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Bermuda Adventures Farm Island

Bermuda Adventures Farm Island for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SAMFINACO LIMITED located at Alpha Tower, Pavlou Nirvana-Aipeias 1st Floor, Office 11, 3021, Limassol, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was fun for a bit but it takes too many resources to make or upgrade stations. It needs to adjust the amount of stars gained from exchanging goods. Also, as other users have said, earning/finding energy is a pain. I would like to play longer but I have to wait for a nice amount of energy, that is very frustrating. Could you also show what resources come from the items before having to spend energy on a thing that is not beneficial.
Great game. My favorite but need it more grass with garlic and it has glitches when I make supplies. It doesn't count it and I don't get the points for it
I have reached the maximum about of gem stones, I keep collecting but it says Maximum. I would like to know why it stopped there and where is my other progress
I like the game, but is 25 levels all there is? I've been at level 25 for awhile. I keep checking for updates but nothing. If level 25 is the end I'm disappointed. It was a fun game until you can't go anywhere else. Thank you for the update. Now there are more levels, but the experience points are flying up there, but the are not being added in so that I can reach additional levels.
I like the game but as soon as I started the grill part messed up. All it does is says everybody is full. Food won't leave table and can't move food from grill.
I am on level 30. But I have been having problems with the game. I cannot gather any trees or resources from Bird Island except for the five and two resources . I can gather no trees more elements please resolve this problem for me it did not happen until the bonus Island shows up. I also did not receive the statue for the bonus Island.
Not rating until all things are fixed!,can't go past level 25, freezing up,went to bird island got all birds but saying I only have one left,fixed all these problems please love the game!
This game is a lot of fun! Currently I'm having issues with resources ( stone, iron ingot and quartz) regenerating. I collect the 20-25 that seems to pop up every 24 hours but it is becoming very frustrating. Monkey and bird island are down to wood / bark resources only. Other than this issue this game is awesome... im going to try and do the update and see if it helps.
Table disappeared. Even after downloading updates still hasn't shown back up. Have things on the grill that I can't take off because no table.
It is a fun game at first but honestly I'd read all the reviews before investing to much time into this game, quite frankly they need to fix many aspect of this game and the makers don't seem to be bothered by the many complaints of their players.
Customer support still has not replied to me. It has been almost a month. It is best to find some other game to play. I switched phones and I had to start over again. I would definitely recommend not to spend money. I didn't and I am so glad I didn't. Some of the features that are on this game can't be used.
Would have given 5 stars but the thing stopping that is having to wait on energy!! Other than a few tweaks the game is great. LOVE the graphics!!! I wish more games put the effort into graphics like you guys did.. Nice job!!!😊👍
Having issues with leveling up. It is not giving me points for my progress. I was already finished with level 25. Now it started me all over. Please fix.
I had no issues till today I go to start playing the game and it says I need a internet connection and I am connected to the internet
I just gave clay to the Tuk Tuks and didn't get any thing in return. Same with Merchant. I have let little hiccups like this in the past but am fed up with this nonsense. Give me my rewards within 48 hours or I will unsubscribe! It would be NICE to be alerted to available updates. And now that I have updated there is a cloud over most of the sawmill. FIX IT!
Customer support still has not replied to me. It has been almost a month. It is best to find some other game to play. I switched phones and I had to start over again. I would definitely recommend not to spend money. I didn't and I am so glad I didn't. Some of the features that are on this game can't be used. Update: Customer support finally responded but they were not much help. They just made the option to save your progress available with Facebook but it wasn't available before.
Not enough resources,keep running out of energy,and water.not nearly enough water for four animals.their constantly out of water.MORE WATER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!also I'm having resources come up missing.i thought at first it was just me but no I've been keeping watch on how many things I make and have and things are there then gone.i had 6 of the lights that were made in the scout house.now I have 1.whered they go?
I like the game and would give it 5 stars if it would let me finish the first Island. My characters can't go back and forth over the bridge.
I love this game but there's no levels after 30 and still most of the island to explore. Are more levels coming? I love the game and look forward to going further but I'm not going to wait long for an update.
I have reached the maximum about of gem stones, I keep collecting but it says Maximum. I would like to know why it stopped there and where is my other progress , At what point do we leval up ? It is gradually becoming boring and run out of resources , All I seem to be doing is UPGRADING buildings can someone answer me?
I do like the game but it takes so much energy for everything and I can play for about five minutes before I run out. I think that having to have over 900,000 points to move to another level is nuts. Once you have used up resources like grass or rocks or clay....you are stuck. Well, they started putting resources back on the island, in put a lower level to get to the next level, but now it's up to over 900,000 points to the next level. I'm getting tired of this.
Love the game but it seriously needs to be updated. I am maxed at level 25 and can't reach other parts of home island. Will give 5 stars after it's updated. Thanks
I would give 5 stars but all of a sudden it won't let me harvest any clay, rock, or iron ore. Just keeps telling me it's out of reach!
It was a fun and great game until you get so far then there are no resources for anyone to finish it and there is no way to get ahold of support or get help except here if they even help at all. Really disappointed.
Like the game but like everyone else never have enough energy and now my game will not open just a black screen
Why is there only two islands to visit in the game... and then you guys put into your description that there are tons of island to be discovered fix it plz and thanks eles I'm gonna be deleting it...
The game is fun, but its not letting do anything anymore. I cant harvest crops, cut down trees, etc..... I've restarted my phone and nothing.
It is impossible to do much of anything. Not sure how long I have been playing but I have several tasks that I have been working on for at least 2 months and still can not complete. Most games of this type allow you to purchase animals, 1 of each type is not enough. And on top of that I get tasks to complete that can't be done because I can't finish the others. Beginning to loose interest in this game
Thank you so much for updating and fixing the game! I am much more happy now and I understand why you started me over on monkey island. Sometimes we learn our mistakes by starting over! And I needed to do more work on upgrades on the farm and now I can feed my animals! I love this game, thanks!
I just cant stop playing I love how fun it is it will be nice if you can give up more free boms to clear out some trees rocks plants
Fun until all the islands run out of stone, trees and iron, easy in the beginning but once you advance, forget it! An then too you get no updates, no generated land objects to further the game. You cant fill the hot air balloon and the task board at the same time. Since I have to rate to comment, you're lucky to get 1☆. An the only challenging part of this game is when you no longer have items to make products.
Love the game,but I am unable to move forward. I'm stuck on level 25, Doing side missions. No way I will ever meet the obscene number to move to the next level.
I love this game but I am having problems this week. I can't harvest any of the big rocks and trees. It says out of reach but there isn't anything blocking it. Any way to fix this?
The game itself is fun. Until something in the game doesn't work anymore. I restarted it twice. It worked restarting it, but it means I gotta start from the beginning again.
Didn't even get to first base, couldn't get anyone to move to the Bush, the little girl was like close then she turned the other way and disappeared off screen . Sorry ,guess no understanding of this one.
When are you doing an update, 8m stuck on level 25 and there's nothing left to do, no upgrades, no new areas, nothing, I have been waiting for something now for almost a month now and nothing, you need to add more things to do. So right now it is a 1 star rating.
Game is fun BUT 1. I'm topped out at level 25 wasting experience because no more levels to go. AND now won't load because it says I need internet service. I have service for everything else including writing this review but not for the game?? How does THAT work????
I just did my 5th upgrade on my goods she'd and it never gave me my xps, and how can I make butter without an cow, and to reach my next level, I need 960,000 xps. What is wrong with this game.Please fix this, it's the second time it has done this. That's why I only gave small amount of stars
I give 3 stars because it seems they developer's are not creating new adventure islands to explore and I cannot seem to get to the rest of the island as I have uncovered most if not all the forest around connecting walls. I keep ranking up but nothing is happening. Idk love the game still am playing but would like to go to another island after the first 3 islands.
I'm sorry. It started out great but, it's getting really stale waiting to do things that could have been done weeks ago if it weren't for the glitches. Close to calling it quits.
I do like this game. The graphics is good animation is great storyline is good. But there is not enough energy nor is there enough ways to generate energy. On the first island it would be nice if the stone monkeys or the towers either one would create energy. And the well gives two buckets of water at a time and you need four to six buckets of water at a time because you have so many things that you have to have water to produce but you can't. It would seem like the onions are not reproducing.
I love this game. I am having trouble with an island I am suppose to have the painting on that island will not allow me to put it there to go on to the next island. It would only let me put it on the home island. Now how do I get to the pirate island
Having to perform the same task multiple times (I have completed a required task 6 times and only got credit for once) This particular issue keeps popping up on various tasks. Am getting a little fed up with it. It will soon be good bye and uninstall if this isn't fixed. Also unable to link this game to either my FB account or Google Play.
Good game. Very fun but the first time I downloaded it it glitched at level 17 so I Uninstalled it, then re-installed it and now it's glitching on level 22. It says I have 960 thousand stars before the next level. Please fix this.
Started out okay. Then I had to start Monkey Island all over. And I am at level 25 and it says "max". It won't go any further. Disappointed.
I too am having issues. I got to level 25 no problems but now I need almost 10 million points to reach level 26. I'm running out of resources and have no way to advance. The amount of energy you use compared to what you gain is a joke. And to it the fact you have 5 animals, only get 2 buckets of water an hour, and need it to make feed, it sucks!! It's a fun, time sucking game but it definitely needs major improvements. It's like the developers stopped making the game part way through.
i love this game it has so many adventurs and islands u get new stuff and onece and a wile u will run out of energy and thats a little bit upseting but over all ive been staing up all night playing this game so install it and find out!!!! <3 - GREAT GAME
All morning it keeps telling me that I need an internet connection. I wouldn't be able to write this, on the internet, on the same device as the game, if I didn't have a connection. I'm guessing this is the best way to contact you about the problem.
Very frustrating because there is no sheep. The rest of the game has been fun but now you cant play it any longer. Where is the SHEEP!!!!!
I can't load the game it keeps telling me to connect to the internet and I am connected to the internet please fix this I like this game
I like the game but now that I have hit leave 25 it says max and wont let me move forward and it takes my energy I will have 200 or more in energy and come back ant it will be at 72 also every time I plant something or create something in the workshops and leave the game then come back everything is gone and I have to start all over again...if u want people to continue to play this game u need to fix all the problems please...I would love to continue playing but if it's not fixed I'm going delet
Frustrating it says max but I didn't level up stuck at level 25.Says go to some island but not on the map.What could be wrong
I'm at level 25 and it wont go any futher and it wont give me any lemons to go to the next island I've spent alot of money and I've tried to reload the game and now it's taken away alot of stuff that I already did very disappointed after uninstalling several times I'm on level 29 but all the upgrades I've done I lost I had the table upgraded the house mill the storage the post Game I'd is e75f3f39
Everytime I try to play, it says internet needed. Uhhhh, I play many games, no issues. Please fix... and soon.
Love playing the game at first but now it says I'm max in my level and I'm only on level 25 the game won't move up to another level also get kicked off the game after the update I had to redue monkey island
I like this games I would of have it a 5 star but once you go on to one of the Islands because you need to do stuff it won't let you go back to the main island build everything so if you can fix that I'll give it a five star.
Slow asf eng is the slowest. The build time on anything is super slow. The game has a good concept. But I am not putting my hard earned money on none of these damn games. I'd rather go without playing them b4 that happens. U say if its made to fast it won't be interesting, well just look at all the bad reviews yall have gotten that should tell ya that, that response is wrong, To too fast. I'm not looking for too fast but, a game I aint got to wait 30min to get 5 min play time aint fun at all.
I dont like this game for several reasons 1) cant take anything off the grill cause everyone is "Full". 2) need a storage barn 3) give us players something for "energy" ( ie. Energy grill or hot drink for energy) instead of waiting for the energy to go up. Sorry to say that is not the game for me and I will be going back to playing Chibi Island since I can get energy without having to wait. Uninstalling
I was enjoying the game but i have only one quest left at the moment and the resource needed is unavailable. I had opened up monkey island and now i cant use any resources there. Resources are a big problem
I think this is a great game! I enjoy playing games similar to this. With that being said. I just upgraded my "Storage Goods" to a level 6. I turn off game & go to play later. And it shows I never upgraded it & all the items I used to upgraded it are no longer there. Please fix? Now I'm out of clay on all 3 islands. And Monkey Island won't let be clear anything. It shows the "Object is Unavailable". I moved the coffee bar. Would that cause that? Because now I can't move it after upgrade.
Love the game But Bird Island won't clear, would not accept the last 2 found humming birds, Also there is a serious shortage of resources. No rocks anywhere. I can't complete tasks or make anything.
My experience is stuck at 6000 even though I have gotten experience points....why? I can't level up! Very disappointing because I enjoy the game.
I like the game, but it keeps having problems. Main problem is lack of resources! One cow, one chicken, one sheep to fill all the orders and make food for energy is insane! And all the things you need to make are Made in the little mills and mixers you cannot erect without the resources you have to wait an hour for just one of, let alone fifteen or twenty! But the quests are demanding those items you cannot yet make!!
About to get rid of it. Fun for awhile. It has too many glitches. Cant move to next level (stuck on level 25) because the amount of stars that is needed ( over 9,000,000) cant get to resources on the island and running out of resources on main island. Well Bird Island resources I cant get to even though I finished the tasks. Too many glitches. I got to unistall and hopefully you guys fix the game in the near future.
I made the mixed veggies like I was told to. Now I can't do the pumpkin soup it says everyone is full. 2 days now...Please help. This happened in family island. I had to delete it
I've cleared my last text to you , I'm letting you know again that I'm still having trouble with your game 🎮 . It's still freezing 🥶 up on me and it doesn't matter what I do . Can you please fix THIS GAME IT KEEPS FREEZING 🥶 UP ON ME. PLEASE 🥺🥺🥺 FIX THIS GAME. THANK YOU CORRIE IT LETS ME PLAY FOR JUST A SECOND
Keeps saying unreachable for a quest location but cant cut anything down to get to it cuz I have to complete the tutorial quest, but cant get to it!
Payed money on this game for gems the next day the game wouldn't even load and I had to uninstall it and I seen it took all the energy I had and it put me right back on level 12 I was on level 14 got start all that over next time I'm deleting it,Some advice you need to add facebook or Google play connect to it to save your game And I do want a refund.
I really enjoy the game but some of the tasks won't clear out even after I complete them. I have made the veggie meal at least 12 times but the task saying to make it remains on there. Then I updated the house and the task remained on there. Not an easy one to repeat. Definitely has some glitches. Also energy doesn't last very long when the things you have to break require more energy then your max. Kind of annoying.
It would probably be easier to finish each stage if we could find out what needs to be done in each land. I have 2 lands open but I'm not sure what I need to accomplish. For instance.... where are the keys to the chests? What needs to be done on monkey island?
Its been great up until now. When I hit lol 25 it says I have to have almost 10 million experience yet when going from 24 to 25 I only had to have like 6000 experience. So not real happy about that
Beginning of game was great. Getting into higher levels really hard to get enough energy to cut trees ,stones, etc etc.
I'm on level 25 and I have paid for several packs and it shows 0/6000 to move to next level. This is ridiculously stupid. I love this game but I am about to uninstall since I should have passed level 25 several times now. It isn't giving me any credit for anything I've done over the past week
Ok, so thought the storyline would be better than family island but it's the same magic, potions, I lasted one level more they need something for you to do in between waiting for energy, cute graphics,
I like the game till it started to glitch in the monkey island. Got bridge built half through it. Then it glitched so bridge not connected any more and seem nothing fixes it. Can't move on to 3rd island because its glitching
I wish they'd fix the issue of not being able to LVL past 25 due to the leveling #ers are too high please fix the issue.
It takes to long for the water and energy to replenish. I just don't have a full hour to wait on one bucket of water so I can make one single feed bag or food. Too many tasks not enough resources. May want to rethink the timing on things. Let me know when you did and I may play it again.
I like the game, but haveing to wait for a hour for a bucket of water is kinda of rediculous. So you have to choose which animal to feed first. Its going to take me forever to up grade the buildings if it has a need for resin. I would like to see more resin come out of the tree since it takes 44 energy.
Need to fix game my experience is max out at 25 I love the game and would like to keep playing it please fix it..
I have made numerous attempts to get ahold of the developers to have them fix the issues with monkey island.also the fact that I'm level 22 and it says I need over 960000 points to get to level 23.really sad.it was a fun game.
I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with your game . I've asked you to PLEASE FUX THE GAME AND NOTHING HAS HAPPENED . SO IM ASKING YOU FIX THE GAME . I love playing the game but everything stops and the people still walking around , you touch them and they walk and you touch them they just look at you and it won't let me even make things , it's everything just FREEZER'S ON YOU . PLEASE FIT IF YOU CAN IR I GUESS ILL HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF , I worked so hard to get almost where I was firs
I love this game so love family cut yard anything about or that something food like cooking than table because hard level 28 and 40. So new home really that feed sheep and chicken farm. I love cute game.
Love playing but since this last update, I keep getting kicked out while I'm in the middle of playing. Please fix
This game is fun BUT you either need to spend money to actually get anywhere or never advance because it costs too much of the energy resource to gather other resources. I've spent money to get to level 25 and now I'm getting no where; it's like I've either reached the end of the game or they have made it impossible to advance without spending more money. Im just about out of a lot of resources yet have several upgrades left that requires those resources. I want my money back!
Started out ok, then it started freezing up and I have to keep restarting it NOW it's telling me that I need internet connection to play & I AM connected to the internet so I CAN'T CONTINUE PLAYING NOW... PLEASE FIX IT... 😡
I like the game but my problem is that it keeps freezing up and also I'm on level 30 and it won't let me get any further please fix would like to keep playing
On Monkey Island and it keeps saying object is unreachable! But to every item! Am I doing something wrong? 5 stars if I can get past this. Super frustrating.
I like the graphics.. but game is very slow to advance.. I got to label 17 and now for me to get to 18.. I need to collect 979374..not a couple thousand star points like on the beginning of the game..it will take me 3 years to play to the next level!! Very disappointed ☹️..
Running into issues with some quests at home location. Two of which require conifer and a huge rock to be brought down and get object unreachable when it is and this is happening with other objects for home.
I really like playing this, run out of energy fast. I wish it can be playing on more the 1 phone or tablet, please add in settings a option to save to the cloud or when yo exit it saves to the cloud.
WAY TO HARD!!! I really loved the game and then it takes forever to do anything and/or get resources!! You would have to spend a LOT of money on this game if you wanted to keep playing it! Its a shame
I really enjoy the game but there is a big glitch with the last update. I can play fir 5-10 mins then it will just all of a sudden black out and close. Also, it made me restart the entire Monkey Island, that I had already finished. Please fix this issue.
Why can't I place the canvas on statue island after build, placed on home island and still won't clear task
I started playing the game a month ago and it was working fine. I have it on my phone and my tablet and now it saids that I am not hooked up 2 the internet witch I am. Please fix this promble.
The concept is great, one of the games you play at your leisure. However, too many glitches. Table is full, so can't make new foods for quests. No sheep, to make blanket, for quests, no way to earn extra energy, can't earn gloves for things
The game was going great, now all of a sudden I can't harvest trees, rocks, or clay. Is this a glitch in the game? I need these materials.
Good overall, be nice if I could get all the islands to work, I can't get on that one area on monkey island to get coal ....no coal no finish quests , not cool. Any assistance would be appreciated. Other than that I love it!!!