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Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles

Best Fiends - Match 3 Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. located at Kaivokatu 10 A 00100 Helsinki Finland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Most recent update stinks. The music notes are very sparse. I'm almost at level 1900 so I've been playing a long time. It's taken 2 days to finish only half of level 1. Guess they weren't making enough money and now make it impossible. Not fun.
Its pretty addicting. I like how the lives aren't limited like in other games. You can play a board as many times as you need to to win. And if you accidentally click on a board u already played it lets you know. There's a lot of stuff going on so i didn't really know what i was doin @ 1st but i got the hang of it quick
Great game until the last update.. Went from fun and challenging to just challenging with less rewards. Also incredibly stupid in game currency,you need a certain amount of yellow bugs and blue bugs to buy things and if you don't have enough you have to use diamonds that (after update) are impossible to gather. Also you have to use 10 gold bars to get 5 extra moves which is absolutely asinine. So you have 4 currency items in which 3 are incredibly difficult to obtain
I love this game!! You can absolutely play and advance without spending money. There are many opportunities to earn items to help build up your guys. Always new and fun challenges happening. Different side missions etc. Levels are challening, some more then others, but so much fun!! I recommend this game!!
Fun game, good balance between ease and challenge. Main gripes: 1)There should be another way to win gold bars, even if one at a time. 2) Two ads for two spins on the fiend of fortune is too tedious. 3)What are the diamonds for???
Been playing this game for years but recently they keep changing how the special events work. if it aint broke dont fix it!!! All they keep doing is making stuff harder to pass without spending money. And why do they even have a "jackpot" on the fiend of fortune? just make it a +5 keys spot because that is all it ever pays out!
I like this game a lot but sometimes I get close to not wanting to play anymore because every now and then it will just count all the colors that I have and collect them as if I am done while my finger is still on the screen trying to finish collecting! Wth is up with that?
this is one of the game that i never get bored!! love the game so much plus it is not annoying.. you can play while online or offline! the gift and the mission are interesting and love it so much!!! never been so addicted to game like this..🀭🀭 i usually getting bored after several times of playing but this one! nope!
You have successfully made a β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† game into β˜†. Now you cannot get diamonds in crates what you do get is useless because you are not able to progress. It is a shame you could not resist the opportunity to "fix" something that was not broken
Love the game, but there is no possible way to complete Bo's quest, level 28. Extremely disappointed. Also,no place to get suggestions or help. You can't get the last star shell or the 3 water drops because they are behind the electric fence!!!
After playing and not being able to put da game down, I would honestly say that this game is so good ,And i i would also dare to say that this game is 10Γ— better that saga,crush, angry birds all those diy home games, I say this cause i had all those other games and a few more and I've abandoned all of those for this game and I love it can't stop won't stop!!!!πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€―πŸ€‘πŸ‘»yeaaaa!!!
Annoyingly frustrating when you know you need one more move to complete any level and don't have enough moves left or not enough gold bars to buy extra moves. Wish you could use blue meteorites to upgrade fiends or buy things as have plenty of them. Totally addictive game and great fun to play Thank you for such a fun game.
Will be deleting this game. After the latest update the items for the challenges that were collected during a level are now only kept if the round is won. Before, those items were yours regardless of winning or losing. Many of the levels, once you get up high, take multiple tries unless you use your gold to buy additional moves. It seems the game is now attempting to force players to make purchases in order to complete the challenges and I choose not to support such a game.
I've lowered my star rating. At one point, it was 4 stars. Now it's just at 2. This is mainly because of the fact that there is a new update almost every week! Updates for this game used to be fun and exciting, but now they've become regular occurrences. Not very exciting and new anymore. I wish the updates were more spaced out, like before COVID-19 hit...
Lower levels were a lot of fun. At about 200 it starts making you go through a ton of lives or spend money. I always spend some money for games I like, because they deserve compensation for the games I play. But I can't afford to pay employees entire pay checks! Worth playing if you want to play 10 lives and wait for more.
I like the game, it's fun, and I like the characters and animations, but the levels are really hard like level 105, I'm still stuck on it after 4 hours of trying and I almost make it and I run out of moves. I do hope that you could earn gold for free some way because I cant buy moves or get any better fiends. But, in the end, the game is fun I recommend it but goodluck!
Highly addicting, I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from this game. While you have to watch ads to progress on certain tasks, you do not need to buy anything. I've been playing since january, and the levels may be tougher without more powerful characters, they are still achievable. I'm at level 2950 and I haven't purchased anything
Love the game, only negative side and the reason I'm not giving 5 stars is cause the gold is almost impossible to get unless you pay for it! May I had I'm now near level 970 and I see this game CPU wanting you to buy deal and not letting you pass any level until it wants too, lower to 3 stars cause too much rigged!
This is well was a lot if fun, but when you are stuck on same level for more than 2 weeks as seems impossible to pass it is not worth the time and effort,no matter how hard or many times you play you get stuck on some levels.
I can't stop playing! This game is so addictive. The characters are cute, and you can add costumes etc. You have way more lives than most games, and you get several chances to have unlimited lives playtime through the challenges they change out weekly or with holidays. Definitely worth the space in my phone.
I had this at 5 star's until the last update. No diamonds in crates anymore? I cant upgrade my fiends anymore. Not happy. I have bought plenty of items on your game, but I can't move forward anymore. Very upset. I marked it up more because I am still addicted. I know you lowered the cost to upgrade. But I'm still sad about diamonds from crates. It's still harder to upgrade the fiends.
Was fun for a while. Nice that you can play offline but it's starting to get kind of boring. Since i got into the 900 levels the stages started getting more frustrating then challenging and it's quickly losing its appeal. 9 times out of 10 you finish 1 move short of beating the level and can spend days stuck on the same level. Iknow you can pay to get extra moves and that's great but it's like their making it necessary now. Finger is starting to hover over the Uninstall button.
i never spent a dime on this game but made it well past level 300, with the sales its not a big deal to buy gold occasionally, but they always give you plenty of choices when it comes to earning gold, vip, unlimited lives, upgrades, etc, and ive never felt pressured. this is one of my favorite games ever made, and if i HAD to make one complaint, it would be that now some characters are only able to be bought with cash but its understandable with all the freebies and the game quality. β˜ΊπŸ’•
Very fun and challenging, but relaxing. Not forced to buy stuff to play. Has actual game instructions, very detailed. Graphics are extremely imaginative, colorful and funny. Whole game plan and structure beautifully done. Many ways to win an abundance of prizes. So much fun. No time clock to compete with. Love it. Only draw back is too many adds if not a VIP member. You recently updated your game and took diamonds away. They are greatly needed if you don't have a lot if blue mites.
I really like this game and have been playing like non-stop since I downloaded it. Its fun and the levels are challenging so it keeps it interesting and makes me super excited when I beat them. I only gave this game 4 stars because I think 10 gold (which is hard to get unless you buy them with actual cash) to get 5 more moves is too much. Why not 5 gold? Or could you make it to where you can earn more gold without making an in-app purchase all the time? Overall, great game just not enough gold!
They will keep you on a level for days until you buy hold to use to move ahead. You miss moving ahead by one color. It is very annoying this game is turning into s money machine and not a fun game anymore. I have spent 120.00 on air in the last two months and I'm not spending anymore money. I will quit this game and find another game to play. Getting greedy isn't going to keep your followers it's going to get your top game to lose followers very fast.
I love this game. And have been playing for years. I'm close to level 3500. But recently the challenges are impossible to win. Unless you spend money. And I have spent alot of money. Upgrade a character with diamonds, that you can only get from a purchase. Being as you can't win an diamonds. So there is no way to complete a task.
It's fiendishly fun!!! Great way to pass the time & keep yourself busy. πŸ˜† I wish there was a way to transfer an existing game to a new phone without facebook (which I don't have).
It's fun. There's tons of opportunity to pay to win, but you honestly don't need to. Rewards are plenty, there's always several events happening, and it's strangely enticing. Some things will annoy you. On the bright side, you know when you're clicking into an ad.
Have fun with it. Relaxing. Be patient, sometimes it will frustrate, but then it comes together! Am getting more frustrated with the game, shouldn't have to spend so much to get through levels, not to mention time. Even at the higher levels it takes several tries to finish. You don't have as much time to get special fiends for the holiday specials, 10 days is not enough unless this is all you do! Used to have more time.
Fabulous until last update. I've made it to level 1387, gained 2 earthworms and completed 3 fiend quests...without spending any money. Since the last update, it now takes a couple of days to complete a board, there are no diamonds and I'm buried under events that run simultaneously AND force you to compete in all 3. You can't decide to only play one event. I understand it's about making money. I also know that spending limited cash on a time-suck is not feasible. Nice ride while it lasted.
Im on level 919. The wheel of fortune is telling me I have to watch the whole video to get the reward, though I do. I even went and cooked brakfast came back hit the x and got the same message. I have also run through the whole 25 day reward option 3 times and never received the 24 hours of VIP play. Whats up? Now, Im level 924, the wheel of fortune is still not working and it is required for the Halloween event and now the 2+ keys for watching an ad is doing the same. Please fix this.
I LOVE this game!!! What I really like about it is you can play this game and you don't have to pay money for every little thing or you can't play like 90% of games this game you can actually play and it's really fun and the characters are really cute I just like everything about it
I'm pretty much addicted... I like that the levels are challenging but you pretty much have unlimited lives so it's not annoying like other games where you're begging friends for lives or having to wait until they replenish. I think this is my new favorite game!
Gold is very expensive and to waste 10 bars when you only use 1 turn, those other turns you paid for should roll over into the next level. It is, it's nothing more than a money grab. Now we have the VERY expensive BOOST levels. We make you guys more powerful. Guess what, if you would update the characters again, so we could do our own BOOSTS, that would be great. Hell I have 61,000,000 yellow, 6,000,000 Blue, and have over 250, 000 diamonds that literally are worthless in this game now.
This was a 5 star game until the last update... you took away the ability to get diamonds from the crates, now advancing in the game is too frustrating. Also the amount of moves given to beat these levels are just not enough, I've had to restart a game many times because I was literally 1 move short. Please bring back the diamonds, I'm not the only one frustrated with the update... read your reviews and fix the issues.
I am totally in love with this game! As you go through levels they get harder but rewards are better. I'm only on quest #810 and haven't even come close to The End! Upgrading your Friends are not only necessary but cute and fun. I do wish they would make more ways to get gold!
I adore this game. If I get stuck, it's never for long. I haven't had to spend real cash and it's just fun! On level 1029 without having to make extra purchases. Update: After the newest update, no diamonds in crates nor fiends from what I've seen. If I have to buy fiends, I may have to uninstall.
I just completed 3216. For the last month or so, if I have to answer a call or go get a drink, etc., when I get back to the game, it opens like I had'nt been there so I lose my extra moves. This blows!!! Can you fix that? If the game is going to start taking things away from me then I will quit playing it! Months later.....still doing it!! My extra moves are gone when I get back! If they're going to take away what I work to get, then I won't EVER spend another dime on this game. I'm DONE.
I'm completely addicted! I can't stop playing. I have to tear myself away, but I can't wait to get back. The only downside in my opinion is that we aren't given an opportunity to earn free boosters like their other Best Fiends game. It's not that big of a deal tho, which is why I still give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. You're at least able to earn extra moves and a whole lot of chances to earn unlimited play time!
Great game! Love to play it. Crisp, clear, cute graphics. Fun tournaments. Levels get more challenging as you progress, but perseverance pays off. Purchases not necessary, but available if you want to speed along.
I love this game! I've been playing for years and have never spent a dime for levels or fiends and I'm on level 1640. Those complaining about the time to beat a level need to keep pushing. Sometimes I beat a level on thre first try, sometimes it takes 10 and sometimes I just have to put the game down and pick it up the next day for a fresh start. Perfectly challenging and enjoyable.
Keeps crashing. Crashes when loading the game. Crashes when trying to open a level. Crashes in the middle of a level resulting in losing any bonuses you achieved. Just not worth the frustration. Don't download or if you have, uninstall. There are better, more stable games.
Is fun to play, but, I was buying from them to be able to "boost" my power during a game, if I didn't use everything I had bought during that session, I would lose everything when I played the next day. Ask why and they will only give them back if I PROVE I BOUGHT THEM FROM THEM, A TOTAL RIP OFF, DON'T waste your time, if you risk your money, they'll just steal it when you leave and before you come back. THIEF'S
This game costs $1,000 dollars over a period of time. You have to constantly update your 50 + different characters in order to play. Do yourself a favor and NEVER buy a boost or golden level timed event, or if you do be ready to see multiple screens that have nothing to do with playing, but everything to do with killing the time alloted for those bonuses. Also, you are constantly asked to purchase, a child in Michigan played her moms game over a week and spent $2300 to advance 56 levels.
I Love this game! I am fully addicted! I'm level 2 thousand something and this game never is boring. I get stuck a lot... And it keeps having events pop up that require you pay real money to win an event, and require you watch commercials now, But I can deal with that . I don't see the commercials untill I'm ready to deal with it.. and I don't plan on ever falling for the spend real money, deal, But Before the update that started all this, This game was amazing, Still it! Just got annoying
This game is soo fun and its absolutely amazing, I've been playing this game for 3 days and I'm already on level 80. I love how you can collect characters and upgrade them its so cute. But their are several pop-ups showing offers and deals to buy, I personally find that frustrating. After quite a lot of levels, the levels tend to get very hard and frustrating to play. But the developers always make monthly challenges so the game is more fun Overall this game is pretty good, and I rate it 4 stars
β˜†A HUGE Factor of whether I choose to use the Gold Bars to add 5 more moves! - You use your move! The next screen asks to continue for 10 gold Or give up! *IF* IΒΏ Remembered(knewπŸ€”) what Level # I am on! Helps.. So is that a POSSIBLE option in the future? Because, the 5th & 10th Levels are kinda Tuff... & Having that Displayed Would be More Encouragement to Make that Purchase!
I am only giving a 3 because in the past you could get diamonds in crates and on the wheel. Now they give items for progression through the quests, like flames right now. Those are easy enough to get in the levels. I often used my diamonds to upgrade my fiends and think it is unfair to take that away now, after it being part of the game for so long.
I do enjoy this game. There are a lot of pop ups , pay and ad opportunities but not intrusive in each round. I can progress without clicking ads if I want. I've been playing for a long time. Some rounds do get difficult, almost to the point of frustration and wanting to stop but eventually get through it. Fun game.
Still hopelessly fixed on the game, played for about six years, I've spent a lot of time in hospital's so normally take phone and if possible tablet, set my own challenges changing fiends to try to complete levels with minimum skills ! But seriously wicked,xgot to play every day, great stuff guys and gals !πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ”₯⚑😎
Updated....I understand the need for ads, I would just like the fake product/scam ads to be removed. The fat melting, lose 45 pounds in 45 days, the $99 backhoe. Highly addicting, I think I'm getting carpal tunnel from this game. While you have to watch ads to progress on certain tasks, you do not need to buy anything. I've been playing since january, and the levels may be tougher without more powerful characters, they are still achievable. I'm at level 2950 and I haven't purchased anything
I can't put this game down! I've waited a while before doing a review, there is always something new to do......not enough time in the day to do it all lol. *****update this month will be 2 years i have played this game. No other game is played on my phone. Always new ways to play so that I'm almost never bored.
This game is fun,but not too hard. I have a visual impairment and I can do the game without hurting my eyes. It allows me to work my eyes without causing too much pain. I want to understand how the money to buy upgrades for the fiends work. It takes more money than it states. It is frustrating.
Use to be really fun to play...was my go to game to relax. But not anymore. Unless you have endless amounts of real $$$ to spend buying endless amounts of gold for boosters it is pretty much unplayable. Playing the same unbeatable levels over and over for hours isn't fun. I've watched ad after ad over the years and purchased gold whenever I could afford to do so and feel I've paid enough to play.
I've been playing this game for over a year now and truly enjoyed it ive never spent a dime on it and yes some levels are very hard but eventually I win it the only issue I have is the new update where you can't keep the music notes you collect unless you win the game and you don't have time to finish the event please change it back when the new update comes out thank you and I still give you 5 stars.
Fun 2 play, but its rigged 2 keep you buying more & more gold- that's gets expensive- I hve 2 refrain from using it anywhere else & saving it for the boss cuz he is hard 2 beat in just one round, it takes multiple tries - just like all the other levels - it gets a little tiresome playing same level ovr&ovr again-so ur tempted 2 use the gold & thats where u get n2 a LOT of money- it isn't fair the game purposely keeps the winning tiles out of reach until u use the gold. Reason 4-2 stars &+ Not 5
The puzzles are fun, and varied enough to be engaging. But it's definitely pay-to-play. It says it's not, but the level difficulty accelerates at a steeper curve than your Fiends can keep up. If you don't buy better fiends, or upgrades for your free ones, you will quickly find your progress slowed to a frustrating crawl. Which seems odd since they brag about over 4000 levels, adding more almost daily. But it's a fun de-stress, wind down, idle time sort of game when (if) you can progress levels.
Okay I'm going to describe this game as adorably cute and kid friendly. It's totally kid friendly the graphics are good and it would have any child going crazy for hours with just upgrading their characters and so forth I think the developer of this game really had something engaging in mind for the kids hey I know a few adults who played this game. It's not the game for me but if I had some children it would definitely be on my to-do list for the children most definitely
My all time favorite game. I've been playing for over 2 years, I'm around level 2 THOUSAND, and I've never spent a dime. The levels do get tougher and tougher but eventually I take a break and make it past! #BestFiends
I play this game all the time, have been playing for years. I have scrimped and saved the gold i earned from events and what not so I could buy an epic friend. As soon as I got 300 gold, all of the sudden I have to pay real money for them. Very annoying. I am not the type to spend real money on games, and I will never be the type. Still love the game, but I had literally been saving for months to buy an epic friend just to find i wasted the effort
I've been playing this game for a year and really enjoy it. The recent updates allayed some frustrations I had at the end of 2020, when I felt the levels became unnecessarily difficult and making the game less fun. But I think the developers have recently restored a good entertaining/difficulty balance, making the levels and Monthly Challenges more relaxed and fun.
I don't mind watching ads for free play....but i am very tired of the inability to shut the sound down on more than half as of late. With a rare condition i cannot tolerate loud noises. It seems the ads are all set to the highest volume at the start.
Just started playing today. Have gotten quite far. No money spent. Lots of fun. So far not glitchy like some of my other games. So far so good. Would definitely recommend this game. Update: Level 50 is impossible. Glitch or more like a money grab where you must buy "help" to pass it. Developers please explain yourselves. I am definitely not impressed anymore.
Very addictive! Haven't missed a day since 10/25/2018 ! And I have never spent a dime of my own money! It's easy to add other players as friends and the game offers FREE GOLD when you play the Special Events. This game ranges from easy to difficult but every board is FUN!
I love everything about this game it deserves the five stars ..only have a problem with so many updates that's the only way we can get to play the next challenge ! I wish the person that comes up with the development of the game would fiqure out another way.
Cute characters. Game is interesting with fun options and challenges. 10-16 Update. Harder to get needed items to evolve characters at higher levels. Annoying! Also no diamonds are showing up in the prize crates for the past few weeks. Used to get lots of them daily. Very disappointing πŸ˜•
This game is equal parts fun and frustrating. First, I hate this whole business model of buying imaginary boosters to win levels that are intentionally made to be impossible. Oh you need to make more blues? Prepare for the blues to suddenly disappear. And be prepared to always be just 1 move short. Don't play this if you're a gambling addict because it's basically like the slot machine always being just one off to keep you pumping in the quarters.
I used to love this game. Now you can't get new fiends or diamonds by opening crates anymore, and that takes away from the fun and excitement. Almost all the new fiends cost real money, not the gold and diamonds that you work so hard to get. I really can't afford to play this game anymore. Sorry, I hate to leave this game, but I can't afford to play.
This is easily my favorite game. I never get stuck on a level for too long, and energy can be easily refilled by watching a couple ads. Already over 1000 levels and the are still a couple thousand to go, plus plenty of events and side levels to keep me going. You won't regret downloading.
The best match 3 game out there. I never get stuck for more than a day and I'm on level 3224! While in game purchases are nice, they are not needed to advance in the game. There's always something special going on! Every month you can easily win 3 different fiend styles, based on the current seasons and holidays. Winning is easy, you can fulfill the goals easily in regular game play! Idk why some are bothered by the amount of events. Personally, I get bored when there aren't events.
I find this game the funnest game ever. It's so unique and one of a kind. You collect bugs with a backstory and special abilities that help beat each level. There's a wheel each day for bonus features and each bug evolves as the game progresses. I really an enjoying playing this matching game. With specific goals and credit for loss levels it makes gameplay fun. Plus unlimited lives is an awesome feature.
Not quite as fun as it used to be. Suddenly all events are exactly the same. And new time constraints mean you have to play constantly to complete challenges. The game is also getting a bit money-grubbing. Playing is starting to feel like a chore. It's a shame, they used to do everything right. But it still beats every other match 3 game out there.
Update: I'm at stage 101 jank free. Some stages are stupid hard but beatable. Made it to stage 50 so far with no jank and haven't spent a dime. Had to restart a few stages a few times to get the rng in my favor but that's to be expected with these types of puzzle games. Still gonna keep this one even if I hit a progression lock which I doubt I will. All in all it's great, it's fun, it's not pay to win and if it stays this way 30 bucks for a character is not a bad way to support a quality dev.
Love the game. Been playing for a couple of years (with breaks!), but current 'Expedition' not advancing scores & support in-game will not accept e-mail address so no fix there then.
Within 30 minutes of being on it I had spent 15$! Enough for a great steak! Thats highway robbery! And I'm sure this won't be one of the comments you let people see! Sure upgrade those little monsters but it never stops!!!!! What happened to letting people enjoy a game without having to worry if there will be food in cupboard next week? You should be proud for ripping off a older bedridden Lady just trying to find something fun to bring some joy to her life.. yup.. real proud.. sincerely Alana W
I used to play best fiends so much ,but with the recent updates i don't play the game as much. I also loved doing the monthly challenges for example collecting flowers or love hearts in the levels, but since you can't get them in the granny slug levels and the other levels I haven't played the game as much. I'm also on a higher level on the map and this make it harder to complete the monthly challenges. Ps I still love the game
I've played the game since 2018, and in the last few months the developers have worked hard to rectify, the destruction previously inflicted. Rewards could still use tweeking as the keys, are really useless for advanced players. ( I have over 10,000) But things are once again moving in the right direction.
Beautiful graphics, bugs are so cute, no player lives so you can play for hours, addictive, hardly any ads, what I like is that they dont make the levels impossible forcing you to buy boosters I always delete games because of that, happy to say you can play this without buying anything. Great game definitely recommend.
Freaking love this game fun just hard enough to make it challenging. It has gotten me through a lot of personal stuff. I highly recommend. Sad I have to buy fiends that I don't earn when there challenge come buy I am quite high in the game and watch have bought items advertised but can not justify buying game play or fiends. PS it is the only game I play
I've been playing this game for over 2 years now. Its addicitve and fun to play or atleast it was until I reached gelatinous gardens in the hero levels. On level 691 the game started running so slow I can't play those levels. This resulted in not being able to finish the monthly challenges. I know its not just a problem on my phone because my husband is on the same levels as I am and his game does the same. This game would have recieved 5 stars had this not happened.
This game is a lot of FUN the colors are bright the caricatures are so cute and can level up all the little guy's you have by earning box to open. It's very enjoyable to play and Helps a lot if you're STRESSED OUT. .. or if you just want to play and be alone and into a Game This is the best on I have played so far the others I have had I have deleted them out because they don't have what this game has by a long shot. ...
It's a fun game, but not enough instructions. I had to keep playing to figure it out. Also, some levels are so hard that you almost have to pay (with tokens, which you only get enough of by buying them). Or you can get some tokens by watching dumb, repetitive ads.
crazy fun and super addictive in a good way!!! HELP! I can't stop playing! WooHoo! Update: still loving the game but every update gets a bit more annoying with all the pushes to buy something, blah,blah, blah. Just remember you can have fun without spending real money.
Please at least consider this: some sort of bomb shows up after a ton of tries pass. I've been stuck with the worst luck in the world on a certain level and it's actually driving me mad. Great game, just need a bit of work
Warning! This is highly addictive 😍 and hard to put down game! I love πŸ’˜ the graphics 😍. I love the cute fiends and other characters! There are so many different challenges to choose from! There's also numerous challenging levels and new worlds to explore! Best Fiends is right up there in my #1 favorite games category πŸ‘! Try it and you'll love πŸ’˜ it πŸ˜‰!
It's a lot of fun, but way too addictive. I downloaded the app around 7 one night, and the next thing I knew it was midnight. The ads are annoying, but I always have things I should be doing, like making dinner or cleaning up, so it works out. I've killed all the boss slugs so far, and I'm at 383. It often takes me many times to get them, but so far it's possible without buying anything.
game controls which symbols fall where, & will switch them if you are close to a really big reward. This is the 6th event I've done and once you win any gold you have to use it to buy the 1 extra move you need to win the next level, or you can't win it, and you will suddenly stop being able to pass the last level needed the last few hours of the event. Try to get you spending small,$2-$10 over & over. The second event is over, a very easy win. Uninstalling at level 1347 after 11 months playing
Love playing this game .But have some misgiving about doing these quests ..it used to be finish at least one ,.now it like two to three different quests in oneThen you got to wait to finish one before the other one open.and it makes it hard to get to thirty .Entirely to much to try and win on either. I'm on level 1216 The fun is slowly disappearing.
Fun and NOT for the Money! I love this game. If you WANT to pay for things, it's fine but you don't have to to advance in the game which is a BIG thing in these games nowadays. This game is on Candy Crush level because it's so fun and you just forget everything else while you play. Thanks for such a wholesome game that doesn't chase the player's money. It just seems as though they want us to have fun and I'm all for it.
It used to be a fun good relaxing game, now there is "events" non stop, forcing you to play a lot or use money to keep up. Before it was events like 4 times a year, now it's 3 at once, every month. It's not relaxing anymore, it's the opposite i find it stressful now, as an adult with a daily life and small children in the house. So I have decided not to play it anymore, until they tone all the events down.
I used to really love this game but eventually the levels become too hard to beat. Playing the same level over and over for 2 weeks becomes boring. My biggest issue is that I use up all energy at least every other day and it's been at least 6 months since I've unlocked a new fiend which is the part I find very satisfying. Then it's announced when other players beat levels and unlock new fiends(which is everyday) just to rub it in. Not good for self esteem. I get it I suck.
Absolutely LOVE this game! Challenging but relaxed; advancing nicely without spending real money; appreciate that you don't lose what you collect if you don't pass the level; appreciate that the ads are not intrusive; appreciate the fiend wheel for rewards; love the graphics and the narrative. Overall it feels like the developers actually want you to succeed. A fabulously enjoyable escape to these stressful times. Well done, seriously, Seriously!
It's really amazing and even when I don't beat a level the will still give me an award for my effort! I love how they give me three keys each level I beat to open three chests with awesome rewards inside! The Feinds are so cute and are always ready for a celebration! The only thing I don't personally like is that the slugs think that they're all the gossip when actually they're nothing but slimy enemies!
This is 100% my favorite game to kill time and have fun. For all of you saying "some levels are so hard you have to pay to beat them", are one of two things. 1.) Impatient. Or 2.) They need to go play Candy Crush or something. It's a game. Higher levels are supposed to be harder. Trust me you can beat every level without spending real money. They allow you to earn gold bars throughout the game. If you are stuck on a level, just keep playing. I assure you, it can be beat.
Honestly, I just started playing the game, my Grammy loves it and talks about it all the time.. I do wish you could get more keys, even if you have to watch videos, but it only offers the 1 video every 30 minutes for 2 keys.. the blue meteorites are harder to come by other than unlocking in boxes.. other than that minor detail, I'm loving the game so far and look forward to moving up in the levels 😁😁
Love Love Love this game...Its very addictive...Great way to pass time..I would say we should have more moves on each level..but all together its a really great game...
Was a fun game but there are no more diamond rewards, you get blue guys more than yellow and you need the little yellow guys more to upgrade and the amount won from crates doesn't increase regardless to level so it takes quite some time to level up guys which means you're stuck for a long time. Lots of ads for purchasing. Buying extra characters is like a minimum of 23 bucks. 5 extra moves costs gold that you have to actually purchase. Not Worth it long term.
Need easier access to definitions of characters & features. Better instructions on how to use special items. I still don't know what the big-eyed blue face is in some puzzles & I'm on level 39. It took several puzzles to figure out how to break crates & use bombs (i.e., how to connect them to blow up where I wanted them to). I'm a senior player age 71, & new to games like this, but I'm enjoying the weird characters & blowing up slugs. I'm a gardener & I hate what they do to my plants & flowers.
I used to love this game, but now not so much. It seems to just have become a cash cow for the developers. The gold is crazy expensive, and despite their denial, the game will come down to needing a final move, and then poof! There go 10 bars of gold. Then maybe you get the winning move. Or, you don't until you spend 20 or more because all of a sudden, the red blocks you need are pretty scarce. It feels like a scam.
3 stars only because if you update the app you loose your win streak bonus. Also, on more than one occasion I've loss my daily gift it'll back it up 3-5 days even though I played the day before. When I've contacted support they blame it on me and or the way I've shut it down. Even though it's done the same way every time, so probably not my fault.
Great game! Bring on a fixed incom, it is nice to have a game yhat you can play for free and watching videos for the pleasure of playing is not a problem. Well done and Thank you!
Great game but why force my to upgrade kwincy when I have woody to complete New Semester challenge. It's a waste of my resources that are hard to come by in the hero levels. New crates a visually appealing. Keep up the good work.
Fun puzzle game..some of the levels are harder too so it's not some consistently easy breeze through game. Extra bonus games to play for rewards are unlocked as you progress through the game. EDIT: This latest update took diamonds out of the chests. They're too hard to get anywhere else so this is a terrible adjustment. -2β˜† EDIT: Not being able to get diamonds in chests anymore is more of a pain than I thought it'd be. Diamonds=more keys=faster upgrades. About to uninstall. -2β˜†
Once you get into the higher level be prepared to keep dropping cash on this game. It takes days to pass a level unless you do. I'm all for supporting the developer but I'm not going to go broke doing it
This game is so fun!!! The graphics are wonderful!!! This is definitely one of the BEST games I have ever played!!! There is so much to do! The game is never boring!!! It is challenging without being annoying!!!
I really love this game. It fun and cute. They only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because to get some stuff u have to buy things. Like to get a car for you little fiends you have to buy 4 gold packs
The game itself it a lot of fun but the "points" or awards are just stupid. The diamond awards are meaningless and can be used for nothing and the blue meteormites are used punitively instead of giving the player the yellow meteormites needed to level up the characters. Don't spend a lot of money playing this one.
Last update really sucks. No more diamonds in crates, you get flames now which you can get in games. Also not as many jackpots, alot less ! Getting pretty money hungry when they know we are in a pandemic, should be giving a little more rather than taking from us players that keep them going. No Shame.
An absolutely wonderful game. I'm so addicted, I can't put it down! What would be great is the opportunity to earn free boosters such as bombs. But without bombs it's still no. 1 x
Used to be a great game with lots of variety back in 2018- 2019. I used to spend a little bit here and there, but no more! I'm at level 3600 & completely fed up with being forced to play the "New World Map" levels to fulfill most of the tasks. The "Boosts" are a joke/ ripoff, because so much time is wasted on pop-ups. The Earthworm challenges are great but now they're practically useless, especially when you have all of the Earthworms. It's becoming EXPENSIVE, BORING AND UNFAIR!
Dam Internet You Scary suggested the app. It freezes, goes blank (white, and black screen) & I lose the game I'm playing, so I lose progress, lives & whatnot. But, it is what it is. I think the extra moves capping at 3 is bs. I also think that the extra moves we have left over after winning a level should be added to the next level we play. It's not a bad game app. I still play it, but only once in while now. Lol, I was pretty addicted to it in the beginning.😨😝
This game used to be a lot more fun when you could use gold to get new fiends and collect diamonds from opening crates after winning levels. With every update they do, they just take more away from you as a player and just force players to pay more money. There are some fiends that you can only get if you pay $22. That's just ridiculous! I've decided to stop playing this game. I likely won't come back since I've made my opinions known to their support centre and it keeps getting worse.
I liked this game. But lately the amount of moves given to complete a challenge is waaay too little. They force you to buy gold for 'extra moves'. Basically a pay to win game now. The amount of promos also gets tiring...
As you advance through the game it gets glitchier, making you waste lives and you can't get past a certain point without spending a small fortune, so i just uninstall and start again because it is a fun game at the beginning and I have found this to be the case on most games anyway.
Unless you want to spend a fortune don't waste your time, the game is designed to make you use gold bars. They claim each level is supposed to be winnable without them but good luck with that. My game has been dropping my long lines of matches after just a three match, making it impossible to get a high score to defeat the slugs. I have complained and was told to restart, uninstall and it keeps happening because it's my "phone" πŸ€”... Okay, except it does it on my tablet as well πŸ’my fault too πŸ™…
I am completely addicted to this one, and Best to, I get very frustrated that there are not more prizes, one thing took 30 levels, and I got to spin the wheel, I spend a lot of money on these games, and think that you should rewared better, then I would not mind spending. It feels like I spend money & get unrewared!
Love love looooove this game. I've told all my fiends about it and they've all joined me. Seriously! An awesomely amazing game. You dont have to spend any real cash! Just play, lose and gather up the needed metermites to UPGRADE THE CORRECT FIEND and advance!!!! Ive been playin since 2017. As for the updates... I assume the guy on level 10498 is hoping for new levels so they can also contunue playing. So quit complaining πŸ˜‚ and try to ENJOY SOMETHING HONESTLY FUN.
I downloaded the game thinking it would be one that I would play a couple levels here & there when I was bored, but it turns out that I don't know when to put the game down. Less than three days post download & I'm at level 100 πŸ˜…. The game play is really simple & allows you to gather items even when you fail a level, which is a really nice change from other mobile games. I'm running out of characters here, but just know that this is an addictive and entertaining game that is highly recommend.
Glitchy and will take your earnings! Every time an ad plays instead of getting a reward, the game will restart. And your reward will disappear. I have written to the developer and never even gotten a single response back after several attempts including screenshots and video. I sent actual video of this game glitching and they never bothered responding. Don't download it, and if you do don't spend any money on it or click on any of the ads or you will lose your rewards.
Truly a wonderful game. One can choose whether or not to see ads. If you do opt in you stilll won't see advertisements unless you choose to. The game does not require purchases to progress, but they are available if you want to speed the process along. Lastly, the developers are connected to the awesome cause of making video gaming more accessible to differently abled individuals.. Bravo!
Overall it used to be a fun game, but now there are way too many events. The epic fiends used to cost the in-game currency of gold, but now they are only available for money. There is no reason to save up gold anymore unless you want a mediocre fiend or an outfit for the normal fiends. The game is serious pay-to-win. I don't upgrade fiends unless it's a mission objective; same with earthworms, lootbaloon, fiend quests.
Love it! Fun and addictive. Really passes the time. There is a problem with the ads though. Some have volume on, and there is nothing you can do about it. Bad if you are trying to play while people are sleeping. It is really loud, and trying to adjust the volume of your phone does nothing.
Been playing this game for years. I like it and the changes they implemented over the years have made this game more and more enjoyable. Would be nice to see an update where you can redo your last move (with a cost of keys, mites, etc.). Sometimes I take my finger away from a move too soon and costs me the whole level. Just a suggestion but overall a good game to play and pass the time