got fake passport from chotu,in 5 peti then the map didn't show me that where you go after taking fake passport.So the game maker please update this game.
This game is so good but the controls are not smooth.I am not saying bad controls. Medium controls. I like the game
Worst controls and glitches are headache. Gun's aim don't go where I want to aim, they swipe to different directions. Headache! Deleted it!!. 😡😡
I love the game so much but when I make passport for bhai then not any mark or suggestion was given to go bankok I was going to bankok by helicopter when I came some distance away the helicopter was explod and i die please add the ending of story I am waiting for it
Vey nice game but I put 4 Star because the controls are not good and this game story is half. I Request to this game developer that improve control of this game. Please end the story of this game.
This game is good but it has low graphics and it's need more development.The character die very quickly in a small bump. I think it's need more control settings like sensivity,gyroscope, separate punch button etc. Otherwise it's good for time pass when u have nothing to do.
I like this game but one thing has to improve that is when he wasted when he go in water so when he go to water so he not be wasted so that time I will give 5 stars ⭐to this app. thanks
This game is good.but,it not too much interesting.make sure we open any door,climb stairs and drive a boat and other water vehicles.also can play multiplayer
Best game ever. I like it. The game is very good. In game we can talk to any citizen. I have give it four stars because we can not kill people by gun but we can kill people by our hands.but any way this is the best game ever I have played
The game is very very good hindi game but i need to ask something about when will the new update come and when i will go to bankok because i made my paspot please tell me and the game is very good but there are one more problem that is there grafix are not good so that's why I tell you to fix the grafix card like gta 5 please i tell to the editer and the game is ok
Story is good and but I have seen a video that this game is 40 percent completed so don't download it it's a incomplete game Developers please fix this or I will uninstall this gam and I don't want to uninstall this game because game story line is very superb and amazing please fix this game
Love this game but I want to some improvment. Please uprade the controls and graphics and we cannot open map, so please add the function of opening maps and option to upgrade home and add new sports car. These are the improvment and when the game developer do this I promise this game is the best open world of the whole world and we proud that this is our INDIAN GAME
Great work but you should improve the gepuohics quality and add some detailings.Its the starting of the gaming industry in India .
This is good game but it can become even better due some lack of things, because of the the graphics and bugs.like if someone is driving a car and if he/she dash in the water he/she will die and if it is slow we will die and please pay attention to the character graphics and sensitivity .And also make a system to go in water .and the weapons are very bad and it vehicles and little bit expand the map and also make control to climb in ladders but the story good. I hope someday this problems will..
This game is so good but when I drive helicopter the helicopter is so bad and the cycle drive is so so bad and the truck driving also so bad but the car, auto, motorbike and taxi are so good control.
Its good game but when i found the rail going track so i cant go up their and when i jump my player got hanged and be jumped so i need to restart this i will give this 3 starrs
This game very good but I give him 3 start because his language is very bad and only first time you want helicopter and his railway station in no train there 🚆
I Love This Game but when we are play all mission Then where is kanta bhai and also when we are come with sila in helicopter and we buy bankok ticket then game is over its not fair fast fast fast we are want part 2
The game is good and the story is superb. But I can't get the ending of the story. Please added new vehicle🚲🚗⛵🚁 like flights, ships, cars etc. I really want to see the end of the game. I am waiting for 3 years. But I get nothing changes. So I have decided to delete the game. Try to end the story as soon as you can. Or I can't play the story again. With a best. I want the new island. Bankok mission to kill kancha try to available soon. I know your style. A real life simulator game. Thanks❤🌹😊
Complete it as soon as possible and plz fix the glitches,controls,graphics etc. Otherwise its an awesome game!!!
The game experience was awesome. But the game developer can still improve the game in field of controls and maps. The game can be made more realistic and it can be added with different cars and bikes.
The game is nice but injoy by playing this game but the control are so bad make it smooth and I can't fire in people make it also and the graphics are ok ok but the is nice but it had to improve and bring the fast and there are many glitches in this game
Game was great but have glitch in house that we get stuck there and have to restart the game so please fix this👍👍
This is a very good game but the game stucks sometimes when I jump. I will uninstall the game if you dont give me the Bangkok update. I want Bangkok update please.
This game is good but please I request the devolapers to improve the graphics and guce storyline like gta 5 three to four main characters and side missions and different vechicles like lambo,buggati and many more supercars and ships and airplanes and enable to view the map loacate and mark places many nore guns etc. THIS GAME IS AS OF NOW IS VERY GOOD but please I request to add these things in future updates.
Super game but till now its in trailer when are you going bring whole movie🎥🍿. But this game deserve to be 5 star⭐ rated. Just bring the whole movie as fast as possible
Nice game!!!! But i am playing this for last 2 yrs. But last mission can't be done!! So that's the reason i am bored of this 😴😴
I didn't get to play the game because of continues spam of ads for every 20 seconds. So i dont know what feedback i should give. I opened the again but then again the ad came. After that i took one step forward and another advertisement. I understand that you put lot of efforts making this game but i dont see you'll be growing if you put this many ads.
the gane is so annoying!!! after some seconds an ads pop ups the controls are also very bad poor quality
This is very amazing, But this is the incomplete version of this game , So please make other part of this
This game is not at all bad in graphics or any other thing but the game is not completed as you have played you know this thing but if you have not played the game. I request you to not to play this game. 😭😭. There is one more thing that there are ladders in the game but we can't use them. I request to game developers to complete this game. Therefore, 2 stars. Thank you. Hope update will come soon. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
It's a fine game but it would be best if it wud have it's all the missions on its firstly...try to add more missions as soon as possible.......like the Bangkok mission....
Overall this game is awesome but there are many issues like the character dies too soon, no snipers in the gun store and i had completed making my fake passport the game missions ended plz tell when the next update of Bangkok will come. The only will reason to play this game is this the game is "made in india"
Love the game but add more missions improve graphics we could buy homes we could get into other people's house add more guns weapons we could customize our character we could do anything we could become flip kart delivery boy we could become hit man assassin avengers any character we could kill birds we could become superman by purchasing avatars
This is a tragedy of a Game. Poor Graphics , Poor Gameplay , Poor Game Physics , Very Poor Rendering Functionality , Really Buggy etc. And What is the Deal with The Spitting Action , Utterly Disgusting. Why Bring your Local Culture into the Game itself. Keep it to yourself And Make Modern Advanced Games like Those Found In Gangstar and GTA Series . And Pathetic Vehicle Control and Rendering . And Very poor Pedestrian physics. Why cry when hit by a car or a gun. This is really a poor man's GTA 3
I gave 5 star because this game is entertaining fabulous intrsting but one problem please update this version because we cannot find airport only the end is passport so update
This game deserves five stars but no updates since a year or two then also car and bike are way rough gun shop can't be exited otherwise you restart and no more mission bruhh!?? Not so realstic also
I will never play never download and waste my time to play this game I want to support these developers about you have done good job but after completing 2 missions the game ended what is this? Where is Bangkok? Where is the boss fight? It will be 5 star if you update this game and make big storyline.
What an funny dialogues 🤣🤣🤣🤣 It is a nice game and nice story. But it should improve its graphics. 😑🤨 This is a very game . 🤣😎
Dear developer ! Game is very very good. Issue .....when we are moving game screen , we have seen outside of home in game. ❤ 👍 ✌ 👌
Good but after THE level of passport it is not sowing any other option in map Which is making it confusing
Worst game ever ! First i giving this game 4 star. But then there is only 2 mission, i am wating for update , now it have been more then 1 year , the update still not come i watch YouTube of this video ( one channel of you tube gives update news , but now they also say that please do not download this game because the update will not come) .This is main difference if makers want they can make games like gta (not like gta 5 but at least gta3) but it take 3 to 5 years
Nice app but graphics is very low.....1)when i jump sometime bhai jump so long that he die only 2) Sometimes when i park my cycle i whent into my house only and then i can't exit my house ( I had to restart the game ) 3) Sometime when bhai is riding the bike and touch any building he cross the building without getting a hurt 4) If my vehicle touch a drop of water also than bhai's vehicle blast and he dies... How is this 4 things possible??? The next update should improve this....
Really very op and nice game. And about the story it was a five star rated high level great logical minded story.But The story dhould go beyond. You should increase the story after going to chotu and Making fake passport whatever.Every thing was nice. I really like it. Thank you. You should think about more and more developing this game.And a very many bold thinking matter is its level. It should be increased after chotu. Bye. 😊😊😁😁
I once downloaded the game ...it's was soooooooooo bad graphic is 0 compare to other.. don't know what to do in that game....when we are going to learn how to make good game
I like this game,but graphics are too low,need improvement.Logic is not good,need improvement and make this game very similar like GTa 5
Hey! We can't get any aeroplane to go to bankok, so how we will go to bankok...please update the game fast and add that thing 🙏🏻
This game is very good and interesting story also but there are many bugs in it, so it should be updated as soon as possible...#Deshi gem..🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️😍
The game is good but there are four things that you should have added 1. Police station you must add police station to this game 2. Graphics you must change the graphics 3. Add more guns to the game 4. The bankok update please when will you update the game and nothing more by the way the game is good just you should add these things to the game then i give it five stars and if you not then one star
Needs some work on the simulations but is amazing otherwise. The story, controls and NPCs too are amazing
This game is nice but that rated spot I don't know what is it but it iswomen police is coming and I am running red red spots like red light bloodalways the police of the same kisses by the looks like that blood
Nice game but this is uncomplete ...please complete the story ..... It has half story from since 2 years and add mission to complete... I hope you will solve this issue as soon as possible otherwise i will rate it 1 star....
Very best and interacting game but graphics is very low please take care this problem, bhai the gangster game is very funny and speak funny talk
This game is very nice and very interesting but the one thing that i didn't like is that the game is not full because when we get the passport we are not able to find Bangkok in the map
The language , specifically the words are no doubt , nice and gives a vibe of being an Indian game, but the customisation is not at all good, at every point there is a glitch. In short , please improve the graphics and all these stuff like frame rates (if possible) jst like any other battle royale game. So that we can compete with the Rockstar games...( Gta series).
Please add online multiplayer mode also, we can enter any house and go any where by aeroplane and ship.
Game is awesome and storyline is superb but when we make fake passport game is not available to play more I think they have to add next part
there is no update for a long time the graphics are worst and if you try to jump on the wall the game lags and after getting the fake passport you cannot go to bangkok, friends donot waste time on this bogas and worst game!
It has an excellent story but no update till now How should we go bankok to catch the villian The game overs when we make the passport🤔there should be more mission and an update should come fast
graphics,gameplay and controls not good and please give the updated for bankok fast and make the graphics and at all thing good . But the game is not bad .
It is very nice game. But have one problem the next story is not come,airport ka password mil gaya but उसके आगे क़या होगा. Please come next update.
I love this game but its graphics are poor plese upgrade the graphics plese and we should not able to open map so upgrade plese add more vhechle and improve language plese but it is very very good game upgrade fast please and add more guns and add cloth,chracter plese i love this game we proud of this is our indian game very very good game.......
The game is very best of luck with the same tieup the most important to you by my side of polygon. The first to review
The game is good all character speak in Hindi but when will the Bangkok update will come I don't know quick to Bangkok update I want to play Bangkok update I know the backstory I want to know the aage ki story story Jana chahta hun
I like this game .... Love 2 play it but it have few glitches 1) Sensitivity of gun for up and down is worst . 2)lack of bikes. 3)we need to buy medipeck after death we don't have any alternate. 4) More powerful cops needed at 5 star only 5 police men came to kill only with pistol. There are few more so if you can fix it , it will become bestest game. So fix it soon.
Game is good but after developing gamr they forgot to update and finish game..seems like the developer of the game is died..
Nice game but not for kids and its graphics are not so good but please bring part 2 of this game. Thanks.
Very bad graphics the character runs faster the car. And the control are as bad as the whole game. This is the worst game I have ever played. Only one thing that I like are the hindi dialogue.
I love this game but I gave it 4 star because if u die in the game then we will need to see a ad every time this reason that I gave 4 star.
Two stars just for the effort .guys i know the graphics are real hard to get right but you can always get the story right .make your protaganist a little colorful ,thods gali galoch,thoda bc.ek storyline aur thoda good voice acting aur bhai thoda innovation dalo bhai Gta ka saints row bana do bhai
Very nice game , but there should be some improvement in the game like guns , multiplayer support , cars etc , sometime game stop and we have to restart it , these types of problems should be fixed , i request to the devlopers for an update of this game soon.
I can't playing more in this game if there were some facilities like free fire or pubg then it must be a best game or you must like One more thing that there are only 5 guns in it you add more guns and police number is only 5 you must add more police and people and after making passport I can't playing more levels in it and the aim of the gun is not good you must improve it and after going in water the vehicle blasts you also improve it I most liked the name of the Game Thank you............
It is a very good game. I like it specially for spoken language hindi. I have a desire to play a nice gangester game and I played a lot of game but it is the most best game.
This game deserves 5 Stars but there 2 things that don't let it deserve 5 stars. Firstly, in the Gun shop I don't get any sniper gun like AWM, Barret M82 etc and you should add Police Station in the Game .Secondly ,when will the Bangkok Update come in 2021? . Please tell the date and month. Else wise everything in the game is marvelous. The Hindi Dialogues are very very very good. Please keep up with this. Whenever we speak of Top 10 Indian Games , Bhai the Gangster can't be overlooked.
Nothing is in this game u can't roll the character to see up-down the story is cool but u can never play the full story just two stages . I would like that others don't be a fool n unlucky to download such stupid game
Its a very good game🙂but its graphics are not good and it needed to be updated because some glitch like jumping in the and stuck there and when we drive the car in water it will destroy and add bankok update, cars like lamborgini, buggati and other supercars the development is not working properly pls update it with new features i mention pls update pls pls pls pls pls 🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕
The game is very good but there are some bugs which have to fix like . I think you have to make system to going in water. In game if we go in water we will automatically die.
Good Game but i cut 2 🌟 1st 🌟 for hang jumping 2nd 🌟 for half story line game please update the game and make it full after passport give by chotu there is no location of airport & no location of kancha house please please plz make it full but i m enjoy this game when you make it full i give you 5 🌟
This is really a great game. Once I played it in my mother's mobile that time it was not so good but now this is really great
Not a good experience. The graphics was not so good when they are talking there lips are closed, when his gf got shot guns and the way she was shot was just terrible. The main problem I had after all this was there was 3 ads in just 5 minutes of time i spend there. Huge no for this game
The game is great if we talk about language , npcs have voices and they react . But it is not detailed like gta . We should swim , there is no night or rain , no car damage . Fighting and combat is still very primitive . Story is ok but no details . Vehicles are less . You should enlarge the map and add these details . Only then we can compare this game to gta . It cannot be comapred even with gta iii which is 20 years old
I like this game this is my first GTA that I played in android but these game have so many buga and sometimes game glitches and the chracter does run properly so developer plese fix the bugs . But I like this game but due to bugs I don't play
This game is filled with bugs ,if we jump in house game is stuck ,when I jumped I jumped in sky and fell and die.When people die they spawn again.Not good game.
Worst game. Ads every 15 sec. How are we supposed to play this game? Just only because it's indian game, i'm not going to play it. Make it better. Awful controls, poor graphics, worst game mechanism in this type of games.
after taking passport from chotu the game is stuck, apart from this the jump is very bad , when we take a vehicle from the places near the house they should be kept again to there actual place after being taken .
To download this game is a waste of data it's graphics are too low and it's controls are also very bad.
This game is good but I recommend some things to be added first you must add an climb ladder option there are so many ladders but you can't climb anyone second add some more typesbof bikes and cars there are only two bikes one in front of our house and second in the ramp side in barriers
This is don't like GTA V This is just like GTA VC best Android game and the player just like Tommy Vercetti but some things is reason of I don't give it 5 stars 1 When we still a car then the car driver dieds autometacally 2 In the gun shop there no sniper just there boring guns 3 say it really main developer died please reply 4 why we can't go bangkok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 and last reason why there so many bugs and glitches on glitch and I love that glitch that glitch we can go bangkok
This game is very best but , little bit problem in this game 1] make bankok soon and add more guns , fix the glitches aur bhai developer bhidu log thik karo game pls I also says some hindi after you make the game perfect I'll give full marks to it and I say to my friends to rate it
i liked this game! osm concept some corrections needed like aiming small bugs like walls bugs overrall its good in this memory size
It's very good game I like it but there is problem that how to go bankok in the update version please keep a airport or railway station 👌👌
Not very good.it does not have ending but a good try . Try to give ending as soon as possible and improve your graphics please . Graphics and physics of arjun bhai game is super try to make like them and improve your story.
Game is good , but i am not able to find the way to go forward in the game, passed 2 stages and looking the way to Bangkok. Ads the really annoying . Please update for the stage 3
To be honest it's a great Indian version GTA type of game..but I have some suggestions for the developers to improve the game...First of all give the full storyline, then improve the controls, add an option to view the full map, make the citizens move so that it looks real and also add more citizens and vehicles and some side missions too...! Hope in the new updates I can enjoy them .
Why are you people not adding the next mission please, there is nothing after the passport I miss this game please and also upgrade the graphics and fix the bugs please 🥺🥺 it's hard to live whithout this game , my friend is covid positive and is in ICU but he is still asking for the game please work on the game please I beg you please.
Please improve the graphics and fix bugs and glitches and why I can't see up please change the controls 🙏, and this game needs more improvement, and when cars are gone to the water 💦 then it's blasted, and when i steal a car then the driver is died please try to make the game more intresting and the shots of the game you showing the game not like that🤨🤥🤥👎😡 "AND I'M FILLING BAD FOR THE DEVELOPER "😭😭🙏🙏.
Game is great I am proud for indian game developer But here are many bugs like 1. when we close to door the door will automatically open 2. Set button for fight, button for shooting, button for taking car etc 3. Work on graphic I am addict for mission games personally i say that once time you play gangster vegas there controls is good please try this game and improve bhai the gangster game
Worst game because of the following reasons : 1)Low quality graphics 2)There are limitless adds 3)The fighting style is bad Overall it's a bad game and the worst remake of GTAv
No police station, no hospital, not fully updated after 2 years late of release, no update for going to bankok by plane and no airport. How to complete all missons😤😠😠😡😡😡
I hate this game because in this game the Bangkok mission is missing.1 year ago I saw that game I think it was interesting game but then I saw there are so many missions missing so please add these mission into this game
Game is really great and feeling while playing is really familiar type but there are some bugs still present in game My character as bhai become invisible after some time. Also need some more concept and conditions in game.
I dont like the game because this story is good but the end of story go to Bangkok is not available please add a airport on this game to go bangkok or this game is not work properly its hanging so i paused the game and going to main menu and restarting the game from its loby so fix the ploblem now ,and don't forget to add airport and airplanes to go bangkok.update this game now i can't wait to update.so update quickly✈️🛩🛫.....📲😆😆😆😆👍👍👍👍
I like this game very much but there is isuuse like the player dies too soon and we can't drive the police van and when the bankok wiil I have make the fake passpprt
The game and the story of game is superb and it is first indian gta i have played. I really love 😍 the dialogue of the characters of the game. I am giving only four🌟 because you have not completed the story of game i am waiting from 1 year and i have decided to delete the game. I love 😍 the story line in starting but when i know that the game story is only 40% of the real story then i am so sad 😔 but when some youtuber said that update is coming i am so happy 😀 but there is no update 😑😑
This game is the best game in india. But It have many gliches and the storyline is not complete. In the next update please solve it.
This game is very good but when I jump character is glitching please fix this problem but this game is very good please more updates
This game is good and awesome you need to update like gta 5 has this will be the indian first open world game and like and more we can buy more guns and cars helicopters we can be rich person and buy houses we can open map and multiplayer game mod we can explore other cities improve this game graphics and all good luck 😋😋😋😋
Nice game. The graphics are very good but the aim and the sensivity very low but the wgen will be there go tu bangkok option
This game deserves 5 Stars but there 2 things that don't let it deserve 5 stars. Firstly, in the Gun shop I don't get any sniper gun like AWM, Barret M82 etc ,add Police Station in and make an option for Mobile.Secondly ,when will the Bangkok Update come in 2021? . Please tell the date and month. Else wise everything in the game is fantastic . The Hindi Dialogues are very very very good. Please keep up with this. Whenever we speak of Top 10 Indian Games , Bhai the Gangster can't be overlooked .
Nice game but it takes a lot of time to collect the money to give to bhai and chotu and please increase the time of the auto and taxi mission and give more money to kill people Please change this
It's a very good game I enjoyed it but please add full story line after passport arrangement...also the adds are very annoying,there is no skip option too.... Please fix these problems...I give 7 on 10
This game is good . But the story of this game is half. And there ar very less vechiles . And the images which are given are fake But you also install it . It is superb
I like this game 98 percent 👍. 1 percent I don't like it because we can't go to Bankok... and 1 percent that the pictures are in Playstore.. of this game are not real . There are no shops and shopkeepers... So I really requesting to the owners of this game that please improve it! I love this game, make other games like this game also. Thank you !😀
I like this game very much but I have gave 2 Stars for this game because this game has many bugs so fixed fix it in the next update its graphics are not good fix them also and sensitivity is also not great of a player and of cars and update has not came from 1 year so fix it quickly so that people like this game and people say it as Indian GTA V
This game will just waste you time please dont download this game first of all to do missions we need to earn 5 lakh rupees which takes a lot of time ok now leave about time waste but the worst thing is after completing only 2 missions the game ends ,why it is because these developers just gave the game to play store by only completing 40 percent of the game . At last I request you to not download the game
Anybody tell me what to do after making passport, game is really good, there are some books in this game and some like we cannot see full map. Graphics are poor but hope you will update it's graphics. -Bhai The Gangster.
I loved it what I say about it. story is awosme. vehicle are also unbleveable.who thinked there is a helicopter in a game under 100mb. The map is to big it took 10 mins to go to every place in the map and I think the map is too big. I wanna suggest something. Pls make part 2 I am waiting for it pls. And you should add swim option. And pls just fix some bug like I found a big tower in front of Bhai house which sometime fall inside house and jam the way to out pls fix that. Full support from me.
This game is amazing i like this game but i gave 4 star because i can not change my dress add dresses this has weopans but not dress ok so try to update a dress and update a full story please
Approach is good but I noticed major cons 1.When the characters r talking or something their lips r not moving n mouth is not opening...plz fix that. 2.Make the graphics more realistic and plz I request ur team to remove ads...I have uninstalled for ads only...plz do consider our feedback n implement then who know it will be top Made In India game🙏🙏🙏🙏🇮🇳
This is best game for android devices and it is also like gta but some things i did not like when we drive helicopter few minuts later helicopter is blast please fix this then i give 5 stars over all grafics and conterol are veryy good i like this game.
best game like gta 5 and made in india some bugs i hope they fix soon... and story is very good i liked the game i am playing from 5 days and i very loved it plZ install the game 😊😊😊
This is a very good open world game . In this game there is a good story but why did you not any update on this game? If you bring update more than it will became another no.1 game in play store but what are you doing? The mission of Bangkok when will come . Please bring the another 60%update. Other wise this is very good game
This game is good no doubt but after completing certain mission we have to to the Bangkok but in this game their no way to go Bangkok.So in the new update we need the way of Bangkok please Or else game amazing.When I play this game I have feeling of playing gta of low graphics.there is no issues graphics but certain things are their that it should be rectify in the upcoming updates.🙂 WE ARE WAITING FOR THE UPDATE😃😃
I have given 4 stars because game has many glitches and u should update the game and fix it and also the missions are not complete the story is not complete pls try to update it ASAP
Nice game but there so many bugs fix these bug and why there is only to save shila location and why we can't go bankok please add the bankok fast
This game is good but I kill people in this game the person are invisible and this game graphic is very low this game i like 1 I will talk to other but the game is amazing
I love it but reason of 3 stars is adds a lot of adds I m making a video right now in YouTube and my viewers will comment me that it has a lot of adds and second is It has a lot of glitches like Jumping in we het stucked and we have to start this game again U should fix this game if you fix it I will rate it 5 stars That's it thanks
This game release in 2018. And now 2021. 2-3 years.why not update this story. This is only 42% complete.this is the main reason why i not give it 5 star
I like this game. This game is very well. We are feeling the same as we are looking at the world of film. I think it's a good way of doing a lot of work.
This game is the best game in the world but their is no multiplayer online and chat Ithink you should add multiplayer then this game will be super duper awesome game😀😊
Very bad game the problem is logic who gives 10 lakh Rs to tell a thing and 5 lakhs for passport and you didn't update it is not getting over pls make the ending and it has a ton of bugs sometimes when is jump it would be soooo high and I fall and die or the player would be uncontrollable.
I played it because it is made in India! This game deserve 5 stars but I am giving 2 stars because this is game contains many bugs and ads. Game should improve its gameplay and graphics. If I drive a vehicle near water my vehicle blast why? And when Bangkok update comes in 2077? Overall game was not 👍 and not 👎 . It's average.
Firstly this game didn't get lag in my phone. I love this game , I get attached but after I buy passport there is no Bangkok. I really want new update.
This a nice game if you want hindi game this for but one I don't like is that you can't open the map and mark those locations and if your see this so pls add a icon for the airport
This game is awasome but some suggestions are 1: Update the game and add Bangkok mission as fast as you can. 2: Add more cars and guns and most important please Bankok mission laoo
the control of guns is worst and if it touch with water the vehicle got blast Or if your vehicle got blast then you have to buy a medpack and after giving money to second person there is nothing in this game and if you are playing taxi mission you place will near water so this is little badso you should update some things in this game and the game is little lagging if I jump near water it got stuck and if I jump in bedroom it also got stuck. But the creavity of this game is apperciating
This is good game but it do not have story line after getting Passport . I will give 5 stars when full Story line will come
Good game but at the task to go honkong it's don't gives us honkong's location in our map and we cannot open our map so,this game needs more development
The game is full anoyying things like the following 1)when you die you have to buy medpack 2)it can't properly jump 3)when it spits there is not a single drop of the spot 4) graphics are low quality And on and on on List is endless Warning:-don't download your top floor will be empty.
This game is good but i spend 5 lakhs rupees for passport then i did not go to bangkok . It is not see the location of bangkok kancha bihaari . Why ? The new update of this game is come how? When. You make his new uptade
The game is very good but you should add English language and the graphics is okay but need more development
Payback 2 is better than this game because if you take helicopter and crash into building it will blast immediately but in payback 2 if you crash into building first nothing happens but if you again crash then smoke will come. And in this game i finished the mission and I can't go to bankok update for this two things
Ok good but graphics guns are very good but there is only one problem that is You add guns like Thompson AWM and some good vehicles
Very nice game, But it is not completed it is in development. I only request that they develop this game as soon as possible.