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Beggar Life 2 - Clicker Adventure

Beggar Life 2 - Clicker Adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by manababa located at Gasan Wcenter, 181, GasanDigital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Such a funny game so cool i love this game.No bugs at all And eazy controlls th grapichs are fine so good go play it.(kinda like a tycoon game)
Nice game i love it i like how you tap.Please update it i would like ti see Beggar life 3 in english. I alsi love it because it does not have any ads unless you choose to choose. 5 STARS!
It's a decent game, good to pass the time with, just one thing I want, is rebirthing of some sort, like you can start with like 6x more coins per rebirth, but it slowly costs more. But otherwise, no problems with the game at all, just a massive grind lol.
it seems to still not work. i guess a 15 year old sumsing tablet cant run a "high quality game" such as this but can run call of duty mobile just fine?
Game is good,Happy many minigames to play but it gets boring after a while playing it but still a good game that doesnt force ads to get money this game deserves a 5.0 rating.
Why have you made it harder than the 1st beggar life?.. and what do I get for fishing all that fish.. nothing! Lol waste of time.. ima go back to the 1st one.
Awesome game I use mobile auto clicker for all of it for just me to wait it's amazing with auto clicker
Bit Grindy but overall good but I prefer the first. It gets pretty boring after a little I suggest I little bit more action. Like say a boss fight every once a while and more part timer you have it's easier because they do damage to and say if you win you get 10% money boost every click. Remember this is just a suggestion. Feel free to actually do this.
It's a slow progressive game like many others. But the offline rewards are pretty bad. Even with 300 points(from donations and items) are pumped into offline(the last of the 3 that the points can be allocated), I'm still only getting a couple minutes worth of coins. Getting less than 10 trillion for being offline when my "income" is almost 40 billion/second.. Do I suck at basic maths or you really think it's about time you have a disclaimer for that?
One of the most funniest clicker games that I have ever played! I am so glad to have found this game. The only thing that needs improving is the fishing game because there are 0 octopus for me... Maybe it's because I'm unlucky, but, I still love this game! Boss Beggar is the equivalent of a Boss Thug! Beggar life! :D
An odd game to say the least and about as much point as fitting wheels to a tomato. All that said, I, for whatever reason; not currently known to myself, I do find myself returning to the game day after day. There's something about its remarkable pointless which is endearing and the urge to keep on playing is bourne out of the desire to complete it, delete it & finally.... And here's the reward... You'll get your life back. 10/10... RECOMMENDED
Good game! I like the fact that you made a clicker game, with a little village! I rate this game 5 Stars because I enjoyed it so much! I hope you add more to it!!
I absolutely love this game! I don't have to play it. Sure the English isn't great and the art is odd but I don't have to play it to succeed! I have so many points in the offline earnings that all I have to do is stop in every now and then. But seriously, it's oddly fun, it's really simple, and there's a weird amount of things to do. I haven't gotten too far into it all, but I am having a great time nonetheless.
This game is fun little idle/clicker game. I enjoy it quite alot however i have to give 3 stars due to terrible offline system. If my bank balence and my real estate worked while closed it would be 4 stars and of offline earnings were even close to what it should be then it would be a full 5 stars. Even with offline progress leveled up 8 hours equals 1 min of play.
It is really fun and even better than the first game but I wish instead of having to tap to upgrade things you could also hold it down and it would upgrade quicker. As an example to upgrade boss begfer I had to tap but if I could hold it down it would upgrade very fast like 10 times per second. Much quicker than just clicking (for most people)
it's really cool have a game back because it's really addictive but simple I know you have to do is collect money so that you can get stuff but the only problem is that this is a world of witness and actually like the real world war
This game looks thrown together without care. 1. The text in most menus are out of their respective borders. 2. video ads for offline double up do not work. These are my main two observations you can improve on. ---ta ta lads
Very addictive cant wait to buy countries. Just one thing, please change the color of the denomination can't read it clearly. Maybe red insted of green
Jisoo has been playing this game for 3 years. I gave it a try and yeah this is a very fun game and good for pastime. There are no annoying ads except when you chose to watch one to get mana. Overall, 5 stars. Thanks to Jisoo I get to know this game! :)
I really like the fact that you earn money while your away with the the part-timers, but why does it cost real life money to buy those lil potions like why not in game money for the blue ones and real money for the gold ones? That would make more sense, if you ask me. And besides that I love this game, like I have Begger Life and Begger Life 2
I downloaded it because of Kim Jisso and it's really quite addicting. I hope you can add more store or something in the map.
It is a good game but don't but the stuff witch cost you real life money because it scams u so I do not recommend that you will but anything witch cost reallife money
This is by far the best beggar life game but i would really like if your facebook page had holiday rewards like we can get 200 billion dollars as a reward for playing the game.
Umm I just download it because of Jisoo this is her game so i try then... At first i dont know how to use it.... Little bit of boringness you just gonna do is tapping all day long to get more money but its ok nice game
This Is Cool Game But manababa Can You Add An Multiplayer And They Will Help You To Click Qnd You Or They Can Give Each Other Money! And Give Them Your Collections! That Would Be So Much Fun!!!
The game is good BUT I purchased bundles 2 times and haven't received anything. I tried to contact the developer to get my money refunded. But the response is so slow. It has been almost 12 hours but they haven't replied to my email nor facebook messages. Edit: responded on weekday. Thank you.
This is a really fun game! All though you just tap it's fun I like the original better but this game is great good job at makeing this game
Dev replied with game requiring "minimum rights". Here is what they want from you when you start the game. Storage game data, view and manage google drive data, associate with personal info, see your personal info including your email address and your public data. Your game does not need to know all this dev. You can use cloud saves and that is it. You do not need to know what my real name is and where I live. Change it to cloud saves like every other idle game on the app store that is 4 stars and up.
I think the game should have a few update about having more characters and make it so things are a bit cheaper please. I love the game by the way and it can be updated more as more people play it.
Amazing idle game. It's like other idle games except it has buildings to purchase. A city you can go into with multiple things to do. And not filled with a ton of ads like Alot of other games. I personally love this game and the people who made it. Well that's all. Great game.
It's great! id like number 3! It doesn't have many ads if you don't choose there's alot of things you can do while you wait and there's many things to do
The reason im not giving this 5 stars is because it says (something in japanese/chinese idk) wants to acsess my google account andi dont know , why a game wants to have acsess to my personal info. I really want to play it, it sounds like a great (epic) game but not if it wants my personal info. (This is on beggar life 1 aswell)
This is one of those games I randomly get addicted to. I also like how it's pretty much a flash game and it only shows ads if you choose to watch one. It's also just really simple, and that's what I love in a game.
Fun but the font color vs background makes it hard to read some important things such as purchase value for example but over all a fun game
Its a really good game, the two reasons I chose 4 stars is well.... lets just get right to it, number 1, when i get on the loading screen it kicks me out and thats happened all the time. But if go in it again it works. Number 2, im kinda sad that the part-time-workers from beggar life are not there :( But otherwise everythings amazing!
Alot more to this one than the 1st one it takes a while and if you pay to win you aren't expected to pay a like alot of money now the one thing I will say about it that I dont like is you ARE expected to pay for new dance moves now that's a bit of a reach for a clicker game.
This game is amazing. It's a bit of a grind to get the "part timers" but after that it becomes an amazing idle game. One thing I can see being improved on is reduce the price of part timers, but reduce the money they generate just slightly. If you like the original, this will leave a good taste in your mouth. And if you have never played, it's a basic idle game. I love it, 5 star worthy.
Well it's just a amazing game u should play it it's funny like the first one and fun I play this game way to much
awful sequel. bad graphic, bad navigation ,just a complete waste.the first game is polished fun to play etc .this sequel feels like there were a lot of ideas crammed into a tiny space making the game feel cluttered.
Honestly such an addicting game. Many things to do and achieve. Great way to soend your time at home staying safe
This game is an absolute work of genius. Even the clunky translations give this game a flavour that is unique to it. 10/10 more updates please.
The developer solved my problem rapidly! Thank you! This game is fun so I re-rate it as 5-star! (←Edited on Nov 4, 2019) --- I enjoy this game and I want to support you, but how come I got nothing after I purchased your 2nd anniversary sale!? The game told me "payment failed", but Google did charge me $0.99 successfully! I thought it was an error, I tried it again, and the game still said "payment failed"! My $1.98 (in total) is just gone!!! You can't just took my money and give me nothing!
While the game itself is quite amusing they money gain system us broken. I should be getting 5 billion +/sec which should be over 300 billion a minute but it is a lot less and closer to 200 billion.
You guys haaaaave to change the color the the words on the buttons. Like thou, mill, bill, ect. There needs to be some kind of contrast. Im color blind so im sure that dosent help. Ill give 5 stars when that is fixed. It can be blue, red, anything else. Its almost exactly the same. Please here me out, as im sure im not the only one. Thank you
Not a good game as it wouldn't get past the loading screen before crashing. Tried redownloading but it still crashed
Maybe make it so you can do a revival with a bonus (like the first one) because it's getting a bit slow to get things now like I'm using my daily log in blue and gold mana to boost my cans only keep up the good work
The light green text makes it too hard to read and theres just too much information on screen to read
I played it for 2 Months,It's really boring. I think it will be a little fun when you really let us be the owner like,we can make the decission when we buy the company
I've had this game for maybe two weeks now. And I just realized that there is the "card" option, that shows you what you've collect in that area. I wish there was a little bit of a tutorial of all the options on the boss beggar's page, or just a tutorial in general that explains things more thoroughly
5 stars bc it actually puts a nice twist on idle games compared to most of the others on the app store. I actually really like the "engrish" and think it adds to the charm. The rawness of the graphics/language plus the city aspect reminds me of classic newgrounds era flash simulation games which is a positive aspect for me personally but might not be gor everyone. There are plenty of games more polished than this one but I love how imperfect (and therefore funny unintentionally) this one is.
its pretty fun!! had played this for about an hour!! its pretty addicting! i had many signs to like the game but it has nothing mostly to do but its a pretty fun game!!
good game no crashing no bugs and do you mind to add tradind like trading money and mana it would be a very good feature!!!!!!!
Very fun, I played it while I was on a long road trip, It took me awhile to fully understand what I needed to do
Very fun clicker game I saw it from a youtuber called mattshea and when I used it I found it so fun so yeah very good game😀😀😃
Dont allow wants way more access than other games. Potential scam edit* that's not true. Zero other games want this much.
Thanks to Jisoo from BLACKPINK i found this game! I really love it and enjoy this game a lot..i hope to see more improvements to this game,but over all i love it!
I opened this game, it took a long time to load, kept trying to get various permissions which I denied as they aren't required. When it finally loaded my first impression was of complete chaos, an eyesore with bad translation. Just click to get money, buy things to improve passive income aand you've basically played the whole game, dull dull and dull. Also weary of a dev who copy pastes useless replies to people's money issues... I'd give this a miss.
It's a good game actually I played it March 7 then now I have many assets and billions of money I hope soon I can have my own company and trillions but yeah it's a good game and there's no annoying ads
i hope you guys could improve the game, i would love to help with regards to language translations in english as some of them are obviously wrong (no offense) and i really hope you could adjust the probability of watching ads by 50% or higher because i always get the message "reinforcement failed" thank you!
First game had a rebirth option....I cant even find something similar in this one.....its taking forever to do anything and rebirth would help that out alot....
One of the great clicker games. It has story for each upgrades/progress. The graphics and layout design are simple yet nice and neat. Some are bothered by the translation but I find it charming actually, some wordings are funny, be it intentional or not. Has many mini game/side game too. Although the prices for upgrades/items/investments are quite tiresome to acquire even you're saving for just one.
This is a cool game, not gonna lie. But the restore purchases button in the settings does not let me get the stuff from the 2nd anniversary purchase. Can you fix that?
This game is epic , no ads and story is also amazing , only thing that annoys me are when the other character speak to boss beggar , cause it repeats agian and again and gets boring
Some ads are just a picture with 0 seconds and the game thinks I did not watch an ad, so I get 0 mana (failed to view ad) Please fix! I am really enjoying the game. I cannot read the price for the upgrades, it is to hard to see (blue + green) Please make Blue and Red, I cannot read the price for part timers!!! please fix, will give 5! thank you
jisoo play this, so i gave it a try it's fun not gonna lie, no ads that's cool so yeah that's my opinion for this game hope you enjoy this game, have fun.
downloaded this game for a time killer. it was amusing for about 10 minutes. the cost of leveling things up in the beginning is astronomical compared to what you make. unless you are sitring there tapping non stop for an hour or more, you wont make enough money to enjoy the game.
Good game, there are lots and lots of different things in this game. I thought it was just an idle game but it is much more. Well done devs.
Awesome and I love it it's hilarious because the reaction of the part timers when unlocking them and when they noticed that they started dancing even though they didn't want to is hilarious but one question in the assets why buy a stamp that is literally a stamp of you why would you have to buy a stamp that's of yourself just a question to with this you don't have to answer it I was just curious lol but anyways I like it.
Actually quite weirdly addicting game no bugs but beside you get free awards for tapping the awards giver and pressing back after exiting and you instantly get the rewards that's a bad bug though
I think this game has the potential to do really well, and I really enjoy the game for what it is. However, the offline earnings system is really ridiculous.. I am 100% not exaggerating when I say 8 hours of offline gameplay earnings is equal to maybe 2 or 3 minutes of online gameplay earnings. Not sure if this is deliberate to make players HAVE to play the game in order to progress, but it's quite annoying... This is the only flaw I find with the game, and unfortunately it is a fatal flaw.
Must include a tutorial or somethig like that so that new players can get a basic idea about how the game works!
The game is definitely different, I enjoyed playing and getting more people to dance but I never really understood the point of the game if it wasn't just to make more people dance..
I have been playing for 2 days and it's very fun. I do think that it should be a bit easier to get potions/mana. It's very good and time killing and is just fun overall.I LOVE HOW THERE ISN'T RANDOM ADDS FOR NO REASON. I would only rate 4 stars just because i can kind of see a better potential in ways to get money/mana and a few updates they can add making some part timers a bit better then what they currenlty are. I think the game is pretty fun overall and you SHOUD DOWNLOAD it to play for fun
So the game once downloaded wouldn't even open up and load for me it would just send me to my homescreen. But I wont derate the game just for that as I know that can be issues due to the downloading platform, the phone itself or even storage. I'm giving this game a 5 star anyways as I've seen a youtuber play it smoothly and to be fair it looks amazing, fun and funny. I give extra rating points just because the developers themselves are super nice when replying to our reviews as consumers. ^-^
this game has gorgeous art style (especially the animations of character dances) and very interesting mechanics for an idle game, and I absolutely love it. i only have a few suggestions: for attendance reward, perhaps put a timer until next reward, as I missed one i'm assuming by a couple hours. the in-city games don't give enough of a monetary reward to justify playing them, especially in late game. i would also add a type of "rebirth" mechanic, so as to further replayability.
I mean this app is good but can you guys make a infinite money mod on both one and two so that we know how amazing are your app so 1 2 are super good looking forword for 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc.
Edited: fun game with stories and mini-games. You may add "donation to developer" as a purchase option in the donation center and deliver much more donation points. English sentences should be revised. New part timers and new buildings and mini-games may be added with updates. PS: I do not get principal's jokes :) Thanks for making me smile. I made a purchase to support you.
It is online game,but no ad when playing. It is a fantastic game.while playing any online game,ad will be for sure.
Very atictive and fun don't ditch it I would like to see more multiplayer interactions with the game I know it's been hard in 2020 but most game devs like this end up ditching theirs :) smooch <><{<}<{< don't ditch. :)
couldn not work out the app. tried to find instructions. RE: app worked fine on my android 8 tablet. I just couldn't understand what to click and what to do and what is to be achieved.