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Best Fiends Stars - Free Puzzle Game

Best Fiends Stars - Free Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. located at Kaivokatu 10 A 00100 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They force you to purchase rewards you earn while playing. I refuse to make the purchase and then the make offers over amd over trying to guilt you into purchasing something. Using the word "are you sure you want to miss out on this offer?" Takes away from the fun of playing. Time to delete app
This game starts off real fun then it's starts with the ads which they obviously make money from however that's not enough money for them as the developers stick in levels that that are impossible to beat without purchases at the in app store. Why offer free apps if all you want is for players to spend how about being upfront and making your apps purchase only at the get go, sadly 1 star for plain greed. Google how about lowering your commission on in app purchases your making a killing on adsΒΏ?
Unimaginative levels, poor planning, luck and money driven, and honestly, the same thing over and over. I realize this could describe 90% of free to play puzzle games. But seriously taking the worst parts of this game (slime, cacti, etc.) and filling up the map. Some of the objectives are outrageous (like needing to destroy 90 blues when 3/4 of the map are cacti). So pretty much luck if you get the colors you need... Or, buy your way through moves.
I'm not sure what's going on oh, you want me to contact you but you won't write down here what the problem is - the odds are off again and have been for3-1/2 hrs. In several parts of the game you're offered a reward if you watch an ad but the ads aren't there. This is been going on for quite some time and I'm wondering if it will ever be fixed. I can't send to email because I have to go 5 miles to the library to send an e-mail. Like that's going to happen when gas is over $5.80 a gal.
I love this so much it's so addicting and so colourful. Its so adorable too. The creativity is the best. Best Fiends Rock🀘
Really fun game it does prompt you occasionally to purchase packages but that's about it not a ton of ads fun to play
NEW. REVIEW: Seriously expects us to get 3 stars levels to get 1 ribbon for the event. This came with no explanation/warning. This game is no longer fun. I like getting slugs. That is what this game is based on fiends versus the slugs. What do ribbons have to do with that? My whole team hates this. If I could give this game negative stars I would.
I love playing this game & you don't have to buy anything in order to advance and keep winning. Great game for killing time, definitely reccomend playing on mistplay though that way you can play to earn gift cards because this game is addictive.
I love this game. Great features, gameplay, graphics, and more. Some of the levels are way too hard to beat with such few moves. I keep at them though and I eventually beat them. But I still love it πŸ’ž
I LOVE THIS GAME Its so much fun helps pass time. And its something I can play with my kids which makes us all happy! Thanks keep up the good work fixing the bugs and lagging issues!
Good graphics, time consuming ( if you let it ) I agree about badgering you to purchaces things. That's the only thing I dislike to. o
Words cannot describe how much I love this game!! It can be challenging but ultimately winnable, which is important to me. Lol! A must download!
I love this cute game! The Fiends are Adorable and original lil creatures! Way to go SERIOUSLY! You did it again πŸ’œ πŸ’™ πŸ’œ πŸ’™
Awesome & challenging game. But beware, can become addicting, with the leagues. But playing league's is an option, you are not forced to play. Just close by clicking the X in upper right hand corner and off you go on your own. Also, you don't have to watch the ads, only if you want the bonuses. Nobody works for free. Levels do repeat but still fun. Very entertaining! It beats those chinese developer's games for paypal cash. Which is a scam. You win nothing! I'd rather play here and have fun.
Very satisfying and addictive..so far hasn't become difficult to progress without spending real money, unlike other games.
Love the game would have gave it a 5 if not for the ad about paypals stops me from watching ads. It gets stuck, or it's trying to force me to say yes.
Love this game but for the last 24 hours I can't play the levels can do everything else but play. Very annoying
Have played the other versions of this game and this one is by far the best one, with the cleanest design of all F2P games out there. You can pay for extras, but still can have fun and challenging levels without spending. Well designed and their support is the friendliest.
This app is pretty much like the original Best Fiends. The graphics are great. The levels are a little easier than the orginal to complete. Fun to play.
I like the game a lot. Play it every night great way to pass the time. The event currently that playing seems to be hard to collect the 2-3 star ingredients even if you have more than 3 moves remaining. It seems to be giving the same ingredients that I currently have already.
This is a fun game & graphics are excellent but I get stuck on levels & lose interest easily. To me the game is a little to difficult but you may really like it & be much better at playing it than I am. Starts off really easy & gets pretty hard quickly.
Hi, My name is Crystal and I'm addicted to this damn game. Yup, the ads finally got to me and I tried it. Now I'm stuck. Hahaha
Some levels so hard all your coins are used. The naturally the only way to replenish is to purchase. Why aren't there options to watch commercials for those of us are short on money due to COVID?
Update: Finally got it but it takes awhile to get the harder items and can be a bit frustrating. Still playing though! Normally I love this game but I've been playing Bea's Bakery since the beginning and I can't get the plum. This won't let me pass the bread level and others on Facebook have gone way past so I know it's not unobtainable but it is very discouraging. Otherwise, Star levels aren't bad but they come around too soon.
Customer service won't reply to your messages. Game won't allow you to pick team your on. I was waiting 14 days for a team member to help and they never did. I wanted to change teams and it won't allow you. So I deleted the game. It makes you use all your bonus in order to move on just so you will buy there bonus stuff. This game is all about money in there pockets.
I love this game. Having a tough time getting the spinach for the last dish I need to make. It has been a few weeks now.
Very addictive!!! I love it!!! Could up the coin winnings tho or lower the cost of the bombs. I don't mind watching the videos for extra ingredients and coin but still takes forever to save up just to get the cheapest bomb. Not saying raise it a bunch but at least half of what you give now. I won't stop playing but it's just a suggestion.
I like the game. The bonuses are warned through the game, so there's no obligation of buying them to progress. The game is fun and cute.
Tried Best Fiends (all versions) because of my favorite podcast. If they love it, I knew I would too. Great recommendation! (Podcast is True Crime Obsessed)
Entertaining and cute characters but I still prefer the original. Just started playing so I'll update again later.πŸ˜‰
Love the game. My hubby and I challenge each other. The only drawback is, I finished level 1800 and found out there weren't anymore levels, Star League is okay but it's not the same. Need more levels
Love this game! I am 70 years old and need something easier than a lot of the games out there. Love the cute characters! THANK YOU
I like this game the best out of all the matching games. I like that you don't have to go straight in a line. That I can see the "magic" line connect them pieces. N I can change my mind n go backwards to erase the "Magic" line.
Absolutely great. And levels are a challenge but you can still pass them. You don't get bored and irritated because you can't get through a level.
This game holds your attention. Its has easy levels and difficult levels. Fun characters and games/challenges within the game itself.
It's fun and easygoing. I think it is a good passtime game for when I'm overwhelmed from other games on line that get frustrating after a while.
It goes from easy to difficult and back and forth all the time. I would enjoy it more if it just got a little harder each level rather than back and forth.
I love this puzzle game so i'm going to rate this game a five star its really fun to and something to do to to past the time away to.
10/10 game awesome levels but they are a little tricky but other than that awesome game recamend to anyone of any age
It's a funny game BUT you must to pay real money for everything : coins, lives, boosters... So, you don't pay, you don't play, no more fun!
A really decent game, nice and relaxing. Sometimes intentionally wants you to spend items/gold in order to progress, but other than that no major complaints.
OMG! I became addicted to this game can't put it down it's fun I mean for such a simple game it really a lot of fun learning isn't near like other games but I'm playing it through a gamer app manager. But try this game you'll love it it's very enthusiastic.
Been playing for years. Fun, challenging and can play for a few minute or hours. Great for all ages and its free if you want it to be, definitely not pay for play!
I've had more fun playing this game than any other game I've ever played I enjoy it so much yeah however level of your move so watch out but other than that it's great no problems trying to move along anything so yeah I recommend this game
I have a great time with this app/game! It definitely keeps my attention and to top it off... I never have any problems while playing or with the updates... My opinion "Seriously presents" "Best Fiends" you guys did amazing with this edition!!! Keep up the great work
It's a great game almost addicting once you start playing it. Defiantly not what I was expecting after downloading it. It's a must try game especially if you like games like candycrush. And the best part is they have events and videos so your always earning prizes.
When you win a game, the screen frezzes up and you have to disconnect and reboot game to continue playing.
You'll have a great fun time ......... until ........ level 60, where the difficulty is stated as high and such will repeat like that hoping for your money to get thru each time.
You will watch a million ads. Ad after ad after ad. The whole game is designed to keep you watching ads. It is pay to play bc you will spend hours of your life that you're never getting back watching ads about skinny teas and makeup and diets and shape wear until your eyes bleed. The original is a million times better than this farce. Don't waste your time (unless, of course, you love watching ads about laxatives disguised as teas)
Love love love this game. Especially love the teams aspect of the game. There are glitches sometimes, that's to be expected tho... but customer svs is great. At least they have been to me.
I like this game a lot. Lots of ways to win free coins. The only thing I don't care for is star league. Too boring. Same puzzles over and over and lasts too long. Adding to this review in 2021. I stopped playing for a while and came back a few months ago. The amount of ad videos is unreal. And these new events making items are ridiculous. I spent over 4 weeks needing 1 item to finish a tier of drinks. And I play a lot. Very frustrating to say the least.
Nice game. I liked best friends better but lost my progress. This game needs a little more work. Stars are slow to come by... to get 3 stars you need less than 3 moves remaining but you can't replay the level. About power ups, they are not particularly good, they only give you 1 move advantage. The weight drop could be great that it cleaned all the column. Crashes when I am about to win and wait too long to make a move.
Love the game. Ihave trouble getting from screen to screen, it stops the game and I have to start all over I never get the free stuff as it does this. THANK you.
Very great game but also play best fiends but want take up all space won't let you move more unless keep updating that is wrong I spend money on boosters and can not play unless keep updating like now but would take your money and can't play game but only have 4 games download take all the room want me to get rid of everything even my Duo and messenger not fair want money back can't move forward on game unless delete all apps
Fun little puzzle game. Would give five stars but it constantly wants you to make in app purchases which gets very annoying.
I started with the 1st game n have been playing this one for 1yr +. N yes i stopped playing the other cuz of these issues. I do get stuck but with the events n daily items ive never spent a dime. I use bombs or money u can earn by the events for extra moves. I refuse to pay real money for fake money in a game. I have won many events n actually finished the drink event 2wks ago....was it hard? Yes! I play my butt off at times n other times i play casually so i must admit im addicted!
Fun and addictive game. Sometimes aggravating as well especially when the big slug throws out little slugs to block your play. Very fun game to play.
Love the game but how about making it to where when you get VIP status you could maybe add some gold to the wheel or make other ways of winning gold? Friends gifts, some other way than buying it all the time? Just a suggestion... will give 5 stars if that ever happens
I haven't found any flaws so far and it's Pretty easy to keep the game going ..the game keeps you busy in the game the graphics are great and the names of the fiends are very well imaginative i would have to say i personally think it's great ...all ages can try this game and have fun at it that's a fact...i am over 50 and not easily entertained but i am thank you been on it all day and already passed level 50 ...i wouldn't have known about the game if it weren't for mistplay ...nice job!!
The game is great but I'm not really knowing how to get rid of those sticks of dynamite But it's still lots of fun.
Very entertaining. And you just want to keep going! It's super exciting to see what character is going to be revealed next! The levels are quick and fairly easy to do..
Love, love, love this app. I have lupus & my short term memory is really bad, however with brain stimulating appsbim fighting back!
Good game because it doesn't have ads popping up every minute, but it could have bigger amounts of money to play for.
Star league is terrible every few days the same levels. Then when you get the new levels im passing them with 19 moves left. Feel as though the first 1000 levels were good then it was all down hill. Im done playing as of today.
I can not move pieces I've unistalled and updated restated my phone nothing emailed them did what they told me and still nothing I can't match any of the pieces if I can't even move one piece it still could not be fixed I uninstalled the game
The update was not really a good one. You cannot get free ingredients after each level anymore. Because YOU NEED TO WATCH LONG ADS before they give you an ingredient. Thinking of deleting this game already. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
My fave thing about this game is being in a team and helping others. But recently I've ran into a problem... It says I can't chat and help with gifts because I'm not connected to the internet even though I am, and I've tried 3 different Wi-Fi's. Pls fix :(
Most upset got a fair way in game then google had an issue and I couldn't play the game as it kept closing same with a few other apps I'm in I've lost
Less strategy, more relaxing than original. I'm not sure if this is simplified for kids, but as an adult even I appreciate the simple relaxing fun of winning almost every time! I still like the original when I want a challenge, but Stars doesn't make me decide which fiends to use or which fiends to upgrade, so it's better for relaxation.
Fantastically Fun game!! Brightens my day, and can play for a few minutes or hours... still love it. Thank you for making a game like this!
Shame game keeps freezing and videos constantly not being able to be shown. If freezes mostly when doing well in league games.
I really enjoy playing this game but it still becomes unresponsive, if this cannot be resolved I will have no choice but to uninstall it. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
Been having issues with getting bonus bombs, coins etc - the video plays and once I close it nothing happens or I get the "im sorry a video could not played at this time etc" and I miss out on my bonus, Or, the game freezers and i have to shut the app down and restart - again missing bonuses etc. Extremely frustrating as i enjoy this game, the other thing I've noticed is is lags during gameplay so dosent register all the colours Ive picked. It's not tablet as all updates, security etc up to date
I love this updated Best Fiends. As I tell developers, I play for amusement and relaxation, not frustration. So the fiends amuse me, and the fact that watching video ads gains boosters is a great plus. Glad I tried again. Quit after playing a long time because the levels got too frustrating and I refuse to spend much money, if any, on "free" games. And this is the ONLY game I have ever downloaded from google that actually makes possible to win a game without spending $$. Good.
B.F. original will always be the best B.F! But this is a decent follow up. You have created not only a great game for the whole family [with a story and character line up), you have created a marketable idea that could go even farther. Youtube key! Thanks to the innovative folks at SERIOUSLY.
Gave it a 2 star now because no matter how good you play it is always one move to finish so you always have to pay coins or use a lot of aids to finish and that's a lot of money . Use to love it
I think it is a great puzzle system that allows your brain to think about all the possible ways one could clear a level. You should most definitely get this game and try it out. I am not fond of free games but this game. Wow I don't even know what to say. amazing
A fun game but its so pay-to-play. I was sucked in, I paid & paid & paid and paid some more. I decided not to pay and it was over. Its so hard to enjoy when it's SOO HARD to progress, soo hard to EARN coins & boosts. The beginning boosts are "OKAY" but the hammers, weights & arrows (REAL HELP) are EXTREMELY hard to come by. I don't mind spending money sometimes but its rediculous how much money is needed to progress. UNLESS u don't mind spending ALOT of $$$, I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
It's fun to play but haven't been able to because my other phone broke and this is a new phone but so far still fun game so if the update is good I'm back but if not like some post have said ok we see if it needs fixing ok ..everyone should download and enjoy like I do..ok so far so good ..
Easy fun. Tries to sell tokens a lott but a click on the pop ups X saves that issue easily. Worth installing.
Too many buy ads and too much data. Uninstalling and bummed out on level 900 something. Oh well. Moving on to next game. :( the new update is too much data I'm not deleting my other apps to support it. No . Uninstalled. Way too little stars to be achieved way too slowly . Just seems all about money which i have spent and still end up losing it due to this stupid cooking update and too much data.. Jeesh. Epic fail. Bummer.
It's a great game like Best Fiends it's another one of my favorites. It takes awhile to get the right ingredients for your recipes you keep getting the same ones a lot, but after awhile you finally get the right ones. It is a fun game anyway they have some new characters not seen in the regular game which I love collecting.
Love the game. I just started playing it and I am on level 56 because it's addicting and I can't put it down. The graphics are awesome with the waterfalls and lake or river whichever one a person would define it as. Its like watching a cartoon. I highly recommend it to anyone to play, kids to adults. You have to check it out.
I use to love this game. I have it on 3 devices. But lately it's been freezing up everytime you win a bake item or watch a ad for a in game item. Plus it won't let you watch ads to get a item for the level you're getting ready to play. Need to fix the bugs team.
So far the levels has been interesting. Good for passing time. Gives you a chance to explore your move before making it. Its all round a fun game
Loved playing this game until I did the last update! Now all I get when I play the levels I get a message stating I can't see the ranking levels because I have no internet connection! This message is on my tablet as well as my phone. If the issue is fixed I will rate higher!
I enjoy playing the game but in all honesty it's a complete rip off. Doesn't matter how well you play. If the game doesn't want you to win you won't. Plus the lag is horrible. Do not spend money on this. As soon as you have gold. It will force you to use it. Also same events over and over. If you win free play time the game keeps you stuck on the same puzzle. I really don't know why I'm still playing. Bordom
So much action. Makes you wanna play forever. But, it says join a team and there's nowhere to click to join team. Very addictive.
After this last update, no more baking ingredients after you finish a level. Also no baskets once you reach a chest. This might just be a temporary part of the game, but, changing it this much while people are doing their best to hunt up the hard to get items is total BS, IMHO. So ready to delete this game. Y'all screwed up Best Fiends too because, IMHO, y'all are greedy for money people would now have to buy to play that game.
Fun, challenging and addictive!! I absolutely love the best fiends and then I got best being stars and it's hard to decide each day which one to play so I play them both.
Finding it very entertaining and challenging. Enjoyed Best Friends and this sequel is tougher with more details you need to watch out for. Finding the constant request for a purchase rather annoying.
I've been playing this game for a while and it's one of my favorites. Only thing is I'm not really a fan of the Star League section, and it seems to take forever to get some of the ingredients for the baked goods. Otherwise I enjoy this game a lot.
Nice game but have had a problem with it I am waiting for a reply to my question the problem has been resolved thank you
I like the super cuteness. Everything is cute, the fiends, the slugs, the skulls singling a hard level, and the suicide birds. My only complaint is that I miss the freedom the first Best Fiends offer. The freedom to choose my fiend team and the look of the fiend. Otherwise it's fun game.
In all honestly, when Best Fiends (the original) first came out, I tried it and didn't like it. So, when Stars came out I tried IT and I can honestly say I love it. I'm not sure what made the difference for me between the two but I am hooked on Stars. Everything about it is enjoyable.....from the fiends to the games to the graphics. Thank you for Best Fiends Stars. It is so much fun I have to remind myself to stop playing.
Game is slow and legs also slows my phone down it used to be better than this so i uninstalled it update developers the issue that i mentioned don't have any thing to do with my device your app doesn't crash it's just buggy slow sluggishness all my other games play real smooth but your game doesn't so check your game before you try to say it's my phone because it's not
I changed from a 5 star to a 3 because everytime I update the game I have trouble playing it and it gets frustrating... Please fix
The reason I have initially given this game a really low star rate, is because it took an age to install, and after other ratings...I will not pay money for any games
An interesting and entertaining game but sometimes it takes awhile to get actually playing something.
Just an obnoxious money grab. Nonstop popups and offers bombard you. Spend more time trying to avoid spending money than actually playing.
Fun game. I can play for hours on end. It can get very challenging at times, that's what makes it even more interesting!
The game is fun but I dont like the adds & the shaking you down for money in order to do kinda important parts of the game , like its great u can play but so much ud have to buy to move forward & I cant do that
I really like this game, except for the facts that 1. It takes so long for it to load. 2. Everytime I'm in the middle of playing a level, it stalls and then kicks me out and I have to wait for it to load and then start the level all over again and lose a life. Very frustrating to the point of uninstalling it.
Puzzles are challenging yet fun. No ads unless you want them to earn extra booms or food. Highly recommend.
*Always anorher uodate. Toi many things running. Im about to delete. (Deleted stars). Been a fine experience thus far. (Hope i didnt jynx it) After playing for a while, its not that great. Ads for everything, dont get enough moves to win a level. When u get free bomb 4watchingAd, U must use it first move. Keep updating...which too me is taking away my space.
Would rate zero stars if possible. Everytime get close to a goal for a special event, the game locks up and has to be shutdown. I can play for an hour and it only locks up when the goal or prize appears. Then the games has to be restarted and all progress is lost. Happens even when money is spent on the game.
I love this game! It's addicting, time consuming, fun and has good graphics. The only thing I dislike about it, is the ads that pop up after you've finished a level every time. It would be nice if there wasn't so much of them AFTER EVERY FINISHED LEVEL and the only way you can get no ads if you get VIP or something like that.
I really like Best Fiends Stars, since I started playing I can't seem to stop playing. I only hope after coming so far, that I don't lose any of my scores/points as I have, when I upgraded, and had to start from the beginning after getting so far. Other wise I really like this game
The first 500 levels of this game I was thrilled to give it five stars. After star league , puzzles taking hours to solve constant glitches you kept adding new things but with the new additions puzzles got harder and glitches got worse. The prices for the purchase of boosters is insane. This encourages enormous amounts of cheating which happens regularly. People have the ability to steal unlimited coins and boosters. Which they do. If you don't pay to play support just humours you.
I absolutely in love with the game. It is more manageable then the original game and is more involved.
A fun game but its so pay-to-play. I was sucked in, I paid & paid & paid and paid some more. I decided not to pay and it was over. Its so hard to enjoy when it's SOO HARD to progress after ur past 200 & soo hard to EARN coins & boosts. The beginning boosts are "OKAY" but the hammers, weights & arrows (REAL HELP) are EXTREMELY hard to come by. I don't mind spendin sometimes but its ridiculous how much money is needed to progress. UNLESS u don't mind spending ALOT, I DO NOT RECOMMEND!
I like the game a lot but my piggy bank is full and I'm not paying for another one so all my earned coins are going down the drain. Uninstalling.
Unfortunately im really addicted to both fiend games so bad i have on my phone and my boyfriend's phone. When u get to 1000 and over the problem is wont let u get extra stuff when passing level u dnt get prize u pass level. Its like its stuck u cant pick pize or move ahead when won turn off game to start again
Love the game, when it works. It constantly freezes, shows there's no internet connection (but I have no issues anywhere else) It will freeze in the middle of reward videos, causing a loss of reward. I have none of these issues with any of the other games I play; just this one. Clearing the cache and force closing doesn't help. The only way to make the update to the latest vesion of game to work again is to restart my phone. Also STOP CENSORING THE CHAT! The word "cussing" is even censored
This game is very different from best fiends.... I am now addicted to Both! I just started playing this one a couple of days ago... and I really enjoy it. Love all the bombs.. and special items u get to use to beat those darn slugs! Great game! would definitely suggest to someone who likes to play puzzle games!
Keep the collection of free basket any time of the day or reduce the duration of cycle to 23 or 22 hours .
I really like the game and I would have given it five stars. But I don't think it should cost 95 gold coins for 4 more lives. I'm beginning to feel like its just a money maker and it smarter if I just uninstall.
Love it! It's a terrific challenging game that I enjoy and my autistic daughter just loves to help me with. She has a blast & I like that it's kid-friendly so I can let her play with me. Thanks developers! Keep up the great work!
I love this game, except as you progress you have to make increasingly larger (more expensive) purchases in order to find the rare ingredients needed to move further into the game. I hate to have to delete it, but continuing to try without spending money just causes me frustration. Good Bye Best Fiends Stars.
There seems to be a major problem with the Empire game ad. - link to the Play Store works but there have been many times this morning this particular game ad is showing up but does not produce any time clock so the ad does not produce any gift, but tells you to come back and play another time. Perhaps you can have your marketing departments get in touch with whoever your third-party ad company is and get this fixed once and for all. This happens on many different ads.
On hard and super hard levels it really doesn't matter what you do. The game let's you win when it's ready. Don't fall into the purchasing trap. A lot of lag and way too many ads.
It's okay. It is almost the same as Best Fiends but it has a different scoring system and rewards are different. I prefer Best Fiends and don't really need to play both. I got bored with this one after a couple hundred levels.
This app uses your device storage to dump all of its junk. I have to clean my device every level. It constantly freezes and the game play is slower than a dead snail! If there was a rating less than 1star that's the rating it deserves. If you enjoy being aggravated and frustrated then this is the game for you πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Love the game. But for 2 days it will not download, has been updated and said to check internet but nothing wrong with internet
Very cute game even the adds are bright and colorfully the play is relaxing the sounds are fun and the characters are cute download the game it's definitely worth your time
Fun!!! But All Star competition last too long, not enough of the regular game so I can build up my characters.
This is a great game. It's pretty easy in the beginning, but levels get more strategic and harder as you go. Very challenging but lots of fun, too. I'd recommend this game to friends and family.
Great game but think its not good it costs you 95 coins for lives. 30 or 40 would be more affordable. Would recommend this game to everyone
The game is fun and challenging. However, the ingredients are a pain. I need 1 specific ingredient to move on and been opening baskets for over a week for it with no luck.
I love the fiends. The graphics are awesome and I love playing this game. I enjoy this game it truly is a stress buster and fun and doable. There are plenty of prizes, bonuses, and awards. Yes the fiends are hot
I like this game because i get real opportunities to win and that its very rewarding unlike other games were your frustration just keeps increasing.
I use to play the first fiends game but it always froze..this new (improved) fiends is so much more fun and challenging!