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Beholder for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at Pรคrnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Definately has a high replay. Value! Your choices determine the ending of the game. Try it out. The free version is long enough for you to determine whether or not you want to pay for the full version. I liked it so much that i bought the full version.
I played the demo and really enjoyed it, so I decided to get the full game. The first time I downloaded it it wouldn't start, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. It loaded this time and I got the custcene. But when I go to the main menu, the buttons are blank. I still really want to play this game so I'm stuck waiting until this is fixed.
So i just tried this game out of absolute random boredom and ended up absorbed for hours in this dystopia lifestyle management sim. The setting itself is interesting and the game builds on that making it so you can perform different tasks for multiple endings. To add icing to the cake the game makes you attached to these characters giving another layer of emotion that pulls you deep into this game. I'm only withholding a star because I haven't seen the ending yet but Beholder was worth the money
its fun and thiught provoking and ive really enjoyed it. i wish the controls were tighter, could increase movement speed, and speed up animations.
Very good and unique game. Hard moral choices and multiple endings/outcomes depending on what decisions you make. Overall surprisingly great game.
The game is really good and I love the story and the challenge. However the saves are useless because if you made a mistake you cant fix it, it is too late. The story is really good like i said, but really short too. I like the fact that there is mutliple endings depending how you play.
I never write reviews. Even on games I love. This deserves one. I can't do basic games like candy crush, etc., I need more of a thought process and a challenge.... This is one of the absolute BEST GAMES I have ever played....such a unique idea, beautifully executed, an incredibly clever game. You will laugh, cry, be afraid, think.... They truly did an amazing job with this game. I'm very much looking forward to see what else comes from this developer. Bravo.
I love this game. I liked the trial version and decided to pay for the full one and was not disappointed. I even went so far as to pay for the Blissful Sleep game and it was good too. Multiple endings make playing through many times fun.
I love the game before I was able to play it but when more updates came out I wasnt able to and it kept crashing. I would love to be able to turn down resolution in the settings but I'm not able to. If you do this I would rate 5 stars. Got a new phone so hopefully it works now.
Clunky controls, poor quality tutorial and slow introduction into the game made intolerable to want to move forward with playing anymore. Pretty game, cool world, but feels wasted by not a lot of thought put into how to introduce a player into how to play the game. Also it crashed my phone when i closed the app, its the only game that's ever caused my phone yo restart like that, i have a S8. The point and click also is off, just doesnt feel like a good fit for phones, too scrunched
How is it that only now I'm finding this game, it's absolutely brilliant. Technical side - it's well polished and easy to pick up, haven't encountered any bugs yet. It does drain battery like crazy, but oh well. The gameplay is so fun and immersive, that I'm just lost in it for hours on end. My first playthrough I'm going with lawful evil - a devotee to the State. That means I'm drowning in money, which reduces the challenge. But my next playthrough I'll try to actually make moral decisions.
This is a GREAT game, I love the story behind it and the references to the story "1984" throughout the game.
I really like the main story, but not the blissful sleep dlc. The dlc fixes a few plot holes in the main game but it leaves a few plot holes itself.
I never pay for apps but this one had me completely hooked so I just had to. It's totally worth it: amazing story, great aesthetics and a really unique gameplay. INCREDIBLE game, guys!
Awesome game. Immersive and moody. However a couple bugs ruin it. Freezes everytime I try to get a girlfriend for the doctor for example.. please fix these bugs so we can all enjoy the game longer. Thanks!
was kind of interesting at first, and then i got arrested for embezzlement without any warning of any kind. Then the next day i couldn't get past the loading screen after selecting to continue my game. uninstalled it and cleared all data, started working and then started crashing every 2 minutes and deleting all the progress made in that time. this game is now worthless. creative mobile always ruins the games they buy. Paid for this game only for it to not work, total rip off
I'm a massive fan of this game. I love it's style, gameplay and the immersive humour of its creators. Definitely my favourite mobile app, which it functions as perfectly. I hope to get Beholder 2 on the PC because this game has inspired me to become a loyal citizen. - Ministry of Contented Customers
This game is a bit like those you are the hero book. You are proposed 2 choices, following orders or not, protecting your family or not, etc... Each choice have consequences and they are rarely positive, and too often negative if you dont precisely follow state orders. Sometimes those choices consequences happen very far in the game and you loose the game without being able to retry. Worse, each time you loose, you have to go through everything again, in the same order, same tasks, etc...boring
was kind of interesting at first, and then i got arrested for embezzlement without any warning of any kind. Then the next day i couldn't get past the loading screen after selecting to continue my game. uninstalled it and cleared all data, started working and then started crashing every 2 minutes and deleting all the progress made in that time. this game is now worthless. cm always ruins the games they buy, dont waste your money
Somewhat difficult after the tutorial, but a great time waster and even better with the speed up option. Big Brother is watching.
I played this for hours without getting bored. So many different outcomes and I replayed it so many times until I'd played my perfect game. So relieved to play a really entertaining clever little game that isn't bloated with ads or ridiculous waiting times between doing stuff. Really worth the money
A game about a controlling government which can be used as an escape from reality. The quests are occasionally difficult, but the just makes the game better.
I love it! I can just imagine me screeching *Take him away!* At the end if the first task! And everyone speaking English in [east]German accents!
This game would be a real gem if the story were better. As it is, the dialogue doesn't always make sense. Moreover, sometimes the various threads of the story conflict with each other.
The game is good. Nice concept. But it keeps on freezing and closing. 2 out of 7 times i tried to load a save, the loading page would stop at 90% and close. Id like to play the game, but it wont let me play :( please fix
I was going to get it on Nintendo Switch but after seeing it on the phone I thought " Hey why not!?" Bottom line is it's different and fun and its something you can pick up whenever you like.
This game is amazing! It seems so simple at first, but it quickly becomes clear that not everything is as it seems. I've failed and prevailed in the most unexpected moments. While I agree that the game is relatively short, there are so many endings that you end up going through multiple playthroughs just to see what happens. Definitely recommend.
Excellent. Great game to play to pass the time. The art style is great and the gameplay is very fun. Never played anything like it and looking forward to playing more
For a game you buy ut sure crashes a lot. The game no longer loads after the begining scene. Just completely closes down. Its a great game on my pc, but not worth it for the phone. You guys reallly need to fix this or issue refunds.
Great game but, saving is such a pain! It only saves your game after the completion of one single task, it won't save anything if you don't complete a quest after, for example investigating tenants' houses/profiling tenants. Please find a more convenient way for saving and I'll give 5 stars
This is a good game ill say that. but it was not the game I thought it would be, i didnt enjoy it as much as i thought and I want to kindly request for a refund. It was just too hectic for me and i didnt really understand.
I would love to be able to play this I tried the free version on my old phone. Now on my new one I bought it and every time I try and start a game a few seconds after I hear sound and the bar is almost loaded the game crashes. Playing on a stylo 4.
This game is very very fun, the amount of times I've played is uncountable. The only problem I have is that the game's to short. I have only one request, please bring Beholder 2 to android, thank you so much for this great game I hope Beholder 3 will come out eventually and the company makes a huge profit and maybe become like Sony or Nintendo. (I'd really like a reply but you don't have to, I'm just a fanboy) Have a blissfull sleep :)
I started playing this on my Xbox and I loved it that much but had to get it on here. It's a game where you have to be cautious as any action may have a bad consequence.
One of the bests Android games, the only in-app purchase is for the "Blissful Sleep" DLC. Works perfectly compared to the PC version, great port, good optimization. Awesome game about Orwellian distopia.
Wow!!! Love Beholder, so interesting and creative that I catch myself playing hours on end. After the free version I purchased the full game... What's nice is after finishing, seeing the credits roll, I was able to go back and open one of the save points thus allowing me to make different choices. That caused a whole other direction for the game to take. Can't wait to begin 'Blissful Sleep' next!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
Fun game and very easy to get addicted. My biggest issue is that money is hard to come by and very important thing to have to do well. Also, you go back to start when you lose. Despite that, it's fun.
The only thing bad about this game is I seem to have an issue with the app freezing and crashing more often than I would like for a paid app... I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck, tried clearing the cache with no luck, restarted my phone, and closed all background apps, each with no results. (Moto z2 play device running Android 8.0.0)
I really like how there are so many different options and endings it's really enjoyable. There have been some glitches when it comes to saving the game but for the most part I enjoy playing! I hope to see more DLC's
Been playing the demo for a while and i loved it so i finally decided to pirchase the game. And i am not dissapointed. Its one of the few games on mobile i love.
I like your game. I bought it because I liked the free version so much. Now I can play the whole game. If I am able to I will buy the other storyline too. I had problems with the free version at first but it worked out. Thank you so much for creating this game. You guys are good developers. Keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ‘
Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Easily the BEST mobile game I've played. Such an oddly pleasing art style. The story is brutally amazing, and dark. I love every ounce of it. Bought the second one, and Currently downloading it! :)
This is just a must have in your play store library! The gameplay is 10/10,storyline is great, and graphics are stunning.Even though this game is great, I feel that this game has more potential. For instance I wish you can add a sandbox or endless mode after you beat the game and get random generated tentants. I know this game is story driven but it's just an idea. Overall I recommend everyone to play this game and you will not regret it. :^)
Always great. You can play this game a dozen different ways with different outcomes. Love it. Worth every penny.