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Behind the Reflection

Behind the Reflection for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Alawar Entertainment, Inc. located at 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, Sussex County, DE United States 19958. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
👎 If they gave me this game I wouldn't play it. It's a pain to download. You have to find stuff to repair everything & you have to drag it all to the things you are working on. Some are too far away so you have to get a little bit of the corner of each thing, if you don't drag it just right it falls back. Every time you move you have to sit through the loading screen of aggravation. Alawar I love you! What happened with this?
Good game. A little too short, but then if it had been any longer it would have been horribly boring as the method of finding pieces to make up a piece of a piece of a puzzle was wearing quite thin by the time the airship was completed.
Amazing story. Keeps you busy. Not too easy, Not too hard. The puzzles are perfectly challenging. Thank you for the Hint option. I played this game for a few hours straight. After downloading I did realize I actually own this game on cd-rom.
Loved it! It took several days to finish and I especially liked the mini games - BUT - it kept stopping whilst I was playing it and I had to keep going back to the home page on my tablet and click on the app to get it back. Very annoying!
I really enjoyed this game, but it took me three days to completely download yet only a single day to complete. I can't complain because it is a free game... not a game with hidden costs or the typical 'try & buy' that's very popular these days. The storyline is alright but what I loved was the puzzles and perfect level of difficulty. It takes up a lot of storage space which is why I was thinking it would be a longer game... it was fun nonetheless.
Even while downloading the very large extra files, constant freezing and occasional full crashes -- it's literally unplayable like this.
why won't it open? ? I love this game, this is about the fourth time I have tried installing it and it's the same thing Every time. I played it before and no trouble, pls fix it
I really wanted to play this game because I love games like this....not only did it take 25minutes to download the extra data but it keep force closing ever time I press start. I have hit the start button at lest 6 times an ever time it closes....I will be uninstalling
Slow paced and easy, runs smoothly... Good graphics... Some are really small but it has a great zoom in feature. I don't like having to find pieces to build a clue fragment, it makes it all very tedious and boring. (maybe some like this style) I prefer mystery seeking and puzzles, over building ... I see it as drawn out and boring. Storyline is really great, and feel it could have been done so much better overall...
Would have to say would be a fun game if u didn't have to install it 3 times n then have the dang thing restart over and over again every 2 minutes... It's the only game I've ever downloaded that has done it... jus real irritated n was really curious to check it out but not gonna waste my time in a bunk game...
I PAID for this game but STILL get adverts! Thats wrong and if it a sign of Alawar games to come I bet you will lose alot of valuble customers. Poor gameplay & story, not good. Compared to your recent offering of 'Dark Strokes' this game is dire. Usually love Alawar games but this one is poor at best.
I actually quite enjoyed this game, but every few minutes it kept freezing, cutting out and I'd have to restart it. It did it so often the game was pretty much unplayable. It's such a shame because if it ran properly it'd be a really nice wee escape game. Unless they fix it it's just not worth the trouble :(
HORRIBLE...DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME...EVER!!!! It doesn't even open. Crashes as soon as I open it! There hasn't been any kind of update in over 3 years since 2014!!! How the app managed to weasel a 3.7 rating surely beats the heck outta me. Must be fake profiles.
Downloaded it and it won't open. Done it 3 times. Something needs to b fixed. I've never had a problem with it before. If u can get it to play it's a really good game.
This would be a great game and I would give 5 stars but every 30 seconds or so game force closes. I've installed it on my droid and tablet and its same on both. If u don't have a game fully working don't release it. Common sense people
Originally played in 2015. Reinstalled to refresh my memory of type of game. This game is NOT what it appears. It's simply a fancy hidden object game. All you do is search for objects. There's NO mystery or adventure to the game. So if you're looking for an easy time killer is perfect. BUT..... If you're looking to solve a mystery then this is NOT the game. NO teleporting map or strategy guide but there's NO NEED for either!!! Not my cup of tea. Boring game!
Should of rated 5 stars. But, the game kept freezing and trying to restart every 2 to 3 minutes. I persevered and completed the game. But, sadly I won't recommend to anyone because of all the constant interruptions
The game won't even open . it just closes to the home screen. I was initially excited to play this one. Will give better rating if I can get the chance to actually play. Please let me know when bugs are repaired.
Im only on puzzel #2 & its crashed 4x. Alawar youv'e gone downhill. :( Do NOT RECOMMEND. You wont be able to play anyway. If a 5☆ rating comes after this, uts a lue & they work for the company. Dont waste your time. A bummer.
Pretty good game. At one part it keeps making me go back and forth between 2 areas. Doesn't have me do anything. Stuck and frustrated right now...
And it was nice that it was free just by watching videos.. the only complaint is when moving from place to place it took so long to load, if you went into a room or area by mistake you had to wait til it loaded yet again,compared to that great game
I found this one of the most enjoyable and imaginative Alawar games so far. Very different from their others in environment, hidden objects and puzzles. The puzzles could do with better explanations. The game was shorter than usual, but I was never asked to pay for it (I downloaded the free version) so I assume they've made it free now. No technical glitches at all, but 9 times out of 10 those are due to the PHONE rather than the game anyway.
It keeps either attempting to load something (don't know what?) or it closes itself. Either way, I then have to restart it. This happens every few minutes so it's really annoying. Please sort this out, as it does look like a good game but at the moment it's not really playable.
Kept closing out and if you got it fixed it would give it a better rating. Still says it stopped working. Nobody download this game you all will have problems like I am. This is a very bad game
Keeps kicking me out of game every minute or so. So to me this game needs lots of work to fix it or take off internet. Don't have the time on my hands like you do.
I downloaded the files 2x and both times it said error!!!! I've never had this happen on my phone before. Make the game work or give me a refund since it took over 15 minutes to download everything and it doesn't even work!!!! Note 2
Have been having an issue with it not starting and refreshing every couple mins. I found a work around for it. I hit cancel and then go to my open programs by holding down my home button and click on the game so it then takes me back to where I left off. Have to do this every time on my tablet. Atleast I was able to play the whole game without waiting on it all the time.
This game had a lot of potential bit it crashed ALL THE TIME!!!! As much as I wanted to play the game I was forced to uninstall since I couldn't deal with having it can every few seconds.
It seems to crash almost exactly every 5m of play time. Also when you log in there is no way to close the first advertisement, you have to click it and go to the ad and back to close it. I love the game and puzzles and art work so far but I'm about to just uninstall it....
It took hours to download it on my tablet.Now whenever I try to open it, I get a black screen, or and endless spinning circle saying "please wait." I've been very patient because I love Alawar and really wanted to play this one. Ugh. Update: I installed it on my phone , my new Moto Electrify 2 and it works fine, no glitches. Its a cute little game.(free) Is different than other Alawar games, but it is overall a fun and entertaining game. I'd rather have it on my tablet on a bigger screen, but its fine. :-)
I usually like Alawar games but this is just bad. Downloaded and installed fine but can't even open to play - it just keeps crashing. Alawar needs to fix this issue as it seems lots of players are having the same issue.
Kept loading I couldn't even start playing the game. It kept bringing up a gray "loading" screen. I would really have liked to play as it looked very fun. Really disappointed.