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Beholder: Adventure

Beholder: Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at Pärnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
One of the best games on the mobile. However lost stars due bug with candy to the wife to give to the girl, she tells me to buy some and loans yet I had some it also makes galaxy s9+ so hot I burn my hands after few mins playing. Cent be good for battery if gets so hot (seen a review or 2 stating same issue) . And its NOT really FREE its a DEMO. if it said demo rather then free I would been fine with that. But you get so far, Once things pick up it tells you to buy it to continue the game after a cliffhanger. So.... Not really a free version. To me "free version" is same game with maybe less features or ads in. I may buy it but some reviews say its not worth it.. So now I'm not sure.
Amazing! Don't listen to people complaining about the price of teh full game, it should be €20 it's that good. €5 for a game like this is a bargain. Install now
Hard game but fun if you have the time for it if you're into mystery game then this is for you. Enjoyable? Yes. Hard? Very much so yes. Could use some work on how the police know when you are in a house, so give the player few seconds to get out before they arrive. But... "MAKE MOTHER COUNTY PROUD COMRADE!" ...As they'd have said and enjoy a pretty good game.
Great game! No annoying ads and it's got a very interesting environment that's just had me playing for hours and hours not realising the time . So definitely bought the full version. It's worth it. And choices really do affect outcomes . That's what matters the most I think. Well done
I give it 5 stars it's a great game and I enjoyed the demo on Facebook when I was 9 or 10 but it would be better to remove the pay 2 play method as it is useless since many have found a loophole in it by using apk to download the game for free.
Interesting game concept, but were unable to implement well, still will update it later again if I find it interesting
Ignore the people complaining that it isn't really free. They obviously can't read the description. $5 unlocks the full game and another $2 buys the DLC and trust me, it's worth it. George Orwell's 1984 clearly influenced this game. Graphics are nice. Atmosphere is fitting. All around awesome game that is WELL WORTH THE SEVEN WHOLE AMERICAN DOLLARS. Support developers or go play free garbage.
Its great game, but the saving feature sometimes doesnt work. Ive completed a task about 6 times now, and even manually saved to the Google play app, but everytime I reopen the game, even if ive played for an hour straight, it doesn't show any of the progress ive made. It needs a better saving system. I like playing the game but I want to move past what I've already done.
Such a fun game! I played it on an Android Enulator on PC, and it is awesome! I love the entire concept of this game and the story. The gameplay and graphics are exquisite, and I like how each decision you make affects more than just the ending, but whether or not your family lives. I played through once on hard mode, now replaying in easy mode, but making sure to report all the nasty characters and sell their stuff for money to get more rich and so Carl's family doesn't die!
this game has made me restart Bluestacks 3 times in two minutes, and it freezes and crashes other apps crashes FREQUENTLY. it's a realy interesting concept, but PLEASE fix the crashing
Have to give it a 1 star right now. When I bought this game, I checked and bought the full story + DLC bundle, so Id have all the content. as soon as the wifi cuts off though, it logs out of my profile and im stuck with the free content. This needs to be fixed I believe, then ill be able to give it the 4 or 5 stars it deserves so far.
Felt like KGB agent lol ; interesting stuff but the 2 is better, thanks for first turn around the serie though. UI, could suit better those with big fingers, sometimes hard to select characters. Repetitiveness (too realistic) : lacks storytelling with different places to go, basically survival game, we arrest people then others arrive so on and on. Wouldn't buy.
Great game I just bought the full verison and it's worth it 100% the storyline is amazing and it's very addicting. Highly recommend
It has a Soothing, relaxing yet dark and sad theme. Brilliant story that can end in many ways, based on player's choices. Simple gameplay and admirable music makes this game a must-try
The concept is great. you can decide to follow the cruel system of the governmen or solve things in more humanitarian way. I've only tried out the free trial just then I realized it wont help progress any further since there's no new tenant moving in. Thus I'm stuck at the mission and running out of money. So if you're a no-paying player you better not start playing it from the beginning ;-)
I absolutely LOVED this game. The reason for the one star is because when I was on the game and I finished the free version I went to the tab where you can purchase it and it said .99 cents I have pictures showing it too. When I clicked on it, it changed to 6.99 I tripled checked to see if I read it wrong. I messaged them about their error on October 14 and no reply. I messaged them on Facebook and they read it saw the pictures and said nothing just ignored me. Not good customer service.
It feels good to be an informant and doing crowd control for some reason.. lol Its a great game and fun.. im still at the begining though
Although it's a very good game, the only thing that bugs me it's the need to buy the rest of the game. I like it but that is the only inconvenient I find here
Not only does this game crash so many times, it is also so boring the 2nd time you play it. I got shot my first time playing, but what happened on the 2nd turn sucked. Since I had all pieces of evidence in my journal, I decided to profile Klause Shimmer (or something like that, )but right after that, I got a mission that said to profile him, and since I profiled him once already with everything, I can't profile him again, so I can't move on with the mission, and I do not want to play a 3rd time.
Was fun at first, kind of interesting concept. But then it ratchets the 'sad' and 'dystopia' factor up to 11 by requiring more then 10x the money you ever had in the game to complete the little heartstrings family quests. Had multiple issues with the controls; not being able to select a person to turn in a quest, having them be asleep with no way to wake them in the final hour, or just not being able to get into or out of a room fast enough. Some sort of hotkey system would have been nice. Dystopia is a balancing act of a genre, and this game goes too hard on the 'crushed by the system' side of things. Dystopia isn't about going into the negatives, its about being unable to rise beyond your standing without walking on someone's body. A helplessness simulator is just boring and frustrating.
This Game Is A Waste Of Your Time... I installed, it showed the game as free, the description also never mentioned having to pay for the full game. So once I wasted my time doing the first mission it then tries to make me pay for a game advertised as free. Complete waste of time, don't bother installing, the game was decent but it's not worth paying for.
I would've never wanted to give just a star for this game but now did. The game has a great concept and the storyline can be wonderful. But it's very hard to play. You wouldn't even understand the characters by seeing them. The men are seen as black and that's definitely a downfall. There's no way but look for a guide to finish the quests. 1/5
I love this game! Played it before and I redownload on my new phone too. Was a little dissapointed that I had to pay for the extra content but still decided to give it a try since it was a catchy game. Totally worth paying for the extra content and I don't regret it one bit. Plus I'll greatly recommend this game to others❤️
GREAT JOB MAN I LOVE THIS GAME!!! Its story is so intresting and great its like a hardcore puzzle game i love it. I even spent RM31 to buy your discount pack where it contains a full version of beholder and blissful sleep.i havent complete blissful sleep yet but im very excited to see blissful sleeps story.KEEP ON THE GOOD WORK AND TRY IF U CAB ADD MORE STORYS!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
really disappointed. i loved the free story and felt like it was just getting started so I paid for the full version. FULL REGRET. as soon as i paid for it, it got boring. seems like the tasks arent coming in much anymore, def not from the Ministry either. im just wandering now; almost pointless. i became very bored after buying it. the whole point of the game kind of dissolved. it's like they put the most work into the free content and let it fall apart after that point. really wish i hadnt purchased the full game. not at all worth it.
I love the graphics and playstyle of the game aswell as the intro. Its very addicting. But my only concern of it is that when you dont get a task done it should be the ministry call you and warn you and next time they arrest you. And one more thing that would be good is if you made the full game free for people who cant buy it. -Austin M, 11 years old
Is so amazing, with great graphics and everything, is amazing even if my phone can't handle so much with so little ram but it works without any issues now, is very interesting and fun, 4 stars
Rating the trial only. This game sat for months on home screen finally tried it and I love it. First thing people complaining about money must have the same issue I did when I first started. You need to steal things or you will not make enough money. If you constantly steal expensive things u will get money. You can also be arrested so u have to make sure nobody sees you and that includes the cameras u have installed. Also if u get caught bribe works better than paying fine cuz u keep item
First nice game I want the full game . And when I click on new game and the 2 guys are talking the game works fine until the just exits on its own to the home screen
For starters, this review is only on the "trial" version that the game comes with. In order to gain access to the rest of the game you have to pay $5. Is it worth it? Not really. The game itself is pretty dull from what I saw, but it is a good way to kill some time because of the mind numbing puzzle tasks. The camera is a bit wonky and not the simplest to control and the game itself is pretty dark, both in graphics and plot. The puzzles in the trial are extremely simple, though that could change as you add more floors/tenants. It does get credit for being fairly original though.
I installed the demo and then it asked to pay to continued and I did I bought the main game not the dlc for 4.49 I have un installed the app for a few months now but why does the play store have two apps the free and the paid but the paid says I need to buy it like wth do I need to install the free and through that can i play the full what is happening I have the purchase record in the play store pls answer me
Love the game, and had a great storyline and great graphics easy to maneuver the character except for if it comes down to what I really honestly would give the game for an overall rating it would be a -1 rating due to the fact that it says nowhere in the description that eventually once you start actually getting into the game itself and getting comfortable with it that they sneak in a pay-to-play screen telling you that if you want to continue the game you have to pay for the rest of it and I absolutely despise games that do that and don't mention ahead of time that once you start getting really into the game and actually playing it and getting comfortable with it that you're going to be charged to play the rest of it. I would definitely not recommend this game to anyone unless you like being fooled into thinking you're going to get to play a game and then have the rug pulled out from underneath of you by getting a pop-up screen saying that you got to pay for the rest of it and yeah it's a great game but it definitely is not worth no $5
love the game it gives you hard decisions and a short amount of time (ussally) to complete the tasks and the music,the laws, and the black and white (mostly) tells you this goverment is not about giving people a chance why for me the game placed a law aganst crieing and it feels like a dark enviroment where people are just barely getting by.
Amazing game! I love the idea and it's fast pacing, when yet you can also take your time! This would be a 5-star if only 1 requirements were met: be more descruptive with objectives. I find myself taking a portion of time understanding what the directions mean. This can be terrible, escpecially the ones which are required in less than 2 days! Other than, perfect game to play!!!
I had bought pass at 440/- rupees...but they are not showing anything... They made me fool.. Services are too worst.... loss of 440/-
This game is honestly one of the best on the playstore. The intresting story got me hooked, the graphics is simple, but effective and the characters mysterious personalities are very fitting. If you're comteplating on weather or not to get the full version, then I say get it! I got the full version, and couldn't be more happier. The only thing I disliked was the turtorial. It wasn't explained too well, and got confused the first time playing it.
Tbf I really was enjoying the gameplay but after about an hour the game cuts saying that you cannot play anymore in the free version and must get the full. It never tells you at the start you have to do this so feels like such a waste of time.
I love this game and bought it awhile back on steam, but there's just something about the fluid controls that makes this masterpiece even better on mobile. I look forward to trying different approaches and weasel in some blackmail along the way. After all, this game is all about choices. Keep up the good work guys 😊
Its interest feeding, keeps you busy doing things. Cant get bored easily. I might purchase the full version if i feel its worth all 5 stars :)
An original game in my eyes. I have never played anything like this! I have noticed though, at least in the free version, if you skip tutorial you can't click on the desk to get your camera. I want to know if this is something I won't be bothered with in the full version AND I have noticed a lot of people say the game crashes in the full version upon launch. I have a galaxy s9, before I buy the full version I want to be sure this game will work. I really love it and will pay if it works.
Maybe it's a dark side of human nature game through the public power, maybe it happens in 60's. But with advance of science and technology, almost everyone who lives in city and town are under surveillance by government or even powerful private group. I don't feel like this game, because it's heavy part for me, not entertaining at all (-2 stars), but good warning for everyone about being watch nowadays (+5 stars). -2+5= +3 stars.
It looked very interesting when i firat seen the app, but when i played it, I really disliked the game with a passion. It seemed like every thing you do, you always get punished. You don't take anything, you get punished, you dont answer the phone you get punished. On top of that, the game glitches constantly. I like the idea of the game but make it better PLEASE.
i really wanted to play this game. its interesting and fun and unique, but there is a game breaking glitch where a room door is forever stuck open and the room is black and you can not interact with the door or enter/see into the room. i restarted and all. its just... not fixed. thats the only problem, but its a MASSIVE game breaking problem. if an update comes out that fixes this i would love to know when so i can download this game again in the future.
The game is decent has potential if not because you had to follow a story, if you could just do your own thing without worrying about your family and just yourself it would be more entertaining but it's still a good game
Can not continue my game without buying the full version. When you stop playing, that's it. Also, it seems you have to steal and sell everything you find that's not nailed down for hospital bills and other expensive items to complete quests. Not sure this game is winnable or has any positive outcome. It's like Papers Please meets This War Of Mine, and heats up your phone's battery just as much.
I had this i bought the full game but it says there was an error downloading and when i uninstalled it it would not let me reinstall it wanted its money
The game was fun however there are several game changing bugs. First there are several quests that won't move forward...example buying document papers from a tenant using whiskey bottles. How can I keep buying it if I already bought it? Things like that happened alot so I won't buy the game as you can't complete these tasks. Need tenants...good luck
Good story! Challenging that I needed to use a guide and have it on Trainee mode to win XD. 100/10 would reccomend. Suggestion, I pratically did not exceed the maximum violations/followed the ministry's orders to stay alive and aided the resistance cause. Is there either or endings or is it because I failed to kill the Chemist? If there are either or endings can you please make one that Carl can aide the resistance while remaining "clean" :3
The game is amaizing, very creative and it gives you the thrill and so on. There are 2 minor problems. First, you can't delete progress and saves, second, it is too hard to reach the good ending in government elite, in my opinion. That's it. Let me know how I can delete saves, if I'm wrong.
Love this game at first I did not understand the game concept but afterwards I saw YouTube video I saw about this game and it was so addictive gams then I downolded it again and then bought the premium version the story is very interesting and sad but the only problem is the size of game
Buy the game after an hour or so and stop complaining, beholder is an actual console/pc so it will obviously have a price. Be grateful you have the chance to demo it before buying you tight wads.
the game is great , there is just one thing that I couldn't wrap my head around, and that was if any of the illegal items you can find in peoples rooms can be used to evict them, becuase i found cola, jeans and 80's music and al i could do was sell it, i dont know if thats all i can do or if aomething is wrong with the game, but the selling prices are fair, please respond to thois with an answer and keep making great games.
This game is far much better than I expected. It's got enough challenge to keep you engaged, a brilliant storyline and characters who make small impressions on you.
i love this game it has an amazing concept but on certain occasions i am given a task to spy on someone and i set up cameras and i search all through the house and the person never even enters their home they just dont exist or something and i got fired because of it and it ruins the game when you lose because of a glitch or something you couldnt control
A very good and original game, I have to take a star off because it has some issues. 1. REPLAY VALUE - There is some, but there is no equivalent to a sandbox mode, so once you've seen all the different endings you'll most likely be done. 2. LOAD TIMES - they are the longest I've come across, especially for a game that doesn't seem to merit it, and no manual save. 3. THE DLC - a poor spin-off, shorter, fewer outcomes, poorly balanced, and inclusion of old characters even though it makes no sense.
This is one if the best games i have ever plated, so im sorry to rate it only 4 stars. It is INCREDIBLE, but overwhelming. Also, it isnt the full version and i dont have the money to get the rest of it :(.
I had so much fun with it, until I died and saw that this was a demo, just by puting the word free in the title doesn't mean that it's a demo, demo or lite would have been better